Time Slip Special – Jim Harold’s Campfire 640

Tales of bizarre time slips worthy of The Twilight Zone are the focus of this week’s Campfire. Is time travel possible? Well, based on these stories it may very well happen when conditions are just right!


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Jim Harold (00:00:00):

Mysterious time slips. Are they ghosts? Are they simply visions of the past or the future? Let’s find out on this week’s Campfire.

Announcer (00:00:24):

Welcome to our gathering Tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:35):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again. And from time to time, I like to take a look back to some of our favorite stories in certain categories, and we talk about ghosts a ton on this show, but sometimes I wonder if ghosts are simply the reflections of the past that we’re seeing or reflections of the future. And we’ve had so many great time slip stories over the years, so I thought I would share a few that we haven’t heard in a long time. We’ll get to those in just a minute. And if you enjoy today’s show, please share it right from your favorite podcast app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcast, whatever it might be. Share it right from your app to a friend today. I would appreciate it very, very much. And now let’s get on to these great time slip time travel stories. They’re real head scratchers. 

Maggie is on the line from Richmond, Virginia, and I got to tell you, she sent over her story and I’m excited about this one. I love it. Maggie, thank you for joining us tonight. I know your mom, Cheryl told you about the show and encouraged you to listen and call. And thank you Cheryl, and thank you Maggie. And please tell us this great story.

Maggie (VA) (00:01:53):

Well, thank you for having me. So this happened in about the year 2003. I had just moved to Richmond, Virginia with my family, my parents and my two brothers. And this was the summer where we found something odd happening in our neighborhood. So we moved to the suburbs and became quick friends with the neighbors. And we had one friend of ours who we really attached with. She was great, and around our age. My older brother was about 14, I was 11 and my little brother and her were about eight. And we started to explore this creek that was at the bottom of our street. And we would walk through the shallow muddy water there weekly. We got really used to just being outside that whole summer. And we spent our summer walking the same path one way down this creek. And then we would return after a couple hours of being down there. But one day my brothers and our neighbor friend walked the normal path down the creek and imagine probably walking 20 minutes in shallow water. And you come to this small clearing and it’s in the neighborhood, so you don’t expect anything. I don’t remember this clearing really being there. But today the clearing actually had a huge old gray kind of Victorian stone house, and we had never seen it all summer. It just popped up.


And so we look up and we’re looking at this house, and then we realize at the edge of the creek, it’s probably a two or three foot climb up and down the creek is a little hill on the side. And there’s a boy there staring at us, and he’s kind of in this gray, black, Victorian era clothing. And he is wearing high socks, black shoes. And this is like Richmond, Virginia in summer, if you’ve ever lived in Virginia. It’s humid. And we’re thinking, what is he doing? He’s just looking at us, looks as amazed as we are that we’re in his area. We have been there all summer. We’ve never seen him. We’ve never seen this huge stone house behind him. It’s multiple stories high with pointy tops. And he’s standing there and he picks up this cat that’s standing next to him. He went over to go get his cat.


And we kind of just look at him and he looks scared, so we don’t say anything. And we’re kids, we don’t know what to do. And he turns and starts walking away and we look around and then we see his mom at the door. It has this huge doorway to the opening of the house. It’s kind of an archway with french doors. And she’s staying there with her arms crossed. She’s also in Victorian clothing, super dark long dress, the kind that puffs out. And she has her arms crossed looking stern at him, calling him over to come back, but we can’t hear her. But he’s acting like he could hear being called back. And so he goes inside, but all of a sudden it’s like within five seconds he was standing in front of us and then we blink and he’s up on the second floor balcony, staring at us. He just zoomed inside somehow.


And so then we’re looking at this house and it’s totally out of place. We’re used to just normal suburban houses. It has multiple pointy tops to it. And we think that is so weird. And we’re afraid now because we’re into the neighborhood and there’s this mom that’s mad at us for being in their backyard basically. So we leave and we come back a couple days later and we come to the same clearing. The house is not there. At all. And we know the path. There’s one way in and one way out of the creek, you just follow it and we look around and the clearing is there, and we look to the side and there’s a tree there now, and it has stone steps wrapped around the base of the tree. 

Jim Harold (00:05:56):

Oh boy. Yes. So you guys, you saw into another time, it sounds like?

Maggie (VA) (00:06:03):

We think so. It was just too weird. And why would stone steps be wrapped around any tree in the neighborhood just left there? Very weird. 

Jim Harold (00:06:12):

Wow. That is wild. Now, what did your friends say about it? I mean, do they recall it in the same way that you do?

Maggie (VA) (00:06:19):

Well, it’s funny. We didn’t talk about that for years because we just, as kids, you care about one thing and then you move on, you care about something else. So we go on our adult lives not thinking about this in the slightest. And now we’re all in our late twenties and we get together for a party a couple of years ago, and we all are sitting around talking about funny things that happened, weird stories you can’t explain. One of our, I think it was the neighborhood friend, she brought up, well, do y’all remember the house in the creek? We were all shocked. We thought that was our own individual dream. We didn’t remember that actually being true because we never talked about it again.


So we’re all telling the story and we’re like, yes, that’s what he was wearingA Yes, he was going to pick up a cat! And yes, his mom was mad, and then he was standing up in the second floor balcony, staring at us. And then, yes, we all remember seeing the stone steps wrapped around the tree. And so I did something actually before calling in. I asked my brothers and my friend to just for, to give yourself 60 seconds and draw the house like you remember, before I do this call, I need confirmation that I’m not calling sounding crazy. And they all draw a sketch of the house and they’re all the same.

Jim Harold (00:07:38):

Wow. Wow. Oh, that is so wild. That is so wild. Now, did you ever think of, now that you’re older, have you ever thought about maybe going back and doing some research to see what that house was and when it was there?

Maggie (VA) (00:07:56):

That would make sense, yeah, because there’s a place called the Midlothian Mines here in town, and there’s some local spots where it’s definitely been developed and then things torn down and past history. And it’s definitely something going on back there because it felt, when we were looking at that kid and looking at the mom and looking at the house, it felt like it was some kind of wartime. It was dark. It was just a grim situation. You could tell there were no men around. That woman was left alone with her son and she was in a bad situation. So it definitely felt like we were looking at something real in that moment.

Jim Harold (00:08:33):

Well, if you do some more research, please do let us know because I’d love to find out the facts and figures behind that actual place. And the thing is, is that, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it this way, but as strange as it was for you, it was probably strange for the boy too, and I don’t know how close you were, but he would think, who are these kids in these odd clothes? What kind of clothing is that? 

Maggie (VA) (00:09:03):

Yeah, you didn’t know about basketball shorts back then.

Jim Harold (00:09:05):

Yeah. It’s like what are they wearing? I mean, you had to think that maybe in the reverse, it was kind of spooky for him, and maybe he was seeing your side of time as well that something had temporarily opened up. That is so wild.

Maggie (VA) (00:09:20):

Yes. Oh, they seemed more scared of us really than we were of them. We were just confused. They were actually looked terrified.

Jim Harold (00:09:28):

Oh man. I’ll tell you, I really believe, Maggie, that the nature of our reality is so different than we understand that. I don’t doubt these things unleashed. This reminds me a little of the Roadhouse Saloon story that we’ve shared so many times over the years that you’re kind of out of time, you’re out of space, you’re not where we’re supposed to be. Years ago, one of our longest time listeners Sandy had a story where she was walking and she kind of walked back into time for a short period of time, and then she came back. And I think these things happen because I think our reality is somehow layered or there’s things we can’t see or multiple dimensions or maybe all the time in the world exists at the same time, but we’re on this one track and we can’t see it to either side of us, below us, above us, or to either side.


Another example of that is we had a call a couple years ago, I think a young man remembered being a little boy and being very frightened because he walked into his kitchen. This is the way I remember it. He walked into his kitchen and he saw a hooded figure making a sandwich like a teenager, and he didn’t understand what it was, and it scared the heck on because he’s like, I don’t know who that is. And then several years later, this same boy had grown up. He was a teenager, he was minding his own business. He was making a sandwich and wearing a hoodie, and he saw this little figure go through the hallway and he couldn’t figure out what it was. Then it clicked. He saw himself. Wow. So I’ll tell you, it’s a strange world and we’re living in it, but I love to share these stories. Maggie, thank you so much, and thanks to Cheryl for telling you about the program.

Maggie (VA) (00:11:22):

Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:11:22):

Next up on the Campfire is Cheri from my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. So cool. And her daughter, Lauren told her about the show and Cheri says, now she is just binging and listening to one after the other. And we’re so glad to hear it. Cheri, welcome to the show. And you have a spooky story about a woman in white.

Cheri (00:11:42):

I do. And in the end, you’ll find down who she was because after years, I found out who this woman was. It started in Charleston, West Virginia. We lived in Charleston, West Virginia for one year for my husband’s work. And we hadn’t been married very long and didn’t have a ton of money, but we rented a little house. It was a very cute little house just in the mountains on the side of Charleston. And it wasn’t fancy and it did not have air conditioning. And that summer was one of the hottest summers on record. It was just, there were days and days that didn’t go under a hundred degrees. And without air conditioning, that was pretty hard to handle. One night we both had jobs and we couldn’t sleep because of the heat. And we had a house, house guest in the guest bedroom, and I was trying to sleep.


And you know that feeling when you can’t sleep, so you’re flopping from your back to your stomach to your back? Okay. I said, no, great. Now I’m only going to get five hours of sleep. And oh, great. Now I’m only going to get four hours of sleep. I know I wasn’t dreaming, I wasn’t sleeping. One time when I flopped from my stomach to my back there above me, inches from my face was a woman. And it was so, it burned in my memory that I can picture her today. She was just staring at me. Studying me. That would be a better description. She was studying my face and I screamed. I screamed bloody murder. My husband woke up or I don’t know if he was sleeping, but he was what? And I told him, and I was so frightened, and my husband isn’t one for nonsense.


And normally he would tell me, you were dreaming, go back to sleep. Leave me alone. But he could see how afraid I was. And he let me turn on all the lights, and we turned on the television and we watched silly old sitcoms. In those days, you didn’t have much choice. You just watched whatever was on at that time in the morning. And so probably I Love Lucy sitcoms. And finally I calmed down and I said, I think we should try to at least get a couple hours of sleep. I think I’m okay now. Let’s try again to sleep. And so we turned the TV off and minutes after we had just settled down, in the guest bedroom we heard our guests screaming, get out of here, get out of here. Get out of my room. Go away.


I said to my husband, you better go check on that. And he did. He went into the room and he said, what’s wrong? And she said, Marge said, get her out of here. Get her out of here. She was not really awake. So my husband came back in and said, I don’t know what that was. This is so weird, but I don’t think we ever did fall asleep. So for years, this was the family ghost story, when my daughter was a little girl, and we’d go camping with the Girl Scouts or whatever, or girls would stay over, they’d say, tell us the ghost story. And I would tell the story. And for years and years, all of my daughter’s friends, Lauren, would hear this story. And fast forward to Lauren being in college and one of her friends, Ginger, we took them out to dinner when they were home for a break or something, and we were sitting at the table in the restaurant and Ginger said, tell me the ghost story. And I said, oh, Ginger, you’ve heard this story a million times. She said, no, I want to hear it. She said, and tell me what did she look like? And I said, oh, I’ll tell you what she looked like. I’ll never forget what she looked like. And then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked over and I looked at Lauren, and it was Lauren. It was my daughter.

Jim Harold (00:15:54):

It was your daughter that you saw all those years before.

Cheri (00:15:58):

Well, the kicker. Okay. So I didn’t realize it until Lauren grew up and became a woman. But here’s the kicker, back summer, Lauren was born exactly nine months from that night.

Jim Harold (00:16:13):

Oh man.

Cheri (00:16:16):

It’s all true. It’s all true. And I really believe, I think about my daughter’s very fair; the woman had very blonde hair pulled tight back just like my daughter wears it now. She wears it up. She was really slight; my daughter’s very, delicate bones and everything, and kind of sharper features. It was her. It was her, my daughter. My daughter came to me before she was born. 

Jim Harold (00:16:48):

Wow. That’s the ultimate head scratcher. That is awesome. I love it.

Cheri (00:16:53):

That’s my story. That’s it.

Jim Harold (00:16:56):

And it reminds me of a story that we had years ago where a woman, it was kind of the other way around, almost. She had a dream that she was like a, she thought the way she interpreted, she thought she was a baby in the stroller, and she was at a amusement park with her mom, and her mom had on this very distinct dress, I think it might’ve had polka dots, but something like a one of a kind, something. You could talk to people decades earlier and they would say, oh, later. And I’d say, I remember that dress. So anyway, she’s older. She asked her Mom, I keep having this memory of, I must’ve been a baby, and you were wearing this. I’ll just say, I mean, I don’t remember what it was, but this pink polka dotted dress, it might be a different color, but that was the gist of it. And her mom said, yeah, I did go to a carnival one time when I had a dress just like you’re describing, and I was pregnant with you.

Cheri (00:18:03):

Wow. I love that.

Jim Harold (00:18:08):

Works both ways. Works both ways.

Cheri (00:18:09):

I love that so much. Well, I just think that we’re all souls out there in the universe, and energy doesn’t die. And I just believe that. Who knows? Who knows?

Jim Harold (00:18:24):

Well, who knows indeed. But stories like this really give a great opportunity to think about those questions and remind ourselves that maybe life isn’t exactly what we think it is.

Cheri (00:18:36):

That’s right.

Jim Harold (00:18:37):

Cheri, thank you. And thanks to Lauren for being a major part of this story. We appreciate it.

Cheri (00:18:42):

Thanks for having me. It was really fun.

Jim Harold (00:18:45):

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Announcer (00:20:34):

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Jim Harold (00:20:50):

We have Marko from New Jersey who actually submitted one of the most remarkable stories I’ve ever heard, not only on this show, but anywhere. Marko, thanks for joining us tonight around the Campfire.

Marko (NJ) (00:21:06):

Hey, Jim, thanks for having me. I really appreciate you taking my call.

Jim Harold (00:21:11):

Folks like to go out maybe on a weekend if they have a significant other to go see a movie. Nothing like it. It’s a lot of fun. But a few years back, you did that with your wife and it turned out maybe not quite how you expected it. Can you share the story with us?

Marko (NJ) (00:21:27):

Sure. That’s correct. Yeah. And it was April, I think it was the first or second week of April of 2004. And my wife and I decided to go see a movie. Hellboy had just come out, the first movie Hellboy. And we went to the local movie theater over there in the northwestern part of New Jersey. No big deal, we just went to the movie, it was just a typical day. I’m not sure if it was a Saturday or Sunday, we drove to the movie theater, pulled up, purchased tickets for–I think the show was–I’m not exactly sure, Jim. But I believe it was like 2:45 show after the matinee we were going to see. And purchased the tickets, went in, did the typical stuff, went up to the concession counter and purchased popcorn and soda, and proceeded into one of the movie theaters. This is like one of those cineplexes that have multiple theaters like seven or 10, something like – something crazy like that.


So we went over to the boy that was taking our tickets and he ripped them in half and pointed us in the right direction. And we proceeded to go over to our theater. We went inside the door. And I like to get to the movie theater a little bit earlier, because I don’t like to fumble around when it’s dark. And they’re playing the previews. So we got there, like, I guess around 2:30, 2:35, something like that. But when we got there, we pushed through the doors, went in. The lights were already down. And it was something on the screen playing. So I was like, oh, darn it. So we had to fumble around to find a seat. So we did find a seat, kind of in the middle center. And you know, we thought previews were playing. And after sitting down for, you know, maybe a minute or so, my wife and I, you know, kind of looked at each other. And we’re like, Well, this isn’t previews. 


It was actually the ending of the movie we had gone to see. You know, we could, we could see that, you know, Hellboy was on there. And you know, there was a lot of stuff going on. And about three or four minutes of that going on the movie had ended, you know, we had realized that this wasn’t a preview, this was actually the movie playing kind of a little, I guess, like, what the heck is going on here. So the lights had come up. And I guess people started, you know, doing what they do, they get up and stretch and start to head out the back of the theater. So we got up too, I think I got up first. And I had stopped somebody on the way out and I was like, you know, a little curious. And I said, “What was–what show was this?” And the gentleman had said to me, “This was the 2:45 show.” So that was a show we were going to see.


So I was kind of a little, you know, I didn’t really think much of it. You know, I went back over and I said something to my wife, “Well, they’re saying this is the 2:45 show, which is the show we were going to go see.” So we both got up and we kind of followed, you know, when everybody exited the theater and we kind of went out the back door. And I went out into the lobby and I saw the kid who took my ticket, which was literally minutes ago. And I said, “You remember me?” And he said, “Yeah,” he had remembered me because at the time I was going through, I was a cancer patient at the time and, you know, I didn’t have hair or nothing. I guess he kind of remembered me from that. “But the two of us well, we went to see the 2:45 show.” 


And he said “Yeah, you know, that just let out.” So at that time, still nothing like shocked or nothing, but I looked down at my watch. And I’m kind of a time person. I collect watches and everything. So I’m kind of a stickler for time. But I looked down on my watch and it was around 4:47. So when I entered the theater, it was 2:35, 2:30, something like that. And that was 4:47. So I looked at my wife, and she checked her watch, and we kind of realized like, something’s not right here. How was it two–you know, 4:47 when we just walked into the movie theater? What kind– So we kind of just looked at each other, and still not, you know, getting crazy with this. And just, you know, again, we went back into the movie theater, and just spoke about it and went back outside and kind of checked the clocks outside in the movie theater, you know, clocks on the wall, and I looked outside, and it was early April. And it’s, you know, you could tell that it was later on in a day when we had–when we had just got, the sun had gone lower. And I think we just realized, something weird is happening. You know, I think I had mentioned like, oh, I said, we’re, you know, is Twilight Zone music playing or something?

How does something like this happen? So we were just dumbfounded, you know, I didn’t know what to think or what to say.

Jim Harold (00:26:04):

And so you were really missing almost two hours, right?

Marko (NJ) (00:26:10):

Yeah, it’s where people will say, you know, I–this is literally you’re the only, or one of the very few people I’ve spoken to about this, because people think you’re crazy. Or they will just, you know, pooh pooh and dismiss it. You know, people have said to me, “Ah, that’s missing time.” But it really didn’t seem that way. It was like we walked through the door into that movie theater, and like in an instant, instance, instantaneously, two hours, two minutes or five minutes. It just breezed by just like a blink of an eye.

Jim Harold (00:26:40):

So you’ve accounted for walking into the wrong theater, and I guess you said the one gentleman said it was the 2.45 show, so you’ve accounted for it and they weren’t showing it on multiple screens or anything strange like that.

Marko (NJ) (00:26:51):

Yeah, I’m glad you said that. That’s exactly what we did too. Because we were–we thought–I think there’s seven or 10 screens in there. So we walked around. I said, you know, I asked the young guy and I said, you know, “Is this–is this playing on other screens?” And he said, “No, this is the only one it’s playing on.” And I had told him what had happened. And he remembered me, you know, again, I said before, and he said, “Yeah, you came in a couple hours ago.” And that’s when I kind of really like when he said to me, you came in a couple hours ago, I was like, I think it was like somebody had punched me in the gut. I was like, “oh my god”

Jim Harold (00:27:23):

So subsequently, I mean, have you done any research or talked to anybody or maybe talked to other people who have had missing time? I mean, have you followed up with any investigation of your own to try to figure out what happened?

Marko (NJ) (00:27:38):

Not really, you know, I just did the typical things I kind of, you know, I kind of Google searched about it, and you know, you come up with people who say they’ve been abducted or they have missing time. The only other thing I think that was of interest to me was, you know, I’ve read stories of people saying that they were, say on a road trip going from say, New York City to maybe like Myrtle Beach or something. And it was maybe a 10 hour trip. And they got there in five hours or something, you know, they were just so busy, they got there in five hours. That’s the only thing that I think of that has come close to that. It–my wife is a straight shooter. I mean, she’s not into anything paranormal, or whatever. So I’m glad she was there with me because it kind of validates the fact that you know, something really, really bizarre happened. And I mean, you know, we walked around the theater for a while, you know, we kind of, you know, people would say, “Oh, it isn’t that shocking,” but you know, at the time, we just, you’re in such disbelief that something like that could happen, we actually went in and we watched the, like, there was like a five o’clock show. We went in and watched it.

Jim Harold (00:28:42):

Yeah, I was going to say, did you ever get to see the movie?

Marko (NJ) (00:28:45):

Yes, we did. We got to see the movie. It was just weird. That whole month for me I think was a little weird. I think the week before that something else happened to me, that was a little strange that happened to me again. It was, I don’t know if it was missing time, but if you know, want me to go into that?

Jim Harold (00:29:00):

No, we’ve got time. Go ahead.

Marko (NJ) (00:29:03):

A week before this had happened to me, I read movies and I liked to watch movies, and this was kind of before I got into Netflix and it was a blockbuster video store not too far from my office. And I would go in there four or five times a week and I’d run a movie and you become comfortable with the people there and they know you come and go. And I wanted there to run a movie, and I knew the manager, she was familiar with me. When you’d come in, what they’d do there, they would greet you and they would say, what do you want? What are you looking for? And they’d walk around the store with you and so on. At the time, I walked in and she said, how are you doing, Marko? What are you looking for? So she had walked around with me a little bit, chit chatting and another young guy there, and I picked the movie out, and I think the movie at the time was Big Fish.


Did you see that movie with Ewan McGregor? It was a good movie. So I picked the movie out, checked out normal stuff, went home, watched a movie that evening with my wife. The next morning on my way, I’d leave in the morning and typically, I’d usually throw the video in my car and bring it back. Didn’t do it that day. The following day just realized, oh, I got to bring this movie back before I incur a late charge, couldn’t find a movie, looked around for it, just again, just dismissed it. It’ll show up somewhere. Somebody moved it, whatever it’s in. The DVD player couldn’t find it until I think another day or so had gone by and I couldn’t find his movie, couldn’t find it at all, just wasn’t there. Decided to go to the Blockbuster on my way home from work and tell him what happened and pay. They’re probably going to charge me $70. So I went in there.

Jim Harold (00:30:37):

I bet I know where this is going, but you go ahead.

Marko (NJ) (00:30:41):

Went to the counter and the manager’s there, the girl who I know, and actually the young guy who’s there too, he works. There’s the same people there every day, and I told her the story, what happened? I can’t find the movie, just charge my account. And she says, sure, let me pull it up. And I just hear her saying, that’s weird. And I’m like, what’s weird? She says, well, you don’t have that movie out. I’m like, well, what do you mean? You know I have the movie out. No, you were there with me. You picked it with me. She says, no, no, there’s no nothing in here that you had took this movie out. And she was confused too. She had walked around with me and she checked and she accounted for all the videos of that video that were al and currently and what was in stock. And then the boy had come over and it got real interesting because basically the computer said, I had never been there, didn’t rent the video, didn’t do anything, but I watched it with my wife and I saw the movie. So they were drawn into it and they were like, this is weird. We had talked outside and we’re like, this is crazy. We walk around with you.

Jim Harold (00:31:45):

Yeah, I’ll tell you, I would like to figure out how we could take this and use it if you wanted to go make a big purchase and you could go charge it on your charge card and you’d have the thing, but it wouldn’t show up on your charge card. 

Marko (NJ) (00:31:59):

Oh, that would be awesome. That would be great. A house, a car, jewelry…

Jim Harold (00:32:02):

I don’t mean to make light. I think it’s a fascinating story. 

Marko (NJ) (00:32:06):

It was weird that happened to me the week before, but the thing with the time, it just made me think what’s going on. That whole two week period, especially with the time thing, people say to me, well, you were missing time. I don’t know if I was missing time or whatever. I just know that we walked through the door and two hours and five or 10 minutes had gone by in a blink in an instant we were there. I still had the soda in my hand. We still had the popcorn because people ask me, well, was the popcorn gone? Did you feel anything? I said, no, it was nothing at all. And we felt normal. Everything was normal, but it was weird. The sun was down farther the day had drawn on, and it just kind of, how do you tell the story to people? Nobody believes you or they think you’re crazy or

Jim Harold (00:32:55):

No, I know what you’re saying. Now, do you think this in any way could have been, and I hope you’re doing well now, but do you think maybe this somehow had some kind of connection to your illness? Was somebody trying to get a message to you, tell you something, or have you ever, have you made any mental connection with what it could have been?

Marko (NJ) (00:33:16):

I have no idea. I was going through a really hard time. Then I had stage three C cancer and that spread off of my body. So we were going to the movies a lot just as a distraction, just for me to be around people and everything. But my mental, my mind, everything. I was in good spirits. I was in such a positive state and I have no idea. I don’t know. We don’t really talk about it. My wife and I, the only time we ever talk about it, Jim, is if that movie comes on or you see something hill behind them, we’ll be like, that’s the movie when we time something happened. And then people say, that’s when we’ll tell people like, well, what do you mean the time thing? And we’ll tell ’em. And they’re like, that’s crazy. Have you told anybody? But we’re like, no, nobody’s going to believe you. Or people just aren’t going to think you’re crazy.

Jim Harold (00:34:05):

Well, we don’t think you’re crazy here. And I thank you so much for sharing your story tonight on the Campfire, and I hope that all’s well with you and your wife.

Marko (NJ) (00:34:15):

It sure is. I appreciate your time. I appreciate you letting me share my experiences for sure.

Jim Harold (00:34:19):

Well, Eric woke up in the middle of the night and he saw something really creepy, and he’s calling him from Texas and he’s going to tell us all about it. Eric, tell us what happened.

Eric (TX) (00:34:32):

Well, it was about seven years ago, I think. I was living in Colorado at the time, and I woke up, I have no idea what time it was, and I saw this figure sitting at the foot of my bed actually. Actually, I could see his legs cut off where he hit my mattress. So he was going through my bed and he was in, my best guess is around the time of say Custer, in sort of a rich outfit. Something you’d expect someone upper crust society to be wearing.

Jim Harold (00:35:04):


Eric (TX) (00:35:05):

And so just a few seconds, I’m looking at him, he’s looking at me, and I just stood there staring at him in this kind of washed out color, and then he just faded out of view.

Jim Harold (00:35:17):

Whoa. Now, how did you react?

Eric (TX) (00:35:23):

Honestly, I was excited to actually see something like this. I’ve always been fascinated with the Paranormal, whether it be ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, anything. So to finally have an encounter of that magnitude was exciting for me.

Jim Harold (00:35:38):

Now, can you tell us a little bit about where this happened? Was it an older home? Was it someplace where maybe a person like this, even if it were a different structure before it might’ve lived? I mean, any thought as to why this apparition visited your bedroom?

Eric (TX) (00:35:58):

I’ve been thinking about that. I really don’t know the background of the area. It was an apartment complex, so I have no idea if it was there before then. And that’s the weirdest thing about it, is it looked like this guy noticed me as well and was just as surprised to be seeing me.

Jim Harold (00:36:17):

Now, some people might say, well, it’s simple. Eric, you had a dream, but you don’t believe this was a dream. Correct?

Eric (TX) (00:36:25):

Correct. I was wide awake at that point, and I lay there for a few minutes afterwards just processing it before I went back to sleep.

Jim Harold (00:36:34):

Now what do you think it was? Do you think it was a ghost or, I mean, I think that’s been the traditional view when you see something like that, that it’s a ghost. But I think more and more people are thinking about the idea of time not being what we think it is or parallel universes. In other words, it could have been a ghost, but it could have been something else. What do you think?

Eric (TX) (00:36:57):

Well, yeah, it certainly could have been a ghost, but then I thought about time slips and I wonder maybe they don’t always go backwards. Perhaps this guy was having a weird vision of the future as well, and we were literally looking at each other.

Jim Harold (00:37:10):

Exactly. That’s something I wondered about. So many possibilities. Yeah, it does boggle the mind. It certainly sounds like it has not sworn you off the paranormal.

Eric (TX) (00:37:19):

Oh, not at all. I’m still very interested. I got a few various podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, and they’re all great in their own ways, and I love your back and forth.

Jim Harold (00:37:31):

Well, I appreciate it. I thank you so much for tuning into the show and then calling in with this great story. It’s one of those head scratchers. I think it definitely falls into that category, kind of like what in the world was that all about? Absolutely. If you ever come up with an idea or learn some information or have some insights or any other stories, please do call us back. And thank you for being a part of a Campfire.

Eric (TX) (00:37:55):

Absolute. Thank you

Jim Harold (00:37:56):

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Announcer (00:40:39):

Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at JimHaroldplus.com. Now back to another great story.

Jim Harold (00:40:50):

Dave is on the line from South Jersey. I got to tell you I love this because what Dave is going to talk to us about, we’ve heard of a few times on the show, but not much that of time slips. Dave heard about us several months ago on the great Coast to Coast AM and tip of a cap to them always. So kind to us. Tell us about this time slip because I love this topic.

Dave (NJ) (00:41:12):

Well, this started back in the 92 is when it occurred. It was my wife. It was before we got married. She had just graduated from medical school and she had a friend in medical school she was going to go visit out in San Diego. She lived in San Diego, we lived on the east coast. So she flew out there and she said to her friend, well, I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. So it was fine. Her friend bought a couple tickets, cheap tickets, flew to Phoenix, and they rented a car and drove from Phoenix up to Sedona, which kind of I think is a midway point between there and the Grand Canyon. But it was late at night. They got in late, they rented a car, so they probably didn’t start up the road till 10 o’clock at night. And so my wife was driving and she was tired, but she felt bad for her friend. Her friend had gone out of her way to accommodate her. So she let her friend go to sleep while she drove, and then all of a sudden she said that it was dark out, there was nothing. It was the middle of the desert, nothing going on. All of a sudden it got kind of like a hazy white, black and white dawn type of thing. And she started seeing dinosaurs.

Speaker 9 (00:42:29):


Dave (NJ) (00:42:32):

Yeah, dinosaurs and like primordial plants. And she said she could still see the road, but everything else from the barren desert turned into jungle with these dinosaurs stepping over her. But she said they looked kind of ethereal and they’re black and white. From what I read about time slips it’s kind of typical to have either black and white or kind of subdued tone. So anyway, she’s like, well, I’m really tired. This is ridiculous. She doesn’t think about dinosaurs. She’s not like a dinosaur fan, so it’s not like she didn’t understand why she’s seeing dinosaurs, so she must just be tired. So she tried to tough it out because she didn’t want to bother her friend to wake her up. But finally she’s like, and it literally went on for 10 minutes she said. Finally she just pulled over and woke her friend up. By the time she pulled over, she wasn’t sure where the transition went back to desert, but she woke her friend up and said, Terry, this is crazy.


You’re going to have to drive because I’m hallucinating and, you know, my wife is a surgical resident. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be tired. So when she told me the story after I met, we’re like, haha, surgical resident, you’re really whacked. You don’t get any sleep. Until 1997. Five years later after we’d been married, I heard the story and we joked about it a lot. We didn’t think too much of it. So I was watching one of these discovery shows like Discovery or History Channel or something, and they were talking about the vortex sites at Sedona, and they were interviewing a lady who lived there and she said, sometimes I go out on my porch or my deck and I look across the valley in the desert. I see dinosaurs.

Speaker 9 (00:44:11):

Oh boy.

Dave (NJ) (00:44:12):

Yeah. So I was sitting watching the TV and my wife was doing, so I’m like, you got to get in here and see this. And so we watched it like, yep, that’s pretty much what happened to me. My wife’s had some other little issues with time slips, not quite as dramatic, but in retrospect, we’ve gone over it a million times. She was awake, she was driving, and she’s not crazy. She’s a well-educated, well-grounded person, and she saw dinosaurs.

Jim Harold (00:44:41):

Dave, I don’t doubt it because I believe, and I’ve said this many times on the shows, I think that reality is far stranger than we understand. And there’s these little glitches or these little happenings that kind of are outliers that happen to us that I don’t think that we can understand. And I think it’s kind of silly to discount them. As you said, your wife is a learned woman, down to, you know, her feet are on the ground, not given the flight of fancy, but she saw dinosaurs. I don’t doubt it for a minute.

Dave (NJ) (00:45:16):

Yeah, that’s cool stuff. And there’s some other things we got. Maybe I’ll call you back at another time. Little time. She’s like a time slip queen, this girl. It’s very strange.

Jim Harold (00:45:25):

Oh yes, please do. And folks, if you have a time slip story, we’d love to hear more of them. And Dave, I really hope you come back and tell us that. I love that story, a time slip and your wife, she saw dinosaurs, and again, I believe it 110%. Thank you so much for being on the Campfire tonight.

Dave (NJ) (00:45:43):

Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:45:45):

Well, as you know, I really enjoy having repeat callers on, particularly when it’s a caller who has provided what I think one of the classic Campfire stories. I guess we’ve only been around a year and a half. I don’t know if you could call anything classic at this point, but in terms of the calls we’ve had, one of the best one is by Sandy from San Diego. She told us about Bull Moose, Jackson, the blues man from the grave. That was way back, I think in episode nine. And she’s returned to tell us a couple of stories. And Sandy, thanks for coming back on and I hear you’ve got something about time travel that’s kind of wild. Tell us what happened.

Sandy (CA) (00:46:23):

Well, good to see you again, Jim, or I guess talk to you, would be the right phrase. I decided I’d go visit one of my friends and he lived about a mile away from my house, so I decided I’d walk there because I was in my twenties, so I guess a mile didn’t seem all that far. It kind of does now.


But anyway, it was one of those classic mid-November days where the skies are gray and kind of a little bit of drizzle here and there. And the sun was just setting behind me. So it was probably about four o’clock or so in the afternoon, and it was kind of the part of November where there was no leaves left on the trees. You’re going into winter and I’m walking through this suburban neighborhood to get to my friend’s house. And I have a tendency to watch the ground very carefully when I walk because if there’s a possible way to twist my ankle, I will. So I have a tendency just plod forth and watch the road. And as I’m just about to make a turn on that, the road that kind of takes a dog leg that turns off to the left does about a 45 degree angle and straightens out. I’m walking along and all of a sudden I feel my body feeling heated by the sun, and I feel the sun washing my body and I’m looking down at the ground still and my feet are bare and I’m on a dirt road.

Jim Harold (00:48:13):

Well, that’s either some type of out-of-body experience or some kind of example of global warming. I’m not sure which. No, but that’s pretty wild. So you felt like you were in a different body, a different place, almost different climate in every way?

Sandy (CA) (00:48:29):

Totally. In every way. I mean, basically it was even the time of year was different, and it was more like late spring. So the leaves were fresh and green. They were full open, but fresh and green. And I could see bugs floating around. And I was kind of in this wooded area. I was standing in a clearing, I was kind of off of the road a bit, and I was standing there saying, okay, all the houses were gone. And I’m looking up at the sun and the sky is crystal clear blue, and it’s early morning, and the air was pristine and beautiful. And I remember I looked back down at my feet and I could feel the dirt underneath them. And I noticed I have a dark brown dress on that’s almost down to my ankles, but not quite. And I thought, what’s kind of funny about that? And I realized that my chest was flat.


And so I looked at my hands and I realized I was probably about 11 or 12 years old, and the only thing that was similar was my hair was the same color, but it was tied up in pigtails. So I’m like, okay, what is going on? Where am I? And when am I? And who am I? And so I’m standing there kind of contemplating it. And for the briefest flash of a second, I heard my name in my mind in my mind, but I couldn’t hold onto it. And so it just flashed out of my memory. And so I thought, well, maybe if I just relax a little bit, my name will come back to me. I was really curious, who am I right now? And so as I’m kind of enjoying the scene, because it really was quite beautiful. I could hear a horse coming down where the road straightened out the road, oddly enough, followed the same curvature as the asphalt road I had been on, which is kind of strange, but I couldn’t see the horses yet or the horse yet, because that part of the road was densely wooded.


So I thought, okay, well this is good. Somebody’s coming down the road and maybe they’ll know my name and where I live, and so on and so forth. So I was kind of excited and I said, well, and I started to see the horse emerge from the trees, and there was a guy on a wagon, and I thought, oh, well, maybe I’ll check out his clothes and I’ll look at the hardware and the wagon and maybe I could try to figure out what timeframe I’m at. And I really couldn’t tell anything from what he was wearing at all. So I’m kind of waiting for him to get nearer. To me. This took quite a while. The horses just clopping along very slowly, and I just instinctively at one point just raised my hand up and say, hi, Mister. And I knew his name. And then I said, wow, where did that come from? Of course, over the years, I’ve forgotten what his name was. And so I was all excited and I’m sitting there and standing there, and I’m waiting for him to answer me back to him. So I’m waiting to hear my name, and he just kind looks over at me like I was really bothering him and just went howdy. I was like, damn. I’m like, so I was thinking to myself, well, maybe I’ll go over to him and I’ll ask him who I am. But then I thought about it, that might appear crazy. And they weren’t really nice to crazy people back then.

Jim Harold (00:52:21):

No, they weren’t. They would put you away in a dark place and then ever let you see the light of day again.

Sandy (CA) (00:52:26):

Exactly. So I thought better of that. And plus maybe if he had been a friendlier guy, I might’ve gone over and talked to him, but he seemed kind of mean. So I decided to not pursue that any further. So now I’m just standing there and I’m going, now what do I do? Where do I go? My brain started kicking me into survival mode. I may not go back to the 21st century at this point. I’ve been there like 10 or 15 minutes, and I’m thinking, okay, now what do I do? And I’m going, well, I’m a little girl, so I have to get somewhere where I can be safe. So I think I’m thinking, well, if I could head towards town, God knows where that is. But if I could head towards a town, maybe somebody will recognize me. I could maybe find a newspaper and find out the dates and the town I’m in because I’m thinking, I want this data so if I do come back, I want to research this.

Jim Harold (00:53:35):


Sandy (CA) (00:53:39):

But of course, I didn’t know which way town was, or I could have been on my own property. My house could have been 300 feet away from me. I didn’t know. I didn’t know who I was. So I figured since I was facing the direction where the man had come out of down the road from, that maybe I was headed in that direction. So I decided, well, I might have to walk five or 15 or 20 miles, but I got to start and at least I have the whole day in front of me, and most likely I’ll find a farmhouse somewhere. So I started to proceed to find out the road to where I was. And as quick as a flash of a moment and my feet were on the asphalt again, my body was cold, it was drizzling a little bit, and I just stopped where I was and I was back and I was like, what the heck just happened to me. Wow. I whirled around because I half expected the guy with the horse and the wagon to be behind me, and I turned around to look, and it was suburban manicured yards. I was back and the sun hadn’t really shifted in the sky at all. It didn’t appear to be. And I looked down to the ground and I thought, was I walking as I was doing this? I was like, I was on a road, but it appeared like I did it. Whatever happened, it happened in mid step becauseI was exactly where I was.

Jim Harold (00:55:15):

Now, I got to ask, I mean, these are two, the story that you told us last, I guess it would’ve been last spring, and this one are among the most, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, but the most incredible ones that we’ve heard. Do you think that you attract this kind of thing?

Sandy (CA) (00:55:32):

Yeah, but I’m kind of like a one-timer. It happens to me once. And I have to tell you, as a young child, I had a lot of experiences and I was very contemplative, and I kind of was one of those kids that had astral things happen. So maybe I just have that open kind of nature. I don’t know.

Jim Harold (00:55:59):

And that’s a remarkable story. So you think that somehow maybe, and I’ve heard this before and we’ve talked about this, I would even throw out the possibility of somehow another dimension.

Sandy (CA) (00:56:09):

Well, that’s what was odd to me, to this day. I don’t know whether it was that where an einsteinian folded space where, and I walked into some poor girl’s body. Or was it a past lifetime that I was re-experiencing? I don’t know the difference because my personality was so big in that body that I couldn’t even remember who I was. So it wasn’t like I felt connected to this little girl at all. I was just kind of disappointed that I couldn’t find more information so I could research on. And what was odd is I think that I’ve gone forward time and seen little snippets of my future, but never back how far this was. It had to be probably 1800s-esque because of the length of my dress. I’m suspecting,

Jim Harold (00:57:16):

I think that might be, I’ve had out of body. I think that might be our first time travel experience that we’ve had on the show. So I certainly appreciate you calling back in again and sharing your story and let us know if anything else comes up.

Sandy (CA) (00:57:29):

Okay, well thank you so much, Jim. Have a good night.

Jim Harold (00:57:32):

Jim Harold’s. Campfire is brought to you by Ritual, and sometimes you should trust your gut and sometimes you shouldn’t. I remember when I first started in radio, I got this fancy job with a bigger radio station. I’m like, I’m going to go do it. And I did it and it was a disaster. Now that’s a time I shouldn’t have trusted my gut. And probiotics can’t help you with that kind of stuff. But if your gut itself needs a little support, Ritual has your back. They’ve made a three-in-one supplement with clinically studied prebiotics, probiotics, and a postbiotic to support a balanced gut microbiome. Did you know that daily disturbances, like poor diet, stress, travel, the use of certain medications, and plenty of other factors can throw off your gut microbiome? Enter Ritual with symbiotic plus. Now I love Ritual and you can trust Ritual very, very much.


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Announcer (00:59:57):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (01:00:00):

Next up on the line is one of our biggest supporters. Sylvia is on the line from California and she’s going to tell us about a trip to a cemetery. She was doing some research and then I’ll let her share the strangeness that ensued. Sylvia, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for all your support and tell us what happened.

Sylvia (CA) (01:00:20):

Hi Jim. Thanks for having me back. So I’ll start the story with, like you said, I love cemeteries and I love doing local research at cemeteries. And the summer before last, I had discovered a very big and beautiful one that had a mix of old graves dating back from the 18 00s to newer graves on the other side. And this cemetery had two entry points. One led you in through the old section and then the other one led you in through the newer section. Now I had entered through the old section and was just kind of winding my way through the cemetery, driving in my car towards the newer part. As I was driving closer to the newer part, I noticed a very grand funeral was taking place and whomever this person was, they were very well loved and very well respected. And I say that because there were so many people there and everyone there was dressed to the nines. The gals were in these matching pink dresses and the fellas were in these wonderful gray charcoal suits that matched these big charcoal gray Escalades parked near the ceremony. And my first thought was like, I’m not going to drive by this. I don’t want to interrupt. I’m just here doing research, so I’m going to put my car in reverse and go back to the older section and leave them be. And as I’m putting my car in reverse, I looked away for all of five seconds and when I look up, I look up. There’s nobody there.

Jim Harold (01:02:00):


Sylvia (CA) (01:02:01):

Yeah. And it gets even weirder because I’m like, okay, whatever. I’m just going to dismiss that as the universe playing tricks on me, whatever. So I put my car back into drive, and then I just keep driving through the newer part. I was just going to check out the rest of the cemetery before I got out and did research. And as I am driving down that stretch where that funeral had been taking place, these two big charcoal gray escalades come driving down the path, they drive past me and I watch them in my rear view mirror. They park at that same site and who comes piling out of those two Escalades, but all of those gals and fellas that I had seen that were dressed to the nines?

Jim Harold (01:02:50):


Sylvia (CA) (01:02:51):

The same people. Yeah.

Jim Harold (01:02:54):

So in essence, you had seen what was going to happen just a few minutes earlier.

Sylvia (CA) (01:03:00):

Yeah, yeah. I was flabbergasted.

Jim Harold (01:03:05):

Well, no wonder.

Sylvia (CA) (01:03:06):

Yeah, needless to say, I was like, you know what? I’m going to come back another day. I’m a little bit too spooked out right now to do any research.

Jim Harold (01:03:15):

Yeah, I think this kind of thing is real because it seems to me, and I’m no scientist and I don’t claim to be, but if you read the accounts of various scientists and so forth, time is not necessarily linear. It’s much more mysterious than we understand. And I also would extend that to the nature of reality. It’s far more, it’s not as cut and dry, black and white as we think it is. And who’s to say that there isn’t a glitch in the matrix, so to speak, and you just literally saw what was going to happen. It’s almost like kind of a deja vu on a grand scale.

Sylvia (CA) (01:03:55):

Yes, definitely. And that could be what deja vu is. I mean, who knows? That goes into quantum physics and all of that,

Jim Harold (01:04:02):

Right. Which is way above my pay grade, let me tell you.

Sylvia (CA) (01:04:07):

Same here.

Jim Harold (01:04:08):

I can barely pronounce it, let alone understand it. But what I can’t understand is the world is a strange place. And I love when people join me on that journey into the strangeness of the world. And Sylvia, you’ve certainly done that, and I thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

Sylvia (CA)) (01:04:25):

Thank you, Jim. It was wonderful talking with you.

Jim Harold (01:04:28):

We have a very special guest on the line, Scotty Roberts. He is a raconteur, an author, a speculator, and a study of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mysteries for years behind the Great Paradigm Symposium. He does a lot of great work with John Ward and he pinged me on Facebook the other day and said, Jim, I simply have a Campfire story I’d really like to tell. Would you like to have me on the show? And I said, absolutely. We would like to have him on the show. So from the wilds of rural Wisconsin, we have Scotty Roberts on the line, and he’s going to tell us about a very interesting story that happened during a military reenactment. Scotty, thank you for thinking of me and I can’t wait to hear your story.

Scotty Roberts (01:05:16):

Well, thanks for having me, Jim. Yeah, I was listening to Campfire stories and I thought, man, I’d love to call in. And I thought, nah, I better talk to Jim first. And so I have a lot of good stories over the years, but there’s one that is a really great standout for me. Back in the late nineties, we founded a little historical reenacting group and we kind of dubbed it edu-tainment because we chose the Highlands Scots, who fought for the British army during the French and Indian War, which was the 1750s in Colonial America, pre American Revolution. And we would go reenact battles and things like that with other groups like us. We’d put on our kilts and our red coats and our swords and our muskets, our king’s long land, the 72 caliber firelock musket, the brown Bess and our bonnets about our heads.


And we’d reenact these battles. And one of the opportunities we had was to go as a big group out to Ticonderoga New York, up in the Adirondacks there and out on a spit of land from Lake. It’s kind of funny, I forget which lake it sits on. It’s on that spit of land between two of the lakes up there, lake George, and it’s slipping my mind, the other lake at the moment. But the French used to hold that prior to the American Revolution, prior to the French and Indian War, and it was Fort Carillon and it is now known as Fort Ticonderoga. And if you walk through today through the gates of Fort Ticonderoga, you can see some of the amazing historical figures from American history that have been through there, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, many of these characters from the American Revolution fought at that fort.


And so we were there with about 1200 reenactors if memory serves. And it was back in 2001 when this story took place. And we set up camp and the camps you set up there are all done like the military camps of the day, little A-frame troop tents, all your flags, all your muskets in there, their little tents and so on. And we set up on what was some of the battlefields out there. And we were under mandate to not dig our own fire pits. They gave us metal plates to put fires on because you start digging out there and they don’t know what you’re going to find and hit artifact-wise and historically. And so we’re out there on these big fields. And the first night we were there, let me back this story up, just a touch on our drive from Minnesota to New York.


We were about two thirds of the way there, and we got news that one of our guys who was part of our group that his wife had passed away, she had been fighting leukemia, and it was actually, she was in remission and it was the treatment that took her life. And we stopped on the way. And of course everybody was pretty broken up and we stopped and drank a little toast to her. And we went on our way and we got to the event. And that night we’re all dressed. Now you’ve got a picture this, we’re in what looks like 18th century military camps. There’s fires all over, all the tents are set up, there’s singing, there’s music, we’re all in uniforms, and we’re dressed down a bit because it’s nighttime. So we’re in our shirts and our kilts and our hose and shoes and vests and things like that.


And it was rather warm. It was upstate New York in July. And when you drive up to Fort Ticonderoga, it’s surrounded by forest. And back 250 years ago when the French knew that the British were coming in land to attack the fort, they leveled the forests around it for about a mile out from the fort itself. And they dug all these battlements, these trenches, and then built the walls up around the mound works and then built walls out of all the down trees all the way around the outskirts of this fort. And that’s where they defended. And when the British attacked under, there was a general Abercrombie, which is a familiar name for many, and they attacked the fort and it was not going well for the British and the Scots who were fighting for the British Army. They were in a particular part of the fort where they were storming the walls.


And Abercrombie is not held in high regard at the time by the Scots. He called a retreat and hightailed it out of there and the Scots didn’t get the order right away and they kept fighting. They were ferocious fighters and they had about 1200 of them that continued to storm the French walls on these battlements. And in a very short span of time, there were about 1200 of them killed on the walls there. And there’s a place in the forest today, which is now of course all grown back up around it known as the killing field. And this is where the earthen works are still there today. You can go to the fort and out in the woods, you can find the earthen works these mounds and follow them along the outskirts of the wall all the way around the fort back down to the lake.


And so we walked that night, we decided we’ve just had a friend pass away today. We also had other friends within our group that had passed away. And so we were all in uniform and we grabbed a couple of bottles of scotch, we grabbed our bagpiper and we walked out on these earthen mound works at about 10:30 at night with no lights other than a couple of lanterns. Remember, we’re reenacting 18th century. So here’s a bunch of burly guys and kilts with scotch, with a bagpiper, with lanterns. And we’re walking along the earthen works that run down along the side of the fort, and we get to the place that’s known as the killing field. And this is where all these Scots had died, storming the walls. And frankly, one of the regiments that we represented, we portray the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment or the Black Watch as they’re known in vernacular, which is still an active unit today.


It was the Black Watch or the 42nd that lost the most men on that corner of the wall. And so we stood there and offered up the soldier’s prayer to the woods in the dark. Now remind you there’s no light other than our lanterns. And it’s 10:30 at night, and once your eyes adjusted, you could barely see the haze. You could see the outlines of the tall trees all around you. It’s all pine. And so we’re standing in the middle of this forest up on this earthwork, which stands out, oh, about a half a mile from the for itself. And so once we finished the soldier’s prayer, we drank a toast, we passed the bottle around and very respectfully drank a toast to our fallen comrades. And those we knew who had passed, and then also to the soldiers who had fallen 250 years earlier.


And our bagpiper then played on the pipes Amazing Grace. And as we’re standing as he’s playing, once he finished, we had a moment of silence. And now once again, get that setting in the dark in the woods. You’re in historic uniforms. You’re standing on a site where 1200 men lost their lives, a unit that you are representing. And in that moment of silence, after the bagpipe stopped, it was dead quiet, dead calm. And out of the woods rose, what looked like hundreds if not a thousand, what we said were will o’ wisp, fireflies. And they rose up out of the woods and we stood there in silence and they flew from out of the woods, the killing fields where all these men had fallen and lost their lives. And flying is a misnomer. It’s like a whole cloud of them hovered over and settled around us and were just hovering on the air, floating on the air around us. And one of our guys turned to me and said, will o’wisp.


And somebody else said, this is the spirits of the Scots who’ve fallen, honoring us for honoring them. Now, of course, we can look at that and say, scientifically, we know that fireflies exist and that they rise up out of these woods on nights and hot nights and so on. It wasn’t so much that we could explain it away or understand it scientifically. It was that it was at the moment. Anybody out there who does paranormal work or investigation or has seen spirits or communicated with them will know it’s not always the fact that you get a certain kind of response, as you get a response and it’s too coincidental to be coincidental. So here we are standing in the woods with all these fireflies or will o’ wisp around us, and we decided very quietly, we just turned and we were going to go back toward the camp back out of the woods, which is about a half a mile hike for us.


And we hiked along the top of these earthen works and this cloud of will o’ wisps followed us or out of the woods. And where we emerged, there’s a big replica of a giant red wooden cross that was erected by Lord Montcalm. He was the French commander. And after the battle of Fort Ticonderoga, there were so many dead, he opened up a common grave and had French and English and British all buried together in this common grave. And he erected a large about 20 foot tall wooden cross and painted it red. And even some of his officers protested, how can you bury British soldiers alongside French soldiers? And he says, they are all men who lost their lives in honor fighting. And so he made this common grave and that grave site is still there today. And they’ve erected, of course, a replica after 250 years.


The original was no longer there, but they erected this. And so we went out to the giant Red Cross out on the field, and we did the same. We offered up a prayer, and as we’re doing that, the willows had left the woods, followed us out, crossed the road with us, and they were all hovering around us and the giant Red Cross. And as soon as we were done and we had drunk our toast, we had our moment of silence. They all lifted and dissipated and they were gone. And so you can make what you want of this story, but the feeling in the air was palpable. There was, I like to say, when I’m talking to people about things like this, I say, look, I’m not a rube. I didn’t fall off the turnip cart yesterday. I know what is. I know how to decipher things.


We know how to measure things out. We know how to look for things. But in this particular instance, and we’re talking 2001 now, so we’re talking 17 years ago, but I remember it doesn’t seem that long ago, by the way. I remember standing there thinking, this has common sense to us, and yet it defies common sense. So the question we all left with from that weekend, from that event that took place the first night before anything we reenacted any battles or anything was we’re honoring our own fallen allies. We’re honoring the fallen of the group that we represent historically and theatrically that we teach about. And it happened right on the site where they died and then they followed us out of the woods and all this happens. So I walk away from that event being a very pragmatic guy. I’ve got to see it, touch it, taste it, feel it, experience it to believe it, to put belief in something. Yet I walked away from that event saying we were surrounded by the spirits of the fallen there that were honoring us for honoring them. And it’s an experience I will never forget.

Jim Harold (01:19:00):

That’s a great story and I love it, and I love the phrase, I’ve used it before, it’s too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. And the fact that it happened, and then when you went over to the Red Cross, they picked up and whatever, they were moved over to follow you over there. I thought that’s just further verification. What a great story that is and what a great memory that is. That had to be very, very powerful.

Scotty Roberts (01:19:27):

Very moving.

Jim Harold (01:19:30):

Mmm hmm, it has to be, I mean, my goodness, and in the context, remembering these fallen warriors indeed. And again, we often say it might be only once or twice in a lifetime that each of us have these kind of wild stories, but most everybody has one, and I know you have multiple ones. I’m so glad you shared this one and I hope you’ll share others in the future. 

Next up on the Campfire, a long time supporter, Emily from Washington State is on the line and she has one of my favorite kinds of stories. I would definitely classify this, Emily, as a head scratcher. Welcome to the show. Thanks for the support, and tell us what happened.

Emily (WA) (01:20:10):

Thank you again for having me on. So I went camping with my then boyfriend’s family in a really small town in Montana, really, really small. And we were out by the river. It was probably about midnight, actually. It was midnight. And I decided I had had enough of family time and I was going to go spend some time by myself. So I go down to take the path down to the river and I see a different path that I hadn’t seen during the day. So I decided I’m going to go down there and see where that takes me. It takes me down to a little secluded area of the river where you don’t see any of the other campers, and I go to walk down and sit near the water and I see a bench. I got kind of a weird feeling, so I didn’t sit on the bench. I sat with my feet in the water and I sit down, go to grab a lighter or look down to grab everything that I wanted. And then I looked back up and everything was black, no stars, no moon, nothing at all. And it was really, really creepy. I could hear what sounded like growling coming from around me, and I’m like, okay, well, this is weird. And I sit down there for about 10 to 15 minutes, smoke a cigarette, and decided I have had absolutely enough of this creepiness. I wanted to come down here and look at the stars, look at the moon, and there was just absolutely nothing, and I couldn’t even see the trees around me. It was so dark.

Jim Harold (01:22:15):


Emily (WA)  (01:22:16):

So I go and as I’m walking back to the camp, I feel like something’s watching me or following me. So I hurry myself back to camp and I look back up as I’m getting back onto the asphalt path that leads you to the other campsites and all these stars on the moon came back and I was really freaked out. So I hurry myself, run back to camp, and I talked to my boyfriend and he’s like, that was really fast. You were only gone for a minute. And I was like, no, I smoked a cigarette.

Jim Harold (01:23:01):


Emily (WA) (01:23:04):

I was gone for about 15 minutes, and even my phone was like, no, you’ve only been gone for a minute because it was 12:01 or 12:02 by the time I got back to camp.

Jim Harold (01:23:14):

Oh, man. We’ve had similar stories to that. We had one of the Campfire classics from probably 2009, 2010, about somebody went to see a movie and they had a similar experience where they looked at their watch and it didn’t make any sense. Nothing made any sense.

Emily (WA) (01:23:29):

Yeah, I remember that one.

Jim Harold (01:23:30):

Yeah. Yeah. The one about Hellboy, what do you think happened? Do you have any theories?

Emily (WA) (01:23:38):

The only thing that I could think of was, and this is going to sound totally out there because I’m not even sure I believe this – 

Jim Harold (01:23:47):

We specialize in out there on the show, so don’t worry, let it fly.

Emily (WA) (01:23:53):

The only thing that I could think of was it was just because it was a path that I hadn’t seen. The only thing that I can think of is maybe a portal to who knows where, but I’m not 100% sure. I believe that because I don’t know what else would cause total blackness. I could see the water and I could feel it, but I couldn’t see anything else. It was just like I had closed my eyes.

Jim Harold (01:24:25):

That is just an odd, odd experience. I bet that it’s one of those things that maybe has changed the way you think about life. I mean, we tend to think, I know I do, even though I do this show, I think of things in very concrete terms, but something like that, I think that might change my way of thinking and even open my mind more. When something like that happens to you, how did it shape your thoughts on all of this?

Emily (WA) (01:24:50):

I never really believed in any of that stuff. I’ve had weird experiences, and at the time I was living in an apartment, I had weird things happen there, but I didn’t believe in portals to maybe some other dimension until that happened. And my boyfriend, now husband, thinks I’m absolutely crazy. He is like, you were gone for one minute. I don’t. There’s no way.

Jim Harold (01:25:19):

Well, until it happens to him.

Emily (WA) (01:25:24):

True. Maybe we should go back there and I’ll take him with me.

Jim Harold (01:25:26):

Yeah. Yeah. It’d be interesting. Is that path still there?

Emily (WA) (01:25:30):

I don’t want to think about that.

Jim Harold (01:25:34):

Well, Emily, you’ve certainly made us think, and I’d be curious if anybody else out there has ever had an experience where they have tripped over some kind of portal or had missing time or a time slip or a time glitch like Emily did. Emily, thank you so much for joining us tonight on the Campfire and telling this magnificent story.

Emily (WA) (01:25:55):

Thank you for having me, and I really hope if somebody else had an experience like that, they’ll call in and let you know. I would love to know.

Jim Harold (01:26:03):

We’re waiting for ’em to sign up. Hopefully they will. Thanks again, Emily. 

Emily (WA):

Thank you very much. 

Jim Harold: 

Well, thank you so much for joining us on this special time travel time slip episode of the Campfire. Next week we’ll be back with an all new set of Campfire Stories, and if you enjoyed this show and enjoy our shows in general, please hit share right from your podcasting app, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pocketcast, whatever it might be. I would appreciate it very, very much. Thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Stay safe, share the show, and stay spooky. Bye-Bye, everybody.

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