Unpleasant Dreams Podcast

August Heat – Unpleasant Dreams 34

A man experiences the “strangest day of his life” and we are witnesses to this tale worthy of The Twilight Zone. The heat can do strange things… August Heat was written by W. F. Harvey in 1910. You can find the text at Project Gutenberg Australia here: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0605761.txt Cassandra Harold is your narrator. Follow Cassandra’s…

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Weird Numbers Stations – Unpleasant Dreams 24

Numbers stations are real and very weird. What are these and what are the successors to these bizarre transmissions? We delve into the mystery in this edition of Unpleasant Dreams. CLICK HERE for E.M. Hilker’s original article. TRANSCRIPT The room is quiet and dark and a little cool. You’re sitting up on your bed, all of…

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