The Haunted Housewife

Animal Ghosts and Paranormal Pets – Theresa Argie

Do you believe in ghosts? For many of us that’s an easy question. Either we do, we don’t, or we sit teetering on the fence between belief and non-belief. A large majority want to believe but maybe haven’t had that one mind-blowing event that’s put them over the edge. They are very skeptical, but they…

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How To Kill A Ghost – The Haunted Housewife’s “Occult Kitchen”

One of the most challenging obstacles ghost hunters face is navigating through the muck and mire of the paranormal world. They must weed through each report and rule out natural explanations, misidentifications, psychological front loading, embellishments, and intentional hoaxes. The reports are many but the true hauntings are few. Unusual doesn’t necessarily mean paranormal. The…

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