The Ghost Who Said Get Out – Jim Harold’s Campfire 660

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A ghost car, a passed family member warns a family to get out of a haunted house, and much much more on this all-new edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire!


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Jim Harold (00:00:00):

Imagine being in a house that is so haunted that you’re warned by the spirits to get out. It happened to one of our callers, and you’ll hear her story today on Jim Harold’s campfire.

Announcer (00:00:28):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:39):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again and we have some all new spooky stories for you. And thank you for joining us today. A quick note, if you like spooky stories, and I’m sure that you do because you’re here, would you like a book where you could read 65 of our best stories from our campfire show? Is that something you would enjoy? If so, I encourage you to pick up True Ghost Stories. Jim Harold’s Campfire Six. It is currently available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble. We’re even doing a limited quantity of some autographed print books. And also, of course, you can get the ebook. Now, the easiest way to get all the links to either the ebook, the paperback, the autograph books, just go to Jim Harold dot com,, and click on the green button at the top of the page, and that will take you to a page, all the links, US international autographed books, the whole shooting match as they say.


And it really helps us a lot. A lot of work goes into putting these books together, frankly, a lot of expense too. And we would like to recoup some of that and we want to share the stories. And a lot of times we find with a book, we’ll bring new people in who have never heard of the show at all and start reading the books and then start listening to the shows and maybe even contributing their own story. So please pick up your copy of True Ghost Stories, Jim Harold’s Campfire Six today. It also makes a great gift available from paperback ebook. Find all the links at the top of Jim Harold dot com, that big green button, and you can check it out, and we appreciate it very much. And now on to today’s campfire stories. 

Next up on the campfire is Jerry from Kentucky. And Jerry’s been listening a long time, so long that when he first started listening, you had to hook your MP three device, or in his case, an iPod to your computer with wires and do the whole thing and not like now, just like a press of a button and it’s right there, but back then you had to work for it. Jerry did. Jerry, I appreciate it. Thank you for joining us and thanks for listening all these years. Now you have a story about a vintage white car. I can’t

Jerry (KY) (00:02:58):

Wait to hear us. Tell us what happened. I’m doing indeed, Jim. I think this is a story that’s a favorite of yours. It’s a head scratcher and it’s kind of a mystery kind of scary kind of vehicle. This took place a good long time ago. Didn’t seem that long, but I guess it’s about 19 82, 19 83. I was about 13 years old, and my mom and I were going to meet up with a friend of hers that she worked with, and she had kids that were my age and we were going to meet up at a really cool steakhouse in a neighboring town about 14, 15 miles away. This is one of those really cool steakhouse video games. And they had great food. I mean, we were really looking forward to it. So we left, I’m thinking it was maybe October, the time had changed, so it was kind of dark by five 30.


So we leave and we leave our home, and my dad’s working a swing shift at the fire department, and we drive on out, we pass our thoroughfare with the McDonald’s and KFC and all that kind of stuff. And the road kind of turns more rural. All of this is gone. All of this has changed now. So we’re driving on down the road and we can see in the back of us now. My mom had a really cool, she had a red Dotson hatchback, real sporty, cool car. So we’re driving down the road, and this is not an interstate and it’s not a country road. It’s a four lane highway, very, very well traveled, known by everyone around through my area. So we’re driving down the road and it is dark, Jim. It is so dark, abnormally dark, but we can see way back in the distance, this bright light, I mean an incredibly bright light.


So light that we even say, what is that behind us? Well, I had no sooner had said that till all of a sudden this car is right on our bumper, this car absolutely flying right on our bumper the whole time. My mom wasn’t speeding or anything, but just rode right on that bumper and then all of a sudden it would pull way back, fall, way back. It would zoom up again. It did this for miles and miles, of course, we’re in a hatchback. And every time that car would zoom up, the car was just illuminated with light and it would fall back again. Of course, me being a kid, no seat belts, no nothing. This is the eighties. Yep. I climb over back seat and I’m trying to look out the window and trying to see what’s going on. And mama would say, get down, sit down, sit down.


So I would sit down and again, this car just back and forth, back and forth, and sometimes it would veer over into the pest lane and get right up on our bumper, never passing, and just would ride there and it would pull way back again. Just this zoom back and forth. Well, this went on for some time. And even when we got into the neighboring community, this was all bypasses and everything, even into more open areas like with shopping centers, McDonald’s, things like that. There were few cars. There were just no cars. Everything seemed very dim, very, very dark. And this car would be way back in the back. And as soon as we would leave the more developed areas, this restroom was kind of like on the outskirts, go on down, and all of a sudden, boom, here, this car would come again, just zoom right upon our bumper.


And my mom had a bit of a temper about her, and she passed away about two years ago. And everybody shared this, never really shared the story with anyone. That’s why I wanted to share it with you and your listeners. So we would go there in this card, back and forth, back and forth. Now it’s gone from irritating to kind of alarming, kind of scary. Why don’t they pass? Who is this? What do they want? So just picture that the road that we’re on is fairly flat. The entryway to this big restaurant is over on the left and the road was shaped like a Y. So you could make a left and you could either take the driveway and go straight down to the restaurant in the parking lot, or you can make a ute and be faced back out onto the highway that you just pulled off of.


Well, I said, mama has a temper about her. And she said, sit down and hold on. I sat down, held on, we’re approaching the entryway. We saw the little red reflector light, and I’ll never forget it, she reached over, eased her foot off the gas, turned off her lights in dark, pitch black, zoomed into this drive, looped back around so that she was passing, facing back out onto the highway. Well, this car had pulled way back behind us, but we could see it coming, this light as white as the halogen lights of today. Here comes this car, Jim. So we’re sitting there and we can kind of see it, and Jim was like, everything just went just slow, almost motion. And you see the car coming up and mama says, well, blanket you blank. See what you think about having the lights shined in your face.


So she flips on the lights, her headlights, which nothing compared to this car. So it illuminates this card that is what appeared to be slowly passing in front of us. And Jim, I kind of researched and looked it up. It was either a 1956 or a 57 Thunderbird convertible, hard top white, everything white, so white that it was almost that it almost glowed white and chrome, white interior, white hard, top Whitewall tires, everything white. But the creepy thing was was that as this car went past us, it illuminated the driver and the woman was sitting at the steering wheel, and as soon as the light hits, she whipped her head around and her mouth is open as if in a scream or maybe she was surprised and looks at us directly at us. And then her head snaps back around to the front again and everything was white.


She had a white scarf tied them to the chin. Those real thin ones like our grandmother’s used to wear her skin was chalk white. She had on a white dress coat like a Chanel coat or ladies used to dress. She had on a white dress coat. She was holding the steering wheel and she had big white sunglasses at night with these big black lenses and these white frames. So when she turns and looks at us, it was startling. And because her mouth was blood red, her lipstick was bright red. So she turns and snaps and looks at us, her mouth is open, she snaps back around to a forward position again, and all of a sudden just boom, everything’s back to normal car, just zips by, flies by. Well, this road was kind of a little bit of a plateau, and it was kind of lead down a little bit.


And then from that vantage point you could see four or five miles out flat. So mama tears out after her just right on her tail. As she’s going down this incline, she tears out after her goes down, we go down this little hill and there’s nothing, she is gone. Wow. No lights, no brake lights, no turn signal, nothing. Just virtually gone. Even few driveways that she could have even pulled into because it was farmland, it was just rural. And she pulled over onto the shoulder and she said, what did you see? And I told her, basically I told you this white woman, white woman. And she said, I saw the same thing. And she said, but I’ll add to it. She said, you wouldn’t have paid attention to it being just a little kid. She said she had on white gloves. And she said, what woman did they wear as white gloves? Right?

Jim Harold (00:11:49):

That was something that went out in the sixties.

Jerry (KY) (00:11:53):

Yeah, easily. And so she looped back around, we go back to the restaurant and we go in and we’d meet her friends. And the lady that we was meeting, she was a very strict Catholic, and she said, what’s wrong with you two? She said, you act funny. And mama said, well, tell her. So I told you the story and she said, I don’t know what you saw, but she said, you saw something? She said, I’m going to light a candle for you too tonight. But she said, you saw something really, really special, really kind of creepy. But she said, you saw something. And Jimmy, what was really strange when we left the restaurant several hours later, everything was changed. We got back in the car, there were cars all around us. There were cars on the road, the street lights were brighter. We could see people’s porch lights on farm. Lights on cars passed us. We passed cars because when all this episode was going on, there was no cars around, there was no traffic, there was no one around. And I mean going all the way back home, it was just like a normal night out to eat supper and going home. But that’s my story, and that’s the end of that.

Jim Harold (00:13:05):

Let me throw a theory out there and you tell me if you think it’s a possibility because you said there were no cars and the woman held her mouth open at you, maybe like you guys scared her.

Jerry (KY) (00:13:18):

I think we did.

Jim Harold (00:13:20):

Do you think that somehow there was some kind of time slip in, you’re driving in this futuristic 1980s, Dotson, and by the way, in the 1950s, what is a Dotson? And she saw you and she thought, what in the world are these intruders from the future? What are they? And then the fact that she was all white, maybe that was somehow an artifact of being transformed into that time where everything had this white, I mean, maybe it was naturally a white car, but maybe it was all intensified because you were seeing it through some kind of a filter. Now, again, this is just mere speculation on my part, but I mean, has that theory occurred to you?

Jerry (KY) (00:14:06):

It has. Maybe we were the one that was impending her travel. Maybe we were the one in front of her. We were taking her time up and we saw it as she was riding our tail, but maybe we were blocking her way. Could have been a parallel universe or maybe she was a spirit from another time that had been killed on that road and was just driving up and down the road forever.

Jim Harold (00:14:29):

Wow. I bet you think about that a lot when you’re out driving. I bet you think about that a lot. Well, I see something like that again. I

Jerry (KY) (00:14:36):

Do. I wouldn’t mind to see it again. But it was especially scary back then because you remember all those cool movies were out. What was the Stephen King movie about the big 18 wheeler that would run people off the road?

Jim Harold (00:14:50):

Are you talking about dual dual or

Jerry (KY) (00:14:53):

Maximum drive?

Jim Harold (00:14:54):

Yeah, that one. And then there was Christine, the Haunted car, Christine, which was Stephen King,

Jerry (KY) (00:15:01):

All these things big back in the eighties. So yeah.

Jim Harold (00:15:04):

Wow. What a great story. Creepy. And you called it. It’s one of my favorite kinds of stories. It’s one of those, it defies categorization. You can’t neatly put it in one or the other. And I think it really hints at just kind of a weird nature of our existence. And it’s definitely

Jerry (KY) (00:15:22):

A head scratcher. Yeah, it’s a head

Jim Harold (00:15:23):

Scratcher. It definitely is a head scratcher. Jerry, thank you for bringing the goods with this story, and thank you for listening for all these years.

Jerry (KY) (00:15:31):

Hey, Jim, thank you. And stay spooky,

Jim Harold (00:15:33):

Stay spooky. Monica is on the line from Vermont, and I love it when we get stories that are a little bit different, something a little bit unique, and I certainly think this falls into that category. Monica, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us what happened.

Monica (VT) (00:15:53):

Thank you so much, Jim. About probably early two thousands, I was lying in bed about to go to sleep, and it was very dark and quiet and all of a sudden I hear this noise, like an electrical noise kind of thing. And I looked over and I had a shelf on the wall across from me, and it looked like there was a ball of plasma, the balls that you put your hand on and the lightning is sort of drawn to your hand.

Jim Harold (00:16:22):

Yeah, I got one. Looked like that.

Monica (VT)(00:16:24):

Yeah, it was probably about softball size, maybe a little bit bigger. And it was rolling along that shelf. I couldn’t see the shelf, but I knew where it was, and it was rolling along that shelf and all of a sudden it just fell off the end of the shelf and disappeared. And I have never heard anybody else talk about that. I am dying to know if anybody else has experienced it, anything like that. I’ve had people tell me they think it might be Ball Lightning, which sounds plausible, but there were no storms in that area at that time, and nothing on that shelf was burnt or there was no marks, there was nothing. And there were a bunch of things on that shelf and it just disappeared. It just vanished, and I can’t imagine what that could have been.

Jim Harold (00:17:13):

That’s interesting. We had a call, and I think it’s going to air as we’re recording this. You probably not heard this yet because it’s not been on the show yet. It’ll be on in the next couple of days. We prerecord these obviously folks, but it was about a young man who said that he saw, and he was in a school field trip at a historical place. I forget what it was. It was a museum, something to do with the American Revolution or something, I think. And the whole class saw this huge plasma ball. I think it was where it was, he called it an orb. So I mean, we have had kind of stories. We had one woman who said that an orb was following her down the sidewalk, and then it just disappeared. So I mean, to me, they’re orb stories and then they’re orb stories, like the orb stories. I took a picture and there’s a couple of orbs in it. Sometimes I’m a little skeptical of those. But your orb story, that’s a totally different thing. That’s like, wow, wow, you saw this floating plasma ball. And we have had, it’s not common, but we’ve had a few of these over the years for sure.

Monica (VT)(00:18:25):

Have you? Yes. Like with the little plasma lightning inside.

Jim Harold (00:18:29):

I don’t know if it had the lightning inside. I’ve had larger orbs. People have talked about. I don’t know about the lightning inside. Now, let me ask you this. Do you have a theory on what it was?

Monica (VT) (00:18:40):

I have thought maybe it was an energy, an entity of energy or something like that, but why it would be rolling on my shelf and disappear. I don’t know. There were some weird things that happened in that house, but nothing like that ever.

Jim Harold (00:18:57):

Yeah. Well,

Monica (VT) (00:18:58):

I have no idea what it could have been.

Jim Harold (00:19:02):

Well, if anybody out there has any thought about what this might be, let us know over the virtual campfire group on Facebook. Also, if you’ve had a similar story, come in and tell it. I think it’s great when somebody comes in and says, I’ve had this happen. I’ve not heard of anybody else has had it. And then somebody calls and said, yep, I’ve had it too. I think that’s great. So you can sign up over at Jim Harold dot com slash campfire. Well, Monica, I know you have more stories for us and you’ll be back on a future show. I thank you so much for joining us around the campfire.

Monica (VT) (00:19:37):

Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:19:38):

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Announcer (00:21:51):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s campfire.

Jim Harold (00:21:55):

Meghan is on the line. She is a relatively new listener. She said she was driving along and got tired of listening to music, and she ended up finding and tuning into the campfire, and we’re so glad that she did. And she has what she tells us is a terrifying ghost story tonight. So I’m always all ears. Were one of those. So we’re so glad to have Meghan here from Indiana. Meghan, tell us what happened.

Meghan (00:22:19):

Well, let me start off by saying that I never actually lived in the house. I grew up three houses down from what I’m about to tell you, but this all occurred to my three older siblings and my parents in the early sixties. And it really focused on my second oldest sister, Angie. My father had just gotten out of the Air Force, and my mother at the time had three children under the age of seven, and they were living in Texas. And she told my father, I want to go home. I want to move back home. And he said, well, if I can find a job, then we’ll do it. So he finds a job, he calls my aunt and says, we’re moving home, please find us a place. And my aunt goes, this is perfect. The house across the street from me on Main Street in this little town, it’s for sale.


And at the time, this was like 19 63, 64, the house was maybe 10 years old, and my parents literally bought the house by unseen. And my oldest sister, Ann, was I believe seven. My second oldest sister, Angela was four, and my brother at the time was two. So they pack up, they drive from Texas to Indiana, and my mother said that when they pulled up to the house, my sister Angie immediately starts crying and going, no, mommy, no. And my mother just kind of played it off. We just drove from Texas. She’s four, she’s tired. And my mother said that when she went to go get Angie out of the car, Angie started fighting her saying, no, mommy, no, please, no, no. And my mother is like, this is not typical for Angie. At the time, she was a very playful child, very happy child. And she’s just, as they’re walking up to the house, she’s screaming, no, mommy, no.


And my mother finally stops and goes, what is wrong? And Angie goes, no, don’t go in. No mommy, no. And my mom’s like, Angie, what is wrong? And she goes, Angie says, the house is bad, mommy. And my mother goes, what? And Angie goes, it’s crying mommy. She’s four years old at the time. So again, my mother chalks it up to, we’ve been in the Carson’s, Texas, she’s four, she’s done, let’s just go in. So they go into the house and they’re waiting on their furniture and stuff to come. So for the first week, they’re all kind of camping in the living room. And she said Angie was a child that when she was born, she was still in her amniotic fat. And the doctor said, oh my goodness, you have a very special little girl here. Her veil has not been lifted. And my mother said that from the time Angie was two, she would wake up in the middle of the night and find Angie just kind of playing.


And my mother would wear a spiritual person. And she said, if Angie wasn’t afraid of it, she wasn’t going to stop it because she didn’t want her to be afraid of everything. She didn’t encourage it, but encourage it either. So they’re sleeping, kind of camping in the living room of this little white house. And she said, Angie is basically sleeping under her every single night. And again, my mother is trying to set up a house. She’s got three young children, she’s just playing it off as a big move. So they get settled and she puts Angela, Ann and Angie in the far right bedroom, and she puts my brother in the far left back bedroom, which also kind of served as the laundry room, but she was using it as his nursery. She started finding Angie either in bed with them or in the living room.


And again, Angie was a child that was never afraid of the dark, never wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy, but she started to, and it was the sixties. It was a different time. And so my father was actually a drill sergeant in the Air Force, so he was very regimented, I guess you could say. And he got to the point of she can’t sleep with this every night. I’m not sleeping. She needs to sleep in her own bed. So they started making her stay in her bedroom. This is about three weeks into the house. And she said, Angie started waking up screaming every night, boy, every night. And she said she would go down, she would get her and console her. Mommy’s got you. It was a bad dream. And she said, this child would just melt into her and would be shaking, and she would beg either sleep with them or in the living room.


And so my mother said after about two and a half weeks that every single night, Angie is waking up screaming, she’s not sleeping. And she goes, finally, I have her. We’re walking down the hallway and she goes, I look at Angie and say, tell mommy what the dream is. It’s a bad dream, honey. It’s only a dream. And again, Angie is four. And she goes, no, mommy, it’s the lady. And my mother goes, what lady? There’s no lady. It’s a dream. And she said, her 4-year-old daughter pushes off from her, looks her in the eye and goes, mommy, she’s behind us. Oh man. And my mother said her blood ran cold because she knew her child was telling her the truth. And so they go to the living room and she goes, I’m rocking her and I’m telling her it’s okay. I’m not going to let anything get you.


And she goes, tell mommy, what does the lady do? And Angie goes, she’s bad mommy. She’s bad. And she goes, tell mommy what the lady does, and Angie won’t tell her. And so this continues again, almost nine, and to the point where she’s starting to find my brother, who is two years old at the time, climbing out of his crib, and she is finding him asleep in the girl’s bedroom sometimes under their bed. And it just now seems to kind of be emanating from this back left bedroom that my brother was sleeping in. And so finally my mother just kind of moved my brother into the bedroom with the girls. But again, every night it just really seemed to focus on Angie and my mother’s son, my father. There’s something going on. So in the sixties, again, it was uncommon. My father is like, well, take her to the doctor.


Take her to the doctor. Something’s wrong with her. Take her to the doctor. So they take her to the doctor, and my mother said, the doctor sits down with her and Angie, because my father worked and traveled a lot, so he wasn’t home. And anything that happened in the house, like the shadows or the lights going on and off the doors opening, he would always find a way to explain it. And again, different time. That’s what the man said in the house. That’s what went. And so they’ve taken her to the doctor, and I guess the doctor is saying, well, tell me about the lady. And again, this was a four-year-old child. And Angie proceeds to, in detail, describe a lady with a black cat on, with a blanket covering her face and this big long black dress and these long black, she was describing gloves with buttons going up the arm. And my mother said that once they were done, that the doctor looked at my mother and said, this child is seeing something. She is seen as someone. She truly believes she is seen someone. And I believe that she is seeing something.

Jim Harold (00:31:08):

And that was a lot for a doctor to say back then.

Meghan (00:31:11):


Jim Harold (00:31:12):

Because I know how the doctor, I mean, at least when I was a kid, I wasn’t born in, well, I was born in the late sixties, but I was sentient in the seventies. And physicians were different kind of cats back then. Exactly. They were kind of brusque. And for that physician at that time to say that that’s something else.

Meghan (00:31:36):

Yes. And so my mother is now starting to, she’s realizing, I’ve noticed things like, again, you think you’ve turned the hallway light off, it’s come back on. You think you’ve shut cabinets in the kitchen. They’re open. And she goes, at the time I was kind of pushing it off on, it’s the kids. So they do live in the house for about 10 years because my father just, he was never there and just they had a mortgage he wasn’t going to sell. And so there was this one time a few years later that my parents had invited some friends over and they were playing cards. And the kids who are now a little bit older, they thought were playing outside. Well, the kids had come back into the living room and we’re playing board games, but the adults didn’t realize they had come back in. And three of my siblings said they were in the living room playing the board games with the other friends, and there was such a ruckus.


The house was shaking and this chaos coming from the back left bedroom that the adults jumped there. And my father, six four, very tall, large man, and banging on the door, they think the kids are in the bedroom playing and just going wild. And he’s demanding that they open the door and he’s getting more upset because he’s thinking the kids aren’t listening. And my oldest sister said, we’re all standing behind the adults. And I reach up and I go, daddy, we’re right here. And every adult turns and sees every kid is right behind them. So my dad, and I think it was my uncle at the time, thinks somebody’s broken into a house. So my uncle runs outside to that back bedroom window, and my dad is throwing his entire weight and strength against the door to get it open, and it’s not opening. And he is now enraged because he’s convinced somebody’s in the house. Finally, the door pops open and the room is in complete chaos. The washer and dryer in the middle of the room, the bed that was in there had been flipped. The things on the walls have been thrown about. It’s just destroyed.

Jim Harold (00:34:09):

Sounds like an extreme Poltergeist.

Meghan (00:34:11):

Exactly. So at that point, my mother locks the room. She even starts going to the local laundromat. She won’t even do laundry in this room. That room is just off women. And it goes on like that for years, to the point that they had a family dog named Rex. And Rex would only, for some reason, the living room was like the safe space, and the dog would only go into the living room of the house and would not go any further. One of the saddest stories that I heard was my aunt who lived directly right across the street from where my parents lived, and my siblings, her husband was a truck driver and was tragically killed by a drunk driver. And her daughter, Ella, who she was about eight years older than my siblings. So she would go and help my mom play with the kids, sometimes babysit them during the day.


But during that time, she was going to stay all night with my mom, why? Her mother kind of dealt with the tragedy that they were dealing with. And Ella said she was about 13, 14, and she was asleep in the living room. And she said she woke up to the most intense smell of rose that she’s ever smelled in her life. She heard her father’s voice saying, get out of this house, get out of this house. Do not stay in this house. She said at two 30 in the morning, she got up and walked across the street and went back to her house and never went into that house again. Yikes. Yeah. What finally made my mother put her foot down and she said, we’re selling this house. We’re done. I’m not doing this anymore. Was my sister Angie. Again, this entity, whatever it was in the house, wanted my sister.


And Angie said for years, she would wake up and they called her. The lady in PLA would be standing at the end of her bed motioning for her constantly. And she said there were a couple times that she was woken up and she thought it was our mother, and she would get up to follow her, and it would always be to that back bedroom. And she said she would get to the point and go, mom, what do you want? And she said, our mother would turn around and have no face. Oh my God, that it was the lady in dark. But anyway, my sister, she was 14 and she had kind of gotten out of the shower. My mother didn’t know she was in the bathroom, and my mother had walked in. She said she saw my sister’s back and just saw the deepest scratches going down her back.


And she said at that point she was done that this entity, whatever, was now physically touching her daughter. And so she moved her out and moved her in with my grandmother, why they found another house. But here’s where this haunted house story kind of takes a turn. I’m the youngest of five. My oldest sister is 18 years older than I’m, and then I have another sister. My third oldest sister is only five years older than I’m, but Morgan was born while they were living in this little white house. And my mother said that when she brought Morgan home, something just kind of told her to introduce her to the house. And keep in mind, she had moved Angie out of the house by this time. And my mother said she one day was kind of given Morgan a bath and was saying, this is our new baby.


Please don’t scare her. She means you no harm. Leave her alone. And my mother said one day all the kids were at school and she had laid my sister down in her crib to take a nap. And my mother said I was going to lay down. And she said, about an hour or so into the nap, she woke up and in the doorway, she saw the shadow of the lady flat. And she goes, but this time there wasn’t fear, there was urgency. And my mother said, something just told me to follow. And she said, she got up and she walked out of her bedroom. And one thing that they said you could always hear was kind of like the rustling of her dress walking down. You could hear it. And she said, she kind of heard it turn into my sister’s nursery. And when my mother got in there, my sister’s head had gotten stuck between the wall and the crib. Oh

Jim Harold (00:39:30):

My Lord.

Meghan (00:39:31):

And she’s like, so here is this entity that has been going after my second oldest sister. And my mother said she felt like this lady in black saved my third oldest sister’s life and why they were living there. My mother was researching the land and all she could ever find was it was farmland. And what she did is what we now call a deep dive at the time. And she really went back and checked public records, land deeds, and she realized that a house about four houses down on the same side of the street as this little white House was the original farmhouse that the land was on. And so she started researching the owners and came across in the 1910s and 1920s, there was a doctor that lived in the farmhouse and he was convicted of doing illegal abortion. And what was happening was when he did these and if the mothers died, he wasn’t reporting it and was bearing them on the land somewhere. And so my mother was like, was this the mother that died in one of these horrific abortions or was this all the sorrow from it that just kind of came into this one entity and for whatever reason was stuck in this house?

Jim Harold (00:41:18):

Wow. What a story. What a story. I mean, and again, I love these stories that survive generations. We’ve got some of them in our family that my dad tells that happen to him and his brother in probably late fifties, early sixties, one from my mom and dad that happened in the early seventies. And people, and I’m sure that you have a similar thing, people who are not necessarily spooky, ooky people tell the same story decade after decade after decade and after decade. I’m sure that’s your experience too.

Meghan (00:41:54):

Yeah. Well, I can remember again, I grew up three houses down from this little white house on the opposite side of the street. And if I’m going over my 10 minutes, I’ll let you go.

Jim Harold (00:42:07):

No, we’ve gone about double that actually. Oh my goodness. But wrap it up. Go ahead.

Meghan (00:42:12):

Alright. It was 1984. It was Christmas Eve, and I was there with, I’m 46, I have nephews that are, I’m 46. I have nephews that are 45 and 44. So we were raised like siblings, but it was Christmas Eve and for whatever reason, Ann and Angie had gone out and they were coming back to the house that I grew up in, and we lived next to the firehouse. So the firetrucks were going out and they got stuck in front of the little White House. And I remember this plan of day, they said, they looked at the White House and they looked at each other and said, there’s no amount of money that would ever make us go back into that house. And they said, they looked back at the house and that back bedroom window, the curtain was pulled, and they saw the motioning of that black hand. And I remember them walking into the house hysterical, upset and crying.

Jim Harold (00:43:08):

I could understand it. I could understand it. Meghan. Well, thank you so much for sharing this story. It is some story, and thank you so much. Thank you so much for being a part of the campfire.

Meghan (00:43:20):

Thank you.

Jim Harold (00:43:21):

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Follow Jim on Twitter and Instagram at the Jim Harold, and join our virtual campfire Facebook group at Now back to the Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:45:31):

Tessa is on the line from Utah, and she has kind of a neat story about how she found the campfire. Somebody heard, she told somebody this very story she’s going to tell us now, and they said, Tessa, you need to be on the campfire. And that’s how she found out about the campfire. So we’re so glad she did, and I think you’re going to take us out to high school days and some strangeness that ensued and related stories that came off of that. Tessa, welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us and tell us what happened.

Tessa (UT) (00:46:04):

Yeah, thank you for having me. So yeah, my story takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah back in August of 2009. It was the night before my first day of my senior year of high school. And my friends and I were participating in this longstanding school tradition called Beast is Back where the senior girls will toilet paper the senior boys before the first day of school. So I was driving my mom’s gold suburban and I had a friend in the passenger seat and two friends in the backseat. And we ended up getting done toilet papering quicker than we thought we would. Everyone was hungry. And so we’re like, why don’t we go to this local drive-through restaurant? And we’re like, I think it’s open 24 7. And my friend’s like, let’s just call to make sure. I thought they maybe changed their hours. It’s like a 10 minute drive.


So she calls and guy answers the phone, he’s like, yeah, we’re open, we’re always open, we perfect, take the freeway, get to the drive-through window. And there’s a guy in there and he is like, we’re closed. And we’re like, we literally just talked to you. And he is like, sorry, we’re closed. So alright, that’s weird. But it’s late. It’s like 3:00 AM We’ve got school in the morning and we’re just like, let’s just go home. And so instead of taking the freeway, I’m like, I’m just going to drive to the neighborhood streets. And this point everyone in the car is asleep besides me. And so I turned down this random neighborhood street and this street in particular, the houses are set back off the road and a lot of trees and there’s no sidewalks, so it’s really dark, not a lot of streetlights. And so I’m tired. I’m trying to focus so that I am alert.

Jim Harold (00:47:40):

You don’t want to fall asleep.

Tessa (UT) (00:47:42):

And then it’s already dark. It’s about 3:30 AM at this point. And then this street is even darker than normal without street lights. So I’m driving and then something flashes out the corner of my eye and before I can even register what it is, I like some of my brakes right before hitting a little girl.

Jim Harold (00:48:00):

Oh gosh.

Tessa (UT) (00:48:01):

And there’s this little girl. Yeah, there’s this little girl standing in the road, looks like she’s about eight years old. She’s wearing a pink nightgown and no shoes and has olive colored skin and this dark black hair that hits at her shoulders. And her chin is down in her neck and her eyes are partially rolled back in her head a little bit. And I am, before I could even figure out what’s happening, I’m so shocked. I’m screaming and grabbing my friend’s hand and I’m like, wake up, wake up, wake up. And I kind of swerve around her a little bit, just drive a little bit down the road. And so she falls behind and she’s walking so slowly and so smoothly that it looked like she was levitating. And at this point my friends are waking, they’re like, what are you doing? Turn back around.


She needs our help. So I flipped the car back around and she’s on the side of the road at this point and we’re parked in front of her for probably 30 seconds and she’s just staring at us. I still kind of partially rolled back in her head, doesn’t look like she’s breathing, doesn’t blink. And all of us instantly just get this super nauseous feeling. We’re like chills. And we’re like, absolutely not. So we turn back around. So we turn back around and again, she follows behind us, looks like she’s almost floating. She’s moving so slowly we make it down the road a little bit to where we can no longer see her in our rear view mirror. And we’re like, we don’t want to get out and deal with that because whatever it was, it did not feel good, but we should maybe call someone just in case it is a little kid sleepwalking or something. So my friend calls dispatch and she’s talking to the operator and then the phone call just drops and the lady calls back and was like, what just happened? And my friend’s like, sorry, I lost service. And she’s like, that’s really weird. You shouldn’t lose service with 9 1 1 when you’re within range. She’s like, why don’t y’all go home and we’ll send someone there to check out what happened? So we go home, we all get inside our home sobbing. My mom was like, who did you kill? Because she couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Jim Harold (00:49:58):

Yeah. So at this point you thought you had hit this little girl?

Tessa (UT) (00:50:02):

Well, yeah. It was so jarring and none of us could really figure out what we even saw. So my mom was like, why are you sobbing? Are you okay? What’s wrong? And we’re trying to explain it. We go to school and everyone’s like, yeah, right, you’re making this up. And we’re like, no, I promise it happened. And most people did not believe us. And it just became this story we would tell at campfires or around Halloween and fast five years, it was like 2014, I was with two of my friends and then they had one of their friends that I had never met, and we were up a canyon outside of a park in a car and we were born. And so someone’s like, why don’t we tell scary stories? And my two friends were like, wait, you should tell yours Tessa, because the new person had never heard it.


And so I was like, yeah, it took place on this street. And the new kid was like, that’s really weird. I have a story on that same street. And mind you, this is not a major highway. This is a street that is just a random neighborhood street. You could probably go your whole time in Salt Lake without even realizing he went down the street. And so I’m like, that’s really weird. And he is like, why don’t you tell yours and I’ll see if mine’s similar at all. So I get through the first part of the story. Then as soon as I talk about having to slam on my brakes, there’s a little girl in the road hadn’t said what she looked like. And I look at him and tears are rolling down his cheeks and he is like, I have a story with that same girl, and there’s no way.


And he was like, I live on that street, but a little bit south of where you saw her. And he is like a couple months ago I had two friends that were over and they left my house and they called me and they were like, dude, we’re freaking out. You saw the creepiest thing. There was this little girl in a pink nightgown sitting on a little bridge that went over a stream swinging her legs back and forth singing to herself. And it was around 3:30 AM And he described her exactly how I remember seeing her. She looked like she was around eight years old and had all the colored skin and dark black hair. And so him and I are just freaking out. We can’t believe it. And we’re like, now finally we’re like, we have some justification. People will start believing us. We start researching to see if, because it was also, they got a really negative feeling about it.


So we’re like, maybe something tragic happened to this kid. We’re trying to search online to see if there were any stories or any other people that had seen this little girl couldn’t find anything. We’d always tell people and they’d be like, let’s go drive there at three 30 and see if we see her. And we never would. And then so it kind of just became again the story we would tell people. And then fast forward to 2023. So last year at dinner with my aunt, my mom, my sisters and my sister-in-Law. And my aunt was talking about her paranormal activity experiences. And she’s asked me, do you believe in spirits? And that kind of stuff. And I was like, I think I always have to a certain extent. But then especially since I saw that little girl, she’s like, what little girl? I’ve never heard that story.


And of course my sisters are rolling their eyes. They’ve heard the story so many times. And my sister-in-law’s, like I haven’t heard it either. So I start telling it, and again, I get to the point where I bring up, there’s a little girl in the road, and my sister-in-Law was like, I’ve seen that same girl. And I’m like, there’s no way. And so she grew up in that. My sister-in-law grew up in that neighborhood. So back in 2004 when she was in high school, she’s like, my friends and I snuck out of the house and we turned down that road and there was a little girl in a pink nightgown that looked like she was about eight years old standing on the side of the road. And she’s like, we drove past her and before we could even register what happened? We were like, what?


And so we turned back around and she was gone, and they were like, we didn’t know what to do. So we kind of sat there for a minute. They were like, we didn’t know. Do we call the police and say, Hey, I think we just saw a ghost girl, but maybe we didn’t. And so they just didn’t do anything and they went home and were like, that was really weird. And so she texted her two friends and she’s like, do you remember when we saw that girl? And they’re like, immediately text back. They’re like, yeah. I always think about how weird that was. And every time I’m on that street, I’m always like, I wonder what that was, that girl sleepwalking what was happening? And so she tells them my story and they call her immediately and they’re screaming on the phone because they can’t believe it.


And I had my sister-in-law drawn a napkin exactly, put an X where they saw her on the street in comparison to where the businesses were and where she put the X is where we saw her in the road to a T, the exact same spot she was standing. And so we were freaking out. We’re like, what are the chances? That means over 10 years she had an aged, because the longstanding theory was you guys didn’t help this girl. She was sleepwalking. She didn’t help. And we were like, no, something was wrong. We all had the worst feeling that was not sleepwalking. And so then to debunk that theory, this girl never aged, was wearing the same outfit in three separate sightings, and then a total of nine people saw this little girl, and nobody’s seen her since, and we don’t know what happened to her, but pretty wild that many people have seen the same little girl on a street that is just a very random neighborhood street in Salt Lake.

Jim Harold (00:55:19):

Well, the thing that to me is immediately what struck me as odd, if you had actually hit her, she would be on the ground. She wouldn’t be floating around.

Tessa (UT) (00:55:31):

So we didn’t hit her. I slammed, luckily slammed on my brakes right before hitting her, but she was just standing right by the car.

Jim Harold (00:55:38):

I misunderstood that part of it. Okay.

Tessa (UT) (00:55:41):

Yes, it did not

Jim Harold (00:55:42):

Hit her. Luckily, thank goodness. To be honest with you, we’ve had, I don’t know if there’s any reason I be dishonest, but anyway, we’ve had a similar case, but it went to the next step. This was over in England, and a gentleman called in and his uncle had sworn, and I think, again, my memory’s a little foggy, this was from a few years ago, but the gist of it was he was going down this road, he was watching what he was doing, but this kid darted out from nowhere and he full on hit him. And so much so that when he went, he felt the bump of going over the body. And then of course, just like you, he’s like, oh my god, oh my God, what did I do? Oh my God. And he got out of the car, nothing. No one’s there.

Tessa (UT) (00:56:33):

That is weird.

Jim Harold (00:56:34):

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He ended up calling the police and they said, there’s no one there. Right? Right. They said, don’t worry about it. This happens all the time. It’s like a ghost. It’s like a ghost in this area that this happens all the time that people report hitting a small child. Now let me be clear. Everybody out there, be very careful and don’t blow off if you hit someone, God forbid. But I do think that it is maybe possible that these replays exist. Now, you were able to get these accounts from other people who had similar situations. Were you ever able to get any thought on who that little girl might’ve actually been?

Tessa (UT) (00:57:21):

Yeah, so that’s the research we’ve tried to do because I’m like the fact that she’s stuck in that exact same spot on the road in the same outfit and has stayed that same exact age, and it was all the instances were around three to 3:30 AM So I’m like, there’s got to be some significance there. We’ve tried to search, we’ve tried to get the ghost hunters people to come out and see. I’ve never been able to, but I’ve not been able to find even folklore on it any, I mean, there’s all sorts of stories that people are like, oh, I think this happened, but there’s nothing particular. It’s about a girl in pink pajamas. But it is kind of interesting because you’ll be telling the story sometimes and people will tell me the story, and I’m like, wait, that’s my story. It’s just kind of interesting how it can spread around, because I think it’s kind of rare to have a firsthand account. So people will start telling parties and stuff, and I’m like, that’s my scary story. And they’re like, oh, really? I heard that from so-and-so, so it’s kind of fun how the stories can spread out across cities and groups of friends. But yeah, we’ve never been able to find anything about a specific girl or anything that happened to her. But just wondering if other people have seen her or who’s going to see her next. Because I mean, we haven’t had anyone see her since 2014 now, so

Jim Harold (00:58:50):

Well, thank goodness you didn’t hit anybody. That had to be terrifying. I know, even at my age, God forbid, I would just be beside myself. Even if it were a close call, I could totally empathize being young and having that as a newer driver and those kinds of things. So thank goodness everything was okay, and you just hope if that is a ghost girl, someday she finds some kind of peace. Thank you so much for joining us today, Tessa, and being a part of the campfire.

Tessa (UT) (00:59:18):

Thank you so much for having me.

Jim Harold (00:59:20):

Brandon from Kentucky is back on the line. You’ll remember a few weeks back, he was on telling that tremendous story about seeing his grandfather in a rocking chair. He was this glowing figure. I thought that was an awesome story. And just as we were getting off of that call, Brandon mentioned that he had another story for us. So he has called back in and he’s going to tell us this one, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. That was a great story, Brandon, but thank you for coming back on the show and I appreciate it.

Brandon (KY) (00:59:49):

Well, thank you, Jim, for allowing me to add this additional equally. So my grandmother, the one whose husband passed away there, our sister, she for Christmas, printed out some pictures and put ’em in a picture frame. Well, it just so happened that the SKU number on the back of this picture frame is the exact same address where we lived, where that story took place that I saw my grandfather. And so what is the coincidence? The skew number would be the same for the order number of the pictures that she had made at this store. I mean, you could say a coincidental incident, but I just think that that is kind of speaking from the grave, if you will.

Jim Harold (01:00:38):

So she had these made before she passed, or how did this work?

Brandon (KY) (01:00:43):

After she passed. So my grandma passed away back in 2009, 2010, and my sister ended up having these made around 2000, oh, 16, 17, somewhere in there. So it was several years later, she came across some pictures and there’s one of grandma that was big smile. I mean, she was just a very loving woman. So she has this big smile, looks very happy. But the order form for the photos and the picture frames that she chose, the skew number of those picture frames, the last five numbers are the same five numbers of the address that we lived at that house. If you typed it into Google Earth, it would show the exact pinpoint of where we lived.

Jim Harold (01:01:25):

Wow, that’s pretty cool. That’s a pretty cool kind of tying a bow on it in your grandma. I got her message across. I do, I’ve said this before, I believe those on the other side, and I don’t even know if they have this ability all the time, but I think sometimes they’re able to pull levers and make things happen and things that are specifically meaningful to their target. If somebody else saw that skew, it wouldn’t mean anything to them, but to you it meant something. That is so cool.

Brandon (KY) (01:01:55):

Oh, very much so. Yeah. I mean for the whole family, she did that for the whole family. And yeah, just very touching to say the least, to know that just a random item number just so happened to have the same digits that was the address where we lived and to conclude of the story in the entirety. So there you have

Jim Harold (01:02:18):

It. Well, thanks so much, Bo, I appreciate it. Thank you for being a part of the show and sharing your story. Some neat family stories. Thanks again, Bo.

Brandon (KY) (01:02:28):

Thank you very much Jim. And I hope to be sharing some more down the road.

Jim Harold (01:02:31):

Stay spooky

Brandon (KY) (01:02:33):

As always.

Jim Harold (01:02:34):

Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by Liquid IV with all the drinks out there, you want hydration that works. And Liquid IV delivers extraordinary hydration with advanced science thanks to LIV Hydroscience and optimized ratio of electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients. And now we come to my favorite part of the Liquid IV announcement, the drinking of the Liquid IV, getting ready to pour it in. And today we are having tangerine. Let me stir it up here. Now I’m going to have a drink. Ooh. Ah, that is delicious. I like the variety of Liquid IV, the true to fruit flavor. I like the tangerine, I like the lemon lime strawberry lemonade. It’s all great and it’s fantastic and it makes it easier to stay hydrated while you’re traveling. It’s satisfying to drink. And once people try it, they love it. My wife Dar, she’s like the super fan.


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Announcer (01:04:45):

You are listening to Jim Harold’sCcampfire.

Jim Harold (01:04:50):

Vivian is on the line from Perth in Australia. I love to hear from our Australian callers, they always have such great spooky stories. And Vivian is on the line, said she first started listening to the show when she lived in China, which is pretty cool. Anyhow, first up, first order of business, a big happy birthday and a stay spooky to Vivian’s son Ambrose. He is turning eight on June 22nd. So Ambrose, happy birthday and stay spooky. And Vivian is here, tell a story about her grandmother. They’re more so glad to have her. Vivian, thank you for joining us all the way from Australia. I certainly appreciate it.

Vivan (AUS) (01:05:33):

Thank you, Jim. So this story is about essentially my dad, my grandmother, and myself. And just a little bit of a background. My dad passed away in 2017. He was 79 just before my 30th birthday. And he suffered from, I mean, multiple chronic health problems for pretty much my entire life. Ultimately, he died of emphysema. I’m the youngest of all of my siblings and because my dad was older when they had me and because of his health problems, he wasn’t able to work. So he was home a lot and we were very close when I was growing up. And as an adult, another point when I was really small, his mother, my nana lived with us for some years and she was quite old. She was in her nineties and she actually moved into a nursing home after living with us for a while and moved to another city to be closer with her, four other children.


But we were very close for a long time and I loved her very much. She was just a really beautiful, wonderfully kind woman, just amazing. And she died at the age of 92, just a few days before my ninth birthday. Her funeral was on my ninth birthday. So that was not a very nice time, but it was hard on the day. But you’re a kid. And growing up over the years, I guess I didn’t hold too much sadness after that, but time went on. So fast forward to when I was about 17 years old. My dad had a heart attack, just a small heart attack. And during that hospital stay, the doctors found out that his carotid artery was 99% blocked. So quite a shock to all of us. And they told us that he would have to have heart surgery pretty much as soon as possible, but because the blockage was so bad and his overall health was really quite bad, they told us that there was a really high chance that he actually wouldn’t live through the surgery.


They told him to think about it and just weigh up the decision knowing that if he decided not to have the surgery, it would only be a matter of time before he actually just had a major heart attack as well. So it was kind of like, what do we do? And my dad had a pretty hard time thinking about what he wanted to do and he was really worried about the decision, but he told the doctors that he would go ahead with it. And they told us, prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. And they couldn’t give us an exact day for the surgery because was they needed to sort of fit him in around other patients when I guess the scheduling opening came up. So we were essentially on call and they said it could be a week, it could be a month.


They just didn’t know. But we just had to be ready for when the call came. So the days go by, my dad’s still really worried and he’s worried about dying in the surgery and he’s sort of having these conversations with me about if he doesn’t make it. And it was really on his mind quite a lot. And so one night I had a dream and in my dream I can hear a phone ringing and it’s one of those old rotary dial telephones like long time ago. I pick it up and it’s my nana, my dad’s mom, who I haven’t at this point probably thought of her for many years. I certainly hadn’t thought of what her voice sounded like, but when I picked up the phone, she said, hello, love, it’s nana. And it was definitely her voice. It was amazing. And I said, Nana, how can you be calling me on the phone? You are dead. And she says, oh yes, love. I know I don’t have much time.


But I asked her, what’s it like where you are and are you in heaven? And she said something like, oh love. It’s beautiful here. There are animals and ducks to feed and the hills are green. And as she’s saying this to me, it’s sort of like she’s transferring images to my mind because wow. Yeah, because I can see what she’s telling me. I can see the pictures that she’s describing as if I’m there with her. And then she says to me, love, I’ve called because I need you to tell your dad that next week he’s going to be just fine. And can you tell him that? Wow. And I said I would. I said I would. And she said she had to go that she loved me, but it was really important that I told dad. And then I woke up and it was early morning, I was crying, sobbing with tears rolling down my cheeks.


Something that’s never happened to me before then or since. And the dream was so vivid, it was still very much in my mind. I immediately went out into the kitchen, I found my mom and told her, and of course she started to cry too because she had also been worried about my dad. And it was a hard time for everyone. And we went and told my dad together. And I don’t actually remember really his exact response, but I know that he believed me because he had had a lot of his own experiences over the years. And though he didn’t talk about it much, but he certainly was a believer in the afterlife. And I dunno exactly what day of the week that was, but it was a weekday because I went to school that day and days go by and sure enough, Monday the following week, we get a phone call from the hospital. They say they have an opening for the surgeons and my dad’s to come in the following morning. And he had the surgery and he was fine. He pulled through really well. And despite the severity of the situation, his overall ill health, he did live for another 12 years. Wow. Yeah, that’s essentially my story.

Jim Harold (01:12:10):

That’s really neat that she came and gave him that assurance. That is awesome. I love the fact that, and she got the message to you maybe because I don’t know, maybe you were so close when in your growing up years there, but wow, that is neat. And I think those messages can, and I always think it’s interesting, something you said there. She said she didn’t have much time. It’s kind of like those old, you talked about old phones, it’s like those old payphones where you would only get so many seconds or minutes before the call was up. And it does seem like a very common thing when people have communication with those who have passed over. They will say something along the lines of, I don’t have much time, which I think is really fascinating. It’s really fascinating. Yeah,

Vivan (AUS) (01:13:00):

It definitely felt rushed. I wanted to know more, but she didn’t have time to tell me.

Jim Harold (01:13:06):

Yeah. But it sounds like it was a great comfort.

Vivan (AUS) (01:13:10):

It was. Yeah. I don’t think at the time I really understood the gravity of it for my father. I think for him it was very comforting to get that message, I believe. Yeah, pretty from his mom.

Jim Harold (01:13:24):

Yeah, indeed. Well, thank you so much, Vivian. I appreciate it. And again, happy birthday and a big stay spooky to Ambrose eight birthday. That’s a biggie. Well, thanks again, Vivian. Stay spooky.

Vivan (AUS) (01:13:38):

Thanks so much. Jim.

Jim Harold (01:13:39):

You might remember a few weeks back, Ariana had that very frightening story about that weird presence in her room when she was pregnant with her first child. But today she’s going to tell us about a totally different kind of presence. Ariana, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Ariana (TX) (01:14:03):

Hi Jim. Thanks for bringing me back. This one is pretty short, pretty sweet. This one A. So I think when I’m Catholic, I dunno if you recall when the passion of the Christ came out, I think do. It was maybe 2004. I do. Perfect. Perfect. So my mom made us watch it. She made us sit down, me and my brother, my sister, we sat in the living room and we of course learned and she wanted us to kind of watch it, get an experience from it. And of course I cried. I was so emotional watching it. I think I was probably maybe 10, 10 or 12 at the time. It was at a young age. And we watched it. I cried and I just remember feeling like such a horrible, ungrateful child. She went through all this journey for us and I just felt like I was just a spoiled little child that wasn’t grateful for everything he did.


So I, it’s so weird, but I was just crying in my bed and I’m like, I want to be a better person. I’m going to be a better kid. I’m not going to stick my tongue out. And my brothers and sisters, I’m going to fight with them. And I was laying in bed, I was by myself. I didn’t share a room with anybody, and I laid in the dark and I was laying in the dark crying like an emotional kid. And I remember I heard a voice so clear, so loud, but it wasn’t loud. And all it said was Don’t cry. And it was like as if everything went silent. And I kind of sat up in bed and I turned my light on from my lamp, sorry, my ceiling fan. And I looked around my room and I was kind of nlike, my jaw was open.


I remember a drop and I was like, who was that? It was in my room. I remember it was by my closet. I remember the direction. It was a voice that was so calm, but so fierce. And I, I can remember, I can hear it in my head to this day. And I stopped crying. I definitely listened and I stopped crying. But it really humbled me to this day. I mean, I’m 29, going to be 30 now. So to this day, it was Jesus who talked to me. Wow. Yes, I will never not believe. I will never question. I was raised Catholic, but of course I’m an adult and I question things. I think about logical things and that I will always fall back to that experience because it was like it cleared the room. It was just insane. And it was so simple, such a simple voice, such a simple phrase. But it absolutely spoke to me and it was Jesus, I have no

Jim Harold (01:17:08):

Ariana. It makes sense to me. Thank you for joining us today on the campfire and sharing your experience. And again, I think it shows what I always say, the paranormal, the supernatural is a continuum. There’s good and there’s bad, and there’s happy and they’re sad. And this time around you’ve experienced some of the good thanks again for being a part of the program.

Ariana (TX) (01:17:36):

Thanks, Jim. You’re awesome.

Jim Harold (01:17:38):

Jim. Harold’s campfire is brought to you by PolicyGenius and a lot of life is unpredictable, but a good life insurance plan, well, it gives your family a financial safety net to protect against some of the unknowns. And life insurance for me and Dar have been a have to have since day one. I said, we need to get life insurance. And I’m so glad that we did, and I love life insurance because it gives me that peace of mind. The only bad thing about life insurance when we were originally shopping for it was the bad old days in the nineties, believe it or not. But since then, there has come to the fore something very important and very helpful to people looking for life insurance. And that is PolicyGenius. Because PolicyGenius helps you easily compare your options from America’s top insurers in just a few clicks. Their award-winning agents can even walk you through the process step by step.


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Debby is on the line from Virginia, and she’s going to talk about some signs that she received after her son’s death. And I’ve got to say we appreciate all of our storytellers, but particularly those who share their experience after a loved one has passed. There’s a special place in my heart for it because I know it’s got to be hard to share, but I think it helps a lot of people when others hear the stories of those who have suffered loss and signs of hope. And Debby is here to tell hers. Debby, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us.

Debby (VA) (01:20:06):

Oh, thank you, Jim, so much for having me and being able to tell my story. Should I go ahead right into it? Yeah,

Jim Harold (01:20:12):

Go ahead. Go

Debby (VA) (01:20:13):

Ahead. Yes. My 27-year-old son died, actually took his own life about seven years ago,

Jim Harold (01:20:19):

I’m sorry.

Debby (VA) (01:20:20):

And yes, was a terribly horrible event. And so I’m just now really getting to the point where I want to share about it. But there were numerous signs that he showed us after he died. In fact, it was in July, 2016. That day that we found out about his death was a terrible thunderstorm and so much, it’s one that I still remember and it had some unusual cloud formations in the sky. My daughter was leaving our house after everyone had gathered and she took a picture of a cloud that she saw in the sky. See if I can show it to you.

Jim Harold (01:20:58):

People see it. Oh, wow. Now we’re going to describe this, I think for people who are listening because it’s an audio podcast, but almost looks like an angel with wings, I would call it. But what would you say it is?

Debby (VA) (01:21:12):

Yeah, I see that. And it also looks like a hand kind of standing down.

Jim Harold (01:21:16):

Yes, yes. Very much

Debby (VA) (01:21:18):

Standing down. So it does all that just almost over our house. It was very close to our house. My daughter then took a picture as she was leaving our house. So yeah, so that always ministered to me just because it does look like a hand reaching out. And a little minor thing, a couple days after I was walking along our lake that we lived near, and I saw about a hundred white butterflies just kind of swarming around near the ground. I mean, I’ve never seen it before, never seen it since. And so that was a neat sign. But here’s another sign. There’s a couple others, not just for me, but also from my family. My sister, she was actually on a business trip about a week after the funeral, and she was in a Victoria, British Columbia. She was walking in, I think it was called, actually looked it up at Beacon Hill Park.


She was praying and talking, praying about Steven and just as my son’s just worrying about him and wondering, asking God to send her a sign to see if he was okay. And at that moment, right after that, she received the text from another, a mutual friend who was also Christian. We were in the same Bible study. The text basically was talking in words of encouragement and mentioned a scripture, verse two Timothy two 13 that basically says, when he is faithful, even though when we are faithless, he remains faithful. And that really ministered to her thinking, wow, that was amazing. Her phone was on airplane mode. She thought, well, how did I get that? So maybe there’s some ways that happened to Glitch, but she thought it was really a

Jim Harold (01:22:58):

Neat sign. Interesting, interesting.

Debby (VA) (01:23:00):

Yes. So then, but she walked about less than maybe five minutes more. And she was still just thinking, oh, just be concerned about Father, did you send me a son, God? And she looked up and she saw a street sign and the name of the street was Faithful Street. I actually have a picture of that if you want to see it. I could show it, but it’s not necessary if you want, but I’ve got it. If you want, I could post it.

Jim Harold (01:23:29):

Sure, that would be great. The virtual campfire group would a great place to post both of those pictures if you’d be willing to do that.

Debby (VA) (01:23:35):

Yeah. In fact, there it is there if you can see it. Just faithful.

Jim Harold (01:23:39):

Oh, faithful. So my suggestion, Debby, is when we email you that this show is out, if you’re part of the virtual campfire group, post them up there. Yes, I’m, because people will be looking for them. I know people look, I’ll do that. So really appreciate that very much.

Debby (VA) (01:23:53):

Can I post it when the show comes out? You said when the show comes

Jim Harold (01:23:56):

Out? Yes, yes. When the show comes out.

Debby (VA) (01:23:57):

Okay. So anyway, that was really cool. And then my sister, she’s also, she’s a world traveler. I’m not, so she actually’s my identical twin, which is kind of neat because we are very close. So she also, I think, felt his loss almost as much as I did. Of course, she was walking along a deserted beach in Spain just a few months later at dusk. There was nobody on the beach, it was deserted. She happened to walk by, she saw something in the surf. And again, she was praying and just asking God for a sign to say, sure, is he okay? And she found this lying in the surf. I dunno if you can see, it’s a bracelet and it has an angel wing on it, but she found that in the serve.

Jim Harold (01:24:45):


Debby (VA) (01:24:45):

Nice. So we thought, well, that’s extremely significant. So this was something that happened, I guess really to my husband and myself. We have a hair salon and it was a family business. My daughter worked there, my son worked there, and another person named Morgan. It was kind of interesting. It was a couple of years later, I was doing the book work for the business in the office at home, and I just wasn’t having a very bad day. And I looked at my picture of my son and I said, did you even care about us at all? How could you do this to us? And then of course, my aunt, I was praying and talking to God about it as well. But then I sent that directly to us picture.


And so that was a Thursday morning. Saturday, our coworker Morgan, she came in, she’s sensitive, she’s kind of has psychic abilities. She feels like she’s a media. She said on Saturday morning, the day, the day and a half later, she said, I need to tell you guys something happened to me. I’m like, oh wow, okay. But I want to have some time to tell you. I was like, okay, well, we didn’t get together for, we had her over for dinner. It was about a month later. And so this is what she said happened to her. She said, well, I was said doing a Facebook medium, I guess it’s a Facebook group for mediums for training. She was evidential, mediumship apparently, where they, whatever, I guess it’s where they, you say yes or no, you answer questions, yes or no.

Jim Harold (01:26:23):

Right? They say they’re showing me something that would’ve been meaningful to him that only you would know if you worked in a beauty shop. I’m seeing a pair of scissors, something like that along

Debby (VA) (01:26:35):

That line. Exactly. Right. Exactly. Well, she said, so this was a person who was just entrain of not saying she was a professional Liam, or she was just learning to do it. She said, well, what happened was she pretty much nailed it. She got the, I guess she mentioned, she said, I see a male, young male. She got the age coming through. She saw, understood that she mentioned about the details of his passing some details, and she mentioned some inside jokes that we have at the salon. He had sweaty palms, she mentioned that. And no one knew about that. So she told this to our friend and coworker who worked there. So she knew, she said yes. She said, well, do you know his family? She said, yes, I do. And this medium immediately teared up. Tears came in her eyes and she said, you please tell them. He says, please tell them that he loves them very much and he’s okay. Please make sure they get this message. And so said, well, that’s interesting. I said, well, when did you have this group? And she said, well, he mentioned the time and the day. It was the evening of the day that I had spoken to his picture. So


That was amazing. We were like, wow. The timing of that was just amazing. So anyway, I don’t want to go on it from going, I have a few other signs if you want me to share it. If not, I can.

Jim Harold (01:28:05):

Well give us one more. Give us one more.

Debby (VA) (01:28:07):

Okay. Alright. Here’s one more. This course, we had numerous family members, but this was one that happened to my husband. He was walking our dog in our driveway, and as he walked in the driveway, he made little, some shrubs along the side of our driveway. He noticed a Mylar balloon stuck in one of ’em, like, that’s interesting. But he went up, walked the dog and came back. The dog had to do our business. And it was about 20 minutes later, came back and that balloon had actually moved. It was in the driveway. It was just kind of hovering right above the, it’s kind of sitting vertical right above in the driveway. And it was unusual because there was no blend or anything. And this bush looked be hard to get something out of the bush. So he was like, how did that get out of there?


And then he looked at it closer and he thought, well, that’s really weird. I’m going to take it to the salon and show everybody. And so he put it in the car to show her to everybody, and it got to work. He forgot to take it out. And he thought, well, okay, I’m just going to leave it in the car. My daughter happened to come in, she saw it in the car. She walked by his car. She said to him when she came in, oh, that looks just like the balloon that we received as a gift on his, it would’ve been his 30th birthday. And that was about two and a half years after. And it looks just like it. In fact, she got on her Instagram feed and she showed a picture. It was the exact same balloon of the picture. It was what it was.


It was a silver Mylar balloon with a blue. I have a picture of it too, with a blue flower on it, but I don’t need to show it to lemme see it. But we thought, well now that’s weird. Could it be the balloon that we had? Because it hung for a while in the salon and maybe it got, somehow it got to our house. Even my husband brought it home. Who knows? He didn’t know. No one knew what happened to it. One of those things, you stick it somewhere and you forget about it. So we were thinking, well, maybe it was in the garage and I do blow leaves. Maybe it got out of the garage, but still, I never saw it when I was blowing all the times I blew leaves around. I never saw it. And it was just unusual to see it in that shrub.


And even more, how did it get out of the shrub? And the interesting thing about it too was the next day it laid flat and it wouldn wouldn’t lift up at all. So it was like this was the same balloon. How did it have enough air at two and a half years later to stand vertical in the middle of the driveway and the next day be flat? So we thought, well, is it the same balloon? Is it a coincidence? Another balloon? We never figured it out, but we always considered that a sign because by this point we were looking for signs from him. And he was kind of known for being a practical joker and a very, had a great sense of humor and was always playing tricks on people and stuff. So we kind of chalked it up just to somehow he managed to get that balloon to stand up, whether it was the same one or not. So

Jim Harold (01:31:09):

I don’t doubt that he did. I believe our loved ones send signs. And thank you so much for sharing these signs with us. I think it’s so important for people to hear who have had loss, like you’ve had any loss, and understand that our loved ones do try to get in touch sometimes a little bit roundabout way. But I believe that they do it. I believe it does happen. And thank you so much for sharing your story tonight, Debby. I really appreciate it.

Debby (VA) (01:31:39):

Well, thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to share

Jim Harold (01:31:41):

It. And I do want to say one other thing. Anytime the topic of someone taking their life comes up, there is that 9 8 8 suicide and Crisis lifeline, and it provides 24 7 free and confidential support for people in distress prevention and crisis resources. For those of you listening out there, or your loved ones who may need help and also best practices for professionals in the United States, it is 9 8 8. It is 9 88, and I want to make sure everybody has that. Debbie, thank you again.

Debby (VA) (01:32:14):

Thank you, Jim. Appreciate. Let me share it.

Jim Harold (01:32:17):

Dresden is back on the program. You might remember a few weeks ago they were here telling us about the blob in the trash bin, and Dresden is back to tell us about this abandoned building where a lot of spooky stuff happened. We’ve talked about, I think before on the show, and Dresden’s going to tell us more about it and what happened this time around. Dresden, welcome back. Tell us what happened, please.

Dresden (OH) (01:32:41):

Hi, Jim. Thanks for having me. Thank you. Alright, so I wouldn’t say the building was abandoned because college students did stay in it. It was rented out, but it ought to have been because it was decrepit. It was a very decrepit building. Everything was crooked that you could see the ceiling move if people are on the roof. And you were in the room below it.

Jim Harold (01:33:00):


Dresden (OH) (01:33:02):

Yeah, everyone, it doesn’t exist anymore. It got torn down for obvious reasons, but everyone called it the crack house, and they spelled it like HAUS because art school, I guess

Jim Harold (01:33:16):

Like Bauhaus.

Dresden (OH) (01:33:16):

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. But yeah, it was just this really, really old apartment building right on the edge of campus. Not technically part of campus, but right on the edge. So I spent a lot of time there and it was definitely haunted. I know I called in with other stories about it, but this one’s about in the basement there. So the basement of this place, you go down the stairs in the basement and there’s just this big room with a dirt floor and amazing graffiti all over the brick in concrete brick walls. Walls. And I was down there with my friends and we were just looking around because there was a show the night before, and we heard some tales of, okay, so there’s the big main room, and then there’s kind of off to the left, there’s another room where the boiler is and there’s half wall that divides them.


And then off of the boiler room, there’s this pitch black, unnaturally dark room that also has a dirt floor. And then beyond that is a room that you could see the lights in and it looks fine. And there’s just a staircase going up into the ceiling. Got walled off ages ago, so just a stairway to nowhere. And we had heard tales of if people sat in front of on this cement block row in front of the really dark room, especially girls, they’d feel their hair pulled or their purse straps yanked on. So naturally, especially because we were some of the spooky kids on campus, we were like, we got to go investigate. So we’re down there, we’re looking around and my friend’s with me, and she’s really sensitive to things and she’s just kind of got on uncomfy vibes, but nothing too scary. So we’re just wandering around and we get to the dark room and I’m like, all right, I’m going in and I take just the slowest steps into this room with my flashlight, and it is unnaturally dark in there.


It is daylight out, and the rooms on either side of this room each have windows that are letting in natural light enough to see everything. Clearly, this room doesn’t have windows, and my flashlight beam is barely penetrating this darkness. It is yellow and dim, and it had fresh batteries and everything. I’m looking around and dirt floors just littered with all these mechanical parts and stuff. And it’s just like, it’s really hard to move into this room because there’s this oppressive feeling of I shouldn’t be in here. And so we take a few more steps in and my friends are kind of filing in behind me, and then my sensitive friend steps in because we’re trying to make it to the staircase. We want to investigate that staircase to nowhere. But we didn’t make it to because my sensitive, sensitive friend just started shouting, we got to get out.


We got to get out now. And so we all book it because we went into this knowing that she was sensitive, and if she said something, we had to believe her. And I was like, okay. That was pretty spooky. And then later that night, I’m on my phone and I’ve just got this little TracFone flip phone, so it’s nothing fancy, not like a smartphone or anything, and it says that I have a voicemail. My phone hadn’t rang at all day. I didn’t receive any calls that I knew of. So I was like, okay, maybe it just did something. It had trouble making it to me. And I go to check the voicemail and there’s no number. It’s an unknown caller. And I’m like, okay. And then I start to play it, and it just sounds like if TV static, accidentally butt dialed someone, it sounded rusty.


It sounded like rustling and static, and there’s just this dry, deep, tired voice just get out. That kind of faded in and very clearly said, get out. And then the message ends. And I look at the time, and it’s around the time that we were in the basement earlier. I’m like, holy crap. I unfortunately, the message deleted itself because these old phones, a lot of them had this thing where once it reaches a certain amount of voicemails, it starts deleting them. And so I unfortunately lost the message, but I had it long enough that I was able to show my friends that I was in the basement with and few other people. But yeah, it was pretty freaky, and I’m sad that I don’t still have that voicemail.

Jim Harold (01:37:50):

Yeah, it’s one of those things. And we’ve had other accounts of weird things with phones. I always find that particularly creepy when you get voicemail. We have one gentleman who was working on a highway project, and I think it was a dream he had, and there was a phone ringing, and it told him to stop digging the graves because in the process of clearing this land for a freeway, he unfortunately found some unmarked graves that nobody knew were there. Just anytime you’ve got the phone call from a ghost or we have one that’s going to be in our book about a 9 1 1 caller, possibly from the grave. I was buying those stories, particularly spooky, the phone stories and to think that’s something. And it wasn’t the voice of your friend, I assume, the one who said, let’s get out of here. No, it

Dresden (OH) (01:38:48):

Was a voice of never heard before.

Jim Harold (01:38:50):

Yeah, that’s creepy. That is creepy. Next time I check my voicemail, I’ll think of Dresden and say, oh, no, I hope it’s not some creepy ghost. Well, Dresden, I know you’ve been on a few times. We always appreciate it when you call in, and we thank you so much for sharing your story on the campfire today.

Dresden (OH) (01:39:12):

Yeah, it was fun. Thanks for having me. Stay spooky,

Jim Harold (01:39:14):

Stay spooky. Elizabeth is back around the campfire from Chicago, and we don’t get a lot of these stories, but I really believe there’s something to this. Not only can physical kind of nuts and bolts things be haunted, but sometimes the technology can be haunted. And Elizabeth has a story about spookiness and technology. Elizabeth, welcome back to the show. Tell us what happened. Thanks

Elizabeth (IL) (01:39:42):

So much for having me. So this is kind of a short and sweet story. It’s not super scary, but I guess kind of a head scratcher. So I was living in the San Francisco Bay area, and I know that when people think of San Francisco, they think of really urban and packed. But I actually lived up against, it was my husband and me, and we lived up against some forest. It was a regional park. So I was about to border mile to our nearest neighbor, and one day my husband was out of town, and it was just me and I was home. I came back after work and I was watching Netflix. So we didn’t have cable, we just had whatever basic channels they offer you. It was like a B, CNBC, Fox. Yeah. But we never used that. There wasn’t anything on that we wanted to watch.


So we always just used our streaming services through Roku or whatever we had. So we had Netflix and Hulu and all of that. So one night was watching Netflix, always, like I said, my husband was gone, and my family always jokes that my husband is maybe going deaf because he turns the volume up really, really high when he watches tv. And me and I guess the rest of my family, we like it really, really quiet. So it level seven, volume under 10. So I was sitting there alone watching my TV volume low, turned it off, went to bed, and the next morning I woke up, was getting ready for work, the TV was in the living room, and I was in the bathroom getting my makeup on. And no, you don’t go past the living room, you just go from the bedroom into the bathroom when suddenly I heard just the loudest sound coming from the living room, and it scared me so much. I was completely alone. And like I said, we’re basically in the middle of the woods, and I thought, oh my gosh, I don’t know what this could be. It’s so scary. But to exit the house, I need to go past the living room. So I finally, I gathered my courage, and I came into the living room and the television was on, and it was playing Good Morning America, or one of those morning shows at full, I mean the highest volume that the TV could possibly play.


And I mean, it scared me silly, and I turned it off and I looked all around. Of course, there’s nothing and no one. But it was just so bizarre because not only there are so many steps, you have to turn the television on, then you have to change the input, because like I said, we never watched cable. We always watched streaming. So you have to actually change from input one to TV or whatever. It takes more than one step in one click, and then you would’ve had to turn the TV on so loud, just full volume. So I thought maybe somebody else’s remote or something was interfering, which seemed unlikely because we were just so remote from our nearest neighbors. But I just could not figure it out. And I thought even if someone’s remote control was interfering with it, if there’s just so many steps and you need to see the TV, to see the input that you’re changing to, it was just so bizarre. So I don’t have an explanation. I will say that I was doing an internship at the time, and my boss used to call me at all hours, and if I was home, our reception was so bad that I would have to run outside to answer the phone to talk to her. So it makes me think that even if someone was standing right next to my house with a remote control, that

Jim Harold (01:43:11):

It wouldn’t able able to do it. Right. It wasn’t conducive to rf.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:43:13):

Yeah, it was. Yeah, exactly. For some reason we were in a blackout zone for that. So to this day, I don’t have an explanation. It really scared me. Mostly it was so loud and it was so sudden it went from zero to just blasting the volume and on within a second. And yeah, I don’t have an explanation.

Jim Harold (01:43:36):

Let me ask you this. Was there any other Paranormally type stuff going on at this place?

Elizabeth (IL) (01:43:44):

That’s a great question. I always got a creepy feeling from it, a really, really unsettled feeling. I kind of put it down to we had floor to ceiling windows, and like I said, we were in the middle of the forest, so when it got dark, there was just dark forest outside, and I would always close the windows. You just felt so exposed. So I don’t know if there really was something else, something creepy out there, or if it was just the feeling of being exposed. But yeah, it was very creepy.

Jim Harold (01:44:14):

Well, it’s one of those things I think people think they’re perfectly willing to believe, like a cabinet door will slam or something. But then when technology comes in, I think they become kind of more skeptical. You know what I mean? But to me, it seems like, look, if cabinet doors can slam open and shut and all of these different things, why couldn’t you have a situation where technology has become haunted? Many years ago on the show, we had a woman who worked, I can’t remember if she lived in the apartment above the funeral home, but she worked in a funeral home and she had quite a few different stories, and one of them entailed a lamp that would turn on by itself. But here’s what made it even stranger, it was unplugged. Now, my feeling is if physical nuts and bolts, things that you can touch, can be haunted, why can’t electrons, why can’t? Things that we can’t necessarily see in terms of technology, but why can’t they be haunted? I think it’s totally within the realm of possibility, especially if you’re someplace where there’s been other activity and so forth.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:45:35):

Yeah, I totally agree, and I can’t even think of a rational explanation.

Jim Harold (01:45:40):

Very odd. Watch out for those haunted televisions. Elizabeth, thank you so much for joining us today on The Campfire. Thank you for listening and calling back in with this latest story.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:45:52):

Thanks so much, Jim. Have a good day.

Jim Harold (01:45:54):

Thanks so much for joining us today on The Campfire. I appreciate it. And a thank you to our sponsors, without whom we could not do this free show. We appreciate it very, very much. Also, we would ask you to check out True Ghost Stories, Jim Harold’s Campfire Six, available at Amazon, Also all the links at Jim Harold dot com, and click on the big green button for the ebook or the paperback, or even autograph books. Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-Bye.

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