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Spirit Medium Carole J. Obley joins me to talk about the wisdom that can be gleaned from the spirit world. Carole shares insights from her book, “Wisdom from the Spirit World: Teachings on Love, Forgiveness, Purpose and Finding Peace,” that you can find at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3w49KCl

Carole shares the true purpose and healing potential of mediumship, which goes far beyond mere parlor tricks. We discuss intriguing concepts such as soul blueprints, the Akashic records, and karmic lessons, with Carole offering practical advice on how we can use our power of choice to shape the quality of our lives and navigate difficult relationships by tapping into our higher selves. Throughout the episode, Carole shares fascinating examples from her thousands of readings, illustrating how ancestors and unexpected spirits often come through with revelatory messages.

Join me for this conversation that will leave you with a renewed sense of purpose, peace, and connection. Carole guides listeners on how to access these spiritual truths for themselves through simple yet powerful techniques like mindfulnessh. Don’t miss this episode of The Paranormal Podcast with Carole Obley.

Jim Harold (00:00):

Wisdom from the spirit world, up next on the Paranormal Podcast,

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This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Jim Harold (00:22):

Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I’m Jim Harold and so glad to be with you once again. Can you obtain wisdom from those who have passed over, your loved ones? Well, our guest today says the answer is yes. I’m talking about Carole Obley and she’s been a long time spiritual medium and author, and she has a book out recently called Wisdom from the Spirit World: Teachings on Love, Forgiveness, Purpose and Finding Peace, and we’re so glad to have her with us once again. Carole, welcome back to the show. It’s been too long.

Carole Obley (01:03):

Hey, yes, thanks for having me again, Jim, I love being on your show.

Jim Harold (01:09):

So let me ask you, I mean, I think that sometimes when people think about spirit mediums, they just skim the surface. They say, I’m going to have a reading. This’ll be like a fun little thing, not really expecting to get anything serious in my life. I think some people do expect something serious and impactful, but a lot of people are just, it’s like a parlor game. Can you explain why it’s really a lot more than that?

Carole Obley (01:39):

Yeah. Well, mediumship is one tool in the toolbox of healing. There are many: psychotherapy, going out into nature, meditation, but specifically with the value of mediumship in the grief journey is to provide evidence that that life of that deceased loved one continues. And the second facet of mediumship that I believe is often overlooked is that of the recipient of the reading, truly obtaining an inner knowing that their soul is also eternal and is part of the divine force that most people call God. I call that force Spirit. You can call it whatever you like, but those I would say are the two main reasons that mediumship is an important healing tool. I’m extremely genuine and transparent in the way that I talk about mediumhship, and I always tell people it is not a cure all. It is one tool in the toolbox. There are many, so I never look at it or have considered it as the ultimate healing for grief. It is one of several and it’s never coming from the medium herself. The medium is simply the conduit. It’s coming from that higher source. Again, whatever you want to call that; spirit, God, higher power, it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same.

Jim Harold (03:36):

So I love in the first part of this book, you had section one, part one, you signed up for this. What do you mean by you signed up for this?

Carole Obley (03:48):

Yeah, well, what it means is that on a soul level, and I am emphasizing soul in contrast to conscious meaning from the personality or the ego on a soul level, we all sort of, I say sign up or plan the impending incarnation and especially what we are going to do as far as our general lessons. In all of the books I’ve written, I term these blueprints. Some mediums call them contracts. I call them blueprints because they are much more, I should say, lenient perhaps than signing on the dotted line like with a contract, meaning that we can meet those particular lessons or experiences in various ways depending upon our choice, which is a reality, free will. We all have that, even though I know there’s certain people who believe we don’t. I can tell you my experience in 30 years of being a medium is that we most certainly do. So that would be the blueprint or what we sign up for before we come here.

Jim Harold (05:18):

Now you talk about the Akashic records and a lot of people might not be aware of this or understand what it is. Can you talk about the Akashic records and their importance?

Carole Obley (05:32):

Yeah, I also call them the Akashic files. It’s the same thing the other term, and Edgar Casey, the famous American psychic during the twenties and thirties when he did his readings, called it God’s Book of Life, and it is a book of life in that each soul has one of these. There’s also a collective, Akashic meaning all of human consciousness. And so the individual book of life or Akashic is sort of a subset. If we go back to our geometry days with those interlocking circles, the big one would be human collective consciousness. The Akashic file, which consists of all of humanity’s thoughts and actions since the beginning of time, whenever that was, the individual is sort of a subset of that. And if you think of a giant tape recorder, that’s what the Akashic is. And so it’s constantly recording every thought that we have, every relationship that we have, every action that we take, that’s the Akashic, and it’s forever moving. So it exists in the ethers. That’s what Akashic really means. It’s from the Sanskrit and it means ethers. And so these records or files, if you will, are stored in the subconscious of each human being.

Jim Harold (07:21):

I want to talk about these karmic lessons a little bit. Now, does that mean, okay, let’s say that I’m in one life. Let’s say I’m a boss, I’m a manager of people, and this could have been many years ago or present day, and maybe I don’t treat my people so well. Maybe I treat them as though they’re insignificant underlings. Does that mean in the next life I’ll have a life where I’m the quote underling and I have to suffer under the domination of someone who is the same way I was? Is that what this essentially means, karmic lessons? Is it that simple or is it more complex than that?

Carole Obley (08:07):

I have found in my work, and that’s all I ever talk about on radio and podcasts and when I write books, that there are many possibilities, many opportunities I should say, to balance karma. So the scenario that you laid out where you kind of become the opposite, that’s a possibility. There is also, again, going back to using Casey, Edgar Casey, he talked about grace, this thing called grace. So what is that? Well, it’s granted by the creator, by God, by spirit, so that we don’t have to experience what you just laid out like, oh, okay, I’m going through this kind of painful experience. But grace would mean that I am presented with opportunities to balance that karma where I treated people badly or in an arrogant fashion. I’m given these other opportunities to balance that karma, and that’s what is called great. So I don’t necessarily have to go through that same opposite experience.


And you are correct, Jim, in saying that karma is not what most people conceive of it. Like, well, I murdered somebody in that lifetime, so maybe I’m doomed to be killed in this lifetime. It’s really not that simple, at least in my experience. There are many layers to it. There are many opportunities for the soul to heal, and all karma means is cause and effect. It’s from the natural laws of which there are seven main natural laws, meaning God’s laws. These are immutable principles that will always supersede human-made law. So the law of cause and effect is in a nutshell, that’s karma. What I create returns to me, it could be good, it could be bad, it could be neutral, but it is always in effect. It’s much like gravity. If I push a pencil to the edge of my desk, well, I don’t believe in gravity, is that going to stop that pencil from dropping? And the answer to that is no, because it’s a physical law of gravity. It’s the same way with natural law. So karma is simply I produce something and it’s going to return to me and in one way or another.

Jim Harold (11:05):

So is that what you mean? You say in the book, our power of choice determines the quality of our lives. Is that what you mean?

Carole Obley (11:12):

Bingo? Yes, exactly. People need to know that in every second there’s a choice. And we only have right now, I mean this is pretty well known in the metaphysical community with the power of now. I mean, one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle, wrote a book called The Power of Now, and it is true that we can’t hold the past in our hand. We can’t hold the future in our hand. They’re phantoms. What we have is right now, and that is the great common denominator amongst all of us and children and animals are great teachers of the now because they do not have a concept of the past or the future. And until we’re a certain age, then we start having memories of, well, that was in the past with children. Animals are always in the eternal now, and that’s why in my opinion, they are far more spiritually advanced than we are.

Jim Harold (12:26):

So how do we deal with it? Let’s say that we have our thoughts on the higher planes. We’re trying to be a good person, we’re trying to connect spiritually, all of those things, but in a very practical way, we’re dealing with someone who is difficult in our life. It could be, as I mentioned before, it could be a boss, it could be a family member, it could be a spouse, a romantic partner, someone despite your best efforts, there just seems to be a blockage there. There seems to be a problem. How do we use these spiritual principles to try to push through that and make that relationship work or maybe make it a relationship we should walk away from? What are your thoughts?

Carole Obley (13:12):

Yeah, that’s a good point. And interestingly, that’s something that has come up in communication with the spirit world. Many, many times out of case files of thousands of readings, there have been many in which the spirit person comes through and communicates from a higher perspective than the ego because what you just described is an egoic situation with that person’s personality that perhaps just doesn’t mesh with ours. And a lot of times it’s from projection that people has issues within themselves and they end up projecting that meaning they put it on us or they put it on other people. Interestingly, I’ve had many communications with the spirit world in which a soul will come through and they will give a message and the recipient will say, gee, that doesn’t sound like my dad. He was always so mean spirited when he was here and dad’s coming through and saying maybe offering an apology forgiveness, maybe saying, I treated you horribly, you turned out really well despite what I did to you.


So there’s this higher awareness from that soul perspective. Now, to answer your question, we don’t have to wait until we die to look at things through the lens of our soul. So what we can do in a difficult relationship or difficult situation is to switch, flip the switch into that other source of understanding which is higher than the ego and higher than the personality. And through that perspective, which is of the higher self, the same thing as the soul. We can make a choice from there sometimes, I mean, quite frankly, and I’m always honest in interviews and readings, that means detachment from that person. It doesn’t mean we do it with bitterness. It doesn’t mean we do it with anger or hatred, but we simply know it’s not healthy for us to continue that relationship. And so we can wish that person well. Sometimes we can’t do that, Jim in person.


We can do it on a soul level. I’ve had many clients that they’ve had to detach from family members, which is quite painful for people. Sometimes people feel like an orphan, sometimes they feel that they’re an outcast when they have to do something like that to make a choice. But coming from that higher consciousness is, I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s always possible to shift into that. And true forgiveness in a spiritual sense means a release of the past, and I discuss that a lot in Wisdom from the Spirit World. I discuss there’s a whole practically whole chapter on the power of forgiveness. I do consider it a cornerstone of healing,

Jim Harold (16:48):

Something I’ve figured out just by virtue of living to middle age. And it’s interesting how as you progress along, you kind of learn how to do things and you don’t know how you’ll learn them, but just time has a way of increasing wisdom and hopefully if I’m around 10, 20 years from now, I’ll say, boy, when I was in middle age, there’s so many things I could have done better, but with hindsight I look back and say, oh, you had it so wrong. For example, I thought when I was 30 years old, my career was over. It hadn’t even started, but I think distance helps us in figuring things out. Hindsight’s always 20/20. When you’re talking to the spirits, whether it’s the spiritual side of a person that’s away from the ego or whether you’re talking to those on the other side who can see things from a different perspective. What are common themes that they share with you about things that we as mere humans get wrong? What are some common themes? What kind of things do you hear cropping up time and time again that just as a human race, we seem just to always kind of get a little bit wrong,

Carole Obley (18:01):

And that’s really what wisdom from the spirit world is based on. I woke up one July morning and boom, the idea for the book was there. It’s like, this is what you’re going to write about. And I found that most of my books have come to me like that just very spontaneously from a higher source. So a couple of the lessons. Number one is there is an afterlife. That’s the first lesson in the book because there are people out there who do not believe that we go on after we leave the fiscal world, and I can tell you 100% with great certainty that yes, we do. So that has come through many times. Another lesson would be the bond of love is eternal. Those that we knew and loved here, including the beloved pets, are always connected to us through that bond of love, through the heart.


Another lesson would be our wounds do not diminish the light within. There are so many people who I have seen, especially currently who fall into victimhood, which is extremely disempowering in a spiritual sense, true victimhood really does not exist. Now, I say that with a few caveats like did anyone consciously choose up to be abused or murdered or whatever? Not consciously, but on a soul level, there are certain agreements, there are certain karmic themes that flow through that, but to live in the past and define ourselves through wounds, through trauma, through bad things that have happened truly limits our power. So that’s a very strong lesson that has come through from those in spirit. Another one is our values go with us. The values that we held here in life such as honesty, hard work, being connected to family, that people who value family, those go with us when we pass over service that we’ve done. I’ve heard that time and time again from the spirit world,

Jim Harold (20:33):

But is it true that I’ll use myself as an example because that’s the one I know best that let’s say that I have some things now that I feel are pretty good traits. I always joke that I’m a compassionate capitalist. I certainly want to make money to support my family and so forth, but I don’t want to hurt anybody in the process and I want to make sure that anybody who for example, gets our plus club or one of the books or merchandise, they get a good value for their money. Is it possible though, maybe if I go back several lifetimes, I wasn’t like that and I evolved to be, what I like to think of as an honest guy is that the progression is that basically the progression.

Carole Obley (21:18):

It could be again, or it could be that there’s been a theme for your soul through multiple lifetimes or several lifetimes working on the quality of let’s say integrity. Sometimes the soul can spend many lifetimes focusing on just one quality because remember that the soul knows nothing about time. It is timeless. And I always tell people because in the thousands of readings I’ve done say that Aunt Matilda comes through and the person will go, well, that was my Aunt Matilda, but she died 50 years ago, and I’ll say that it doesn’t matter, she’s still your aunt. There’s no time in the spirit world. So it’s the same way with the consciousness of the soul because the soul is immortal, it knows nothing of time and the reason why we’re here and the only reason that we are here, meaning in the physical dimension is to evolve spiritually to return to our creator.

Jim Harold (22:39):

Do you find that ancestors will come to us, maybe even ancestors we didn’t know? I’ll give you an example. We had a Campfire caller recently from my show, Jim Harold’s Campfire, and she said that I think when she was a kid, she was visited by her grandfather, but her grandfather died when she was a year or two old. She had no living memory of him, but she actually saw him when he was a younger man and he had a message of comfort for her. So I thought of that immediately. When you say souls know, no time in particular, do you see that kind of thing where we are visited by ancestors, even ones we never met or didn’t know?

Carole Obley (23:22):

Yes. In fact, through the many readings I’ve done often, and I mean frequently, there can be information that comes through in the reading, in the communication that that recipient of the reading has absolutely no conscious knowledge of and they have to go it up or they talk to someone older in the family or they delve into family genealogy and they find that the name of that individual that came through in the reading is there, but they had no conscious knowledge of it. There have been extraordinary examples of that in the readings, and to me that sort of disproves the phenomena of mind reading because if the sitter or the recipient had no conscious knowledge of who that individual was, one example that was very striking to me, it was a number of years ago, I was doing a group reading. I do a lot of group mediumship and there was a woman there in the front row and I said, I forget what the name was, like Charles or something like that.


And I said, he says he was a carpenter. And the lady goes, I have no idea who you’re talking about. I don’t know. I received an email from that woman, I don’t know how much longer it was, a couple of months or something, and she said, I found out my grandmother was married twice and her second husband’s name was Charles and he was a carpenter. And so that’s just one example out of many, which those skeptics will always say, well, cold reading or mind reading, those kind of instances kind of blow that out of the water.

Jim Harold (25:16):

I will share an experience, and I’m sure you remember Carole, it had to be over 10 years ago. We were doing a show with you. It was audio only and we had a section where people would call in. Well, I wasn’t really trying to pull a trick on you, but I was just trying to see what you would say. And my wife Dar called in, but this is before she was active on the shows. You wouldn’t have known her name. I don’t even know if she used a pseudonym or not, I can’t remember. But she certainly still doesn’t have any really social media footprint. She’s not a big fan of social media, and she was really looking for a message from her mom who passed in the year 2001. You came through, and I don’t think there was a lot coming from mom, but you said there’s this younger figure died very young.


I am seeing the name Robert or Bob, and he wanted to say hello. Well, unbeknownst to you, her best friend in high school was named Bob, and unfortunately he fell victim to suicide quite a few years later previous to this call, and she was just blown away. I was just blown away because again, Robert and Bob is a common name, but to have it connected with that person and the suddenness and it was like, you sank my battleship moment, you are like, boom. You hit it dead on. How often do you find that somebody comes to you and says, I want a message from my mom, from my grandma, and then an uncle shows up? How common is that that they get a message, but it’s not from who they were hoping or necessarily expecting?

Carole Obley (27:10):

Actually, I can probably count on two hands out of 30 years how many times who the recipient wants to hear from has not come in. Now that being said, in most readings that I do particularly, I do both half hours and hours. In the longer readings there are usually you will have several souls that show up, and many times Jim, many, many times there could be somebody there for a friend of that recipient that is not having a reading with me, but the spirit person sees the opportunity to come through to get to their loved one through the recipient of the reading. That happens a lot. Yes, there are unexpected spirits that will show up. Sometimes people will cross their arms and go, I don’t want to hear from that person because it was a painful relationship that’s happened. And so I will say what the spirit person wants me to say, and then I will move on to another contact.


In the spirit world, there are surprise visits, definitely, sometimes neighbors. The person will go, well, that was my neighbor. We grew up, they were like family to us. And so the neighbor is coming through and then there’ll be a little piece of evidence like she’s showing me that she would always bake cakes and bring them over to you and share them or pies or whatever, and the person will go, yeah, she always did that. So that again is supportive of one of the lessons in wisdom from the spirit world that the bond of love is eternal, that it continues on, and just as we have family and friends here and pet companions here, we can also have those, we meet up with them in the spirit world. That’s happened a lot in readings

Jim Harold (29:23):

And it’s really interested, and you mentioned neighbors because those kind of people are very important in your life, and there was one lady who was a neighbor to my grandmother, and we would visit my grandmother every year for a couple of weeks, and this one neighbor, I never forget this was down in West Virginia, and she would knock on the door, she’d be, how do everybody, so now sometimes why I knock on the door, I’ll say, this is stuff that happened 40 years ago, but it made such an impression, and I love the idea that someday I’ll be able to see her and say, Hey, you know what I did that stuck with me, and those people strike with you, and once you hit middle age, it’s really sad, but most of those people are gone and it’s nice that they live on, you tend to think of people who are your family, your direct family, people you live with, your grandparents, parents, spouses, those kinds of things.


But it’s also nice to think that you will again one day be able to meet up and reunite with those people who are a little more on the periphery, but still very important people in your life. Now, let me ask you this, because obviously a lot of what we talked about today has the theme of reincarnation and those kinds of things, and then a lot of people wonder, well, is there a heaven or is there a not so good place? So can you take us through the process of what you believe happens when somebody dies?

Carole Obley (30:52):

Yeah, and I wrote extensively about this in my second book. I’m Still with You, True Stories of Healing Grief through Spirit Communication. The second chapter is called Death a Beginning, so it’s kind of paradoxical. So from the time that we leave one lifetime and then we go through the life review and we sit with our spirit team or spirit guides, most people know them by spirit guides. I call them a team because there’s a collaboration. We work together. So we sit with them and we go, okay, what’s my next move? What’s next? And so we might spend a good bit of time in the spirit world doing service there, doing whatever we can engage in hobbies. But then there comes a time where we know that we have to come back to the realm of duality, which is where you and I are right now in the physical realm.


And so we sit with our spirit team and we talk about, and we discern from there, what do I need more experience with? What do I need more work with? Oh yeah, I didn’t get a B or an A with compassion. So I think that I need to go into some situations in which I’m going to have to develop compassion, and we’re shown sort of options. Options as far as personality. Is the personality chosen by the soul? Yes, it is. The gender is chosen by the soul. The parents are chosen, the culture is chosen, so for the perfect circumstances that the soul will need to evolve, and there’s no accident there, it is planned out. That’s sort of the process. There’s time spent in the spirit world in which we are also growing and evolving and progressing, but we also ultimately, there are certain conditions here in the physical world that don’t exist there. For example, we have a body and we can actually learn a lot through our body. We can evolve through the body.

Jim Harold (33:24):

Now for people wondering and they say, well, this all sounds great, but boy, I don’t know if I can access these truths. If I can get to the spiritual level, I’d like to, but I don’t know that I can. Can you explain is this for everybody and really something everybody can work through and work with?

Carole Obley (33:45):

Yeah, I often say if you’re a child, you can, in fact I consider children very spiritually advanced because their ego isn’t this thing that’s always on a treadmill. It’s not fully developed. So they’re very pure children are very, very pure. Probably the easiest way to connect with one’s soul is through this thing called mindfulness, and it’s very simple and it doesn’t cost anything, and you can do it anywhere. Don’t do it if you’re driving because if you close your eyes, you don’t want to be doing that when you’re driving. But focusing on the breath, Jim, just focusing on the breath and that stills the mind, the treadmill, I call it the treadmill of the mind, and it really connects you with higher awareness. And most people think, well, am I going to see something? Am I going to see angels? Am I going to see my spirit guides?


Am I going to see colors? Not necessarily What you will experience is stillness. Stillness is the soul, and most people go, what do you mean? There’s nothing there? That’s the soul. The soul is not your thoughts between the thoughts. That’s your spiritual consciousness. So in order to reach that, mindfulness is a very good, very simple technique where you just close your eyes and you focus on your breath, you put all your attention on the breath as it comes in, and then as it exits and do that for about three minutes, maybe in the morning, in the evening, it’s a reset. We hear this term used a lot about reset, and I find that when I do that, it actually is a reset in that if you try this, you’ll see that it kind of lessens the stress or where your thoughts were going before you did it, and so it puts you in this fresh space.

Jim Harold (36:05):

So it’s always great to have you on the show. You always have so much wisdom. I’m sure that people, after watching this, they’re going to say, where can I find more about Carole, her book, everything she does? Could you tell people where they can find you and where they can find your various books, including this latest one, Wisdom from the Spirit World?

Carole Obley (36:28):

Yeah, well, my website is soulvisions.net, and then all of my books are on there. You will not get an autograph copy through Amazon, but it’s probably more affordable. I can’t even as the author do that level of discount. However, you can also go through my publisher, which is collectiveink.com. The imprint is six books. That is the imprint under collectiveink.com, and to schedule a session with me again, that would be through my website, soulvisions.net. All of the books are on Kindle as well,

Jim Harold (37:13):

And I know you have another one coming up in the coming months. I do. So we’ll have you back on to talk about that one.

Carole Obley (37:22):

Yay. I’d love to come back and thank you so much for having me. Always a pleasure, Jim.

Jim Harold (37:27):

Carole, it’s always great to have you on the show. I appreciate it and continued success.

Carole Obley (37:33):

Thank you.

Jim Harold (37:34):

Always great to catch up with Carole, and thank you for joining us today on the Paranormal Podcast. Now, keep in mind we also do a video version of this show, of this podcast. You can check that out on my YouTube channel, theJimHarold, and I don’t think many people realize we’ve been doing this for this year, the whole of this year. Every episode is recorded and put on the YouTube channel, and we’re going to be doing something extra special coming up with that idea, maybe incorporating some lives and some of your questions as well. We thank you so much. Please tell your friends about the show, check out the video, and we thank you so much. Have a great week. Stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-Bye.

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