Haunted Artifacts – Campfire 541

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Haunted historic artifact stories from TWO experiencers, an amazing UFO encounter, and a serpent dream that came true. This and much more on Campfire!


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Please note we do not guarantee 100% transcript accuracy. The below reflects a best effort. Thank you for your understanding.

Jim Harold 0:00
Haunted artifacts, an incredible UFO sighting, and a dream of a snake that came true in a very strange way. This and much more on this all new _Campfire_.

Campfire Announcer 0:27
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax and warm yourself by _Jim Harold’s Campfire_.

Jim Harold 0:38
Welcome to _The Campfire_. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you. And this is where we share true stories of the strange from everyday folks. Could be ghosts, could be UFOs, could be cryptid creatures, or my favorite, head scratchers. But whatever they are, they are fascinating, and they are true. And welcome to the show. And we’ve got a great one for you. But first, a spooky shout out, specifically a birthday spooky shout out to Courtney. Rob wrote in and said Courtney’s birthday is February 27. She’s a longtime avid listener to your show, and she will be so excited to get a Stay Spooky birthday shout out from you on the program. So Rob, it is my pleasure, Courtney, Happy Birthday and Stay Spooky. And we love to give birthday shout outs, and if you want to get a very personal shout out by way of video, you can do that. All you have to do is go over to cameo.com/theJimHarold, that’s cameo.com/theJim Harold and that’s the best way to access is from the website. That helps us out a little bit, we– it works out a little bit better for us. cameo.com/theJim Harold. And what I can do is create a special video for a birthday, special occasion, just a word of encouragement, whatever you want. cameo.com/theJim Harold. I’m having a ton of fun with it. And I hope that you will arrange for a video shout out for you or someone special. And now someTHING special. Our first _Campfire_ story.

Next up on _The Campfire_ is Cortney, and she is from Maryland. And she has a couple of stories to share with us today. Cortney, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us your _Campfire_ stories.

Cortney 2:25
Thank you, Jim. Well, the first one’s pretty quick. So I’m about, well, I don’t want to tell my age, but I was born in the early 80s. And um so this hapened–

Jim Harold 2:37
You’re young. Very young. (Laughs).

Cortney 2:38
(Laughs). Thank you. This happened, I would say, well, when do kids get training wheels off their bikes? Maybe like six or seven?

Jim Harold 2:49
Something like that.

Cortney 2:49
Like somewhere around that age, or in that ballpark. So I grew up in a very, very small town in Pennsylvania, probably have never heard of it. But there’s like maybe a few thousand people who live there. It’s pretty small. And it was summer time, I was outside playing with my best friend, my neighbor. And we were riding our bikes. And my other neighbor was taking the training wheels off my bike, and my friend was standing there. It was dusk, you know, getting around dinner time, but you could still see the sky very well. And we’re just standing there waiting for him to work on my bike. And all of a sudden, this gray disk, kind of, just levitated. I’d say maybe a couple 100 feet like above our homes and things.

Jim Harold 2:50

Cortney 2:53
This is a very rural area.

Jim Harold 2:59

Cortney 2:59
Everybody knows everybody. And it just kind of slowly came over our houses, and it just stayed there. It just was like floating. And it look like the typical gray spaceship that you would think an alien would fly in. It was a round disc. It was like a silverish gray, and it was just hovering over us. And it was huge. It was bigger than our house.

Jim Harold 4:18

Cortney 4:19
And I remember, you know, my neighbor’s house was very, very close to us. So I just happened to run back into my yard, and I was little I said, “Mommy, mommy, there’s a pancake in the sky!” (Laughs).

Jim Harold 4:31
Oh man. (Laughs).

Cortney 4:33
She loves this stuff. So my mom ran out, and she saw it, and you know, every- like- everybody had seen it. My neighbor saw it, my best friend saw it. And it just slowly was hovering over our neighborhood, and just very slowly hovering, you know, moving its way across our little area where we lived. And then all of a sudden, these two airplanes came, and they flew beside it. And just, like, just kind of all flew together away.

Jim Harold 5:09
Oh, now, that’s interesting.

Cortney 5:12
Yes. (Laughs).

Jim Harold 5:13
Now that’s int–

Cortney 5:14

Jim Harold 5:14
So, unidentified flying object, doesn’t look like anything that man or woman would create.

Cortney 5:20

And then all of a sudden, like, two airplanes come and basically escort it away.orYes. Yeah, yeah, it was very strange.

Jim Harold 5:29

Cortney 5:29
And I just saw my brother this weekend. And I said to him, “Do you remember this?” And he said, “I didn’t see, like, the beginning of it.” But he said, “I do remember when these planes came, and kind of just like, flew away beside it, as it- as it moved away.”

Jim Harold 5:46
So they didn’t look like they were chasing each other. It’s like, “Okay, now it’s time. You’ve had your fun. It’s time for us to go.” Kind of like that?

Cortney 5:53
They were just like right next to it, just kind of watching it go away.

Jim Harold 5:58
Wow. Now, let me ask you this. Were they military airplanes?

Cortney 6:04
You know what? I- I can’t remember, specifically, what they look like. Because I mean, it’s been so many years–

Jim Harold 6:13

Cortney 6:13
I– and the- the gray, disk spaceship, whatever you want to call it. It just was blowing our mind. And my mother has since passed away, but I wish I would have talked about it later. So I could remember, like, you know, she was an adult, she would remember. But my- my best friend from childhood, we were talking about it a few months ago. And she remembers it as well. So I’m not crazy. (Laughs).

Jim Harold 6:37
Well, I’ll tell you the thing that makes it–

Cortney 6:39
Other people saw it!

Jim Harold 6:40
–So the– and I’m sorry to ask you again. So the planes came next to it, and describe again what the planes did in relation to the object.

Cortney 6:49
They just flew right beside it. Like, it- it kind of started to pick up pace and, like, move a bit faster once they came. And they were just, like, monitoring it. And they were just side by side. Following this disk away into the distance. And I- I don’t know where it went. Because it just, it kind of like– they all picked up speed and moved along.

Jim Harold 7:12
So the planes were keeping pace with the object the whole time?

Cortney 7:15
Pretty much, yeah.

Jim Harold 7:15
In other words, they all flew away together?

Cortney 7:18
Yeah, they all went away together. But when it first came, it just slowly– it was- it was like right over top of us. And it just was slow, slow, slow. And then all of a sudden, these planes showed up. And they all kind of picked up pace, and just went away together.

Jim Harold 7:37
Well, that’s a remarkable story. I– that’s one of the best UFO stories we’ve ever gotten on the show.

Cortney 7:41

Jim Harold 7:42
And I’ll tell you that thing that really is remarkable about it. I mean, it’s remarkable enough to see a disk huger than your house, flying over your house. That’s- that is- that’s pretty remarkable. But then to see those planes, that’s a whole other level.

Cortney 7:55

Jim Harold 7:55
And this was daylight?

Cortney 7:56

Jim Harold 7:57
Now the- the object was silent or did the object make noise?

Cortney 8:02
It was silent. There was no lights. It wasn’t like spinning or anything. It just was hovering right above us.

Jim Harold 8:10
Did it look metallic?

Cortney 8:12
It looked kind of metallic, yes. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what sticks out in my mind is- is the way it looked. And it was like your typical, like, you’d see from like a Alien movie from the 50s or something. That’s what it looked like.

Jim Harold 8:26

Cortney 8:27
Yeah, it was- it was crazy. It was crazy. And I don’t know if there’s specific places where these things like to fly over? But I remember my– I have two brothers, and my older brother saw one a few weeks… Was that the same? I don’t think it was the same year, but it was springtime. And he was out riding his bicycle. And we lived close to a water plant, so, like, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But he saw one, he saw one. He was by himself. And it just (*swoosh noise*) shot right over him, and it was like a gray disc. And I mean, he was older. He was probably 10 or 11.

Jim Harold 9:14
Well, I gotta tell you, that is a great UFO story. Now, I know you have another story, but I’m going to say, let’s just leave this. Call it this story. Because when I have a really remarkable story and just like to leave it alone.

Cortney 9:25
Oh that’s fine.

Jim Harold 9:25
Leave a little space, and leave it a little breath. And we’ll look forward to talking to you about that other story. But Courtney, thank you for sharing this remarkable, remarkable UFO story.

Cortney 9:35
Thank you, Jim. Thank you so much.

Jim Harold 9:38
Tiffany is on the line from North Carolina. She actually found out about _The Campfire_ podcast from _The Campfire_ books. And you may say, “Jim, I didn’t even know you had _Campfire_ books!” Well, there’s five of them. And as I told Tiffany, I am hoping and praying I could get number six out this year. If you want to check them out, you can find them at JimHaroldbooks.com. That’s where all the links are, and they’re available in paperback and Kindle. And they’re compilations of great _Campfire_ stories like the one we’re about to hear. Tiffany, I read this, and oh, boy, what- what a story. Tell us- tell us what happened.

Tiffany 10:16
It’s a weird one. Um, so my story starts with a dream. More like a nightmare, really. I have two small children. And I dreamt that we were at my dad’s house where I grew up, kind of out in the country. And the kids were just running around and playing, you know, the same place I used to play. And out of nowhere, there was a huge snake that tried to attack them. And when I say huge snake, I mean, a snake big enough to gobble up my children. But of course, in my dream, you know, it was very serious. And I was frantically trying to save my kids. And I woke up before anything happened, but it was definitely one of those dreams where you wake up, and you’re like, “I have to check on my kids.” And it like, stuck with me. And I just felt really weird after that dream. So um, I- I am a stay at home mom. So I’m just going about my day with my kids. And I’m in the living room. And I realize that I can’t hear our baby birds. And a little wren had built a nest on our front porch.

Jim Harold 11:34

Tiffany 11:34
And there were three baby birds in the nest. And I was like, “Oh, I can’t hear the birds.” So I went out there to check. And all the birds were gone. And all that was left in the nest, was a piece of snakeskin. And the first thing I thought about was my dream.

Jim Harold 11:53
Well, yeah.

Tiffany 11:54
Um, the weirder part to me is that, you know, it was most likely like one of the black rat snakes that you see around your house, and this size of a rat snake compared to those baby birds, was the exact same size as the snake in my dreams–

Jim Harold 12:14
Same proportions.

Tiffany 12:14
— compared to my kids.

Jim Harold 12:15
Yeah, same proportions. Yeah.

Tiffany 12:17
Yeah. So it was just, I don’t know if it translates well in the story, but like experiencing it myself, it was so profound–

Jim Harold 12:28
Of course.

Tiffany 12:29
— that, like, we really are all connected. And I somehow, you know, tuned in to something that was going on out there. Weird.

Jim Harold 12:38
You said in your email, that perhaps maybe you connected and tuned into that frantic mother trying to protect her babies during the night?

Tiffany 12:48
Yeah, I mean, that’s what I feel like. At the time, my youngest was still an infant. Um, so it wouldn’t surprise me if maybe that played a role in it. You know, that the mother hormones are strong. And the emotions are strong. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if maybe that had something to do with it. But it’s just way too many coincidences to be a coincidence.

Jim Harold 13:14
Yeah, I agree with you. That- that is remarkable. Because you have this disturbing dream about a giant snake attacking your children, then you go outside and see that likely, that’s the fate that- that was left for these small baby birds. It, again, it is really too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Did somehow? Was there a connection there? And did you kind of channel the emotions of that- that mother bird? You know–

Tiffany 13:43

Jim Harold 13:43
— and they say that Mother Love is one of the strongest kinds of love, if not the strongest. So, yeah, wow.

Tiffany 13:51
Yeah, it’s intense.

Jim Harold 13:53
Wow, I got to tell you, that’s a great story. I’ve never heard anything quite like that. We did have a call, maybe a month ago. From a gentleman who had had this– he had, I’m probably getting the story wrong. He’d seen a dolphin in an aquarium when he was a kid.

Tiffany 14:11
Oh, yup.

Jim Harold 14:11
And then later on, he became very ill, and so forth. This is weeks or months later, I think, and then found that that that dolphin had died at the time that he was experiencing all of these physical symptoms. So, you know, it– can there be a bond between a human and an animal like that: a psychic bond? I believe it’s a real thing. I think it happens. I think anybody who has a pet knows that. So I think it can, happen.

Tiffany 14:38
Yeah, we are far more connected than we all realize.

Jim Harold 14:42
I think those are very wise words. And a very great story from Tiffany from North Carolina. Tiffany, thank you so much for joining us today.

Tiffany 14:51
You’re welcome. Have a good one, Jim.

Jim Harold 14:53
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Next up on _The Campfire_ is Temperance. She’s only been listening for a couple months thanks to her wife, Angela. So Angela, here is a spooky shout out to you. And thank you for listening to the show and telling Temperance about it. I think that is- that is so cool. We love to give out spooky shout outs for people who tell others about the show. So tell everybody, and you’ll get a spooky shout out if you let me know. So tell folks. So Temperance is on the line. And from Pennsylvania. She has a lot of stories she says. But this may very well be the scariest. About when she was younger, and she stayed at her aunt’s house, and the strangeness that ensued. Temperance, welcome to the show. Please tell us what happened.

Temperance 18:08

Jim Harold 18:09
Hi! Tell us what happened.

Temperance 18:10
So long story short, to set it up, is my aunt is a flight attendant, and one time she went to Egypt. And she became obsessed with the culture and the art. So every time she went there, she started going to these markets and buying questionable things from questionable places.

Jim Harold 18:28
Oh my.

Temperance 18:29
And started using them to decorate her guest room with. So she finally gets this guest room finished, and she wants me and my sister to come over. And this is the room that we’re going to be sleeping in. And immediately, as soon as we get up there that night, I am just a very uncomfortable. But I’m a kid: new places. I don’t put anything into it besides that. So my sister is with me. She’s eight years older. So I’m like, “I’ll be fine.” So we go to bed, and I’m just laying there, and I feel, just, eyes on me from all directions.

Jim Harold 19:08

Temperance 19:08
And I’m like, “Oh, it’s the creepy art,” like, “this is fine.” You know, anything, to try and push it off. And as I’m rolling around trying to get to sleep, I start hearing this music. And I can’t put it in any other way. Like as a kid, you don’t really know what that type of music would sound like. You just know like, “hey, this isn’t normal.” But now I would put it as like Egyptian music.

Jim Harold 19:37

Temperance 19:38
So I’m trying to ignore it. I’m rolled towards the window facing my sister just trying to ignore whatever’s going on behind me. And I just have this voice that’s like, “Hey, you should look.” So I roll over, and all of the statues, all of the art, all of, like, the wallpaper– because, she even had like, the hieroglyphs, like, stuff on the wall, were moving. They were moving, and they were looking at me, and like some of them were dancing to the music. So my first instinct as a child is, I’m like, wake up my sister. So I fling myself at my sister, and I started shaking her, and she will not wake up. And when I mean, like, she won’t wake up, I just mean like, she’s literally not moving. I–

Jim Harold 20:31
Oh, my.

Temperance 20:32
I am hitting her with my full force. And like at eight years old, I guess that’s not that much. But like, at the time, it’s, like, enough to wake somebody up, you know. So nothing is waking my sister up. So I’m just looking back and forth between my sister. Looking back and forth between her and all of these relics that are just, like, moving. And at this point, laughing. Like, they were actually trying to scare me.

Jim Harold 21:03

Temperance 21:03
And I could see the hallway light, because the door was cracked. And I’m just like, “All I have to do is make it out of this room, and this will stop. All I have to do is jump out of this bed, make it to the room, and this will stop.”

Jim Harold 21:19

Temperance 21:20
So I count myself down. And I try to like sprint towards the door. And as soon as I fling the door open, I just like fall back, because there’s a woman there, standing. And she’s dressed like all of the things that are trying to scare me.

Jim Harold 21:40
Oh, my. An Egyptian woman?

Temperance 21:43
She is an Egyptian woman. And she’s just like, staring down at me. And my first instinct, of course, because there’s a stranger I don’t know, and everything’s going on, is to be afraid of her. But she just looks at me with like this, almost like a motherly type understanding. And she stares at me for a minute. She doesn’t say anything. And I’m just like (*Pants*). So she looks up at everything in the room. And she gives it this, just horrid motherly look of disappointment. And everything behind me stops.

Jim Harold 22:27
(Laughs). Kind of like, “Stop scaring the little girl.”

Temperance 22:31
Right? So everything behind me stops. I’m still staring at her. I’m, at this point, not really realizing that, like she’s there to help me. So I’m just like, looking up at her, I can’t move. And it’s almost as if she realizes, “Oh, she wants out of the room.” So she stepped to the side. And she like, kind of like, guided her hand out of the room. And like, let me pass her. So it took me a second. I got up, and I like turned my chest towards her with my back to the door. And I like sidestepped past her. She turned in, walked into the room, and sat down on the bed. So I get to the hallway, and I turn around, and I look, and she’s not there anymore. Everything in the room is calm. And I’m just like standing in the hallway in tears. So I stayed in the hallway for the rest of the night. My uncle found me, and I had had experiences at that house before. Nothing like that. But definitely experiences like that in that house before. And my uncle just kind of like, “Ah, it happened again?” And I’m like, “Um, kinda.” (Laughs).

Jim Harold 23:46
Wow. Wow. And yeah, you would think that those objects they’d certainly could carry some kind of energy. And there might be displeasure there if they were taken out of their rightful place, by kind of nefarious means, and sold, you know, sold to the highest bidder. I could see where there might be some animosity there.

Temperance 24:10
No, yeah, absolutely. I’m so glad that she was like, “Hey, knock it off,” you know?

Jim Harold 24:15

Temperance 24:15
Cause who knows how long that would have kept up, or if she hadn’t showed up. I don’t know. I was always very grateful for her even though, at the time, she scared the crap out of me.

Jim Harold 24:27
Well, very cool. Very cool. Temperance. Thank you for sharing that story. And thanks to Angela for telling you about _The Campfire_.

Temperance 24:35
Yeah, thank you so much! Hopefully, I will be talking to you again.

Jim Harold 24:39
Excellent. We would love to have you back on the show. And again, thank you for being a part of this week’s _Campfire_.

Temperance 24:45
Thank you have a good day.

Jim Harold 24:47
Well, Karina called us back a couple of years ago, and at the time, I knew she had another story. So she said, “Well, I’ll call back someday,” and she’s good to her word. She is here calling in today from Brooklyn, New York. And we’re so glad to have her. And she has a story for us. Karina, welcome back, and tell us your story.

Karina 25:05
Hi, Jim, thank you again for having me. So, I grew up in a home on the second floor of a house with my mum and my brother. And, one night, my mum was tucking me in bed. I had one of those, like bunk beds with a desk underneath. I don’t know if they call them-

Jim Harold 25:29
Cool! Yeah, I would have loved to have had one of those. I’m envious. (Laughs).

Karina 25:33
(Laughs). Yeah. And I had a little TV, that I would turn off by remote, so I didn’t have to go all the way down the ladder, and turn off the TV. So she’s facing me, tucking me in, and she tells me to turn off the TV. And I turn off the TV using the remote, and the screen goes dead. You know, you get the little dot goes out, and then the screen is blank. All of a sudden, the little dot reappeared in the center of the screen, and it was glowing. And then, all of a sudden, it opened up into two almond-shaped red, almond-shaped looking eyes.

Jim Harold 26:12
Oh my!

Karina 26:13
I’ve got- I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little embarrassed about this story. Because if someone told me this, I’d think they’re making it up. But I know what I saw. And the rest of the screen was completely dead. There was no LED light at all. But these two red almond-shaped eyes opened up onto the screen, and looking out, and I’m staring at them. And I said to my mum, I whispered to her, I said, “Mum, turn around.” And she’s tucking– and she’s a bit slow. She’s like, “What?” and she’s turning around. And as soon as she turned around, the two almond shapes, zapped back into the center into a dot and just faded like the- the TV was being turned off again.

Jim Harold 26:56
Oh, wow. Wow wow wow.

Karina 26:58
I wanted to share this one, because it’s- it’s sort of haunted me, no pun intended. But I would love to know if someone else has had anything like this happen to them. And I’ve listened to your show for a long time. And I haven’t heard anything like that. So far.

Jim Harold 27:16
The only thing I ever remember is we had someone who had, I think, a television that turned itself on and off and changed channels. And it was the old style TVs that actually had the clicking dial. So it wasn’t something electronic. It was like a dial clicking. That happened, but never like a weird kind of a TV monster. I don’t recall anythind like that.

Karina 27:40
Yeah. I feel embarrassed to say, it was like two red evil eyes looking out from a blank dead screen.

Jim Harold 27:48
There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Because who knows if there was some kind of entity or something, trying to for lack of a better phrase, mess with you. That would be one way to do it. For sure. I don’t know the answer. I really don’t. But I’d love to hear, yes. If anybody has a story like that, please go to JimHarold.com/campfire. And sign up, and tell us about it. And I understand you also have another story about an artifact, right?

Karina 28:15
Yes, I had a cousin that would travel a lot. And he brought back from Africa, these three little wooden masks, you know, the type that are handcarved?

Jim Harold 28:27

Karina 28:28
And we kept them atop the fireplace. And we had a lot of things happen in this house. And– but this was the first time something had happened with me, and my mum, and my brother present together. So it was- it was pretty neat, because it was a confirmation of things going on. So we were talking in the living room, and all of a sudden, the middle mask stood up– Because we just had them resting, we didn’t have them nailed to the wall or anything. They were just resting on the mantelpiece.

Jim Harold 29:04

Karina 29:04
The middle ones stood up. And it’s span, really fast. Just by itself, spinning super fast. For about 10 seconds.

Jim Harold 29:15

Karina 29:16
And all of a sudden, it just stopped, dead still, still standing. And then it just flopped. So it’s as if it came alive for a moment, and it was spinning very fast, and then stopped, and then flopped, and it was lifeless again. We all looked at each other. Like, “We all saw that right?” “Yes, we saw.” “I saw that. I saw that.” And I got out, and I went over to it, and there’s nothing unusual about it at all. And many years later, I asked my mum, I said, “What- what happened to those masks?” And she said, “Oh, I got rid of them.” She says, “I’d- I’d hear them spinning in the night.”

Jim Harold 29:59
Ohhhhh. Oh man. Wow.

Karina 30:02
Yeah. “I got rid of those. They kept spinning in the night.”

Jim Harold 30:06
Well the thing is, is that I mean, and you know, I don’t think people were as sensitive to it in the past as they are now, but sometimes these artifacts from these different cultures that are there brought in, you don’t know– you know, first of all there’s the question of the ethics, you know, of- of of buying things like that. But- but again, people weren’t as aware, and so forth in the past, but also, you don’t know what those were used for, you don’t know if they were part of some kind of magical ceremonies, or whatever the case, or spiritual ceremonies, or wherever the case may be. So you’re kind of, a little bit, playing with fire there. Not only on the consideration of the- the– how you got it, but also the consideration of what was it for, you know?

Karina 30:54
Well, you see these- these masks a lot. Like I’ll go into a souvenir shop, or just, you know, a cultural shop, and I do see these masks. They’re- they’re like a souvenir item, right? This one had, or these- this- this set, and something else going on?

Jim Harold 31:15
And sounds like it certainly certainly did. Well, Karina, thank you so much for being on the show. I really, really appreciate it. And another two great stories, and I’d love to hear if anybody has had either one of these experiences, the TV monster experience, or if someone has had maybe some ancient artifacts, or even they don’t necessarily need to be ancient, just some haunted objects or things that do things they’re not supposed to do. But Karina, thank you again for being a part of _The Campfire_.

Karina 31:43
Thanks, Jim. Take care.

Jim Harold 31:45
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Jim Harold 34:13
Next up is a longtime listener. I mean a longtime listener, going back to 2010, and she was also a caller on campfire back in 2011, 11 years ago. And she’s back. Hopefully, she’ll visit us more often, but we appreciate her being on the show. I’m talking about, Ashley, from my home state of Ohio. And she’s from Cincinnati. Sorry about the Bengals, I was rooting for them.

Ashley 34:37
(Laughs). Yeah.

Jim Harold 34:38
And she is going to share with us some strange experiences. Ashley, welcome back to the show, and tell us what happened.

Ashley 34:48
Hi, thank you for having me. So this story is initially what got me listening to your podcast. This happened back in 2005. Um. It’s just been disturbing me ever since. It’s been the strangest experience I’ve ever had. And I’ve not shared it with many people, just close friends and family, because it’s such a strange story. But um, it started back in 2005, when I had moved into an apartment, and the apartment complex was not that old. They’re probably like 15 years old at the time. And I had initially moved in by myself and my roommate was going to move in three months later, because they were in- they were out of the country for the summer. So when I moved in, I didn’t– I was all excited, didn’t think anything strange was happening. My apartment was on the second floor, and the building was only two floors. There was about eight units in the building. And there was also a back patio, which will be important later on in the story, which was completely screened in and had a sliding glass door. So with the apartment was laid out, when you walk in, there’s a living room. And then to the left, there’s a little wall and a small kitchen, a dining room, and then a long hallway. And then there’s two bedrooms, and one bathroom, and a washer and dryer in the hallway. So I moved in. I would say after the second week, I was working late, I got home at about 10. And I was going up the steps to the front door of my apartment, and I hear what sounds like vaccuuming. And I thought, “Well, that’s weird. Who’s vaccuuming at 10 o’clock at night?” And I was thinking my neigh– I thought it was coming from my neighbors. So I walk in the door, and I realize it’s coming from inside my apartment. And I was like, “What the heck?” And what was even more strange, at the time, was the vacuum wasn’t even out. Every single light was on in the apartment. I hear the sound coming from the kitchen. So I go into the kitchen, and I see my blender is out on the countertop.

Jim Harold 37:05

Ashley 37:06
Turned on. The blender, when I had first moved in, I had not even used it. It was inside of the cabinet. So I thought, “What the heck?” So I then notice– I go to turn it off. I unplug it after I turn it off. Because I was really freaked out, and I look on the countertop right next to the blender, and there was what looked like shreds of tinfoil. As if somebody had put tinfoil inside the blender. And I was like, “That is really weird, because the tin foil I had kept inside of a drawer.”

Jim Harold 37:35
Oh wow.

Ashley 37:36
So then I got– I was like really creeped out, because I was the only one living there. I was the only one with the key at that time, as far as I knew. And I then noticed that every single light in the apartment is turned on. So I got really scared. And I thought somebody– “Alright, either somebody broke in. Or somebody’s playing a jok. Or they didn’t change the locks, and somebody came in when I was at work, and you know, did something.” So then I noticed that the back sl– the sliding glass door that goes in the back patio was wide open.

Jim Harold 38:13

Ashley 38:14
So then I was like, “Alright, somebody broke in.” I’m getting freaked out. So I called the police.

Jim Harold 38:17

Ashley 38:18
I go outside of the apartment, and I wait. And there’s only like one way to get in the apartment, which is through the front door. The back patio is also completely screened in and sealed. So the cops look around, they find nothing. And they asked me about, you know, “Does anybody else have a key?” And I’m like, “No, unless– I’m assuming that the office has a- has a spare key.” And they’re like, “You’ll want to check with them, but I wouldn’t stay here tonight.” So I stayed at my dad’s that night. The next day, I go to the front office, the leasing office to tell them what happened, and find out if the locks were ever changed. And they show me the- the work order before I moved in. That they did have the locks changed. They showed me where they kept the spare key, which was in a lockbox for the maintenance. And so I was like, “Alright, that’s really strange.” I still didn’t think anything of it. And I’m like, “Alright, that’s,” and they’re like, “Well, I can assure you that this is a safe area.” And it was a gated community. So I was like, “That’s weird.”

Jim Harold 39:19

Ashley 39:19
So, so then weird little things would happen after that. The TV would turn on by itself, and I hardly ever watched TV, cause I was working two jobs at the time. I was hardly ever home. Like, I would hear a crash noise in the bathroom that was connected to my room. There was a vanity in my room which had a sink. I heard a loud crash noise when I was in the kitchen, and I go running back there to see what fell, or what it was, and every single thing that I had that was close to the sink, had been thrown into the sink. So like perfume, soap dispenser, all that stuff, was just thrown into the sink and it- and I was like, “What the heck?” So then I started thinking, “Alright. Am I going crazy? Or is this place haunted?” Because I was, at the time, I was very, very skeptical. So I didn’t want to stay there alone. So I had a friend. I don’t want to say her name, I’ll say her name is H. I didn’t want to tell her that I thought my place was haunted, because I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. But I just told her that I didn’t like being there alone, because it was my first apartment by my– you know, on my own room.

Jim Harold 39:33

Ashley 39:49
And I said, “Do you want to– do mind staying with me? You know, I won’t charge you any rent or anything. You can crash on my couch?” And she said, “Yeah, sure,” cuz she was living at home with her mom.

Jim Harold 40:39

Ashley 40:40
So the first night she stayed over, we get back, and then it’s like, right about the time when we’re gonna go to sleep. So as soon as I get her set up in the living room– so she’s sleeping on the couch, and I’m going to bed. As soon as I turn off the lights and get into bed. I hear a yell, I hear her screaming from my name. And so I get up, I turn on the lights, and I go out there, and she’s curled up in a little ball under the blankets. And I said, “What happened?” And she said, “There’s a man in your apartment.” And I was like, “What are you talking about th-?” So I go, I look at the door, the doors locked. I look around. I’m like, “There’s nobody in here.” And she said, “I was getting ready to fall asleep. I was trying to fall asleep. And I felt somebody breathing on my neck. And I heard what sounded like a growl noise and smelled what smelled like gin.” Like she heard what sounded like a glass shake with ice in it.

Jim Harold 40:41

Ashley 40:46
And as soon as she said that, we heard a crash noise in the kitchen, which was in view of– if when we turned, it was in view. We could see over the countertop. And I’m like, “What the heck is going on?” So I go in the kitchen, and every dish, and cup, anything that was near the sink, was thrown into the sink. But nothing broke.

Jim Harold 41:56
Oh, that’s weird.

Ashley 41:57
Very weird. So I’m like, “Oh my god.” She said, “I think your place is haunted.” And I just looked at her. I said, “Well, I didn’t want to tell you anything, cause I’ve been– I didn’t want to sound like I was crazy. But I just wanted to see if somebody else was gonna validate what was going on, or something weird would happen was– to somebody else while they’re here.” And I’m like, “I don’t want to stay here.” So she’s like, “Let’s just go stay at my mom’s.” So we stayed at her mom’s for the night. But um, but then I was like, “This is my first place. I don’t want to something does scare me away. I- I’m just gonna ignore it, and it’ll eventually go away.” So after a few days of staying at her house, I just built up the courage, and I went back. And I was like, “I’m gonna stay a night. And, you know, whatever, I’m just gonna ignore it. And hopefully, whatever it is just goes away.” So I go home, nothing really happens. I don’t feel anything weird. Get ready to go to bed, because I had to get up early for work. And as soon as I turn on all the lights and get into bed, I lay down. I’m still wide awake. I feel the impression of somebody sitting at the end of– at the foot of my bed.

Jim Harold 43:05
Oh, boy.

Ashley 43:07
And I got creeped out. I froze. And this was back when there was those like brick Nokia phones.

Jim Harold 43:16

Ashley 43:16
So I had, like, those backlights on them were pretty bright.

Jim Harold 43:19

Ashley 43:19
So I had it right next to me. And I’m like, about ready to call 911. So I’m freaking out thinking somebody was under my bed and broke in. And next thing I know, is I feel the indention of somebody like crawling up along the side of me, and I’m– but there’s– but I’m kicking my feet to feel, and there’s nobody there. And so I’m like, “What the heck? Am I going crazy?” And then, I feel what feels like somebody take their finger and just constantly poke up and down my leg. I froze, I couldn’t even move. I was so terrified. I thought I was gonna pass out. That’s how scared I was. And I’m like, “Oh my God, whatever this is, is like getting physical. I don’t know what the heck to do.” So I finally start telling some close family members about it. And my dad’s thinking, “Well, it’s just because you’re being paranoid. You know, you’re paranoid, because it’s your first place. You’re probably just scared and hearing every little noise and every little thing.” I’m like, “No, you don’t understand that there’s something weird going on.” So my dad was raised Catholic, so he gave me some rosary necklaces to put around the apartment, and I had already had one. So he had given me two, and then my brother gave me one. So I had four. And I kind of just hung them up around the apartment. And the one that was in my room, which was the one that I had, and then I put the three others in, uh, like the kitchen, and the living room, and the hallway area. So I leave for work. I come back I see that one of the Rosary necklaces was laying in the hall. And it was– the beads, some of the beads were scattered off the- the string that it was holding it together. And some of them were still on there. And then I see the cross that was on the– connected to the rosary beads was detached. And the wire- the metal wire that held it to the necklace was bent out completely straight. As if a machine did it.

Jim Harold 43:36

Ashley 43:39
And I was so creeped out, I was like– and I still have it. I have- my dad has it, I kept it in a little baggie, because it was just so unbelievable. I then was like, “Okay, whatever is here is is evil. I don’t know what the heck to do.” Other little weird things happened. But I mean, that would take me hours to tell. So I’ll fast forward to: I went to the– I’m not super religious, but um, my dad was like, “You should go talk to the priest to see if maybe they can give you a prayer or something to go to say in the hou– err- in your apartment. Or see if the priest can go to the house– err- your apartment and do a blessing. So I’m like, “Okay, that’s a good idea.” So I go to the church, and it happened to be the church that I was christened- bap- christened in. So I go to talk to the priest, and I tell him what happened with the- with the rosary, I show him. And he tells me that I should probably go to church more often, blah, blah, blah. And then says, “You need to start saying this prayer.” And I had- he’d given me some holy water. And he said, “We– it doesn’t seem like you’re, you know, possessed or anything. So I wouldn’t be doing an exorcism on you, but we can come in and do an exorcism in the apartment. But in order to do that, there’s a long process, and we have to submit, you know, the information and get proof and goes through, like their higher ups or their state and something.” So I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, this could take forever, I just need to get a new- a different apartment.” So I go back, and I do what he says. And I put holy water and a cross on the front door. And I walk around. And I had my dad with me, and we start saying the prayer. And my dad’s really big guy. And all of a sudden, his face turns white, and he gets really scared. And he said he had just gotten– he felt somebody trying to push him into a wall.

Jim Harold 47:29

Ashley 47:30
And so I’m like, “Well, that doesn’t sound like something my dad would make up.” And then the vertical blinds that were in my room, my bedroom– there’s no air conditioning vent. The air conditioning vent was across the room, near the door to the bedroom– just started swaying. So I’m like, “What the heck? Like this- this is just freaky.” So I got scared, so I had not been staying there. And then my– I want to say a few weeks later, my roommate, the person that was going to move in, got back from Europe. And I kind of just told him, I was like, “You know, I don’t want to scare you. But there’s been some really strange things happening in the apartment. I don’t know what’s going on. And we’ll see if things happen when you’re here.” And he didn’t believe in any of that stuff. And he’s just like, “What, you know, I’ll be fine.” So, one day, we’re sitting on the couch, watching a movie. And this, at the time, this is when people had landlines and cordless phones, and we had a cordless phone on the receiver that was sitting right next to the couch on the end table. And all of a sudden, it just started beeping and numbers were were getting pressed on its own. But what was weird is, it was one of those cordless phones. When it’s on the receiver you can’t hit any buttons until you lift the phone up off the receiver. So I’m like, “That is so weird.” So I ended up just unplugging it. I’m like, “I don’t even want to deal with that. If it just goes off randomly in the middle the night.”

Jim Harold 49:02
Now, you ended up going to a psychic who provided you with some answers. Right?

Ashley 49:06
Yeah, so that was towards the end. And that’s what really got me spooked. So my aunt had told me about this lady that she’s been to once before. She doesn’t advertise that she’s a psychic. You just have to– if she works out of a bookstore. So she’s like, “You need to go see Ann.” So I’m like, “Okay.” I’m, like, I’m very skeptical of psychics, I you know, I feel like they can just easily read you and ask you the right questions sometimes to get– to make assumptions on things and freak you out. That’s how I felt at the time. So when I called to make the appointment, I did not call from my phone or a relative’s phone. I called from a friend’s phone, so that they didn’t have my name or anything. And I just gave them my first name only. And she only took cash, so when I got there I felt like, “Alright, they don’t have have any of my identification, they have nothing about me.” So as soon as I walked in, Ann was sitting in the back corner of the bookstore, and she came outm greeted me, and we went back there. And she said, “Are you here about your apartment?” And I was like, “How did?” I was like, “How did you know?” She’s like, I, she’s like, “I know that’s what you’re here for.” And I have– and my aunt doesn’t talk to her, you know. And she’s only been to her once. And she just recommended me to her. So I’m like, already a little skeptical then. And she’s– I said, “Yes, that’s what I’m here for.” I don’t know what’s going on. And then she just all of a sudden, she goes, “Oh, I just got the chills.” And I’m like, “What do you see is going on?’ She’s like, “There’s something really evil in there. But it’s not the evil that you think it is.” She’s like, “It’s something that can hurt you. But it’s not demonic.” And I said, “Well, what do you mean?” And she said, “Well,” she said, “what I’m seeing is somebody that had passed away, but doesn’t know that they are passed away. And they’re frustrated that you can’t see them. So they keep trying to do things to get your attention.”

Jim Harold 51:07
Oh, my.

Ashley 51:08
And that freaked me out. And I said, “Well, did they die– do you think that they may have passed away in the apartment?” And she said, “What I’m- what I’m seeing is how they passed away.” She said, when the apartments were being built, there was a mentally handicapped man who was wandering on the property, and had a gun, and was playing with it, and accidentally shot himself in the head. And he happened to die, like, right near where the building unit that I’m in, was built. And that’s what she told me. I looked up to try to find information about it, at the time, and I couldn’t find anything. So I don’t know if that was accurate. But it really creeped me out. Because it made sense with like the poking and the weird little things that were going on in the apartment. And she’s like, “I would go there, and help you out, and do a blessing to try to help him crossover.” She’s like, “but something tells me he’ll mess with my pacemaker.” Because she had a heart procedure and had a pacemaker put in. She’s like– and I told her about going to the priest and everything. And she said, “Yeah, that would take a long time to get the whole process going and all that.” She’s like, “Is there any way you can just move?” So I ended up just– I told Mar– Mark was like, “I’ll- I’ll stay here. You can move.” And he had, shockingly, a friend that was able to take over my rent. And they weren’t freaked out about everything. We told him up front what was going on, and they thought it was cool. And they were like, “We’ll, just, this is fine. We’ll live here.” And so I got the heck out of there and moved out.

Jim Harold 52:42
I can’t say that I blame you. I can’t say that I blame you. Very interesting indeed. And glad that you got out of that place.

Ashley 52:50

Jim Harold 52:52
Ashley, thank you for being a part of _The Campfire_ again.

Ashley 52:55
Thank you so much.

Jim Harold 52:56
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Campfire Announcer 54:59
You’re listening to _Jim Harold’s Campfire_. Now back to another great story.

Jim Harold 55:05
Desiree is on the show from Texas. She’s been listening for about a year, she said, I took a little while for her to–to kind of get it. But she did get it, and she listens to the show faithfully, and we appreciate it. And she has some stories for us tonight. Specifically, she’s going to tell us about this kind of dream encounter that she’s had and–and I’m looking forward to it. Desiree, thank you for listening to the show. I appreciate it. And please tell your story.

Desiree 55:35
Okay, so my first experiences began when I was about six. I remember for a week straight, I would wake to a sort of mechanical sound in my bedroom. I would feel my body vibrating, and only be able to move my neck. I would turn to my doorway to see a shadow man–or a hat man standing there in the doorway, smoking a cigarette. And as a kid, I would call him the marble man. But, you know, I just didn’t have the right language for what I was seeing. But underneath him, I would see a–the old hag. She’d have these bulging eyes and this terribly hideous grin on her face and would never break her contact with me. And so what she was doing was running a sort of conveyor belt that went in like an odd shaped oval from me to her, you know, from my head to my feet around back to her. And she would be crinkling up this conveyor belt every time it reached her. And it would go underneath my body and flatten out. And I would feel my body jerking up and down–

Jim Harold 56:55
Oh my.

Desiree 56:56
–while it was running under me. And sometimes when I would have this dream–because I did have it for a week straight. And then, you know, as time went on, and I was growing up, I would have it again here and there.

Jim Harold 57:08
And this was a dream.

Desiree 57:09
I think it was more like sleep paralysis. The dreams came later.

Jim Harold 57:13

Desiree 57:14
But I would see it as like a sort of out of body experience too, which I think is kind of bizarre, you know, like after listening to so many stories, it’s a strange aspect of it. But anyhow, I–I would go on to have more sleep paralysis situations, like, you know, the little trolls driving cars in my room, I’ve heard other people tell that story. And so what I would do is trace it with my arm and my finger, I’d point to where the car is going. And just kind of follow it all around my room. And then I would quickly make like a right turn try to make it move with my finger. But it wouldn’t ever go. So I think what I was trying to figure out is if I’m the one that’s actually moving it, like, is my mind doing this? Is my mind creating this, or is this outside of me? And it never moved with me the way that I wanted it to. Anyhow, as I got older, I would start to have these nightmares before I would have a sleep paralysis situation or experience. And so usually it would be I’m trying to save a baby and the baby is drowning. And I’m trying to get it out of like its carseat in the car, the cars going under quickly. I have to move fast. But before you know it, I’m dying with the baby, and there’s no hope. And so I’ll die, or I think, you know, this is it, I’m gonna die and then I’ll wake up and then I feel a presence in my room. And I look around and, you know, in a dark corner will be a Shadow Man. So I’ll throw my blankets over my head and try to, uh, you know, hide from it and pull my blankets down quickly. Just tell myself I’m not afraid, like this is, you know, I’m not seeing anything. Pull my blankets down and the Shadow Man will be right there in my face, just an inch away from me.

Jim Harold 59:31
Ooh, that’s frightening.

Desiree 59:32
Feel that evil presence from it. I also have these other strange nightmares where I’m in a–in a like a hospital in the desert. And I’m trying to find my way out. And I know that if I go into a specific room, that I’m going to die there.

Jim Harold 59:57
Oh my.

Desiree 59:57
You’ll just feel like a kind of evil in there. And I know, like in this dream, I know that the devil is there, like, I know this evil presence is there. And most recently when this happened to me, I woke up and–from this horrible nightmare, and I can’t move, and I look up and see a like emaciated ribcage. It’s huge, like, for the body that it would belong to would be almost to the ceiling. And I could tell it’s looking down at me, even though I can’t truly see a face. But I could just see veins or more like electric lungs. And I just see the ribcage as if it’s breathing. Finally, like I’m fighting so hard to break out of the sleep paralysis, like you just feel your body vibrating, and you’re fighting so desperately to get out of it. And I’ll finally break out, but as soon as I get out, I like have that, you know, when you see in movies, people have a terrible nightmare, they get up and grab their chest and they’re like ugh, you know, that sort of thing is what will happen to me.

Jim Harold 1:01:17
Well, let me ask you this, you know, sleep paralysis can definitely be a medical condition, do you feel that there’s a medical condition, a piece of this going on?

Desiree 1:01:33
Not necessarily.

Jim Harold 1:01:34

Desiree 1:01:35
I just think that it’s, I’ve heard other people say it before, like with a lot of stress that they’ll, you know, see something, or, I mean, I grew up sort of rough. So my parents were always fighting or, you know, had their struggles. And I feel like there was a lot of tension in my house. And that’s when it started. Like when my parents were going through a divorce. And now as an adult, like I have a great life. But if I feel any sort of stress, it could happen. Or if I’m sick, most recently, I was gonna come on your show, but I had COVID.

Jim Harold 1:02:16
Oh my.

Desiree 1:02:16
And I had a fever. And I had a horrible dream. And then I wake up with sleep paralysis, but this time, what was happening was something that was pulling me out of my body. So it was like an out of body experience. But I could feel it. And I could see something just dark. It was like a female. And she just had hair completely covering her face and body. And she’s pulling me out of my body. That’s terrifying. But what’s so strange is that after these experiences, it’s like you just go to sleep as if nothing ever really happened. I wouldn’t say that it’s a medical condition. Especially since I’ve heard so many stories where people are, are on the verge of death. And they see the hat man, or a Shadow Man.

Jim Harold 1:03:17
RIght. Now you’ve had experiences though, kind of in daytime happenings. You shared a story in your email about a trash can. What happened with your trash can, right?

Desiree 1:03:30
Oh, yeah, I did. Um, so I have had a UFO experience. And that happened before this situation. And I think it’s worth mentioning that there was four of us, it was New Year’s Eve, and my older cousin had asked me–all of us if we wanted to go outside and he’ll shoot his gun at midnight. And so we all get excited. And he’s standing there just blank for a few seconds. And you know, just like thinking and then all of a sudden says, “Okay, let’s go. It’s time.” We walk out, we all just kind of form a circle and are looking up. And like within a second of us doing all these things, a UFO passes right over us, stays. It’s making noise. It’s kind of going whirr, whirr, in like a buzzing kind of sound. And it’s–it has lights underneath it that are spinning in a circle. We all just freeze and stay there. I don’t remember what happened next. But when I think about what happened to me, when on that particular day, I opened the trash can and had saw a pair of glowing green eyes looking back at me. I can’t help but feel like it’s some sort of extra terrestrial experience.

Jim Harold 1:05:01
Interesting, interesting. Well, Desiree, I want to thank you for sharing that. I wish you the best. And I thank you so much for being a part of the _Campfire_ tonight.

Desiree 1:05:11
Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.

Jim Harold 1:05:13
Brandy is on the line from beautiful Hawaii. I think of that as I look out my window and see the snow. And she’s–she’s–

Brandy 1:05:24
No snow here (laughs).

Jim Harold 1:05:24
No, I kind of figured that (laughs). And she’s been a fan of the show since she heard us on Bridget Marquardt Ghost Magnet. Always great to talk with Bridget. And great to talk with Brandy. Brandy, welcome to the show. And I know that you’re going to tell us about multiple synchronicities. And as you know, I love synchronicity stories. So please tell us what happened.

Brandy 1:05:32
Okay, great. Thanks, Jim. And thanks for having me on. This is a story that goes back a long time all the way to high school, I’m going to date myself by saying this happened in the, like, early 90s. But it also reaches all the way into our current time. And I’ll explain more about that later. But I’ll just start with what happened back then. And back in the 90s, you know, every–there was no internet, no cell phones, you know, nothing.

Jim Harold 1:06:21

Brandy 1:06:21
As teenagers all we had to keep us interested or learn about new things out there was like magazines, and just good old fashioned cable TV and stuff like that. So we were we were really into magazines growing up, and this story kind of centers around magazines of all things. But back then skateboarding was a real popular thing. It still is. But back then, I just was really into learning about all of them. And I had this whole wall devoted to a particular skater that I happened to like, his name is Notis if anybody remembers back in the late 80s, or 90s. And I just cut out every single picture of this skater and I would put it on my wall. And a friend came over one day. And he said, “You know, I have a friend who looks like Notis. I will introduce you to him sometime.” And like yeah, right. Okay, whatever I didn’t know about that because I thought I was the expert on this particular person (laughs). But we did end up having a chance to meet. My friend introduced us. And I’m like, “Wow, he really does look like him.” And we started talking. It wasn’t ever a romantic thing. But we were just–we became friends and we were friends for several years. But when I first got to know this person, Joe is his name. We found out some things that were pretty strikingly similar at first like, “Oh, you have a Volkswagen bug? So do I. Oh, your bug is the year you were born. Mine’s the year I was born. Oh, your parents are divorced? So are mine. Your mom’s name is Sherry. So is mine. Your dad’s name is Larry. So is mine.” Which I thought it was weird that I had parents named Sherry and Larry to begin with, let alone somebody else.

Jim Harold 1:08:16

Brandy 1:08:16
Sherry and Larry. Anyway, so I just felt like we were kind of meant to be friends. So his parents were divorced, and so are mine. And he would go spend summers with his Sherry. And I would go spend summers with my dad, Larry. But we would keep in touch. Back then, like I said, no phones. So we would actually write letters. Teenagers nowadays can’t even imagine probably writing a letter.

The same thing. I did the same thing with friends.

Yeah I mean–I mean, you just wouldn’t ever really get to hear from them for weeks on end. And I mean, you couldn’t even really call anybody it would be expensive. You just were kind of like, well, I’ll see you when I see ya. And maybe write a letter if you’re lucky. So we were both artistic. And we liked to write letters, and we’d draw pictures and cut little things out of magazines and stick them in there for each other. And so going back to the magazines. Around that time, you might remember, Jim, that there was, you know, like Publishers Clearing House?

Jim Harold 1:09:25
Oh yeah.

Brandy 1:09:27
Yeah, like different magazines would give you free trials of things and stuff. So for whatever reason, my mom had this free trial subscription of Travel and Leisure magazine, which was like, you know, super fancy, it looked like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Jim Harold 1:09:44
Oh yeah.

Brandy 1:09:45
Single–single mom definitely wasn’t–we weren’t going on–on any of those trips. But I liked to look at those and there was a really pretty picture of a beach in this one issue. And I said, I don’t even know for sure why we had that magazine. But I cut the picture out and dropped it in one of my letters to my friend and the summer and sent it off, no big deal. So the next day, I got a letter from him. And I’m like, Oh, wow, he sent a letter at the same time as me. That’s pretty cool. So I opened it up. And I see my beach picture inside. And I’m like, wait a minute, why is he sending this back to me? And I was like, that’s way too fast. There’s no way he could have gotten the picture, sent it back. And why did he write–why is there this writing on it? And why is it cut out in this way, like I was just baffled. I didn’t understand what was happening. Because this was, you know, my picture from Travel and Leisure. But then I opened his whole letter and read what it said. And I realized, and I still kind of get chicken skin, that he–he had somehow seen that same article, in that same Travel and Leisure magazine, cut it out, sent it to me and wrote on it at the exact same time that I had done that to him.

Jim Harold 1:11:11
Oh, what a coincidence.

Brandy 1:11:13
It was so weird. It was just–I couldn’t, I just could not even believe what the chances of that happening were. Especially–I mean, we were like 17, it’s not the type of magazine we, you know, either one of us normally would be looking at. So the part that makes it really weird is that this all happened in Oklahoma, this–where we grew up. So he got married kind of young, I would say he was probably 18 or so, moved away and lost–we just lost touch. And then in about 1999, I moved to Hawaii, and I hadn’t talked to him or really even thought about him in, you know, quite a while. And maybe about 2005, a mutual friend said, “Hey,” this was on a phone call. My friend said, “Hey, I saw that old friend of yours, Joe, he was here visiting and he asked for your phone number. Is it okay if I give it to him?” I’m like, “Oh, sure.” And so sure enough, a couple of weeks later, Joe calls me. And I hadn’t talked to him in probably at least 10 years, maybe more at this point. And I was like, “wow, you know, why–why are–why am I hearing from you? After all these years? How have you been?” And he said, “Well, someone told me that you live in Hawaii now. And I just wanted to get in touch with you. Because I just moved to Hawaii. I just moved to the Big Island.”

Jim Harold 1:12:52

Brandy 1:12:52
I was like “what?” And he still lives on the Big Island. And I still live on the island I’m on. And I just think back to that magazine clipping and I think what if it was a beach in Hawaii? I don’t know what was in the picture. I don’t still have it. Wouldn’t that be weird if it was?

Jim Harold 1:13:13
It would be, it would be. And I think, you know, I another thing I think is somehow we tap into some kind of universal consciousness that–that we can all access. And I think that people who are close to each other either by blood relation or just they have a close relationship, you tap into the same things. It’s kind of like you finish each other sentences, those kinds of things. So the fact that you guys were tuned in, it’s–it’s doubly weird. That it was the same magazine, but that you guys had the same thought, you know, so far away. Just really interesting. And then now you both ended up in Hawaii (laughs).

Brandy 1:13:56
We both ended up in Hawaii and I left out this part too, you know, hadn’t talked in years and years. He didn’t know that I had gone to college or any of that stuff. I went to college right after high school. But the reason he moved to the Big Island is because sadly his marriage didn’t work out and he decided I’m gonna go finish my degree at UH in Hilo. So he earned a fine art degree which is the same degree that I also have (laughs). No, I–yeah, a lot of synchronicities there.

Jim Harold 1:14:29
Indeed. Brandy, thank you so much for listening and thank you for being a part of the _Campfire._

Brandy 1:14:35
Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:14:37
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Campfire Announcer 1:17:15
You are listening to _Jim Harold’s Campfire_.

Jim Harold 1:17:20
Mandy is on the line from Michigan. And we’re so glad that she is. And she’s going to tell us about her first apartment. Oh, by the way, it was haunted. Mandy, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and tell us about this apartment.

Mandy 1:17:36
Thank you. So this was the first apartment that I ever had, you know, first time moving out of my parents house. Ironically, I actually moved in on Halloween night. Didn’t have anything weird right away. But, um, I started noticing that I would hear heavy footsteps down the hallway when I would be in my bedroom. And there was nobody in the upstairs apartments at the time. And I would just hear these, like big, heavy footsteps go down the hallway. And then they would just stop right in front of my door. You know, outside of my–I had my bedroom door closed. And there was–it was three bedrooms, and in the very back bedroom, was kind of just our storage space. And every time that I’d have to go in there, I would feel like I was being watched. And I always thought like it was just me until I mentioned something about having my husband go in there to kind of reorganize some stuff. And he’s like, “um, yeah, I don’t think I want to do that.”

Jim Harold 1:18:52

Mandy 1:18:52
And I was like, “Why? Why don’t you want to go in there?” And he’s like, “it’s just really weird. I feel like someone’s watching me,” and he’s not, you know, into the paranormal stuff. So it was kind of funny to hear it from him. Um, I had two cats, and they would randomly hide, you know, underneath, the furniture and stuff and just stare into one spot, and I would kind of look at it and I’m like, there’s nothing there. I don’t know what they’re looking at, you know, but their–their hair would kind of fluff up and they just looked really scared. But there was nothing, nothing there at all. Um, so another weird thing was my husband and I came home after we got home from work, and this was–this would have been sometime in the middle of the summer and it was a super hot summer. And we didn’t have any air conditioning, there was only heat and it had the the little turn dial. Like the kind of old ones, you know, like there wasn’t anything–

Jim Harold 1:19:09

Mandy 1:19:11
–digital, you know. So we wouldn’t have had it turned on at all, but it was turned all the way up, as hot as it could be. And this happened twice. So kind of weird because, you know, you have to manually twist it, and we’re the only ones with access to the apartment. Um, so there was one time, we were cleaning up the whole apartment and my husband was on the kind of the corner of the living room. And it was large enough that we had a desk in the corner, he was kind of just, you know, sorting through papers and stuff like that. And I had walked from–in the bedrooms down the hallway, and to step right into the living room. And as soon as I did that, the television turned on.

Jim Harold 1:20:41

Mandy 1:20:41
And he wasn’t–he didn’t have the remote, the remote was sitting right on the coffee table. I even like looked for it, because I thought, you know, did the cat step on the remote? There was nothing around it, and the TV just turned on by itself. One time I went over to pull–there’s a fan kind of by where that desk was. And I went to go and pull the cord so that the light would go off, but the fan would stay on.

Jim Harold 1:21:10

Mandy 1:21:11
And when I–I pulled that and then walked back to the other side of the living room, and it turned back on. I don’t know how that happens when it’s, you know, a pull string, um, and then in the hallway. I had got up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night and I flipped the hallway light on so that I could walk into the bathroom. And the hallway light flickered a few times, and then it just went out. So my husband went out and bought like a four pack of like these like really nice LED light bulbs and replaced it. And just within a few hours, the same thing happened again. And we went through the entire pack of light bulbs, we had to go buy a whole nother pack of light bulbs. And finally, we got–we got one that, you know would stay on. It didn’t happen again after that. So we thought that was really bizarre. Um, and then there was one of the first times that I saw anything, you know, because all these were just kind of weird things.

Jim Harold 1:22:24
Right. Circumstantial kind of things.

Mandy 1:22:26
Yeah, yeah. So the first time I saw something was my husband was sleeping on one side of the bed, and he was kind of facing the wall. And then I had–was on my side with my back to him and I was facing out. And when I rolled over, when I rolled over to that side, I saw a shadow and kind of a really like rough shape of, you know, maybe a person. And the weirdest thing is is, you know, I’ve seen shadow people before. So like, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen them. But this was the first time I ever had one that said anything to me. And I thought that was really weird. Um, I didn’t know what it was saying though, it was in some other language. And I do not to this day know what that language was, that was being spoken. I’ve tried looking anything up and researching and just listening to languages being spoken, and none of them sound like that. Um, and then I was–and then the other time, because my–that was actually when my husband and I were dating. We hadn’t gotten married yet when that happened. And so, um, this other incident happened right before Christmas. And so I was home alone. And I was–I had gone that night, the night that this happened, I had gone to our Christmas church program. And then–so I wake up and I’m laying there, I can kind of just barely move my head, but I can’t move the rest of my body. And I can move my eyes around, so I can see all around in my room. But on top of me was some sort of like, I don’t even know what to call it, like a beast? Like in its face, but the arms kind of reminded me of just a really muscular man’s arms. But they had kind of like something between claws and hands. It had wings. It had horns, and kind of like sharper fang like teeth. But it was really weird because there was dimension to it, but they were–it was still one color. So the one that was on top of me was just black. And then there was another one that was at the foot of the bed, on the–on the floor at the foot of the bed. And it was–the color of that one was more of a muddy brown. And I knew right away in that moment that they were demons. And because I had the exact same feeling that I get, you know, like when I would see shadow people. And it’s just that, that just sense of dread and fear. And like the, you know, a lot of people will say that they feel like they’re feeding off of the fear.

Jim Harold 1:25:59

Mandy 1:26:00
And that’s been my experience with it as well. Um, they started to speak in that same language that I had heard before. And it was really weird, because before, I didn’t really know what it was saying. But this time, it was like, even though they were speaking in this other language, it was like, I knew what they were saying. Um, and definitely their tone and inflection for sure. So it–it was like this, you know, noticing that I was awake saying, like, she’s awake. And like, recognizing that they’re kind of going back and forth. I don’t know what they were able to do to make it so that I couldn’t move. I thought that was really weird. Even though I was completely conscious at this point, because I was terrified. Um, I started praying. And it seemed like it was causing them pain when I was praying, they didn’t, they didn’t like it at all. And then–but they weren’t leaving, you know. So the only thing I could think of was, and this was only in my head, I couldn’t, I couldn’t, like speak it was–it was really weird. So in my head, I started to like sing the song and it–all I could remember was a portion from that Christmas program from, you know, when I was at the Christmas church program, there was a portion to the chorus that was stuck in my head. And I just kind of started singing that in my head over and over and over. And they–they got like, it was just like, the pain for them got more intense, they got angrier. And then they were just like growling and crying out in pain. And then they were just gone. And I knew that I wasn’t dreaming, because at no point did I wake up again, I immediately like sat up and was just like kind of paralyzed for a moment, like in fear. Like, like I, you know, I was like what just happened? And I got up and went out of the room and I had a little kitten, and I grabbed my cat and I went and like kind of laid on the couch. And I’m like, I don’t know what to do. It was, I don’t know, probably three or four in the morning at that point. And so I kind of just sit on the couch, I could not fall back asleep, I waited until probably seven or 7:30 and I called my husband, you know, he was my fiancee at the time. And I called him and I was like I–I’m gonna come over and I kind of grabbed–I threw some stuff in a bag and I actually stayed–he was living with his parents so I stayed with them for a couple days and then I went and stayed with my parents for a few days over Christmas and kind of played it off as I was just visiting for Christmas but I just was so terrified to go back home. So I stayed–stayed away from the apartment for a while and um, you know, some of those other things that I explained at the beginning were things that happened any–any of the whole time that you know, we lived there, but um the other thing that was weird, so just about like a week and a half ago, I was actually scrolling through one of my social media apps, and there was a video that somebody made about Zoroastrianism. And and I honestly don’t know too much about this. But apparently within this belief there is a demon who was supposed to be the main enemy of God and his name is Ahriman. And so I got curious I went and kind of looked it up and in the images that I found, it looks exactly like what I saw. Because I always thought, you know, for years, because this–this happened like, almost 12 years ago now. Um, I always thought, like, the closest thing I could think of that it looked like was–was a gargoyle. And I always thought that was weird, because, you know, gargoyles are supposed to be protective. And I thought that was really weird. And when I saw this picture, I just kind of like, you know, stared at it for a while, because I’m like, that is exactly what I saw. And I knew that it was a demon, and I find it so interesting that that’s exactly what his role is in this, you know, religious belief. So, um, I think that’s pretty fascinating, especially that I only found this, you know, found that out, like, a week and a half ago,

Jim Harold 1:30:54
Right, it’s something to find, you know, what–what–what you saw, what it looks like. Now, you talked about the background of the apartments that you think there may have been some kind of rituals or something going on?

Mandy 1:31:08
Yeah. So, um, I actually was working at a salon at the time. And I had, there was two clients, and, you know, they kind of, you know, bring up like, “Oh, where do you live,” and, and then it kind of came–came to the point where I–they knew exactly which apartment building because it was a small town. So it’s not, it’s not like, you know, people are creepy. I see the same people all this–all the time, you know, but they, you know, knew which apartment buildings I was talking about. And one was, he told me that his–okay, so they were renting the–the apartment while their house was being built. And he said that his wife was really pregnant at the time. And he was at work. And she apparently had some sort of experience that terrified her so badly that she went to wait for him to come home for work and went and waited outside. Refused to go back into the apartment, literally had to get a hotel until they finished building their house because she would not go back in. He tried to ask her about it even after they had fully moved out, even, you know, a couple years after, and she just flat out refuses to tell him anything. So he doesn’t know what it is. But he said that it was, you know, obviously terrifying enough that she won’t even speak about it. And–and then I had another client who told me that–and I cannot confirm any of this. So it’s just hearsay. And I have heard it from a couple people. But I’ve tried to research the background on the building, and I can’t find any information on it. So, um, she said that the–the building was originally built for some sort of commune cult. So the–from my understanding, there was supposed to be doors that were in between the apartments, so that, like, there was always access to all of them. And I thought that was kind of weird. Supposedly, there was rituals that were done. And I don’t know exactly what rituals, I don’t know, you know, if this was satanic, or what. It kind of sounds like, from my understanding that that’s kind of what it was. And there was–because there was, you know, families living in this, this commune or whatever, they–a lot of the children were neglected and abused. And I–one of the girls that I worked with at the time actually told me that she had seen kids that–I don’t remember if she rode the bus with them, or that they were just in her class in the school, but that they would sometimes, you know, just look really neglected as far as like, you know, being taken care of and clean and clean clothing and things like that. So, um, and I can’t find anything–anything to, you know, prove that, that that’s true and that it happened other than just, you know, clients or friends telling me that this is what they they saw and remember from living in the area.

Jim Harold 1:34:38
Now–now did anything follow you after you left that apartment?

Mandy 1:34:42
We moved into a small house. It’s in another small town right–right next to it and I had feelings and did see a shadow right outside of my bedroom door. But not within my room and not anywhere else in the house. And I thought–the weird thing too is that, um, what–I knew that–I knew that I saw it there and–and I don’t really like to say anything when I see it, because I feel like it just freaks people out, or they just think you’re crazy, you know. So I usually just kind of keep it to myself. But um, my husband knows that I’ve seen them. And he has a friend who has explained it in the same way. So he like completely 100% believes in it, he just doesn’t see them. But um, I was talking to my daughter one day, and she was probably around six, maybe at the time. And I don’t remember what it was. I think she was saying that she was scared to go get something out of my room that she needed or something. I was asking her why. And she’s like, “well, because of that shadow that’s outside of, you know, your–by your door.” And I was like, “what?” And she’s like, “Yeah, the shadow has red eyes.”

Jim Harold 1:35:58
Oh my.

Mandy 1:35:59
I was like, “Oh,” I’ve never seen, you know, red eyes myself. But I was like– I’ve never, you know, because I was already careful to not speak about this usually, in general, because people, you know, can be kind of weirded out by that stuff. I definitely was not speaking about it in front of my children. So yeah. She has a whole theory and things herself she’ll have to call in and tell you sometime, but I thought that was really bizarre.

Jim Harold 1:36:30
Quite–quite the story, Mandy. Well, thank you so much for joining us tonight and being a part of the _Campfire_.

Mandy 1:36:37
Thank you.

Jim Harold 1:36:38
Shar is on the line from Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ve been getting more calls from Canada. I love to see it. And Shar has a story that she calls a head scratcher and says she hasn’t heard anything like it on the _Campfire_. So I can’t wait to hear her story. Shar, welcome. And please tell us what happened.

Shar 1:36:58
Well, thank you so much. Um, I have never heard a story like this either. It involves a little bit of medical history. But I’m not asking for sympathy. It’s just how this story came about. I take some medication for endometrial cancer I had a few years ago. And the pills are really good. They work. And I’m also a little OCD. As I’m getting ready for bed, I just sort of get everything ready to take my pills later on. So I have my pill for cancer, and I have just a muscle relaxant that that I take. And I put in like a little pill bottle or a little light lid. So I can have it ready for when I’m ready to go to bed. Because it is an entire day kind of, you know, skipping a few steps. I’ve been doing that for quite a while. So it’s funny, though, like last November, November 2020, actually, which is right during the pandemic, I started noticing that my little pill wasn’t there. The–the cancer pill is quite small. The muscle relaxant is quite big. So I kept thinking, “Oh, I’m maybe I thought I did it. And I didn’t.” So I didn’t really take it too seriously. But it happened quite often, it wasn’t every night. But it finally got to the point where I thought maybe I betetr count my pills, cause I don’t have them in unlimited quantity, right? So sure enough, I go to look at my pills, and I usually have extras, because they tend to overlap the prescription sometimes. I actually was getting down to a very tight number of pills, up until my next appointment. So I didn’t really know what to make of it. Because you know, I’ve been putting these pills in every night. And where do they go? And I don’t have any pets. I live by myself. I only have a cleaner who comes in maybe once every six weeks to two months.

Jim Harold 1:37:52

Shar 1:38:13
When they’re there I don’t leave anything out on my nightstand. I want to make it easier for them to clean. So it’s very strange that these pills disappeared. I looked all over the bedroom like behind the nightstand, on the floor. I thought well maybe I kept missing it and they’ve fallen or something. But you know, that was November 2020. And here we are like over a year and almost a half later. And I still haven’t found them. So it’s done. It’s kind of weird. And I’ve had a few things happen in this apartment but I never felt anything like this would happen. So I still don’t know to this day where those pills have gone.

Jim Harold 1:39:32
Huh. that’s–that’s strange.

Shar 1:39:35
Well, I finally started not putting them in that little–little cup again until I’m right ready to go to bed because obviously that wasn’t working. So yeah, it’s been a little strange. I posted this on something, I’m on Facebook and a few people said, “Oh well the cleaners are probably taking it,” but the cleaners only are in every six to–six weeks to two months and they’re friends of mine and they won’t to go through lmy drawers looking for medication.

Jim Harold 1:40:01

Shar 1:40:01
And the strange thing is, if you’re gonna reach in there, you take the big pill, not the little pill. Which is what I think anyway, it’s harder to get the little pill.

Jim Harold 1:40:10
You know, that’s really strange. That’s really strange, huh? Yeah, I don’t know. It’s one of those things that–it does–it does make you think. I know you also said that you had a comforting story about a ghost cat.

Shar 1:40:25
Yeah, I used to live in Toronto. And I had gone through a very harrowing year. The company I worked for had gone bankrupt, but I stuck around for a year to help them sell it. And then I left my boyfriend and I started a new job. And I moved, so within a month, I did four major things in life. It was also the end of–end of 1999. So I moved into my new apartment, and I did have a bed. But I didn’t have the frame to the bed. So it was on the floor for a couple of weeks. So once I got the frame, and I put the bed up on the frame, and I’d be in bed at night thinking something kept jumping on the bed. I didn’t have any pets. I had had cats before. So I know what it’s like when a cat jumps on the bed.

Jim Harold 1:41:11

Shar 1:41:12
But I didn’t have anything in the apartment with me. And you can kind of feel it, you know, like cats kind of do a little circle as they get settled down. And at first it freaked me out a little bit. But it was actually kind of a nice feeling to feel like there was a cat in there with me. I didn’t have to feed it. I didn’t have to clean up after it. You know, so.

Jim Harold 1:41:35
Those–those–I guess in some ways, that’s the best kind of pet.

Shar 1:41:39
Yeah. In that building I had a friend who lived in that building. And she had a few weird experiences too. So I didn’t really think of it until she mentioned to me like had I had anything happen and I said yeah, that’s been happening. So–and it lasted for a while. And then I met her friend whose girlfriend had to go away for a few months. So they asked if I would look after her cats. And I did. And once they were gone, this cat never came back again. Which is kind of sad. But that it wasn’t–it wasn’t a scary thing at all. It was just kind of a sweet little thing to have happen.

Jim Harold 1:42:17
Well, thank you so much for listening, Shar, to the show. I wish you all the best. And thank you for being a part of the _Campfire_ tonight.

Shar 1:42:25
Thank you. I do have a few more interesting stories that I’ll submit at some point, so.

Jim Harold 1:42:30
Excellent. Very good. Thank you again, so much.

Shar 1:42:34
Thanks, Jim, you have a great night.

Jim Harold 1:42:35
Thank you so much for tuning in to the _Campfire_. I certainly appreciate it. And if you enjoy what we do, I would hope that you would take a moment and share it with a friend. Tell everybody you know, everybody who would be interested in this sort of thing that is. And anymore–I mean, I think everybody kind of listens to podcasts, or at least they know what it is. So if somebody doesn’t know, show him how to listen on their phone. Most folks have some type of smartphone. So please show them and, you know, we’re on all the apps. So pretty much anybody can listen to us very easily these days. Also, please take a moment to make sure you’re following us on whatever app you’re on, Spotify, Apple podcast, whatever it is, that’s really important. And please make sure that you rate and review the show just one or two sentences about what you think of the show. It helps immensely. You can’t believe how much it helps. You know, I hear these podcast gurus that say, “Oh, reviews don’t matter.” I think the reviews matter a ton because people start going in and looking for podcasts and they’re the contenders and then sometimes honestly the pretenders, and having thousands of five star reviews and nice things said about the podcast really helps when people say hey, should I take a minute and give this chance? So please leave an honest review over at Apple podcasts or Spotify or wherever you listen. We thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Bye bye.

Campfire Announcer 1:44:03
You’ve been listening to _Jim Harold’s Campfire_. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.