The Paranormal Braintrust

Welcome to The Paranormal Braintrust section of After a decade of paranormal podcasting, I have decided to branch out and add a new facet to

Here we will spotlight writing from some of the best Fortean thinkers on the planet. You can find our current articles HERE

I am honored to have Nick Redfern, Marie D. Jones, Micah Hanks, Ryan Sprague, and Theresa Argie as the inaugural writers for this section of Each of them are accomplished in their own right. Collectively, what a group they are! They are so impressive that I call them The Paranormal Braintrust. I think it is a moniker that fits!

Today, we begin with an article from the prolific, paranormal pen of Mr. Nick Redfern and you can find it HERE. Look for more great writing upcoming in this space and enjoy the wisdom of The Paranormal Braintrust.

Jim Harold, The Paranormal Podcast Guy since 2005