Vincent Genna

Can A Psychic Talk with Aliens – Paranormal Podcast 718

Psychic medium Vincent Genna says that he communicates with aliens and they tell them why they are here!  You can find his website at Thanks Vincent! -EVERLYWELL- Everlywell at-home lab tests give you physician-reviewed results and personalized insights so you cantake action on your health and wellness—all at an affordable and transparent cost. And for…

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Holiday Reflections and Diaries of a Paranormalist – Paranormal Podcast 618

Psychic medium Vincent Genna joins us to talk about the origins of Christmas itself, Christmas ghost stories and his thoughts on the season. Click Play Button OR Listen On Your Fave App By Clicking Its NameAPPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS – PANDORA MOBILE – iHEARTRADIO – STITCHER In part two, we are joined by paranormal detective Greg Lawson and we talk about his…

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