The Grim Reaper Visits – Jim Harold’s Campfire 628

A visit from the Grim Reaper, another time slip/doppelganger story, a haunted story from Mexico and much more on this Halloween edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire!

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Jim (00:00:00):

Weird, spiritual nighttime attacks, impish entities, strange doppelgangers in time slips, a ghost family, and much more on this edition of Campfire.

Announcer (00:00:27):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim (00:00:38):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again and we’ve got another great show of spooky stories, and is there a better time for that? I don’t know that there is. Happy Halloween. So thank you for joining us today and we certainly appreciate it and we’ve got an hour and a half of spooky stuff for you. If you are a fan of the show, be sure to join us on Saturday night, October 28th on my YouTube channel, for our annual Halloween live stream. It’s going from 7:00 PM Eastern to 11:00 PM Eastern. We’ll have: Scott Philbrook from Astonishing Legends; Jody Livon, the Happy Medium; Ryan Sprague, UFO expert extraordinaire; Chad Lewis, cryptozoologist; Magician Jeff Ezell; the tarot diva Sasha Graham. Just very, very excited to bring this to you and we’ll have giveaways, giving away some cool stuff that’s been supplied by some of our guests, plus some great spooky studio giveaways. Trivia, it’ll be a lot of fun. I hope you join us. Again, that’s over at this coming Saturday night, 7:00 PM Eastern to 11:00 PM Eastern, and I hope to see you there. But until then, we’ve got some great spooky stories for you and here they are. Megan is on the line from Kansas City and we’re so glad to speak with her today. I’m assuming that’s Kansas City, Missouri and Go Chiefs, I guess, although I’m a Brown’s guy,  but nevertheless, Megan has a story for us about a doppelganger or was it a time slip? Megan, welcome to the show. I love these head scratchers. Tell us what happened.

Megan (MO) (00:02:33):

Hi, Jim. Thanks for having me. Yeah, so this took place when I was in college. I was either a sophomore or a junior, that kind of runs together, at that time. So I went to a smaller school in the middle of Missouri. It’s one of those schools where the town population kind of doubled when school was in session. So the people that you hung out with, you saw all the time, you knew ’em, you hardly ran into people that you hadn’t at least seen before. And I had this group of friends, they lived in a kind of fourplex apartment with two up and two down, and upstairs they had a big deck that spanned the two apartments. And my good friends from high school lived downstairs, so I was over there all the time. I knew the people that lived in all of the apartments. We hung out together. They had parties. I was very familiar with everybody who was there most of the time.


So I was also a bartender at that time, so I often would show up when they were having parties very late, and oftentimes one of the few people that hadn’t drank a lot that was there. This night, this evening, I had just gotten off work and I had shown up and I had gotten there and started chatting with people downstairs and just like you do when you show up at a party and a bunch of people kept coming up to me and asking me why I had changed my clothes. And I kind of brushed it off, each one being like, okay, they clearly had either had too much to drink or just not being very observant. Like, I just got here; and I decided I was going to try to make my way upstairs to the deck. It was a nice evening and I wanted to kind of sit outside on the deck and chat with people.


And one of my better friends stopped me and came up to me and asked me why I changed my clothes and why I changed my hair. And at this point I was getting a little annoyed and I said, you knew I was working tonight. I didn’t change my hair, I just got here. I hadn’t changed my clothes. And he was extremely adamant that he was just talking to me upstairs and that I was wearing something different. I had my hair up in a ponytail and I was like, no, I promise you it was not me. I just got here. So at this point I kind of just told him, go get another drink, whatever, go socialize, I’m done with this conversation, I was pretty annoyed. So I started to make my way up the stairs of the deck. There were several people outside. There were several people just kind of milling around, even on the stairs.


They were very wide stairs. And I was almost to the top and I came face to face with this girl, who was wearing a shirt that I owned, had her hair pulled back in a very low ponytail parted at the side, exactly how I always wore my hair. Then she was smiling, seemingly having a really good time, but there was nobody around her. And as she walked down the stairs, she didn’t bump into anybody. We didn’t touch, and I’m not joking, when we were maybe inches away from each other, I was stopped, and just flabbergasted. And she seemingly was smiling and looking straight through me. But you would think if you ran into somebody who looked exactly like you both would stop and talk, especially at a party. And I was just stopped and staring and she just smiled and paused and kind of looked past me and then kept on walking. And when I say she looked just like I have a very distinct nose, I have really big blue eyes, I’ve got really long… I mean, my profile is very recognizable, and she had my exact profile.

Jim (00:06:28):

I mean, it wasn’t like she was dressed with you and hairstyle like you, and that was it. Her face looked exactly as best you could see, looked exactly like yours.

Megan (MO) (00:06:37):

Yes, I mean, exactly.

Jim (00:06:38):


Megan (MO) (00:06:39):

It was crazy. So I mean, obviously I gave pause and was just kind of dumbfounded a little bit, but then I kind of went on with my night and I didn’t see her again at that party. Nobody else came up to me again after that and asked if I had changed my clothes. Nothing happened. The weird kind of thing is how I said it was kind of a smaller school is, you would think if somebody looked that much like you would run into ’em again or somebody else would come up to you. Never again, never saw her at their house again, never ran into her on campus or out at the bar that I worked at. Nothing, never ever saw or heard from her or somebody that looked like me ever again.

Jim (00:07:24):

Wow. Now, did you hear that story that we did a year or two ago about the woman who worked in the hospital and saw her doppelganger? Do you remember that one?

Megan (MO) (00:07:35):

Yes. It’s one of my favorites.

Jim (00:07:36):

Yeah, it reminds me so much. But even this one in some ways is more dramatic from the sense that you were up close. It wasn’t across a hallway, although hers is pretty dramatic. She saw it both ways two times. But that’s just, I mean, I’ve got to admit that you, I mean, I’ve got to think that you probably walked around for days wondering about that. No?

Megan (MO) (00:08:00):

Yeah. Well, it was very strange because I had no idea what a doppelganger was at that point. I wasn’t familiar with that. I wasn’t thinking about timeslips. I was truly just thinking about, like, I would love to see this person again who looks like me. That’s just what I kept thinking, but it never happened. So I don’t know.

Jim (00:08:21):

I love those doppelganger stories. I’ll tell you, it really makes me believe, as I’ve said before, that the world is far stranger than we give it credit for. And I count these doppelganger experiences as exhibit A and thank you for sharing it. I know you have more stories and you said you called back, so I’ll be waiting for that call. And I thank you so much, Megan, for being a part of the Campfire and stay spooky.

Megan (MO) (00:08:49):

Thanks, you too Jim.

Jim (00:08:50):

Hazel is on the line from Louisiana. She’s been listening for about a decade. So way to go Hazel, and she’s going to share one of those stories; I love these kind of stories. I’m a big believer in these kind of stories and it always fascinates me and I can’t wait to hear exactly what happened. Hazel, welcome to the show. Thanks for your loyal longtime listenership and tell us what happened.

Hazel (LA) (00:09:15):

Thank you. So this was back in 2018 before the pandemic. I was driving on a, it was a two lane freeway, not much shoulder room, and they had the dividers on either side. So there really wasn’t much space to get out if there were issues. And it was in the morning going to work and traffic was smooth, we were going about 70 miles an hour. It wasn’t super condensed. People weren’t following each other super closely. And it got really weird because in my head I suddenly, like, nothing was wrong. It was going just the way that, just like any other morning. But suddenly in my head there’s a voice that’s not mine and it doesn’t feel like somebody else’s voice. It’s just… it feels like a foreign voice that’s not male or female that just says “move”. And it caught me off guard because you’re used to just hearing your own voice in your head and there was nothing weird happening and I’m just driving, but a sudden kind of impending sense of dread starts to happen.


And I hear it again and it says “move,” and this is taking place over a very short period of time. The whole thing from start to finish was about 15 seconds, but –  the third time there’s a “move”, but super urgently, super intensely and to the point that I don’t feel alone in my head anymore. And so I look over and kind of estimate, I can I move? There’s only one place for me to go. And it was about a two car space in between two other cars that were all going 70 miles an hour. And so I slammed on my brakes and moved into that spot and the cars in front of me, it was like they’re not noticing anything, they’re moving. But everybody behind me was pretty upset about it, got a lot of honks, and because I had put slammed on my brakes, it had slowed down about five or six cars behind me. And just as there’s a small opening on the shoulder to drive into, a couple of the cars ahead had gotten into a really horrific crash. And if I had not moved into that small space in between those two cars slowing everybody down, I would’ve been in that crash. All those cars would’ve been in that crash, and I was able to get around them as they were crashing into each other. Right. On that, it must have been no more than a 20, 30 foot stretch where the shoulder was slightly wider.

Jim (00:12:09):


Hazel (LA) (00:12:09):

Yeah, I think I ran on adrenaline that whole day,

Jim (00:12:18):

I guess. So now let me ask you this. Now, you said this disembodied voice, it was foreign, it wasn’t yours, no sense that it was a loved one or departed loved one, nothing like that? We have had stories like that before. 

Hazel (LA) (00:12:32):

It didn’t feel familiar at all, and it didn’t feel like it was necessarily even disembodied. It felt like it was inside my own head, but it didn’t feel like my voice.

Jim (00:12:42):

I’m going to throw a theory out there, and I’m not saying it’s the right theory, but it is one theory that’s out there. A while ago I interviewed last year was I interviewed a gentleman by the name of Anthony Peake, and I think the book is called Catching the Ferryman, and I’ll look that up while we’re talking here. And basically his take is, because he had a very similar experience on a motorway over in England, very similar.

Hazel (LA) (00:13:12):

Oh, wow.

Jim (00:13:14):

And I’ll look up that episode number for you. But anyhow, the idea is that he says, and very similar to what happened to you, he was on a motorway. A voice told him to take evasive action, which saved him. And he believes that we reincarnate, but we reincarnate as ourselves.

Hazel (LA) (00:13:38):

Oh, I remember that episode. That was a great episode.

Jim (00:13:40):

And that there is, I forget, there’s us like every day person going around during our life and then we have something called the Eidolon. And the analogy I used with him, and I think it was kind of along the right way, it’s like imagine you’re playing like an old school arcade game. Well, the player on the screen is like us right now doing our daily lives. And the player standing there controlling it is like the Eidolon. So the Eidolon, according to Peake, that small still voice that tells you, make a left, don’t make a right move, take this job, don’t take this job, is many times the Eidolon who has already played the game and knows where the pitfalls are.

Hazel (LA) (00:14:24):

It certainly felt that way. And I didn’t tell anybody about this for years. And I think I finally told my husband, my husband is very skeptical and he’s also kind of a pessimist. And he said, well, what if instead of saving the people behind you, you were supposed to cause that wreck. I was like, “yeah, I don’t think that was it.” 

Jim (00:14:46):

They’re in front of you, so I don’t know how you would’ve caused it. You know what I’m saying?

Hazel (LA) (00:14:50):

Yeah. If they looked behind them and were startled that a car was suddenly moving, that was my husband’s take. But that’s not how it felt to me.

Jim (00:14:57):

No, it doesn’t sound like it was your responsibility. And the episode was August 9th, 2022, Paranormal Podcast 742, Are we living in a real Life Groundhog Day? And the guest, it was Anthony Peake. So anybody out there who’s in the Plus Club that wants to take a listen to that, I don’t know that I agree with the theory, but sometimes I just love to do shows with people where I don’t necessarily see eye to eye in various theories that would kind of destroy my worldview. But I do like thinking, and thinking outside the box, and thinking outside of my comfort zone. And his example and your example would explain what happened perfectly.

Hazel (LA) (00:15:40):

I’ve had a lot of instances over my life where my intuition has saved my life that way, but that was the first time I’ve actually had a voice that is talking to me.

Jim (00:15:49):

Well, I had something not quite as dramatic, but pretty dramatic when I was a teenager, and I’ve told this on the shows and written about it in the books, the Campfire books and things. But I was walking with a young lady by a log truck and we were getting to know each other and we split up and one walked on one side because it was parked on the side of the road. And where we were walking was a rural area, so it didn’t have a typical sidewalk. So she walked along the edge of the road. So this log truck comes up, we split up bread and butter style, she walks on one side, I walk on the other. And as I was walking past that log truck, something told me, and it wasn’t an audible voice, but it was like when you tell yourself something, but it’s not audible, but it’s like you’re basically talking to yourself. You’re thinking, oh, I need to get out of here. I said, “Jim, you need to get out of here. You need to get away from this truck.” And I thought, oh, whatever. That’s just me thinking. And then we passed the truck, we met back up, walked another, I dunno, 20 feet. All of a sudden I hear a big rumble and every log on that side of the truck where I was walking fell off.

Hazel (LA) (00:17:03):

Oh, that’s incredible.

Jim (00:17:04):

It would’ve killed me. There’s no doubt it would’ve killed me. Now was that the skeptic would say, well, somewhere there were the strain of chains and shifting, and it was very almost imperceptible, but subconsciously, somehow you picked up on it, which is possible. I’m not saying that’s impossible, or you have Peake’s Eidolon theory, or somebody up there likes me and saved me, whether that be God or that be a past loved one or whatever it might be. But something told me, get out of there. So I believe it’s real. I believe it’s real. I’ve experienced it. Well, Hazel, I am so glad you made it out of that. well, and thank you sharing your story about that, not so small still voice.

Hazel (LA) (00:17:53):

Thank you so much, Jim.

Jim (00:17:55):

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Announcer (00:20:46):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim (00:21:02):

Dan is on the line from California. He’s actually a podcaster as well. He’ll tell us a little bit about his show at the end of the call, but first he’s going to tell us about an experience that kind of questions the line he says between folklore and reality. And I often think, well, folklore, it came from somewhere. And many times it might be because there’s some truth to it. Dan, welcome to the show. Tell us what happened, and thank you for joining us.

Dan (CA)  (00:21:30):

Thank you so much for having me, Jim. Big fan. So my best friend and I, this happened about 11 years ago. I’m going to try to remember as much as I can. But so 11 years ago we went to Hawaii. We used to have a podcast about Hawaii travel. And because we are big fans of the Campfire, we liked kind of creepy stuff. So we didn’t want to necessarily focus on, Hey, make sure you go to Waikiki Beach, because people are going to go there anyway,. We wanted to kind of do more of the cultural stuff and have maybe some paranormal stuff happen. We definitely would be into it. So we were looking around and my friend Jennifer, who is my co-host on the new podcast, she really loves Hawaii, and she just said, you got to come with me to Hawaii. And we started to explore to get more ideas to talk about, and we came across this old thing called a heiau. And a heiau is, it’s like an old Hawaiian ruin, like a temple that has been in ruin. And we found one in the parking lot of a YMCA and anyone can go there. It is really neat. And it’s called the Ulupo heiau. And we’re just exploring it. Now, Jennifer did not tell me anything about this other than it’s just an old structure and you can go tour it. So there were a bunch of people there. We weren’t in a group, it was just me and Jen, and then a bunch of other people visiting because like I said, it’s behind a YMCA. So she went her way and I kinda went my way. And I’m just looking around and just this fascinating old stone building. It was abandoned in 1780 or in the 1780s sometime. And it’s just in ruin. And what you’re imagining is exactly what it looked like.

Jim (00:23:26):


Dan (CA)  (00:23:27):

And so I moved over kind of toward a little wooded area. I wanted to be, I don’t really know what I was looking for. I was just looking for stuff. And I had this weird sense that I was being looked at. And everyone gets that. And as I figured it out, as I got this feeling, I just happened to kind of do a little take over my shoulder. I wonder if someone’s looking at me. And I swear to God, I see a three foot naked – well, he wasn’t naked, he had a loin cloth on –  but three feet tall, super hairy. And he had a stick or something in his hand. And the only way I can explain it is, he looked like he was rising out of the ground on an elevator, but there’s no elevator. He’s just coming up. And it didn’t freak me out. I thought it was kind of weird, but I’m just kind of looking at him. It is so out of the ordinary that I was just looking at him and he was kind of looking at me, and finally my brain kicked in and I was like, what the heck? What am I looking at? And I kind of did a double take kind of thing when back when I looked back, he was gone.


Alright, now I promise you, we did not hit the rum bar. We did hit the rum bar later, alright, after this happened. But it was not before.

Jim (00:25:05):

Not before. Yeah.

Dan (CA)  (00:25:07):

So I went back to find Jennifer and I said, okay, so this is weird. And I explained what happened. Now, she’s also a Campfire fan, so she believes in this kind of stuff, and I’m explaining it and I said, well, what else can you tell me? Well, he was hairy. And again, because she’s a Campfire fan, right away, what do you mean hairy? Like Bigfoot? Hairy?


No, no, no. Hairyy. Just like a hairy guy. Not Bigfoot, but just like a hairy, a hairy guy, unlike me. And so she’s kind of, well, maybe it’s like a kid playing with you or something, but it definitely didn’t sound. She goes, what else can you tell me? Oh, I said, he had a long stick in his hand. And then she starts to like, Hmm, okay. And then is there anything else? I’m like, his nose kind look, going to sound weird. His nose kind of looked pig-like, and all of a sudden her face just changes. And she goes, Dan, I think you’ve just seen a Menehune. Now I don’t know what that means at this point. I’ve never heard of a Menehune. So she explains what a Menehune is or who are the Menehune. They are a mythical tribe of people.


Well, they say they’re mythical, but there’s evidence of them being in the Hawaiian Islands. They are three feet tall ish, hairy pig nose, and they carry a staff kind of thing. And they are famous for, they’re master builders. They never come out in the daytime. They rarely, if ever, make themselves seen to normal people. So that’s why what happened to me after I’m kind of piecing this all together, I’m like, whoa, this is insane. This happened. And I don’t think I’m crazy, but so these mythical creatures would come out at night and they would build massive stone walls, highways, or even fish ponds. And these are still structures that you can see today. Now, they didn’t build the place. We were exploring,


the heiau, but there was a huge massive wall that they built. Rumor has it, legend has it that they built this huge stone wall and it is insanely big. You stand at the base of it and it’s like, who would’ve done this in one night? But that is what they do. They build these massive things. They’re still all over Hawaii, the structures that they built. And it’s just one of these things where I’m telling Jen and she’s telling me, this is really crazy. Because if there’s another kind of legend about it that if you are lucky enough to see one, it may mean that it’s like luck. It maybe brings you luck. And she said, well, you’re a really nice person and maybe he just picked up on your energy and he just wanted to make himself known to you. And the fact that you didn’t freak out and he didn’t freak out, maybe that means something.

Jim (00:28:11):

I’ve always believed that with folklore that it’s not, I think there’s a lot of people think, oh, for a folklore, what a nice little story. What a nice little fairytale. And I always wonder with these folklore tales across various cultures, if they’re at the root of it isn’t some truth, and there really is something that is being talked about that actually is in reality, even if it’s a part of reality we don’t understand. Now, I’m sure if you listen to Campfire, you’ve heard me talk about it before, not that you were imagining it, but have you had the idea or one possible theory, have you thought about the idea of either a tulpa or a thought form? In other words, you had read about these creatures. Do you think it’s possible in some way? You generated it, not imagined it. There’s a very big distinction with that. It was there, but you actually created it. Have you thought about that?

Dan (CA)  (00:29:12):

No, because like I said, I didn’t know what a Menehune was. I was just going to Hawaii with my friend, then knew what it was. It was maybe she planted it in my head after, like, I think you saw Menehune, but I literally saw the classic definition of what they looked like.

Jim (00:29:30):

Okay. I misunderstood because when I read it, you said you had read up on these mysterious dwarf-like people, but you must’ve done that after this experience.

Dan (CA) (00:29:39):

Oh yeah, yeah.

Jim  (00:29:39):

Okay, I misunderstood. I’m sorry. 

Dan (CA):

I became an expert on Menehune Jim. (laughs) When you run into one.

Jim (00:29:44):

I don’t doubt it for a minute, I don’t doubt it for a minute. I think it’s very possible. I believe you fully. And because again, I believe reality, the one thing I’ve learned over the years, and it’s not much, but the one thing that I have learned, I believe, is that reality is not as black and white as kind of obvious as we think. There’s a lot of layers we don’t understand, I think.

Dan (CA)  (00:30:10):

Agreed. Well, so it’s kind of funny. After I came home from this vacation, I actually ran into an elderly couple from Hawaii, and I ran into the husband first and I said, I think I ran into a Menehune And he practically started to cry, and he had the biggest grin on his face, and he said, I knew they were real. I mean, he grew up there his whole life. I knew it. I just knew it and whatnot, so I’m feeling good about myself.


Later, I’m walking the dog and I run into his wife and I tell her less than a stellar response from her, she was like, nah, all right, you did hit the rum bar, right? I went, no, not until later that night. So I don’t know how most people in Hawaii think of these, but I know what I saw. And then a little follow up to that, he told us after reading up, we found out that we should leave a gift. Well, next time we went to Hawaii, we wanted to leave a gift going back to that same place and let’s figure it out, and leave a little gift. So I went to a Whole Foods, we knew they like shrimp. So I went up to the guy at the meat counter there and I went, this is going to sound weird, but I think I saw in a Menehune, and I don’t know what kind of shrimp.


I wanted to give him a gift. And it’s not like you can go to Google and type “Menehune gifts near me.” So luckily this guy was like the husband-neighbor guy, and he was like, you saw a Menehune?! I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. I’m going to tell you how to do it. Take this shrimp on the house, get some bananas. They love bananas. When you find a banana, bring it up to me. I want to make sure it’s what they’re going to like. I’m like, what is going on with this? Then he told me where to get a plant called a ti leaf. He said, you guys want to go down the road, turn here and look for this big plant. It’s called a ti leaf. You want to take one of the leaves up, wrap it up in a little bundle. You put the shrimp, the banana, wrap it up, put a little piece of grass around it, tie it up, go back there and find a spot where people aren’t going to mess with it. So as I said, when I was kind of in that little secluded wooded kind of rocky area where he came out of the ground, no one ever goes there. Even though it’s, I think a year later when we went back, it just looked exactly the same. And I still had another feeling like, oh, this is neat. Put it down on the rock where I guesstimated he rose up out of, and came back the next day on the way out of town to go to our flight and it was gone. Now, I don’t know that’s not hardly proof. I mean, maybe a Hawaiian squirrel picked it up or something because it’s shrimp, why not? But I like to think that he remembered me. He remembered me, and what if this happened? They’re not supposed to make themselves known. What if he just happened to be coming out of the ground? He thought he was alone. No one’s ever in that area. And I am figuring I’m alone. I don’t know what these creatures are. And we just both kind of like, oh, hey, what are you? And we both freaked out and he left and I left. And I don’t know, man, but it is, it changed my life. I don’t know how else to explain it. And I know it’s not like a typical Campfire.

Jim (00:33:38):

 It doesn’t have to be.

Dan (CA)  (00:33:38):

It’s not a story where it’s creepy

Jim (00:33:40):

Doesn’t have to be. I love that story. I love that story. Now, before we go, give us about a minute on your podcast, what it is and where people can find it.

Dan (CA)  (00:33:49):

It is called Banned Camp, and that’s banned with two Ns. And it’s a comedy podcast where we read banned books and then try to figure out why they were banned in the first place. And each season we read one entire book out loud. Each episode of that season is a chapter. We read the chapter, try to figure out, okay, why was this banned? And nine times out of 10, we can’t figure out why these books are banned. But the first season we did To Kill a Mockingbird, it’s such an awesome book,never read it. Next season was Fahrenheit 451. I sense that you read that book.

Jim (00:34:26):

Yeah. Yeah.

Dan (CA)  (00:34:29):

Yeah. All the books we read, we haven’t read. So they’re all brand new. We’re just finishing up The Outsiders and it’s a really fun thing. So if you like reading or maybe not even reading, I mean, if you want to take the shortcut, you can just have my co-host, Jen, read to you, and then you can be like me and sit back and soak it in and make some smart alec comments here or there. But it’s just book banning is kind of on a rise, and it’s like, I don’t know why, it seems silly to ban words and ideas and stuff, but that’s what our podcast is. So if you like that kind of thing, I would really love to see it. It’s called Banned Camp, that’s banned with two Ns. And just find it wherever you find podcasts.

Jim (00:35:15):

Thank you, Dan, and thank you for sharing that incredible story.

Dan (CA)  (00:35:20):

Right on. Thanks for having me.

Jim (00:35:22):

Jen is on the line from Maryland and that category I talk about all the time, head scratchers. Well, Jen has one that I think would definitely fall into that category of head scratchers. Jen, welcome to the program. I know you’ve been listening about a year. Welcome and tell us what happened.

Jen (MD) (00:35:42):

Thank you so much, Jim. What happened is about maybe six to seven years after I moved into this house, so I’m going to say around 2013, 2012, I actually was sleeping. This is how the entire situation started. I was sleeping. I went to bed that night. My husband was in bed with me, and I woke up or tried to wake up. I was having a horrible, horrible dream


Or what I thought was a dream. I hope it, I still hope it was a dream. But I had a dream that these, I want to say gargoyle, kind of little impish entities were all on top of me, kind of holding me down and biting me all over. And it really burned and I was in pain and it was horrible, horrible. And I’m trying to, I’m kind of thinking, am I sleeping? Am I awake? So I’m trying to pray. What I know to do is to pray. I’m trying to say Our Father or something of this nature to make it stop. And I hear myself trying to say the words, but they won’t come out. So in my head, eventually it comes out very, very slow. So to make a long story short, eventually I’m able to get up and at this time then I’m hearing what sounds like country music. My heart is still pounding. I feel threatened and scared, and I’m kind of looking around trying to catch my bearings, trying to figure out what had happened.

Jim (00:37:19):

And you say you are not a country music fan per se. You don’t listen to country music.

Jen (MD) (00:37:23):

No, I do not listen to country music. So in my head, I have my alarm clock was next to me, and I’m thinking sometimes you set a station and your alarm clock goes off?

Jim (00:37:34):


Jen (MD) (00:37:35):

I’m not even sure what time it is at this point. So I’m trying to hit the alarm to make the sound stop and it won’t stop. But it’s like coming, it’s so loud that I’m like everybody in the house. I’m thinking, everybody’s going to wake up, the kids are going to wake up. My husband’s still sleeping and I don’t understand why. So I creep downstairs because I’m hearing this. I can explain it as, it’s so loud. It’s coming from everywhere. But it was really, really twangy, very twangy. And there was words that was… melancholy, but I couldn’t even quite make out the words, but it was just very strange. So I have my bedrooms upstairs, we live in a bungalow. The bedrooms are downstairs for the kids on the first level. And I go to my son’s door because I’m hearing maybe it’s coming from there. I’m thinking, did he roll over on a remote control? Something of that nature. And I get to the door and I listen and I hear it and I hear it and I’m  going to go in there, I’m going to fix this. I open the door and it goes totally silent.

Jim (00:38:42):


Jen (MD) (00:38:43):

And that freaked me out. And I was scared anyway from the previous situation. So at this point, I’m just trying to understand what’s going on. So I feel really scared. I feel like people, maybe something’s watching me. I just feel really not in a good place and very scared.

Jim (00:39:01):

Sure, understandable.

Jen (MD) (00:39:04):

And my heart is in my throat. So I’m kind of creeping around, what the h–, excuse me, what the heck is going on? And I go upstairs to my husband’s sleeping. So I think. I’m kind of just walking really slow, trying to absorb what just happened to me. As I get to the top of the stairs, I see him and he jumps out of bed and he screams, what the hell’s going on?

Jim (00:39:32):

That’s okay, you can say that. That’s like our line. We don’t go much more than that. But you could say hell,

Jen (MD) (00:39:38):

Okay, what the hell is going on? And he’s kind of rustling around. And I said, I heard this music and I didn’t know where it was coming from. He said, I thought you were an intruder, because I’ve been hearing bang of this really loud banging, and I was getting ready to go get the gun.

Jim (00:39:55):

Oh man. 

Jen (MD) (00:39:55):

Which thank God he didn’t. So I really didn’t sleep that night. And he, coming from the situation where I’m thinking, being logical, trying to be logical, I’m thinking, well, it was sleep paralysis, maybe something like that. But then my husband heard banging that I didn’t hear. So that kind of scratches that off. 

Jim (00:40:18):

And where did the country music come from?

Jen (MD) (00:40:22):

I have no clue.

Jim (00:40:23):

That’s weird.

Jen (MD) (00:40:25):

It was bizarre. And we had already done tons of renovation in this house, and not that anything really bad happened during that time. I’d had things happen in this house here and there. I’m not going to get into that, but I figured we had already done renovation. What in the heck could have changed around here or what happened? And then it occurred to me that a family member had given me a vanity, an antique vanity. It was a child’s vanity, actually. So it was a little smaller. It’s not like I could really sit at it, but I had just a few days before that, put it in my room, painted it. It was falling apart. And even when I didn’t love it, but I figured I could make use for it. I didn’t love it then. I didn’t really want it, but I took it. And even when it was painting, it was kind of like, it just had a funky feel to it. But I was thinking maybe it’s just old and that’s why it has a smell or whatever. But I didn’t love it. I didn’t really like it, but I used it. And so at that point, I went back to, because I was raised Catholic, I have holy water, I have prayer cards, I have different statues of saints. And I had a blessed rosary. So thinking about that. That’s really probably the only thing that it could be. I did put a blessed rosary in it. I didn’t want it in my room anymore. It did make its way down to my front porch, which is enclosed. And I was kind of afraid to get rid of it because I didn’t want whatever I thought was in there to affect somebody else in some way. I didn’t want to break it up. I didn’t really know what to do with it.

Jim (00:42:15):

Mmm hmm.

Jen (MD) (00:42:15):

But eventually, a few years ago, we did finally get it in a dumpster. I kind of put it underneath everything, hoping nobody would dig in there and get it right?

Jim (00:42:25):

Don’t take it, don’t take it.

Jen (MD) (00:42:26):

Yeah, please don’t take it. But that was the scariest thing that I really can honestly say ever happened to me. And I don’t have an explanation for it, but perhaps it was that.

Jim (00:42:37):

Yeah, I mean, it sounds like you’re leaning towards it with some kind of attachment with a vanity.

Jen (MD) (00:42:44):

That’s what I’m thinking, because nothing else here had that feel.

Jim (00:42:48):

I think that exists. We’ve had John Zappas on the shows, the Haunted collector. We’ve had Greg and Dana Newkirk who have their Museum of the Paranormal, I forget exactly what it’s called. But basically they have collections of haunted objects and things. I think it’s a real thing. I think that just as an object can carry positive energy. And I do think they can maybe something from a loved one or those kinds of things. I think that’s a real thing. I think sometimes they can have some negative energy too. So I guess be careful when you’re going to the thrift shop or if a well-meaning family member or friend wants to give you a gift.

Jen (MD) (00:43:26):

Yeah, it was a nice gift. But I don’t want, you have to, honestly, I feel like you maybe need to touch things and get a feel for them before you even dare to take them in your home at this point.

Jim (00:43:37):

Wise words. Jen, thank you for joining us today, and stay spooky!

Jen (MD) (00:43:43):

You too. Thank you so much, Jim. Thank you. Have a great day.

Jim (00:43:46):

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Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at Now back to another great story. 


Devon is on the line from the great state of Minnesota, the home of the Minnesota Vikings, and we’re so glad to have her on the show today. She’s been a long time fan and we certainly appreciate it. And she’s going to tell us a story about a strange and sinister visitor. Devon, welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us. Tell us what happened.

Devon (MN) (00:47:18):

Hi, Jim. It’s great to be here. So growing up, it was just my mom and I. She was a single mom at the time, only child. And due to her job, we moved around a little bit until I was about 10. But this particular story takes place when I was about four to five years old. We lived in an apartment complex of approximately six buildings in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. The place, looking back now, it just had an odd vibe to it. And we only lived there for maybe a year and a half. And a little backstory about the place and it being creepy or an odd vibe is there was a common swimming pool and playground and just, there was a lot of weird accidents, actually. Yeah, unfortunately, two kids, one sadly did drown and another one almost did. And a little tie in, I’ll mention about that, is because I remember later on my mom saying one of the witnesses said, it almost looked as if something pulled the one child down.


Yeah. So I mean, I wasn’t there at the time. I don’t remember that. It just was a weird coincidence, one, let alone two within the year and a half that we lived there. Another odd thing as a kid that I remember was I would feel like cold spots. I’d just be alone playing in my room with my Barbies having a great time, and suddenly I would just get really, really cold. And I remember saying, mom, turn on the heat, or where’s my blanket? Because it would just suddenly drop regardless if it was summertime, winter, whatever. And another little backstory connecting to this too, is I was injured while we lived there. I was playing at a neighbor’s who lived in the building across from ours,


And I fell off her bunk somehow and cut my eye, ended up needing a few stitches. But the weird thing was is I remember at the time I told my mom, I felt like I was pushed and my friend swore she didn’t do it. And looking back now as an adult, logistically, she really couldn’t have reached me from where she was sitting on the opposite side. So those are just a couple little things about this place that we lived in general. Now I’ll get to the good story. My mom often worked second shift, which typically was like a 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM shift. One time for whatever reason, she didn’t have our regular sitters. So she had my cousin watching me. I’m guessing she was maybe 14 years old at the time. And my mom went to work, my cousin and I had fun. I must have been sleeping already. My mom would call and check on us. And then that particular night, my mom came home, she checked on us, we were both asleep, and then she herself got ready for bed. She said she remembers she was laying there for maybe five minutes or so. She said she definitely was not asleep, and suddenly she noticed something at the end of her bed. And as she lifted up her head up to see better, her eyes came into focus. And at the end of her bed was a tall cloaked figure.


Yeah. The only thing she can think to compare it to as far as appearance is the grim reaper. 


Yikes. Zoinks, Scoob, let’s get out of here!

Yes, that would’ve been my reaction, I think. But she somehow had the presence to remain calm. She said it didn’t have any kind of the scythe weapon that they usually are seen with. It had nothing in its hands. She said it was just a really dark cloak, like a hood, and she couldn’t see a face because the face was fogged over. So yeah, very creepy. So yeah, she said she just kind of froze for a second and then all she could think to do is reach over and flip on her bedside lamp and it disappeared, just gone. So that was kind of the real creepy thing. I don’t think we lived there too long after that. Our lease was up and my mom was able to get a different house for us to live in.


But a funny tie in kind of coming full circle is, I certainly didn’t know about that until years later. But as adults, our whole family did this fun weekend up at this cabin and we were having a bonfire and everyone starts telling spooky stories. And I said, mom, you have to tell about that creepy story. And my mom hesitantly started telling the story. And it was kind of funny because the cousin who had been babysitting me that night was sitting across from me during the bonfire, and I’m watching her face as my mom’s telling this story. And I mean, she’s looking pale and pale. I was like, oh my gosh. She’s really scared. And after my mom was done telling her story, my cousin said, oh my gosh, that had to have been the same night that I was there. And something happened to me.

Jim1 (00:52:29):

Oh boy,

Devon (MN) (00:52:30):

My cousin. Yeah, my cousin goes on to tell us that while babysitting me, she had put me to bed. She stayed up a little longer watching TV in our living room. And my mom had kind of a rustic decor style at that time and had kind of this old milk crate. It was really cool. This just steel, or whenever it was milk crate. And in it she had a collection of kind dried weeds, just decorative weeds. And my cousin said, out of the corner of her eye, she looks over and sees movement. And then she said suddenly it was like someone walked over and with both hands grabbed the bundle of weeds, lifted them a foot or two out of the container, and then dropped them. And she said, she’ll never get over hearing the sound as they made. Yeah. She said she watched them fall back down and they all went, tink tink back into the thing.  She said, she’s like, I don’t even remember what I did other than that. I just shut the T gaf and I bolted out of there. And needless say she spent the night in my room after that. But yeah, it was quite chilling to hear her recall that experience years later, which definitely coincided with the experience my mom had that same night.

Jim (00:53:47):

So you just think this place was spiritually charged and probably not in a good way?

Devon (MN) (00:53:53):

That’s my feeling. Like I said, I mean, I guess I’m thankful that I was young enough that I don’t remember much else. But I mean for the little things I did remember and just me falling, getting hurt, which could have just been me. I mean, to be fair, I had stitches like five times before I was five years old, my poor mom. But, and as an adult, I’ve tried to do a little historical research on that area just to see if I can find some connection, like some, what could it be? And I have yet to come up with anything. But yeah, the place itself just seemed creepy and sinister vibe. I don’t know.

Jim (00:54:33):

The thing is, to be honest with you, I think there are places like that. Why that is, I don’t know. But I do believe there are places that just seem to be creepier than others. And weird stuff happens. And boy, that chilling comment about those kids in the swimming pool and they’re being pushed down, that’s really scary. Like some sinister force wanted to claim them. My goodness. Well, I thank you so much for joining us today and being a big fan of the shows. I appreciate it, Devon, and stay spooky.

Devon (MN) (00:55:09):

Thanks, Jim. Stay spooky. Happy Halloween.

Jim (00:55:11):

Analise is on the show from Illinois. If you remember, she was on a couple of years back 2020 I believe it was. And we’re so glad that she decided to return. And she’s going to tell us about something that just happened a few short months ago. Sounds like it was terrifying. Analise, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us what happened.

Analise (IL) (00:55:31):

Alright. Hi Jim. Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here. So this actually took place when I was actually on a work business trip. This happened in Wisconsin. I was staying at a hotel. I won’t name the hotel, but I was in Madison. First time I’d ever stayed at one of these hotels and didn’t really have any creepy history or anything. But this happened on March 21st. And I had went to bed probably around, I’d say like 11: 30, close to midnight, and then all of a sudden was woken up about 2:45 AM till about 3:00 AM, sometime in there. And I was in a panic. I had sleep paralysis. Now, I’ve never experienced this before until this time I didn’t get any creepy feeling or anything from the hotel room. And so I didn’t think much of it, but I pretty much was being held down.


I’m in my sleep. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. All I could do was try and squeak out a sound and I felt like I was being pulled off the bed at the same time I was trying to yell. For some reason or another, I felt myself trying to yell Dad, father, one of the two. I’m not sure. But I couldn’t do it. All I could do was think it. And I was pretty much in the middle of the bed where I felt I was being dragged at the bottom. And all of a sudden I hear this really loud, booming voice in the background that says, stop. And I was able to get out of whatever it was that was holding me down, and I was clenching the sheets. Now I could see where there was space at the bottom where the sheet was getting pulled down, it was the strangest thing. So I was so terrified. I threw the covers over my head and began to pray, and I probably waited under those covers for about almost close to five minutes. I couldn’t breathe anymore. So I finally got brave, threw off the covers, and I turned on every single light in the room. I had to take a shower. I was sweating profusely out of fear. And I was there for about another night and a half for about another night. And I slept with all the lights on after that. So yeah, it was a little bit creepy.

Jim (00:58:05):

Yeah. So any theories as to what that was all about?

Analise (IL) (00:58:14):

No, honestly, I think it was, if I’m being honest, I think it was potentially a spiritual attack. So I had had some really weird things happen to me sometime at the end of last year. At that point in time, I was in Texas. I relocated back to Illinois. But I actually went and got a cleansing done and I had my cards read. I’d never done anything like that before. And I was warned by a friend of mine that there was something attached to me. I have no idea what this was. She told me it was a demon. She saw a dark figure attached to me when I was at my old job, and it terrified me. So I went and got a cleansing done and I felt a lot better. But I think because I was getting really back into my faith again and everything, I felt like it was potentially a spiritual attack against me. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Jim (00:59:19):

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. I mean, that had to be terrifying. It is just a frightening situation, but everything’s been okay since then?

Analise (IL) (00:59:29):

Yeah, yeah. I mean, everything’s been okay. It’s like I am very faithful in my faith and I really haven’t done anything since. Honestly, I think what might’ve been attached to me last year was my own doing. I didn’t really get into dark stuff. I was really into crystals and tarot cards and everything. And I mean, I’m not knocking anyone that does that. I think that’s awesome. If anyone believes in that. I was in a very dark place in my life, so I definitely think it was tied to all of that. But yeah, I’ve been okay ever since.

Jim (01:00:12):

Alright, very good. Well thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire and sharing your story.

Analise (IL) (01:00:21):

Alright, thank you

Jim (01:00:23):

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You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim: Tammy is on the line from Pennsylvania. We’re so glad that she joined us and a while back she was introduced from a friend by the name of Candace to the show. So if Candace is out there listening somewhere, Tammy says hello and thanks for telling her about the Campfire. And Tammy’s going to take us to about when she was eight years old and a terrifying story. Tammy, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Tammy (PA) (01:03:20):

Okay, well thank you Jim. So the story starts when I was eight years old. I grew up in Cayuga County, New York, which if you are familiar, is a very haunted place in my opinion. I actually grew up across the street from the cemetery where William Seward is buried. Harriet Tubman is buried. So a lot of freaky incidents growing up as a child. So this particular story occurred on a night when it was about eight years old and it mainly is a dream that occurred.


And in this dream I was coming down the stairs of my childhood home and to the left of me in my childhood home is our front door. What’s the middle of the night in my dream as well. And the front door is wide open showing the screen weather door. And there’s two men standing at the door and I look at the men, but I’m kind of not really phased by them. So I turn to the right to walk into the kitchen to grab a soda from the fridge. And as I do so these men are trying to talk to me saying, Hey little girl, can you open the door for us? We need help. Our car broke down, can you help us? And in my head I’m just kind of like, whatever. These guys are kind of weird, not really paying attention to them in this dream. Well, next thing I know, I’m standing at the fridge, I’m reaching for a can of Coca-Cola and these men are just getting more and more aggressive. And so I turn and I look at them and I finally take in their appearance. The guy to the front is darker skinned, long black shaggy hair, bright blue eyes, like laser beam blue eyes. He’s wearing a red and black polo. And then I can kind of see the beginning of ripped jeans, the guy behind him, bald man, a lot lighter skin than him. His eyes are very dark, almost black. And he just is wearing kind a brown button down shirt. And that’s when I’m really focusing in on them. And they’re starting to call me by my legal name, which is Tamara. And only my mom would call me that if I was in trouble. So they’re saying, Tamara opened this door right now, you need to let us in. Open this door. And they’re getting aggressive and their voices are getting deeper, almost ghoulish. And I am terrified, but I feel my body start to move towards this door. I have no control and I am feeling myself getting closer and closer to this door. And out of nowhere I hear my father screaming, Tamara Rose, do not open that door. Do not open that door. And next thing I know is my dad scoops me up, throws me onto the couch and slams the door. And in this dream he’s also yelling at me, he continues to never let them in. Do not ever let them into our home. They’re bad guys, don’t let them. Well, I wake up screaming and my dad runs in the room. I explained the dream to him and he was trying his best not to act scared, but he does his dad thing. Cuddles me, gets me back to sleep. Well, the flash forward to 2015, I’m in my senior year of high school. I’m in my AP English class and we are reading a story called Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates. And at this time I had senioritis, I’m not really paying attention. But then they start to break down the themes and the major theme of this story is essentially the devil or the darker workings of the world trying to take over the young protagonist Connie.


And so once I hear that, I kind of perk up a little bit. And so I start to go through reading the story piece by piece myself. And the way that Joyce Carol Oates described the characters in the story was almost to a T, the men that I saw in my dream. And I was sitting in my class, what the heck is this? And that dream just came flooding back to me in a way that I’ve never felt before. And it just kind of hit me like, oh my gosh, I genuinely believe that tdevil was trying to enter my realm through my dreams.


So after school that day, I call my father and I’m telling him about this and he gets real quiet for a minute and he goes on to say the house that we grew up in, he is also a believer in the paranormal, and he was saying the shadow people we would see around the house, just some of the weird things with drawers opening, things being moved that should have never been moved. He was like, there is definitely a connection there. And he distinctly remembers the night that I woke up screaming and he said, I knew in that moment that something was trying to attack you and/or our family. And little did I know, he brought in one of his friends who is a healer, holistic witch, and she saged her house, blessed it and everything. And after that point, we really never had many issues after that, but really full circle.

Jim (01:09:33):

And that’s terrifying as a small child to have those kind of dreams and the idea that something evil is trying to get to you. Terrifying indeed.

Tammy (PA) (01:09:44):

Absolutely. Yeah. And even to this day, I’ll tell this story and it still just kind of brings the chills to me thinking like, oh no, what kind of forces are watching us?

Jim (01:09:57):

Well, I will say this. I mean a lot of people don’t believe it, but I think evil is real. I think the devil is real. I think there’s a lot of good in the universe and I think there’s plenty of bad too. I mean, I think it’s two sides of a coin and some people discount that, but I’m not one of those people. Tammy, I’m glad you’re okay. I’m glad everything worked out and thank you so much for sharing your story today on the Campfire.

Tammy (PA) (01:10:24):

Well, thank you for having me, Jim. I appreciate it.

Jim (01:10:26):

Jenny is on the line from North Dakota. She’s been listening for a few years and she’s going to tell us about what she believes to be alien encounters that she’s had since childhood. And we appreciate her telling this story. I could see how something like this would be very sensitive. So thank you Jenny, and thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Jenny (ND) (01:10:48):

Hi Jim. Thank you for having me. I’m just going to jump in. When I was about two and a half, we had moved to Alaska and we had lived in a town home, sorry. My mom was putting me down for a nap and I remember her taking me up the stairs to the first bedroom. She laid me down on a water bed, I remember the smell of it. I remember what the headboard looked like. It was that typical eighties chunky hardwood headboards. She laid me in front of the window and shut the door, but not all the way. The next thing I know, it’s  going to sound completely crazy, but there was a birch tree branch that had reached into the window and pulled me out. I don’t remember anything after the window pane, but it was like I kind of blacked out before I crossed the window. Age four, we had moved into a different house. And I know this because my brother was born into that house. I was playing in the backyard and it was overgrown. It wasn’t able to be mowed, it wasn’t grassy, it was just a bunch of weeds.


I remember seeing these sunflowers in the middle of the backyard and there was three or four of them, and this is the only time I remember seeing them as a kid.

But I had ran up to them. I thought they were really pretty and they were really big and tall. And when I got to it, it bent over and it sniffed me. It literally made the sniff noise, which I mean is absurd, but I remember this and it’s just crazy. So I mean, growing up there, I had seen lots of UAPs or UFOs in the sky. Granted some could have been satellites, but I remember sitting in the window with my mom at night and we would just look at the stars and some things just were very questionable. You’d see a lot of spinning lights and balls of lights. So then when I was about 13, we moved to Minnesota and I had to skip forward a little. I was 16 at the time. We were living in a small town in Minnesota, and this is probably my most memorable experience. I was leaving my boyfriend’s house and it was probably 11:00 PM and we were walking, or I was walking up the alleyway to go to my house. It was several blocks away and I got to the top of the alleyway and I was going to cross this road that’s two lanes, one way each or one lane each way. And it’s usually fairly busy, but it’s 11:00 PM so it wasn’t super busy.


And I was frozen. I couldn’t move. And I look across the street and I saw a gray alien, and it was glowing and it looks like a lot of pictures that you see and with the big head and the big eyes. But the mouths and nose were very small. It was very tall, very long fingers, long legs, long arms, very skinny. I couldn’t move, but I didn’t run. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t have that urge to run even though I felt stuck, it, I feel like it connected with me through my mind. It was talking to me, telling me not to be scared that I’m okay, it’s not going to hurt me. And then I’d say about 30 seconds of that, and it just stopped and it turned around and it walked up this driveway that it was at the end of and it just disappeared. It took about three steps and disappeared and it was so fluid when it moved, it was very unnatural. We’re kind of lanky. We kind of walked normal walking. This just glided up a driveway. So then of course after I had kind of come out of it, I had walked home, which was about four blocks, and I can never tell my mom or my dad any of this. It never came to me to tell anybody. Even the past things when I was younger, I didn’t tell them. There was nothing to be like, oh, go tell my mom you just saw this or the sunflower did this. I never did that.


It’s so weird to me that I wouldn’t have gotten freaked out by that. Then when I was 17 or 18, I was still living in that town and I was going to bed and there was no lights on in my room, but the moonlight was coming through a window at the head of my bed, so I couldn’t really see much, but I got really scared, a really scared feeling that there was something in my room. And then all of a sudden at the end of my bed, I saw the short a kind of a Yoda like being.


I do have a history of seeing shadow people, especially when I was younger, but this was not the typical shadow person that I would see. It just looked like something was at the end of my bed and I couldn’t really see it very much. And I got really, really scared and I put the blankets over my head. It was just instinct. But the next thing I know I’m waking up. It was almost like I blacked out after I put the blankets over my head. I took a shower that morning after I woke up and I had two dots on my foot and they were there for quite a while. I don’t know if something had implanted something in me or what, I don’t believe that, but I’ve never gotten an X-ray of my foot. But since the mark has turned into kind of a weird question mark, it almost looks like a symbol. But yeah, so I’ve never got it checked out. I’ve never had a reason to go to the doctor and get an X-ray of my foot. So it’s been fortunate so far. But in the town that I lived in Minnesota, we did see some pretty crazy things. I saw balls of light that would follow us, and then it would split off into three balls of light and then they’d eventually disappear. I’ve seen crazy Northern Lights that… I grew up with Northern Lights and Auroras in Alaska, so I’m very familiar with them. But this would be a circle over us and they’re vibrant colors. And these ones, I did have witnesses for seeing the weird things in the sky, but I feel like I’ve been followed my whole life.

Jim (01:18:47):

I was about to say, it sounds like you’ve been chosen for this. You feel you’ve been chosen for this, right?

Jenny (ND) (01:18:55):

Yes. I definitely feel like I have been followed or chosen for some reason.

Jim (01:19:02):

So what do you do with that? Where do you go from here? What are your thoughts?

Jenny (ND) (01:19:10):

I’ve been interested in UFOs and stuff since I was little, being we’ve always looked out the windows and watched living in Alaska, you get good sight of the stars, but there’s some things that were unexplainable. And then I’ve listened to some things where I know you’ve had some people on your UFO shows that have talked about aliens possibly disguising themselves as something else to not scare you,

Jim (01:19:42):

Right, like a screen memory.

Jenny (ND) (01:19:44):

And I kind of wonder if the sunflower was kind of similar. Maybe they were three aliens, but they were disguised as sunflowers so that I wouldn’t get scared. But that’s, I’m always looking and always listening. They hear there’s any news, but nothing ever really comes out of light to give you any hope really.

Jim (01:20:10):

Well, let’s hope we get answers. Let’s hope we get answers. Now, let me ask you this, other than we’re not here to hurt you. Are there any other messages? Maybe you mentioned it, I missed it, but are there any other messages that they give you?

Jenny (ND) (01:20:24):

No, that was the only time I’ve ever heard. I mean, it was in my head telepathically that they’ve ever said anything to me. I’ve never actually spoke to one other than that moment with the gray on the street.

Jim (01:20:46):

Well, thank you so much for joining us and sharing this story. And I wish you well and I hope that we all get those answers we’ve been looking for.

Jenny (ND) (01:20:58):

Thank you, Jim. I really appreciate it.

Jim (01:21:00):

Jackie is on the line from San Francisco and we’re so glad to speak with our today. And she says she has some very short stories for us. A couple to start out. Jackie, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Jackie (CA) (01:21:14):

Hi, Jim. So I’m going to just get right into it. So when I was eight, my mom was telling me, she basically was telling me that I should go to Mexico to surprise my family. Because they hadn’t seen me since I was born. So she basically sent me in as a surprise and I was fairly young and that was my first time being away from my mom. I was very scared when we got there. Fast forward to when we got there. I didn’t have any weird feeling She lived in a pretty good area. My grandma lived in a pretty good area. And so as soon as we got there, they all said “hi” and we had a whole emotional thing going on. And then so later in the day we just kind of relaxed and we were just having dinner. And then after that we were kind of setting up where everyone was going to sleep because even though the house is two floors, there’s still not enough space for all the people that went. So I ended up staying in the living room that’s right next to an open kitchen with my grandparents on the floor. And I remember because it was my first time away from my mom that I couldn’t sleep. So I just kind of was tossing and turning. I was just watching TV for a bit and then I didn’t really didn’t know what to do with myself. So I was trying to wake up my grandma to see if she could make me a tea or something so I could just go to sleep. She was very in her deep sleep, so I kind of just told myself, okay, you need to go to sleep, so you’re going to be really tired. And so I’m facing my grandma, but I felt really uncomfortable, so I was trying to find a good spot. I turned towards the kitchen and I don’t know, in my head I’m thinking, okay, let’s just go to sleep, but I’m facing out, just waiting for me to get sleepy. And so I was just facing the kitchen and then I start seeing what looked like a family holding hands in the kitchen. It just slowly started to come into vision. I didn’t see it. It was so dark. And then once my eyes adjusted, I was like, what am I seeing? And so I just blinked. I just thought, oh, maybe it’s just my eyes.


But no, it was a woman, her son, her two small sons. And then there was a baby, looked like it was (indecipherable) old. They were just holding hands, just standing in the kitchen and just remember just blinking so much because I was like, maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me, but it wasn’t. And I kept drinking. And the more I kept the clothes that they got, and then I remember trying to wake up my grandma and she was just like, go to sleep. You’re going to be fine. It’s nothing. And then I was just so scared that instead of my grandma was sleeping on the right side instead of just going to sleep, I went behind her and I just hugged her from behind. And I think I was just so scared that I just completely just knocked out.

Jim (01:25:07):

Well, I mean, I could see why you would be scared. I mean, to see a family that just came out of nowhere standing there, and you’re a little on edge anyway, because of the situation. I wouldn’t blame you to be scared.

Jackie (CA) (01:25:21):

Yeah, it was so vivid. I still remember it. It just happened yesterday.

Jim (01:25:29):

And no idea of who that family was or anything?

Jackie (CA) (01:25:34):

No, I asked my grandma, my grandma where she lives. It’s like a pretty old historic area. So I would assume that there’s probably a lot of spirits there that just haven’t moved on.

Jim (01:25:50):

Could be. Could be. Now I know you had another story for us, so we’ve got time for one more. Tell us that one if you would.

Jackie (CA) (01:25:58):

Ever since that happened a couple years into I’ve had a really, I feel like I built a really weird connection to my family members or people that I know, where it’s just spiritually, I just connect to them automatically. And ever since I was eight, every time something bad was going to happen, I would feel it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I would have a lot of anxiety. And for I think it was beginning of 2020 or 2021, I got very sick at the time. So I was in and out of the hospital and it was a really bad time for me and I felt very vulnerable. So I think that’s just something that was kind of in a sense inevitable because I feel like spirits tend to basically attach themselves to people that are vulnerable, are in a vulnerable state.


And so during that time, a lot of weird things would happen. I would have weird dreams and things in my house would move around when I don’t remember ever moving them. I remember one specific night where I was just on the phone with my then boyfriend and I was just in my room and I heard something fall in my kitchen. It was really loud and maybe I was just like, ah, whatever. Something just fell. My dogs maybe just dropped something. And then I went to go check and one of my pans that was in the dishwasher, the dish place just drying. There had been two mugs on top of that pan and it just blew to the other side of the kitchen.

Jim (01:27:52):

Oh man.

Jackie (CA) (01:27:53):

And I was just almost like, that’s really weird. And then shortly after that, when I was sick, things would happen. I gave my auntie a painting and she had it nailed to the wall. It was very much in there, you can’t take it out. And while I was in the hospital, she called me and she told me that she was having weird dreams and that at night the painting just flew off the wall. And I just remember being like, that’s really weird, because I was having really weird dreams and things are just moving. And I was seeing whispers and it was just really weird. And then during that time, I kept having a dream of being in a cave and I was just alone and it was just bats and it was just really weird. And I had it for a week straight. And then shortly right after I stopped having the dream, I got really bad anxiety during that week and I felt like something really bad was going to happen. And then right after I stopped having to dream, two of my cousins got in a really bad car accident.

Jim (01:29:11):

Oh my.

Jackie (CA) (01:29:13):

Yeah, that’s happened a few times now. It’s been a couple years. And I still get those feelings every time something bad is going to happen. I just know it.

Jim (01:29:23):

Yeah, that’s interesting. I do believe that some people have that ability and they can kind of tune into what’s going on and sometimes bad things happen. I had a situation where my late mom told me about my grandma, and this must’ve been in the late sixties, I mean early sixties. And my uncle, I have multiple uncles, but one of my uncles lived with the mom and dad, and my mom did too at that time. And my grandma said, and this is before they even had a phone, they didn’t have a phone in the sixties in their house. And he said, we’re going to get word that so-and-so is either really badly hurt or dead at work today because he worked on the oil fields. And sure enough, somebody came down in the holler, as they call it, and told him that he had been hurt. And luckily he lived, but he had broken his pelvis that day. My grandma just knew.


I believe that people have those abilities sometimes, particularly the people that’s close to them like you do. Well, Jackie, thank you so much for being a part of a Campfire and stay spooky. Thank you so much for tuning into this edition of the Campfire. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And please share the show. We are in the waning days of the holiday season and we want to get some new people aboard listening and sharing their stories. And the thing is that maybe even by the time you hear this, maybe Halloween is over and there are a lot of pretenders out there, a lot of people who jump on the spooky stuff and say, oh, I’m all about the spooky. But then November 1st, they forget about it and they’re on to the holiday wreaths and things, and we love all that too.


But remember, it is always Halloween around Jim Harold’s Campfire 24/7/365. You can always tune to this show and our virtual Campfire group in our Facebook group and enjoy the Halloween spirit. We are not pretenders, we’re contenders, and we’re always here sharing the spooky. So please share the show with your friends who love spooky all the year round. Also, I hope you’ll join us on that Halloween spectacular we’re going to have on October 28th, this coming Saturday, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern on my YouTube channel at That’s Harald. Thank you so much. I hope you have a fantastic spookily scary but fun and safe Halloween. We’ll talk to you next time. Happy Halloween. And of course, as always, stay spooky. Bye-Bye everybody.

Announcer (01:32:18):

You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.