The Ghost Who Got In My Face – Jim Harold’s Campfire 621

A ghost determined to get his point across, a very weird experience with an orb in the woods, an incredible childhood encounter with a UFO and much more on this edition of Campfire!


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Jim (00:00:00):

A weird orb experience in the woods, a deceased neighbor comes to visit, and of course, a haunting and a UFO sighting too. And that’s just for starters on this week’s edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Announcer 1 (00:00:30):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:00:42):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again and you’re in the right place if you want to hear spooky stories about ghosts, UFOs, cryptic creatures, and my favorite, head scratcher. So welcome to our electronic campfire and we’ll get right to the stories in a moment. But first, I want to tell you all about my new mausoleum. Yes, my new mausoleum. And I couldn’t be more proud of it. It is totally tricked out and I want you to see it. So go over to That’s That’s M E R C H. And what you’ll find there is a link to my all new mausoleum of merch powered by Amazon. I’m part of their influencer program, and they give you this storefront, and I’ve had it for a long time and I’ve done nothing with it, but now we definitely have done something with it. 

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Jim (00:02:54):

So, it helps us a lot and I appreciate it. And if I don’t get to the story soon, you’re going to put me in my mausoleum. So let’s do it. Here is the Campfire. She’s been on the show before and we did not scare her off. She is back. Jamie from Wisconsin, we’re so glad to have her on the line. And she has a case where a dream wasn’t just a dream. Much more significance there, and she’s going to tell us all about it. Jamie, welcome back to the show. Thank you for deciding to come back for a second round, and please tell us what happened. 

Jamie (00:03:32):

Hi, Jim. Thank you for having me. So I’ve had a few dreams that have come to fruition, but this one was amazing. It was absolutely amazing. I was taking a nap, well, let me back up. We lived in a lovely town home community, myself and my daughters and husband, and I was friends with a woman across the way. She lived in a town home right across from us, and her name was Casey, and she was in her sixties and had some health issues, but we would have coffee once a week and became friends. And one afternoon I was taking a nap, lucky me, and I was in a dream and this very large man was standing in front of me. And it wasn’t just like his full body, it was just his shoulders and chest. And he was yelling at me in my face to wake up, and I was of course started waking up, and then I heard police sirens and a walkie-talkie, the click click sound from a walkie-talkie. 

Jamie (00:04:51):

And I woke up with a start and I didn’t hear anything and I was really confused. So I went downstairs and asked my husband, was there just sirens going or police? I just heard this. And he was like, no, nothing. And I was very adamant about it. I was really agitated, like, no, I heard this. And he was like, no. So I went and got myself a big glass of water, and I had these glasses that were hand-blown and are quite thick. They are about more than a quarter inch thick glasses. And I took a big drink of water. I put the glass into the sink, and I went and sat down on the living room couch. And I was just like, what was that? And then all of a sudden I heard a pop and glass shatter, and my husband was in the kitchen and he turned around and he looked down and my glass I just drank out of, had exploded in the sink. 

Jamie (00:06:07):

Nothing else was in the sink. It just exploded and it was empty. I had just had cold tap water in it. And I all of a sudden realized, it just hit me, Casey. I don’t know why, but it was like the explosion of the cup was just like a “do something” like almost like an alarm. 

Jim (00:06:34):

Who is Casey? 

Jamie (00:06:35):

Casey was the woman who lived across the way from me in the townhome that I was friends with who was in her sixties. And I would have coffee with, she just popped into my head. So I ran out the door and went across and banged on her door, no answer. And then another neighbor of ours walked over and said, are you looking for Casey? And asked me. And I said, yeah, I need to see her. And she said, our other neighbor, Julie, just drove her to the emergency room. She was having chest pains and she had had a heart attack before. 

Jim (00:07:14):

Oh my. 

Jamie (00:07:15):

And I was just dumbfounded. So next day Casey was back, she was resting. I gave her a couple days, and then I went and knocked on her door to check on her. And she was doing okay, was not a heart attack. And I was sitting and having coffee with her, and I told her the story of this dream I had and the whole thing. And I said, I knew her husband had passed about 10 years prior and he had been in law enforcement. And she said, yes, he was actually a sheriff in Arizona. And I said, do you happen to have a photo? Can I see a photo with him? She said, sure. And she went in the back room. She brought out a photo. It was the man who was standing in my dream yelling at me to wake up. 

Jim (00:08:11):

And you’d never met him because he was off the scene, 

Jamie (00:08:14):

Never met him, never saw a photo. She didn’t have any hanging. It was in her back bedroom. And she pulled out a photo off her dresser and it was him with his balding tall guy, big with a big belly. And yeah, he had died of a heart attack. And I told her, and she was actually really comforted by it. She laughed and she said, oh yeah, he would’ve been in your face. He was in your face saying, “Casey needs help, go”. 

Jim (00:08:49):

It’s one of those things. I mean, sometimes a dream is just a dream. I always use the example, you go to the produce section and then that night you have a dream about flying on a cabbage or something, but just like mental junk. But I also think that there is this other category where somehow, and again, I’m not a scientist, I’m not a brain scientist or a rocket scientist for that matter, but to me it seems like when we are sleeping, I mean it is a medical fact that our brain waves change and then those kinds of things, those can be observed. I think somehow it kind of lessens our resistance to the other side or maybe to psychic messages and those kinds of things. And it sounds like that’s maybe what her husband was taking advantage of trying to get help for. 

Jamie (00:09:43):

Yeah, I think if you’re sensitive, you’re always sensitive and spirits know that and pick up on that. So he was like, you’re the one who’s going to hear me. Let’s wake up. Let’s go do this. 

Jim (00:09:57):

That’s kind of neat. And it’s also neat the fact of if that be the case, then that means somewhere he’s still around and someday Exactly. 

Jamie (00:10:06):

Exactly, They’ll be looking out for his wife. 

Jim (00:10:08):

How cool. Jamie, thank you so much for sharing this great story. We’d love to hear about your dreams. So if signups are open when you hear this,, if they’re not open for some reason at this particular time, when you hear this, we pause them, then we open them up and we pause them and we open them up. So we’d love to hear your kind of dream premonition or communication from the other side, Jamie, thank you so much for being on the show again, and Stay Spooky. 

Jamie (00:10:39):

Thank you, Jim. Stay Spooky. 

Jim (00:10:41):

Oooh, this looks like a good one. John is on the line from Burlington, Vermont. He’s been listening for about seven years now, and we appreciate it and he has a story, and this to me is the classic definition of a head scratcher. John, welcome to the show. Tell us what happened. 

John (00:10:59):

Thank you. Happy to be here. All right. So just to give you a forefront of what happened, well, my parents recently retired to North Carolina and my girlfriend and I, this was in January of this year, and we went up to visit them and we only had a week, so we wanted to get there pretty quickly. So we decided just to do a straight shot and drive there. And we ended up, our GPS took us on an odd route because of an accident, I believe. And we ended up going from Vermont to North Carolina through Pennsylvania and through the Pocono Mountains. And there was this small town that we went through, I think it’s pronounced, it’s M I L L O T, it’s either millet or Milo, Pennsylvania. And anyways, it’s a really, really nice town. This was right after Christmas. So in the little town, they had all these Christmas lights up in the town. 

John (00:12:24):

And so we drove through it and we ended up on this route going through the Delaware Water Gap. And it’s basically, I mean, the road runs alongside a river, but anyway, it was really, really creepy. The road, and there’s no lights, there’s no houses, nothing. It’s like a good 40 minutes of driving through the woods. And we just had no idea how long we were going to be on this route, and it’s just a really creepy area. So anyway, we went to North Carolina, we visited and on the way back, and we decided we wanted to take that route again, and we ended up back on Route 209 in the Delaware Water Gap. It’s an area called Bushkill, and there’s a bunch of trailheads along the road that you can pull into, and I guess there’s a bunch of hiking trails and whatnot. But anyway, we had ended up there about four in the morning, and again, it’s like a 15 hour drive without stops or breaks or anything. So we decided to pull over on that road and take a nap. 

John (00:13:59):

My girlfriend wasn’t too happy about it, but she was a little scared, but I was like, oh, it’s the perfect place to pull over to sleep for a little bit. Nobody’s here. There’s nobody around. And so we pulled into the woods, drove about a quarter mile off the road into the woods next to the river, and we decided to just sleep for a couple hours. And this is about 4:00 AM and so we fell asleep. And while I was sleeping, I mean, we’re in the middle of the woods on this dirt road, pitch black, a little creepy. So I fell asleep. My girlfriend had fallen asleep before me, and while I was sleeping, I was having a dream that, the dream was I was sitting in the truck or sitting in the truck in the same exact spot where we were. Something was behind the truck in my dream trying to get me, and I was trying to warn my girlfriend, but I couldn’t talk or reach over to her. 

John (00:15:22):

And I was trying to yell to her to wake up because something was going to get us. It was kind of terrifying, I guess I’d say it was a nightmare. And it was just really odd because we were in the same exact spot in the dream where we were actually sleeping. Anyhow, my dad had texted because he knew that we were driving straight through the night. He had texted me to see if we were okay and just how the drive was going. And the text woke me up and I woke up and I was like, oh man, wow. I was like, that was freaky, man. So I look at my phone, it was on the dashboard in the phone holder, and as I’m looking at my phone reading the message, something caught my eye up above my truck and I look up and it was six in the morning and it was just getting light out. 

John (00:16:32):

The sun wasn’t up over, there’s a mountain in front of us, I guess, and you could see the light bleeding through into the sky, and there was a clearing in the trees. And I look up, something caught my eye and I see this white light, and I was like, oh, wow, is that a satellite or something? And it was moving and it was blinking, and as I expected it to disappear behind the trees, and again, I had just woken up. I was kind of groggy rubbing my eyes and stuff. And just as I expected it to go behind the trees and lose sight of it, I realized that the light was under the tree, under the tree canopy. And right then and there, I was like, what is that? And I’m looking at it, and it was almost, to describe it, it was like, I could say it was a giant white firefly almost. It was blinking more rapidly than a firefly. 

John (00:17:51):

And again, this is in the beginning of January. It was probably in their twenties when we were there, maybe the high teens. So it’s obviously not a firefly, and it was much, much bigger. It was like a small white orb, and it came down from the top of the trees and just kind of loaded down, and it was just blinking like buh, buh, buh, and I’m just in shock of what’s going on. And it starts, it comes down and it starts going around my truck. And as it went around, I’m looking out the passenger side window where my girlfriend is, and as it’s going around, I’m hitting my girlfriend. I’m like, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Wake up, and I look over and there’s another one on my left side. So these two lights are just going around my truck. 

John (00:18:58):

It was really odd, just the way that they moved and they just floated with the breeze kind of, and you can tell it was intelligent. It was almost like it was just probing me, checking me out, what is this guy doing? And just flying, both of them going around the truck. And as this is happening, I’m trying to wake my girlfriend up. I’m like, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. There’s lights. There’s lights. And she just buries her head in the pillow. She was so scared. And I was terrified, waking up from the nightmare that something was trying to get me. And then having these lights, it just felt wrong. 

John (00:19:57):

I was really, really scared. I just turned my truck on and threw it in reverse, and I was like, I’m getting the heck out of dodge here. And as I threw it in reverse, I’m not really paying attention to the lights at this point. I was trying to watch where I was backing up because there was trees around and stuff, and I throw it in drive to drive out of there, and the two lights are ahead of me going down the road about 20, 25 feet in the air. And again, they’re just floating and blinking and, and I just pour out of there. And as I was driving, they were going down this dirt road and they kind of just disappeared up into the trees. And as I got out of the woods they were in, when you get out of the tree line, there’s about a hundred yards of going through a field until you hit the road. And they were in the field just flying up into the mountain ahead of us, and they disappeared into the trees and, and we just got out of there. And it was definitely an experience. I have no idea what they were. I don’t know if it was some kind of UFO thing or spirit. I don’t know. 

Jim (00:21:32):

Now, let me ask you this real quick. Now, do you think that, you said you had the dream, then your dad’s text woke you up, and then you saw these lights. Do you think you were actually dreaming or you thought you were dreaming and you were actually experiencing these things trying to get to you? 

John (00:21:53):

I don’t know. I’ve thought about that if it was some kind of form of sleep paralysis or something. But I’ve had dreams like this before where something’s chasing me and I’m trying to run, but I can’t move. It’s almost like you’re sleeping and you’re trying to move and talk, but because you’re sleeping, you can’t. And then you’re experiencing that in your dream. But no, I do think I was actually sleeping, but something, I believe that something was telling me something was wrong. 

Jim (00:22:36):

Yeah, it was kind of a warning. Yeah. Interesting. 

John (00:22:40):

Yeah, It’s just like it, It’s really odd. But yeah, it seemed like a warning of some sort. 

Jim (00:22:48):

Well, John, I appreciate you being on the show and sharing this story. Boy, I would never want that to happen to me. I’m glad you and your girlfriend made it out there safe and sound and got back home, but quite an experience. Thank you for being a part of the Campfire today. 

John (00:23:06):

Thank you. Have a good day. 

Jim (00:23:08):

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Announcer 2 (00:25:22):

Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus club at Now back to another great story. 

Jim (00:25:33):

Well, I love UFO stories and I love radio people having been behind the scenes and always admired radio talent. And right now we’ve got someone who is both. Rik is joining us from Northwest Indiana, and you’ll tell as soon as he opens his mouth, he was a multi-decade radio veteran. Now he’s a podcaster, also a veteran. So we think,.

Rik (00:25:57):

Yeah, sure enough, Jim, I sure am. I did 44 years in radio. I just recently retired. 

Jim (00:26:02):

That’s fantastic. 

Rik (00:26:04):

And I’m now doing my own podcast and loving your podcast. Congratulations on 18 years. That’s incredible! Well done!

Jim (00:26:10):

Thank you. Thank you very much. Well, you have a UFO story. We’ll get to the podcast at the end, but you have a UFO story when you were in the service, and I’d love to hear more. 

Rik (00:26:20):

Actually, I’m going to date you back to 1967. I’m seven years old living in Gary, Indiana, and there was a rash of sightings in northwest Indiana back in 1967. It was later debunked in the paper as an April Fool’s prank, but the photos looked so realistic and everything. I remember that even as a child, and I really think that I must’ve seen something that I should not have, and I have a repressed memory. I really need to do some regression analysis to find out exactly what I did saw. I’d explained it to my father and my uncle, and they kind of wrote it off as, oh, it was probably one of those banana helicopters, the Chinook helicopter. That’s probably what you saw. But the thing is, for some reason I started taking paper plates and stapling ’em together, not together together, but as far as convex to where they both kind of looked almost like a football type thing. 

Rik (00:27:15):

And I would color the windows. Why would I do that? I’m making my own little UFOs. Why would I do that? It’s kind of like a scene from close encounters where you with the mashed potatoes. It’s like that kind of moment. And I’m seven years old, and from that point on, I went through elementary school and high school and every time I could go to the library, I would check out anything I could find on UFO. I read “Communion”. I read so many different UFO stories, UFO, IFO. Everything is being debunked. Everything I could fight on UFOs, I was reading. Years later, I came across the famous Heflin UFO photo to the one that looks like a hat, like almost like a straw hat. And I saw that and immediately I started getting, it triggered me. It literally triggered me. 

Rik (00:28:01):

And then years later, I saw the Zanesville 67 photo, which looks identical to what I believe is exactly what I saw. It was the same timeframe and everything. Zanesville is not far from Gary as far as that goes. And I have a feeling that that might’ve been something else. Now, whenever I wind up seeing a artist rendering of an alien, that also triggers me, causes the goosebumps and my hairs to stand up on end, it is just pretty wild. I would also watch every single program I could find. I watched “In Search Of”, I watched “Xfiles”. Anytime they had a special about UFOs, I would watch it. And then in 1988, there was a special with Mike Farrell called “UFO Cover-Up:? Live!”. Did you remember seeing that by chance? 

Jim (00:28:44):

You know, actually, it’s like vaguely familiar. It’s like, I should remember this. And I certainly would’ve been paying attention by that time I would’ve probably, you said 88. 

Rik (00:28:53):

88, yeah, 

Jim (00:28:54):

I might’ve been in college, 

Rik (00:28:55):

And it was one of those things that aired once, but I happened to see it every once in a while on YouTube. But it really and truly opened up a lot of the stories that I had heard because I’d been investigating the Cash Landrum event that happened down in Houston and what was going on in Gulf Breeze and what was going on with Betty and Barney Hill, what happened at Roswell. I’d been studying that for years and years and years. So I had a really good background, and when I heard these things, I’m going, oh man, this is making sense. This is making sense. Now I’m going to step ahead to 1992. I am in the Air Force. I retired from the Air Force in 1998. I’m at Travis Air Force Base just north of San Francisco, Fairfield, California, that area. We are in government housing, base housing on the base. And these were houses that were built during the Eisenhower era, so they’re a little old. 1992, I started having recurring dreams of gray aliens by the side of my bed. 

Jim (00:29:50):


Rik (00:29:51):

Every month I would have at least one of these recurring dreams. And it was one of those things, I think maybe it might’ve been some form of sleep paralysis or something or other, because I couldn’t move. My wife was asleep by the side of the bed. Our dog slept with us. And so it was just a very, very vivid dream and it would occur and reoccur and reoccur. Now this happened for a better portion of two years until, now this one’s going to really kind of get you here. I dreamed the grays come through the wall. They’re looking at me by the side of the bed, but then they get startled and leave really quickly through the wall. It couldn’t have been no more than a moment later I hear a knock at the bedroom door. It’s like three o’clock in the morning. My daughter says, dad, I just saw lightning in the backyard. 

Jim (00:30:40):

Oh man. 

Rik (00:30:43):

And it’s like, okay, that’s pretty wild. Now this particular house had some weird energy. My daughter was having horrible problems sleeping. As a matter of fact, there was, you know how they had that gas between the windows to keep it insulated. There was actually a face that appeared in the glass, in the gas between the two windows. 

Jim (00:31:04):

Oh geez.

Rik (00:31:05):

It was like a face. My son had fits of rage during that time frame. And here’s the weird thing. After we left, that portion of base housing was destroyed by a brush fire that had encroached on Travis Air Force Base. So that house was later destroyed. So maybe that’s a good thing. I wonder if anyone who also lived in that house actually had experienced anything like that. 

Jim (00:31:27):

Oh my gosh. 

Rik (00:31:29):

That was part of my military career. Now I have moved back to northwest Indiana after being on the radio in St. Louis for 23, 24 years. My wife and I had a very interesting UFO encounter, close encounters of the first kind. This is Easter Sunday 2019. We had gone, it’s about 9:30 at night. We had just done our little Easter pilgrimage. There’s a shrine to, of Christ’s passion at St. John, Indiana. So we’re driving back from that. We did a little pilgrimage feeling really good and holy about ourselves. And we’re driving down US 30 heading toward Valparaiso, Indiana. We come over the crest of this hill near what’s called Sherwood Forest, and off in the distance is the Porter County, the Porter County Airport in Valparaiso. And we see this light just above the trees. I didn’t think much of it because the airport’s right there. But I am a former private pilot. My wife is involved with the Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA. Her and her previous boyfriend built airplanes together, so we both know what airplanes are supposed to look like.

Jim (00:32:33):


Rik (00:32:34):

It did not have your classic red and green wingtip lights. It did not have any navigation lights. It did have any anti-collision lights, no strobes, no nothing. It was just three bright landing lights, and they blinked in sequence. You know how sometimes when you’re waiting for your phone to connect and you’ve got those three dots that go across the screen? It looked just like that. And I sent you a video of one that was almost identical to, it was actually in daytime, but this was down in either Australia or New Zealand. But it would blink in sequence left and right, blink, and then just go back as if it was almost like a turn signal on a Mercury Cougar or a Mustang like that.

Jim (00:33:09):

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. The Fords always had that. They’re in sequence.

Rik (00:33:14):

Right, exactly. 

Jim (00:33:15):

Yeah. Will post that YouTube link to our show notes. But go ahead. 

Rik (00:33:20):

But here’s the weird thing. We were both so mesmerized. We didn’t think to stop the car and pull out our cameras. We both had cameras with us. We’d just been to the shrine and we didn’t think to even do it. We were so mesmerized by what we were seeing. Initially we thought it was a drone, but it was quite large because this thing went on for miles. Drones have a certain limited range and such. This thing went on for, we saw it for miles. We literally watched it for 15 minutes. We were driving down the road, didn’t think to stop and take a picture, but we’re seeing this thing off the distance. Okay, now that was that. And then just in June of this year, my wife and I are in the car. We’re heading south, and she’s just looking at the sky and everything. It’s a beautiful day. 

Rik (00:34:02):

It looks almost like the Simpson clouds, like you see on the opening of “The Simpsons”. And she saw this small cloud-like dot in the sky moving alongside an aircraft that would she see the aircraft a little bit higher and above. It was going on its way to O’Hare, and she saw this little dot go into the clouds and not come out. And she says, you’re not going to believe this. I just think I saw a UAP. So we pull the car over and we look and it’s like we’re looking for it to come out the other side. And it never came out, but the plane came out the other side. But it was just odd. Now skip ahead to last month. July, we’re at EAA, the Air Adventure up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It’s a hot Friday, and we want to get out of the heat. We wind up going to the museum that they’ve got there. It’s a beautiful museum just in time to see Alejandro Rojas and Ben Hansen. 

Jim (00:34:55):

I’ve interviewed ’em both. Yeah. 

Rik (00:34:58):

Addressing a bunch of pilots, talking about the fact that the congressional hearings are going on right now and the involvement of if you are a pilot and you spot a UFO, what are some of the procedures you’re supposed to do? And we did not know that Alejandro and Ben were going to be there. We just decided to get in out of the heat. So we feel that for some reason we are drawn to UFOs or whatever this phenomenon is. This UAPs, I feel really connected to it. My wife and I both feel very, very connected. We’re big fans of watching  “Skinwalker Ranch” and the “Blind Frog Ranch”. We watch “Paranormal Caught on Camera”. We’re big fans of Gaia, that network. We really and truly, I’m just fascinated by this whole thing, but we think for some reason that we’re connected some way, somehow, ever since I was seven years old. 

Jim (00:35:44):

Well, that’s why I was going to ask you, do you think these specific incidents with the sightings, do you think that they’re all manifestations of the same thing? Is there a thread going through it? In other words, is it just generally that you think you are kind of connected to UFOs and UFO phenomena, or do you think these things are kind of manifestations of the same thread, the same thing? 

Rik (00:36:09):

I just think I’m correct, connected to it just because the fact that I took an interest of it and I know a great deal about it, and it is a fascinating subject and the possibilities of what it could be. And I still love flying, and I always keep my eyes open when I’m out and about just to see if there’s anything close to the neighborhood or whatever like that. But it is just a fascinating subject that my wife and I are just learning more and more in whatever this might take us to in the future. 

Jim (00:36:40):

Yeah, I think it’s so cool. And please keep us up to date on any other sightings. It sounds like there’s probably, Rik, some more sightings in the offing. If you’ve had this many, I think it’s going to happen again. My money’s… I bet on it. Another thing I bet on, I haven’t gotten to hear it yet, but I bet your podcast with your background and your skills is excellent. It’s called “Someone You Should Know”. Tell us, give us a couple minutes about it and where we can find it. 

Rik (00:37:07):

“Someone You Should Know” podcast, actually was part of a show. I used to be on the All-Star Radio Network for about 19 years, and in the late nineties we developed a show, called, “Someone You Should Know”. And it’s basically for the up and coming musician and the musician who’s kind of fallen from grace and is trying to rebuild their career. We would feature music and also talk about the career and everything like that. It was just an opportunity for musicians and in my case, musicians, authors, and interesting people to get their name out there as far as the radio stations are not going to give you the love anymore. And oftentimes you’re not going to get the love that you might want or get on QBC or whatever it is. I’m giving you the opportunity, give you a platform to share your music. Tell me about you. Tell me about your websites, how people can stay in touch, how can they buy your stuff? And I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I’m not asking for any money for this at all. I’m doing it just out of the love of the music and out of the love of helping people. 

Jim (00:38:05):

Well, I hope that you check it out. And I was looking, 

Rik (00:38:10):

It’s available on the same streaming sites that your podcast is on. It’s on Spotify, it’s on Apple Podcast, Amazon and such. And also at 

Jim (00:38:20):

Excellent. Rik, thank you for joining us. Continued success with your podcast and please call back with more UFO experiences. 

Rik (00:38:28):

Alright, keep it spooky Jim. 

Jim (00:38:30):

Next up on the Campfire is Tom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an artist and says he listens to the Campfire in his art studio and also his fiance, Mara, is a listener as well. So Stay Spooky to both Tom and Mara. And Tom is going to take us back to 1996 and a very strange experience. Tom, welcome to the show. And as an artist, you have my admiration because I can’t draw a stickman. 

Tom (00:39:02):

I think I can’t either. Jim, so I’m with you there. 

Jim (00:39:06):

But I know you can do a lot of other things and we’ll talk about that in a minute. But first, to the business at hand, the spooky story, tell us what happened. 

Tom (00:39:16):

Okay, let’s go back to 1996. I was putting my Penn State degree to good use. I was working for the Pittsburgh Pirates, as the Pirate Parrot mascot, which I did for eight years. And I had an art studio and in the south side of Pittsburgh. But that’s what I did for a living. And I had to kind of keep in, I had to keep in shape. So I would go to this, I’d lift weights, but I went to this group fitness class every Sunday in Shadyside area of Pittsburgh. My friend Carla taught the class, and we’d go there every Sunday morning when I wasn’t working at Three River Stadium. And afterwards we would, four or five, six people grab a coffee every Sunday. And Carla was rich in ghost stories because she grew up in a haunted house in the North Park area of Pittsburgh that apparently was built in the mid 1800s. 

Tom (00:40:03):

And there are, she said there were tunnels underneath the house that was part of the Underground Railroad system, apparently, which is pretty provocative. But she always had great stories. At that point, she was living in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh with her fiance, but her mom was still living there. But we’d say Carla, any new ghost stories, and she had stories about when her parents, parents had gotten a divorce and when there was upheaval in the house, a lot of activity would happen in it. Her father got pushed down the stairs multiple times, plates and silverware got thrown at people. Pots and pans would come crashing down to the floor in the middle of the night, which is really scary. Her mom would see a little girl in the backyard in the middle of the day or in the back patio. There was something that went on in the basement. 

Tom (00:40:48):

There was apparitions that they would see, and they felt that somebody had died in the basement. From their research.  There was apparitions they would see the top of the stairs leading to the basement. There was apparitions they would see in the bathroom area. So Carla would always have these great stories. And fast forward to that year, to Halloween, I was listening to the B 94 radio station and the DJs were, I think, in Albuquerque at a haunted hotel. And they brought a medium from Pittsburgh or a clairvoyant, I don’t know what the proper term would be. We’ll just call her Mary. And she was quite good. And I was really compelled by this morning show. They left their phone number at the end of the show. So I called her and I said, Hey, my friend Carla has a really haunted house. Would you like to check it out? 

Tom (00:41:34):

And she said, sure. And Susie said, feel free to invite people because I do card readings as a way of making money. And I said, sure, we can do that. So we gathered up. Carla was on board. We gathered up around 10 people, including my sister and her friend of mine. And it was during Christmas, so it was like a Christmas party gathering. And I remember going to the house and it was dark. It gets dark at five o’clock, and the house kind of resembled the Amityville Horror House. It had two eyes and nose and a mouth on the side windows. And I remember the door came flying open and Carla’s mom kind of resembled Doc from back to the future, wild white hair. And she was completely backlit. We all went, “No, uh, hi, Carla’s mom, nice to meet you”. But the house was really decorated beautifully for Christmas. 

Tom (00:42:20):

It was a really intimate house and there was a horseshoe shape, couches set up facing the fireplace. It wasn’t like there was under collapse and she didn’t look like the Adams family mom or anything. So it was a very kind of a warm gathering. And people were drinking wine or coffee or hot chocolate. The medium showed up with her husband, and again, she didn’t look like she was the Adams family mom. She was just like a regular color yinzer. She was a yinzer. She was Pittsburgh. And she kind of had a little bit of an accent too. Her husband was very nice. He’d say, “Hey Tom, I’m really happy to check out a house, you know. It’s really cold out Tom”. She was just a regular person. So eventually everybody made small talk. We sat in the living room, this fire’s going. She sat at this loveseat and the horseshoe shaped facing the fireplace, and we all sat in the couches on either side. 

Tom (00:43:14):

And eventually she started talking about what she felt was going on in the house. And again, it was hot because of the fireplace. I remember rolling up my sweater because it, it was warm. She nailed everything. She said, there’s something that happened downstairs. I’m fearful that somebody passed away. Possibly she thought somebody had hung themselves in the basement. I know you’re really conscious about suicide and the hotline, but that’s what she felt. She mentioned she felt a little boy or a little girl in the back patio. She mentioned there was a lot of, she felt activity in the stairway, and that’s where the father would get pushed down the stairs. She nailed everything. And I remember, about 10 minutes into it, it got really cold. And I remember nudging my friend, I said, do you feel that? And it got real. I got goosebumps just thinking about just something simple, like that. 

Tom (00:44:12):

Minute later she said, I’ll call her Mary. She said, “Well, it got colder in here. They’re here.” And everybody just let out a shudder. And it was just so powerful and so simple. You’re not expecting that it’s a brightly lit room. It wasn’t a seance. It was like, I think there was even Christmas music, maybe Pat playing in the background. Again, about 10 minutes later, she had mentioned about checking out other parts of the house. So people got up, got coffee, got some wine, and it was myself and a professor from Duquesne who stayed in the living room with Mary. And I distinctly remember asking her, what are ghosts? Is it something to do with electric energy? And why does fabric manifest itself in apparitions? Why do people see orbs or shadow figures? That sort of makes sense. Why do people see people with civil war clothing or a woman in white? 

Tom (00:45:03):

She started talking about it, just the three of us, and it got really cold. And she said, she said, wow, I’m getting goosebumps. “Wow. They like this conversation.” And it was just so impactful. Somehow it’s just a simple story. It wasn’t like seeing red eyes in the window, but it was to feel the coldness. And nobody opened a window or a door. It was right around us. Later on in the evening, we went to the top of the stairs. We couldn’t go in the basement because Carla had a bunch of stuff in the basement. She was moving. So we stood at the top of the stairs where a lot of apparitions happened. And as she started talking about if you got close to her, you could feel cold. And it was like a circular wind. And each person took a turn stepping close to her. 

Tom (00:45:51):

And it was wild. I mean, I’ve never heard this or I’ve never heard it since, where she said, “Well, they’re surrounding me.” And you’d step three steps back and it’d be warm and step close to her and it’d be cold, it was like stepping close to a fire. And I remember going upstairs to the restroom, and it was a bathroom that Carla said a lot of apparitions happened, and the door was open a crack. And I thought, oh, nobody’s in there. And I walked in and the door flew open and one of the friends came was just leaving at the same time. And we both went ”aaahh” and it was just us. It was a very electric evening. And a couple years later, I was at a restaurant called Soba with a bunch of friends. It was a birthday gathering. And I retold this story and a friend of mine said, yeah, I grew up with a friend who lived in a haunted house and I never saw anything for the longest time. 

Tom (00:46:45):

And she said, about a month ago, I was visiting on a Sunday afternoon with my friend and her mom and I went into the kitchen and there were two guys wearing overalls doing work. And she came back in the living room and asked me, where are those two guys? I mean, she just said, who are those guys working? What are they working on you remodeling the kitchen? And they said, what guys? And she said, the two guys in there. And they said, were they wearing overalls? She said, yeah. She said, well, you saw them. And oh man, she finally saw all the ghosts. And I said, was this local house? She said, yeah. I said, what was your friend’s name? And she said, Carla. It was the same house we were talking about. And it just gives me chills. It’s amazing when I tell that story, they get chills on how it was because it was temperature that affects things and I’ve had other things that happened to me. 

Tom (00:47:35):

Well, Mary, the clairvoyant, she did the card reading and she was spot on with everybody. She was really good. And I remember I had a house in the south side of Pittsburgh then, and I kept losing things and like a bottle of linseed oil, painting oil would just show up in the middle of my bed. Big heavy thing. Pair of shoes would show up in the middle of my bed. Something was, I think you call it Jot. 

Jim (00:47:59):

Yeah, just one of those things.

Tom (00:48:01):

I asked her, I said, yeah, I said, she said, “You lose things a lot, don’t you?” I said, “Well, yeah”. She said, “Are you finding these things?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “Well, there’s a lady watching over you in your house and” just caught her name, I think she gave her her name. And she said, “Just talk to her. She’s nice.” And I said, “She doesn’t look at me in the bathroom does she?” She said, “Nope, you got privacy, but you have somebody watching over you at your house.” And it was a house that was built in the 1860s as well. So yeah, that’s my story. Jim.

Jim (00:48:29):

Excellent story. I do want to mention you are an artist as we said at the head end and you’re doing some interesting things with charity. So briefly tell us where your website is, what people can find, and that neat thing that you’re doing with some different animal rescues. 

Tom (00:48:46):

Thanks for that, Jim. I do a lot of sports art for sports arenas around the country, but in 2013, I did a painting of my golden retriever. It depicts a golden retriever seated from behind, looking up at a giant painting of a tennis ball with a black background. It’s called “A Golden Retriever at the Museum.” And it changed my life and prints that we sold out in five weeks back in 2013, we donated a hundred dollars per print to the Animal Rescue League, which is now Animal Humane Rescue. Well, we cut a check for $10,000 and I’ve made money and rescue groups have made money. All major breeds have rescue groups, which I didn’t know about. So the follow-up paintings that are ongoing, “French Bulldog at the Museum” is coming out. I continue to donate portions of the proceeds to rescue groups. I think we’re up to like $46,000… 

Jim (00:49:35):


Tom (00:49:36):

in fundraising. And so it’s really cool. And it was my dog, Lucas. I mean, I loved him. And he passed away a year and a half ago in my arms in three inches of snow, and it was very poetic, and he’s still with me all around me. That’s him behind me. So thank you very much for asking about that. But it’s 

Jim (00:49:54):


Tom (00:49:55):

T O M M O S S E R And it’s a hashtag on Instagram too. It’s at #tommosserdesign. You can find out a whole lot more about my museum series. 

Jim (00:50:06):

Very good, Tom, thank you for the story and sharing the website and being a part of the Campfire. Stay Spooky. 

Tom (00:50:14):

Stay Spooky yinz  guys! 

Jim (00:50:16):

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Announcer 5 (00:53:23):

If you love The Campfire, sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune into the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:53:39):

Next up on the show we have Lisa from California. She’s been listening for years and we really appreciate it, and she has a very touching story about her dad. Lisa, thank you for joining us from Los Angeles, and please tell us your story. 

Lisa (00:53:55):

Thank you so much, Jim, and thank you so much for allowing me to share this story with you and all the listeners. So this story takes place in April of 2009. So I was about 15 years old. My dad unexpectedly passed away. It was a real loss for the family, really tragic. So about nine months later, I turned 16 and I was gifted this memory blanket. So my dad was a man of few possessions, but he had impeccable style, think like velour shirts, funky patterns, always trying to stand out in a crowd. So I was allowed to take his shirts, kind of build, based off my own memories of times that I had with him, create a memory blanket of all those past materials. 

Jim (00:54:50):

What a neat idea. Love that. 

Lisa (00:54:52):

Yeah, it’s absolutely great. I think it’s a great way to help with the grieving process, and it was absolutely wonderful. It was this fabulous gift from my mother. So that first night I used it. So, January this time, I live in Southern California, specifically in that time, around the Palm Springs area. So you can imagine it doesn’t get cold. We’re thinking lows, maybe sixties. So really a blanket, a quilt of that nature, you don’t really use it that often, but I still wanted to have a nice moment with my dad. So I put it at the foot of my bed and I go to sleep or I’m about to go to sleep. As I’m laying there, the lights are off. I slowly feel this blanket, move up past up my shins, past my knees, slowly move up and over my torso and it rests right at the top of my shoulders. 

Jim (00:55:55):

Oh wow. 

Lisa (00:55:56)

Without any sort of prompting from me, any movement of, no one else was in the room. I was by myself. And at that moment, I absolutely was terrified. I’ve been very afraid of ghosts and any sort of supernatural thing since I was a child. So at this moment, I jumped out of bed, I ran to my mom’s room, had slept with her the rest of the night. Then the next day we were talking it over and I was sharing my experience with her and she goes, isn’t it odd that that like, it moved the first time you used it on your birthday? And it clicked for me. It was my dad like tucking me in for the last time. And it has completely changed my viewing of that experience. I’m no longer afraid of it. It actually brings a lot of comfort for me to use that blanket now. I’ve only had one other experience of something similar to that happening, and it was the first time, the first night moving to LA post-college. So it just feels like every now and then he kind of checks in. We communicate almost through that blanket. So it’s been a really touching experience and something that I wouldn’t trade for anything 

Jim (00:57:23):

That is just an awesome idea. I mean, to make a blanket like that and then to have him kind of tuck you in one last time, that is just amazing. That is just amazing. And I assume when you use that blanket, you’ve got to feel very close to him. 

Lisa (00:57:38):

Yes, I do. I use it whenever I have trouble sleeping and it helps me immediately go to sleep. Yeah, it’s been a treasure. 

Jim (00:57:48):

Well, Lisa, thank you for sharing it and sharing your story today on the Campfire. 

Lisa (00:57:54):

Thank you so much, Jim. Have a great day. 

Jim (00:57:56):

We have a return caller, Chris from Toronto is on the line. You might remember he had a fantastic Ouija story a while back on the show, and today he’s going to join us and talk to us about his first and only paranormal investigation. And I can only wonder, and I’m sure we’ll find out, was what happened the reason it was his first and only? Only he can tell us. Chris, welcome back to the show and tell us what happened. 

Chris (00:58:21):

Well, it’s good to be back. So my buddy lived in an old farmhouse in rural Ontario, and unfortunately, the person that he was renting the property from said, hey, you need to leave because I’m selling the property to a family friend. So there was a few weird experiences that I experienced in this house along with him and his girlfriend at the time experience. So I got the bright idea to say, “Hey, you’re all moved out. You still have possession, whatever. Can I just do a quick little ghost hunt?” He’s like, “yeah, sure.” So me and him went there at night. I brought two cameras. I set one up on the second floor, and I set one downstairs with me and him, and nothing happened at first, and we’re just asking questions or whatever. Then all of a sudden we hear dripping water. I’m like, is the water still on? And it wasn’t raining at the time. And he’s like, ”No, dude. The water to this property has been shut off by the landlord.” I’m like, okay, that is strange. We started asking more questions. Is there anybody here, is any spirits? Et cetera, et cetera. 

Chris (00:59:21):

And then I get up and the camera that was recording shut off, even though it was fully charged. I’m like, okay, that’s weird. Then we heard a guttural growl and my buddy turned on all the lights and he literally said that is enough of that. And I said, okay, well let me get the camera upstairs. So as I was going up to the second floor to grab it, as soon as I grabbed it, I noticed someone, a figure, stick its head out from a room and didn’t go real quickly back in. Now this house was locked up when we entered and it was locked up when we left, so there was no vagrants around or anything. And I said, I just said to myself, I hope I caught that. And I ran downstairs and I reviewed the footage and it was like a figure popping its head out from the stairs and then quickly looking back. And that just me talking about it now kind of gives me a bit of chills. But yeah, then after that, I said, you know what? Let me not mess with this stuff and let me just put this dream to bed of me starting a ghost hunting group. So yeah, it’s just a little quick one and the Ouija board story, it was the last ghost hunt I ever did. 

Jim (01:00:35):

Well, it’s one of those things that it sounds like a good idea at the time, but then you run into something that it’s like, Hey, this stuff is real and it’s scary. And that’s the thing. I mean, I’ve been at a couple things where they were doing quote “ghost hunts” and I kind of tagged along. It was like events though. It wasn’t really like we are going to do a full ghost hunt of this place. And I was okay with that, but I don’t know that I would go out because as many stories I hear, I believe this. I’m not saying that ghost hunters don’t think it’s serious, but just for me though, I don’t know if it’s something I want to go out looking for. It’s much easier to stay here and much safer to stay here behind the mic and talk to other people who are much braver than I am. Like you, Chris. 

Chris (01:01:26):

Oh yeah. I tend to gravitate towards this stuff. I have the bright idea to one day go visit Robert the Doll. And my wife looked at me and she’s like, “Nope, you’re not doing it.” 

Jim (01:01:38):

That’s where she draws the line. Well, Chris sounds like a smart woman. Sounds like a smart woman. Hang onto her. Chris, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire today. 

Chris (01:01:51):

It was awesome being back. 

Jim (01:01:52):

Next up on the Campfire is Sarah from Cape Cod. I think she is the second caller we’ve had from Cape Cod in the last couple of months, which is kind of cool. I think about that very old song, man, I sound like… a lot of people think I’m 80 years old. I sound like I’m 80 years old. There was an old song by Patty Page called “Old Cape Cod”. Great song. Great song. Anyway, Sarah is on the line and she’s been listening for about six years. Her friend Sean told her about the show, so we appreciate that. Sean, thank you very much. Let that be a lesson everybody, tell your friends so we can give great stories. And Sarah is going to tell us about signs from her mom. Sarah, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened. 

Sarah (01:02:38):

Thank you. I’m so excited to be here and be talking to you. Okay, so these stories are about my mom, like you said, she passed when I was 21 and she was 48 and she had breast cancer. 

Jim (01:02:52):

Oh, I’m sorry. 

Sarah (01:02:52):

And yeah, thank you. And we were very close and I grew up since I’ve been very little, just in love with ghost stories and really believed in the paranormal and mysteries. And I really thought when my mom died that I would have a ghost mom and it that’s just how things work, and it didn’t happen. And I was frustrated for a long time. I would try and talk to her and ask her to blow out this candle or knock on the wall or…nothing. And I started to ask her for signs. And I have received a lot over the years, which I think coincidences, but as you would say, too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, maybe?

Jim (01:03:43):

Right, right. 

Sarah (01:03:45):

So one of these times was I had been thinking a lot about this and I had this thought that I trusted her when she was alive and why don’t I trust her now? And really sort of contemplating this idea of trusting her and if she could reach out to me, she would in whatever way she could. I was on Long Island and I was heading home. I grew up on Long Island, but was living upstate and I was going to head home and I decided to stop at the beach. I hadn’t been to the beach in a while and it was a spontaneous decision. I sort of randomly picked a beach to go to and it was a gorgeous day. I think it was spring and there was not a car in the parking lot. And I got out, and I don’t know if you’ve been to Long Island beaches, but they’re sort of huge. 

Sarah (01:04:32):

They’re just a very big expansive sand before you get to the water. It was a beautiful day and the sun was sort of sparkling on the water and there were big clouds and it was windy. I was thinking of my mom as I do when I go to the beach, especially, because we used to spend a lot of time at the beach together. And I sat down in the sand and I was looking out the water and I put my hands in the sand and I couldn’t get over how soft the sand was, and I just had this impulse that I needed to bring some sand to home. I just didn’t want to leave it with me, which I’ve never done before, but I thought maybe I could find something on the beach to put the sand in. And so I stood up and walked a little ways, and as you find garbage on the beach, is pretty common to find people’s trash. 

Sarah (01:05:18):

And I found an empty, like a Polar Spring water bottle. And so I thought, great. I filled that with sand. And then I was heading back towards the parking lot and I thought, oh, it would be nice if I could find something to cover it with so it doesn’t spill all over the car. And I took maybe another 10 steps and looked down, just saw a perfect circle in the sand and it was like a water bottle cap that was upside down so you could just see the rim of it. And I picked it up and I was like, oh wow, great. And I shook it out and I screwed it. It was a perfect fit onto the water bottle. And I took my hand away and I looked at it and somebody had written in Sharpie marker “mom” on the top of the water bottle cap. And it was just sort of like this, I think because I had been thinking of her so much, I’d been thinking of her in that moment and just being in this beautiful setting. And I just thought, what are the chances of deciding to go to the beach, picking that beach, taking those steps. That took me to that little cap that said, mom just felt sort of precious. 

Jim (01:06:24):

And I’ve said this before, I think what they do sometimes, it’s happened to me and I’m not going to belabor my stories, but they put you in these situations and they move chess pieces around so they can show you a sign. 

Sarah (01:06:37):

Yeah. So I had another story more recently. We moved to Cape Cod a couple of years ago. My family and I. I walk on the beach here and I still think of her on the beach. So I’ll talk to her sometimes on the beach and I still ask her for signs. And lately since I’ve been here, but balloons seem to keep, I’d ask her for a sign and these helium balloons would show up in weird ways and at weird times. And I thought, all right, we’re doing balloons now. That’s a thing. Once I asked for a sign and I looked down, I hadn’t even moved, I just looked down and there was an old deflated balloon in the sand that was half buried, and I picked it up and it was pink and it said, “It’s a girl”. And it had white hearts on it. And I was like, oh, that’s like a mom daughter balloon. 

Sarah (01:07:31):

And then, so, one week, it was the week of my birthday and I was turning 48. I just turned 48 this year, which is the age my mom was when she passed, which has been sort of difficult. And it’s strange. So I was walking on the beach, I was talking to her and I asked for a sign and I didn’t find anything. I didn’t even find a good shell on the beach that day. It was just sort of, I just did my walk and I was like, oh, well. And I left the beach and I was feeling kind of blue and I got in my car and I started to drive off. And I had this thought that I thought, check the book box. I think there might be something in the book box that you need. And you know how the beaches and parks, they’ll have that little box a take it, take a book, leave a book. 

Sarah (01:08:15):

They’re kind of like the free library. So this beach had one, and I was like, actually, I just want to go home. And I drove past it and it was my voice in my head, but I kept thinking like, no, no, you need to go check the book box. And I was like, oh, fine. So I put it in reverse. I backed up, I parked the car. I got out and I walked around this little shack to where the book box was, and I looked and there was no books in it because it was the middle of November. They had taken everything out and I opened the door anyway, and I sort of tilted my head down to look inside. And then the back of the book box, the only thing in there was a blue helium balloon, like a deflated balloon with its ribbon wrapped around it. I just thought, well, that’s weird. What are the chances that I would have this impulse to go look in there and that the only thing in there would be a balloon?  

Jim (01:09:08):

So I hope that someday I think we survive this world. And I’d like to know how that all works. Is it a difficult thing for them to communicate with us on the other side? Why do they do these signs as opposed to just saying, Hey, I’m here. Kind of like what you were saying when you were young, but I think that’s the case for whatever reason. And I think it happens. I think it’s happened to me, it’s obviously happened to you, and I think it’s happened to many, many other people out there. And I mean it’s bittersweet, but I think it does give us hope. 

Sarah (01:09:47):

Yeah, yeah, definitely. 

Jim (01:09:50):

Thank you so much for joining us today on the Campfire. I appreciate it. Thank you for listening. Now, you did say that there was a picture. There’s a picture. Something goes on with a picture, right? 

Sarah (01:10:04):

Oh yeah. The picture of my mom. Yeah, I do have, there’s so many strange things, but in another one, I have a framed picture of my mom. Before we moved, it used to sit on top of this cabinet and with other pictures and things, and I would notice sometimes that it had just moved. It was the only thing on the cabinet that would sort of inch closer, closer, closer to the front of this cabinet. And I would ask my kids and my husband, did you move up? And they swore up and down, they didn’t move it. And I was like, oh, well that’s strange, that picture. And I would put it back and then it would slowly start moving again. And since we moved, now I have a different frame picture of my mom inside of the same cabinet, and it’s next to some other pictures and a little container of her ashes. And that picture moves, but nobody goes in there. It’s sort of a glass front cabinet door. Nobody goes in there, nothing else in there is moving. It’s just that picture. So I don’t know. 

Jim (01:11:06):

Strange, interesting. Mom saying hello, mom, saying hello. Sarah, thank you so much for joining us today. I appreciate, thank you for being a part of a Campfire and Stay Spooky. 

Sarah (01:11:19):

Yeah, great. Thanks Jim. 

Jim (01:11:21):

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Announcer 2 (01:13:43):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (01:13:47):

Jenny is on the line from Georgia and she is a long time listener and a Plus Club member, and we appreciate that very much because without the Plus Club folks, we would not be doing 90 minute shows every week of the Campfire. It just wouldn’t be possible. And so we thank our Plus Club members and of course our sponsors and Jenny is going to tell us about an experience with Day of the Dead. Jenny, welcome to the show and please tell us what happened. 

Jenny (01:14:18):

Hey Jim. Thanks. Okay. My story started, well, my husband and I went to Oaxaca, Mexico about 2005. We decided to go on a trip where they would take us to a cemetery and experience the local tradition of the Day of the Dead. And so what we did is we were in a hotel and then a driver picked us up and picked up about 20 people. The motor coach stopped at a few stops to pick up people, visitors, tourists, and we were going to experience, we were going to go to a cemetery, which we did. There were about 25 people on the Motor Coach bus. We stopped at some of the churches along the way and we stopped. Some of the traditions of Day of the Dead are, they’re parades and people. It’s not a scary kind of, it’s not like our Halloween at all. It’s on November 1st and 2nd and the locals all gather at the cemeteries. They build their little altars, they bring food, they bring cigarettes, they put ’em on the altars of their family members, and it’s a very reverent and happy celebration of the dead of the families that have passed away. 

Jim (01:15:55):


Jenny (01:15:56):

They have a little, what they call ofrenda, their little altars where they’ll set up food and the families, the cemeteries are just full of people. We were taken, we stopped on the way to pick up marigolds. You take marigolds and you take them and put them on the graves, and that is the scent of the marigold is supposed to attract the spirits of the dead and the dead come back. The belief is that the dead come back and come back. Their spirit comes back and we want to welcome them. So we did that. And little background, I’m a travel agent. I have gone on tours for 20 years. I have taken groups on tours, and the way it works is if you have to get on a motor coach, it’ll take you somewhere. It drops you off, you get off, you do your thing, and then they tell you when to meet to come back to the bus

Jim (01:16:55):

Right. They’ll say, everybody be back here by two o’clock. 

Jenny (01:16:59):

It’s very important. And I’ve been on both ends of that for 30 years. I’ve been doing it. So anyway, we go to the cemetery. We went to the general cemetery, which is a huge cemetery outside of Oaxaca. It’s about a 30 minute drive, and it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. And we went, it was about nine, it was about 9:00 at night. By the time we got there, we were going to spend a couple hours. We had our marigolds, the cemetery, as far as you could see, were candles. It was just candles of people and children running around. It was a very kind of happy celebration of the Dead. And this particular cemetery is known for, its kind of strange and diverse architecture. Some of the tombstones are shaped like little churches and little chapels, and the tombstones, they have photographs of the people in them, and there’s food everywhere. 

Jenny (01:18:06):

The families are sitting around the gravestones, they’re all eating, they’re drinking. It’s just a very wonderful experience, but it’s very, the only light is candlelight. And as far as you could see at the cemetery were candles, it was just beautiful. And we were wandering around when we got off the bus, the parking lot, there’s a big parking lot at the bottom of this big hill, and you just walk up the hill and as far as you can see, are gravestones and mausoleums and people, children running around, it’s just wonderful. And it’s huge. So the driver, we get off the bus, there’s like 25 of us on the bus. We get off, the parking lot’s full of cars and tourist buses and things, and we walk up the hill to the top of the hill and the driver’s there. He says, meet me here. We all had our watches on. 

Jenny (01:19:11):

I always have my watch, and I’m real cognizant of the time. And he said, meet us, meet me here at about midnight and we’ll go back. And so that was fine. It’s about nine o’clock at night, so we’re wandering around. So I think fine. And my husband was with me. Now Daniel is a skeptic and very pragmatic man. He’s not into the paranormal. He’s just like, oh, that’s just crazy stuff. I mean, that’s who he is. And then here I am. I’m all into it. So anyway, the driver says, okay, meet me here at midnight. And so we wander off. When we wander around, we put our marigolds, we look at the headstones and look at all the wonderful foods, that are sitting. It was delightful. It was beautiful, and it was very magical. It was dark and this huge cemetery, lots of people everywhere, just candles. 

Jenny (01:20:16):

That was beautiful. Well, at about 11:30, I always like to get on a bus early. I need to sit in the front because I get car sick. So to all the tours I’ve been on or whatever, I always get on the bus early so I can sit in the front and I just wait. So by 11:30 we were tired, and I told Daniel, I said, let’s go back and get on the bus. I just don’t want to go to the back of the bus. There’s so many people. And he said, okay. So we go back and the driver’s standing there where he said he would be, and I walked up to him and I looked down at the bottom of the hill, big parking lot full of cars. I said, where’s our bus? I’m going to go ahead and get in the bus and we’ll wait for y’all, sit in the front. 

Jenny (01:21:06):

The tour driver looks at me and he kind of winks. He says, you’re all so early. You’re too early. Just wander around a little bit more and come back. You got 30 minutes. So I thought that was kind of odd because in my experience, a driver wants everybody on the bus on time, so you don’t have to wait for anybody. So anyway, so Daniel and I kind of wander maybe a hundred, 200 feet. There’s this little pathway in the cemetery, and mausoleums are on both sides up high above our heads. Then, so we were walking down this little path, looking at the photos that are set into the sides of the mausoleum, where the people, where their cremains are. And we wandered around maybe, oh, maybe 10 minutes, maybe. And then I looked at Daniel. I said, I really want to be on the bus early. Let’s go back. So we were still early. It was probably 20 till 12:00. 

Jenny (01:22:19):

We’re walking back through the path and you can’t see on either side. The mausoleums are above our heads. They’re up high. So it’s kind of like a little city, little street kind of. So we walk off, we walk down the path, and we come to the opening, the end of the path where we can see the cemetery. We walk out and there is no one there. It is complete… The entire cemetery is dark, and there is no one there. There was no one. We walked, oh, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about… Daniel and I stood there, and remember Daniel is very pragmatic. We were in shock. It was like, wait a minute. We only walked 10 minutes and we’re still early. And I looked at my watch. My watch was correct. It was like 20 till 12:00, and there was no one. It was completely empty. No candles, no people, no nothing. And we froze. We froze. We looked at each other and I said, Daniel, what happened? 

Jenny (01:23:47):

Daniel, he was speechless. And I said, we’re in the middle of nowhere. Where is it? What happened? And it was just quiet. We looked down the hill where you could see the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. It was empty and it was dark. I mean, everything was dark. And I could see the parking lot though, no lights in the parking lot. And I looked down there, it was like, Daniel, we’re in the middle of nowhere. We don’t speak Spanish and we don’t know where we are. And then I looked again and there was one car in the parking lot. There was no lights on, was just sitting there. 

Jim (01:24:23):

That’s weird. So it’s like a time slip. 

Jenny (01:24:27):

I have no idea what it was. I have no idea. To this day, we are like, I saw that car at the bottom of the, and I grabbed Daniel, I said, let’s go see if there’s anybody in there. We went running down the hill, and I rapped on the window and there was a man just sitting there, and I realized it was a cab. And he turned and flicked his, he kind of looked at us just a normal night, turned his cab light on, and I said, can you take us to our, and he didn’t speak English. And I had written our hotel down on a piece of paper, and I handed it to him and I said, can you take us, we were in a panic. What happened? 

Jim (01:25:14):

So your bus was gone. Your bus, your bus was long gone. 

Jenny (01:25:19):

There was no one there. There was no one, there were no people, no kids, no cars, no nothing. It was like there was no one there. And there had been hundreds of people there. 

Jim (01:25:32):

And it was daylight and it turned dark. 

Jenny (01:25:35):

No, it was dark when we got there. We got there at nine. It was always dark, but yeah, it was always dark. So he turned, flicked his, and I looked at the clock in his cab, and I didn’t lose time. My watch was right. 

Jim (01:25:52):

That’s weird. 

Jenny (01:25:53):

I have heard of your other people on your show that say they missed time, like two hours. But that didn’t happen to us. My watch was right. And his clock on his car was right. So he drove us. We didn’t even talk. We were in such utter shock. Daniel and I just sat there. It was like we didn’t know what to say. We were like, in a stupor. 

Jim (01:26:18):

I guess so, and that’s the thing. I mean, what I often say in the show is that life is much stranger than we give it credit for. And sometimes we don’t have to go looking for it. We don’t have to go on a paranormal investigation. Sometimes the weirdness just finds us. Well, Jenny, thank you so much for sharing this story. I appreciate it. And if you ever come up with a solution, let us know. 

Jenny (01:26:42):

Thanks so much, Jim. Love the show. 

Jim (01:26:45):

Next up on the Campfire, we have a return caller Deanne is here and she’s calling in from Georgia, and she is going to share with us a story about her late husband. Deanne, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us today. 

Deanne (01:27:01):

Hi, good morning, Jim. It’s good to be here, again. I wanted to share this story about my late husband. He is my second husband. My first husband is my daughter’s father, and he was very abusive, alcoholic and Brian, my second husband, my late husband, came into my life as I was trying to escape the first marriage. And he’s what helped me get out of it. And he was more of a father to my daughter from day one than her own father ever was. So my daughter and I have just both so extremely grateful that he was brought into our life, even if it was for a short period of time. But Brian and I actually knew each other since first grade and after high school, we just didn’t stay in touch after that. And then before our 30th high school reunion, everybody was reconnecting and everything. 

Deanne (01:27:57):

And so we had reconnected at that time. Brian and I share the very same birthday. So we always had that bond, and we were those two people that finished each other’s sentences. And one person would think of something and the other would say and say, I was just going to say that. So we had an incredible bond. But the day before… this happened during Covid, so Brian was diabetic and he was a leg amputee and was experiencing kidney failure. So he had a lot of health issues going on at this point in time. And then because of the restrictions with Covid, I couldn’t be with him in the hospital anytime that he went in. So it was a difficult time that to be separated from your loved ones. But Brian had gone back and forth between being in the hospital and the rehab facility and back again to the hospital. 

Deanne (01:28:58):

And so for the last two months of his life, I didn’t get to see him at all, but the day before he passed away, I was letting my dog out the back door and sitting on top of the grill in my backyard was a beautiful vivid red cardinal. And in my family, cardinals seemed to be a sign of family being around and things that are going on, and it’s always just been that way. So I looked at that cardinal, which didn’t fly away or anything, even when I let my dog out, and it just sat there staring at me, and I just said, well, good morning, and who might you be? I figured it’s some family member coming around and just went about my day. But early the next morning, about 3:30 in the morning, I received a phone call from the rehab facility saying that I guess when they were checking on Brian, they found him unresponsive. 

Deanne (01:29:50):

So he had passed away in his sleep. So my sister and brother-in-law came over and sat with me for a while, and I was just sobbing and sobbing, and I finally told them, I’m going to go lie down. I’m just exhausted and you guys can go home. And later in the days I’m lying there in bed, I felt this gentle burst of air, like a breeze or something on me. And I had a ceiling fan on, but that’s continuous. And it was on a low speed. This was a push of air. And then it felt like somebody took their fingers and gently stroked, moved my bangs across my face, just gently swept them across my face. And I opened my eyes and there’s nobody there. And I was like, that couldn’t be the fan. I looked, I had a couple papers on the bed, nothing was blowing around, nothing was moving. 

Deanne (01:30:44):

And it just was a very, very sweet and comforting kind of thing. And I really feel like that was Brian. But the next day I was sitting in the chair in my room, and Brian was very protective of my daughter and I, very protective, and he was always like, I’m going to always protect you. And so I just sat in the chair and I was just crying, and I said, in my raspy, squeaky voice, I was just been crying so much. I said, you always said you were going to protect us. And I said, who’s going to protect us now? And immediately in my head, I didn’t audibly hear his voice, but I immediately heard him say, I couldn’t very well protect you and my breath and now body, but I can do so much more for you from where I am now. 

Jim (01:31:30):


Deanne (01:31:31):

And those are not words I would’ve thought of, I just wouldn’t have, especially in my state of mind. And so he was just letting me know, I’m still going to be around. I’m still going to protect you, but I can do a lot more than I could have in the health state that he was in. 

Deanne (01:31:51):

So a few days later, I had a friend that asked, I have a really nice pressure washer. And so I had a friend that said that she had a friend that was trying to sell her house, and she had a large driveway that needed to be pressure washed and could I clean it, go over and clean it for her? And she said, she’ll pay you. And I said, it’s fine. My sister said, I’ll go over and help you. So my sister and I spent the day cleaning this large driveway, with the pressure washer, and it was in a town that I’d not been in. I’d never been in this area before. And as we were driving home, I’m driving, my sister’s in the passenger seat. All of a sudden my hands start cramping up and it’s getting worse and worse. And I said to my sister, oh my gosh, my hands are cramping up so bad. 

Deanne (01:32:36):

I can’t even get them off the steering wheel. She’s like, pull over up at the next subdivision, pull over and we’ll switch seats. And she goes, and I’ll drive. I said, okay, so, excuse me. So I pulled over and we’re sitting there and I had to wait. I couldn’t even get my fingers off the steering wheel. She’s like, just sit there for a minute, just get your, and she’s rubbing my hands and everything. And I look up at the street name at the subdivision we were about to head into, and this street name is Foley Way. Well, Brian’s last name is Foley. So I was like, said to my sister, oh my gosh, look at the name of the street and it says Foley Way. And then underneath it, I said, and look at the sign under it. And it said, “Dead End”. And I said, very funny, Brian, very funny. 

Deanne (01:33:26):

I mean, what are the odds that all of a sudden out of the blue, my hands are cramping up and we pull off and it’s a street that has his name. So I had something strange happen. It was maybe a couple months later, there was a Kindle that I had bought for Brian when he first went into the hospital and rehab facility. This way he could stream some of the TV shows that we like to watch here at home. And so I had set everything up with the passwords and all of that, and he never got to use it. So I had it here in my home. I had it plugged in and I didn’t ever use it. And so there it sat on a table with some things on top of it, on a desk area and just plugged in, never even thought anything about it. 

Deanne (01:34:15):

So I was out at somebody’s house one night and I was watching something on Prime Video and didn’t get to finish it. And I was like, oh, I’ll finish watching it when I get home. So when I got home, I’m sitting there watching the end of the show and I’m talking out loud to Brian. I said, oh, Brian, I said, we set up all these streaming channels for you and all the passwords. And I actually had gone through and added things to his list of all the types of movies I knew he’d like to see. And I’m like, and you never got to watch any of it, and I just wish that you had gotten to do that. So I finished watching the show. I come out into the living room area of my house, go get some water, head to bed. I’m hearing music, loud music, and I look and I had the TV on in the living room because I had left it on for my dog. 

Deanne (01:35:02):

And I was like, no, that’s not on there. And I’m looking around and I’m like, where’s this coming from? And I’m going, lifting up things, moving around, tracing it down. And I finally tracked it down to this Kindle. And I’m like, why is music coming out of this Kindle all of a sudden? I pick it up and it’s on Prime Music or Amazon music, and I’m like, I’ve never even opened that app on this, and how would this open by itself? And so I look and it’s playing, what was it, “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” 

Jim (01:35:36):

Yeah, Brenda Lee. 

Deanne (01:35:38):

Yeah. Or is it Rock Around the… wait, sorry. The one that says, “you’ll get a sentimental feeling” or is that “Jingle Bell Rock”. I get the two mixed… 

Jim (01:35:46):

Yeah, “Jingle Bell Rock”. 

Deanne (01:35:48)

“Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bell Rock”, is what was playing. But what happened was when I opened it up, the lyrics were showing, it has a little highlight that’s highlighting. 

Deanne (01:35:58):

So as I open it and look at it, it’s highlighting “you will get a sentimental feeling”. And I was like, oh my gosh. I was just in the other room just feeling all sentimental about him and everything. And then I come out here and out of the blue, this is playing, and it’s highlighting those words. And it was like, how would even a spirit know that I was going to go and pick it up and look at it. At that time when those words are showing, it was like he was just trying to let me know that he was still around. I know you were sitting there feeling all sentimental and everything about us. 

Deanne (01:36:38):

And then this happened maybe about two months ago. This next thing, I wear glasses and I always sleep with my glasses on because I like to, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I have to look at the clock. I want to see what’s going on. A lot of times I fall asleep watching tv. So it used to drive Brian crazy. He’d be like, why don’t you take your glasses off? And I’m like, no, I want to see when I wake up. So he sometimes would, while I was sleeping, come take them off. And so a couple months ago, I woke up and opened my eyes and I’m like, I can’t see. And I was like, oh my gosh, where are my glasses? And I’m feeling around on my bed, did they fall off or anything? Finally, I look over and on my nightstand, there are my glasses neatly folded, sitting on my nightstand. 

Deanne (01:37:29):

And Brian used to do that all the time, and I did not do that. So the last thing, the last interaction I could say I had with him was Brian and I were together as a couple for 10 years. We were married for eight of those 10 years, but on the night of what would’ve been our 10th wedding anniversary, I had a very vivid dream about him. And when I have dreams that are very vivid and I remember everything, I know it’s a true visitation. I’ve had it with some family members and that otherwise, I don’t remember my dreams for anything. So in this dream, we were in the church and we were going to have a wedding, and it was kind of reversed. We normally have the bride coming down the aisle, and then the groom might come in like a side door. I came in the side door, there was some sort of preacher, I can’t even tell you who it was just, I don’t even know if it really saw their face. 

Deanne (01:38:31):

It was a preacher standing up front, and all of these people were behind me. I don’t know they were there, but I just remember hearing all these voices going, I can’t wait to see his face when he sees you. He is so excited to see you. I just can’t wait to see his face. We’ve all been waiting for this for him to see you again. So I was dressed up like a bride, full, the white gown and veil and everything. And I look, and here he comes down the aisle and he doesn’t do the slow walk. He’s walking kind of fast, and his head is turned and his eyes are fixated on me the whole time. And he’s just smiling. He’s beaming. And it’s a younger looking Brian. And of course, since I’ve known him since first grade, I know how he looked in younger years, looked more like his high school, Brian. And so he’s just beaming. And so whoever these people were behind me, they’re like, go ahead, go. And so I joined Brian up in front of the preacher, and then that’s all I remember. So if the dream continued on beyond that, I don’t know. But that’s all that I remember of it. And then when I woke up the next morning, I realized, oh, that was our 10th wedding anniversary. I thought that that was just a really sweet tribute that I do believe that he came and visited me to tell me Happy Anniversary. 

Jim (01:39:54):

So sweet. So sweet. 

Deanne (01:39:55):


Jim (01:39:56):

Well, that link remains, I firmly believe that link remains in our loved ones. Find a way, and sounds like Brian has certainly found a way, Deanne, 

Deanne (01:40:07):

He has. 

Jim (01:40:08):

Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire today.

Deanne (01:40:11):

Well, thank you so much, Jim. 

Jim (01:40:14):

Thanks so much for joining us today on The Campfire. I appreciate it. And we had a special note here, a special shout out. It’s from Ian. And Ian wrote, “Jim, you replied to an email I sent recently, and I appreciate you taking the time to do that. Me and my wife were both born on September 4th, 1973. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t make it as she passed away, just aged 30. We were both into the paranormal, and I am still. She would’ve loved your podcasts and we would definitely have asked for a birthday shout out. I’ve never asked before, but can you please wish my beautiful late wife a happy heavenly birthday? Her name was and is Jo, I wish we could have turned 50 together, and I miss her dearly even after all these years later.” Ian, first of all, since you were both born on September 4th, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. 

Jim (01:41:16):

And also I want to wish Jo a Happy Birthday. And I believe love lives on. It’s obvious that your love lives on, and I’m sure that Jo’s love lives on for you. And one day, many years from now, you’ll be reunited. Ian, thanks for listening. And thank you for listening to the program. We appreciate it very much, and as we are coming on the spooky season, I would doubly appreciate it if you’d share the show with a friend. I really think these are the times when we can grow the show, when we can bring more people into the fold because people are in spooky mode. Labor Day’s over, it is fully Halloween season, far as I’m concerned, once Labor Day is over in the US, we’re in spooky season. So please, please, please tell a friend today about the show. Text him a link from your podcast player. 

Jim (01:42:11):

Send him an email. If you talk to him on the phone, if you text him, whatever it might be, if you meet ’em in person or if you’re on Reddit or Facebook or X, formerly Twitter, Threads, whatever it might be, Instagram, please share the show. We don’t have these big advertising budgets like these huge companies we’re essentially competing against. We’re at a huge disadvantage there, but we have an advantage because we have you. So please today, share the show with someone. I would appreciate it very much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Stay safe and Stay Spooky. Bye-bye. 

Announcer 1 (01:42:49):

You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.

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