Welcome JimHarold.NET Visitors

You are likely here because you were visiting JimHarold.net, the former site for my Plus Club. Well, don’t worry because Jim’s Plus Club is still going strong! It has just changed addresses. You can find the NEW home of Jim’s Paranormal Plus Club at JimHaroldPlus.com

Here are some handy dandy links to direct you to the proper place!

  1. If were a member of Jim’s Legacy Plus Club formerly at JimHarold.NET but aren’t sure about how to access your membership benefits in the NEW Club, CLICK HERE to contact Jim with your questions on access. We have sent multiple emails regarding this but realize things can be missed. We are dedicated to taking care of our long time members.
  2. If you are a member at Jim’s NEW Club, go to the home page of the NEW site at JimHaroldPlus.com to access the Plus content.
  3. If you have never been a member and want to join Jim’s NEW Plus Club CLICK HERE
  4. Should you want to access Jim’s FREE podcasts, just go to the main page here at JimHarold.COM

Thanks for visiting!