Two Video Announcements From Jim!

Two big video announcements!

First, I’ll be returning to video in September! I am working on a project where every week I will spotlight a classic Campfire story and interview the experiencer on video! I think this will be a great way to share these stories with a broader audience. This will be in addition to the weekly audio Campfire program and will no way interfere with it, other than to increase its audience, I hope!

This will exclusively be available via YouTube. I hope you enjoy the videos and share them with your friends. More details to follow, stay tuned!

Secondly, I am excited to announce I will be doing a multi hour Halloween video broadcast/marathon with guests via Google+ Hangouts On Air on October 31, 2012. This will allow you to watch us interact with paranormal guests from around the world during the Halloween holiday…it should be great fun! Stay tuned for more details. This will be free and open to anyone who wants to tune in to this live broadcast at


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