Haunting Figures – Jim Harold’s Campfire 630

Weird doubles, supposed “imaginary” friends, ghosts at a military base, a rest stop apparition and much more strangeness on this very haunted episode of Jim Harold’s Campfire.

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Jim (00:00:00):

A haunted house with a particularly creepy doppelganger. Up next on the Campfire. 

Announcer 1 (00:00:21):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:00:32):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again and we’re well into November. But the spooky stories keep coming. And if you’re new here, you are in the right place if you want to hear spooky stories from real people, as told by real people. And we absolutely love it. And we love you being a part of it. And we’re not going to delay you very much today just to say, if you want a free ebook, Campfire mini ebook of some of our favorite stories, go to jimharold.com and click on the orange button at the top of the page and you’ll be ushered in how to get that. And we hope you enjoy it. Consider it an early holiday gift. And now on to these great Campfire stories. 

Megan is back on the Campfire from Kansas City, Missouri, home of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. And you might remember a while back, she called with this tremendous doppelganger story about what happened to her while she was living in a college town. And she is back to give us a couple more stories, one on possible automatic writing, which is a fascinating concept. I don’t think we’ve covered much on this show and a possible guardian angel. Megan, welcome back to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us these stories. 

Megan (00:01:54):

Hi, Jim. Yeah, thanks for having me back. So the first one, I’ll share the automatic writing one, which I don’t have any experience beyond this with this, but it is a fascinating topic to me too. This actually happened with my daughter when she was four years old. And at the time she was in preschool, but being my third child, she was kind of, my other two, I worked real hard with on reading and writing. And by this time they were reading small books. And she was kind of not. She was a true third child who was just kind of like, ah, we’ll get to it when we get to it sort of thing. So she was just at this point kind of learning her letters, was not reading, was certainly not writing yet. And one day while she was at preschool, I was upstairs kind of cleaning out her room and on her little desk I had found little scraps of paper that had some writing on it, letters on it. 

Megan (00:02:54):

And I thought, oh, how sweet. She’s practicing her letters. That’s really nice. I was about to throw it away. And then I opened it up and for some reason it caught my attention and I kind of read it and I looked at it and it was upper and lowercase letters. And so I was like, okay, well that’s strange because she’s just now learning how to write that, she’s not, you don’t learn lowercase lettering, especially not in preschool. And it was very, very neat. It was in straight lines. So I don’t know if you remember four year olds practicing their letters. They’re definitely not neat, and they’re usually all over the place, not in a straight line. So it gave me pause, and as I looked at it, I read the first line, it was spelled F-A-S-T-E-N-I-N-G, in a combination of upper and lowercase. And that’s a lot of letters put together that she had not learned. 

Megan (00:03:53):

And then the second line, it said R-E-D-T-H-E-B-I-B-U-L. Like I said, they were upper and lowercase. They were in two straight lines. And I was thinking, okay, maybe something her siblings helped her write or maybe something that they were playing a game with her siblings or something. But then I looked at it again and I kind of started to get goosebumps because then I kind of started to actually read what it was that was written on the paper. And to me, and I actually have a sheet of the paper, I can put it up on your Facebook. 

Jim (00:04:32):

Oh yeah, the virtual Campfire. Yeah. 

Megan (00:04:34):

Yes, yes. But to me, I saw the first line as “fasting”, and then the second line is three separate words, “read the Bible”. And those are not words that I would expect kids to be playwriting with. I mean, her older siblings, they were still in elementary school too, so that doesn’t seem like playwright. 

Megan (00:05:03):

Usually It’s like, “I love cats” or something, not “fasting” and “Read the Bible”. Those are pretty heavy words. So when she got home from preschool, I asked her, I put the sheet of paper in front of her and I said, “Hey, did you write this?” And she got really proud and said “Yes”. And so I said, “Okay, that’s really good. What does it say?” And she just without hesitation, said, “fasting and read the Bible” and she can’t read. So I asked her, I said, “Okay, well what does that mean to you?” She just kind of shrugged and said, “I don’t know”. So then I keep questioning her and I said, “Okay, so did your older sister or brother help you write this?” She said, “No.” So I asked her, “Okay, well how did you write it then?” And she said, “I don’t know, mom. It just came to me. so I wrote it down.” and I said, Okay. I was a little spooked at this point. And I said, “Okay, well who did you write for?” And she said, “You mommy, I wrote it because you need to fast and you need to read the Bible”. 

Jim (00:06:07):

Yikes. Ooooh.

Megan (00:06:10):

So I mean, she’s a little four-year-old doesn’t know how to read or write yet. She has no clue what fasting actually means. And we go to church and we have little kid Bible stories, but we don’t sit down with the Bible and read from the Bible as a family. So yeah, truly mysterious, I dunno where it came from.

Jim (00:06:29):

Yeah. If I had seen that, my reaction would’ve been “Zoinks Scoob, we need to get out of here!” 

Megan (00:06:38):

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, a little creepy. 

Jim (00:06:42):

Yeah, you need to fast and read the Bible. Wow, wow, wow. But it seems to run in the family. You have a story about your son too, right? 

Megan (00:06:51):

Yes, yes. So my son, he was spending the night at a friend’s house and he spent the night at a friend’s house before. And this little boy that he would spend the night at, he just lived right around the corner, not very far. He’d been there before and he never asked to come home in the middle of the night. Well, this particular evening around midnight, he called and was very upset and wanted to come home. So we asked him, okay, well we try to get to the bottom, what’s really going on? And he’s like, “Nothing, mom, nothing at all. I really want to come home. There’s nothing wrong. Nobody’s been mean. I want to come home and sleep in my own bed.” Being midnight, we tried to convince him to just stay there so we didn’t have to get up and go get him. But he was just so adamant that we finally gave in. We said, “Okay, buddy, we’ll come get you”. So the next morning, fairly early in the morning, all my kids were still sleeping. I was out on my screen porch reading, and this really on this kind of freak thunderstorm, rolled in super fast. And it was one of those Midwest thunderstorms where everything gets real quiet kind of off color. I know you know being where you’re from. 

Jim (00:08:07):

Kind of green. 

Megan (00:08:08):

Yes, yes. And it was all of a sudden the whole entire air became electric. I’ve never felt it in my life. My skin goosebumped, the hair stood up on its ends, and then there was the loudest bolt of lightning and thunder that I’ve ever heard, literally on top of each other. And then of course the storm came in. So with that, I kind of had a feeling that either one of the houses around us or something around us got struck by lightning. Right? I mean, nothing is that loud without it. Well, sure enough, about an hour later that my friend, the boy who James’s house was sleeping at ,called me and said their had been struck by lightning and the room that her son was sleeping in, that’s the room that got struck. 

Jim (00:09:00):


Megan (00:09:01):

And she kind of was freaked out and was like, “Did your son know that was going to happen? Because he did not want to be in that room at all.”  And I was like, “I have no idea. But I just know he did not want to sleep in that house or in that room at all. And he wanted to be at home in his bed.” So yeah, he had a guardian angel for sure. 

Jim (00:09:22):

Do you think, it seems like your family, and even from the previous story that you told us, there seems to be a lot of, I don’t know if you would say paranormal activity, but kind of spooky activity, I guess. Do you think maybe it kind of runs in the family? 

Megan (00:09:40):

Absolutely. I’ve had countless encounters with things that I can’t explain. My daughter who did the automatic writing, she has seen lots of orbs and life that she calls them that she doesn’t like to see. Yeah, there’s definitely a sensitivity that’s going on that I don’t know exactly what to call it or what to do with it, but we have it for sure. 

Jim (00:10:07):

Well, Megan, should something else happen, please call and let us know. And thank you for being a part of the Campfire. 

Megan (00:10:14):

Thank you, Jim. 

Jim (00:10:15):

Next up on the show is Mao, and I got to tell you, we’ve heard a lot of different Campfire stories over the years. I’ve never heard one quite like this one in Mao. It’s freaking me out. 

Mao (00:10:28):


Jim (00:10:29):

I hate to overdo it, but I have to do it, “Zoinks, Scoob. Let me out of here.” Alright, tell us what happened. This is a great one. 

Mao (00:10:37):

Yeah. Thank you for first letting me be on it is an honor, and my story happened when I was about, I want to say seven or eight. Both my parents are from Cambodia. They immigrated in the early eighties 

Mao (00:10:55):

They’re very spiritually attuned. I grew up just hearing ghost stories as the norm. And I know my mom has experienced, she’s very sensitive. She does not like it. She does not lean into it. And my dad is the quite opposite. He’s very comfortable and he really cultivated a space where I felt safe talking about it. 

Mao (00:11:18):

So of course this happened when my dad was away in business. He travels to Cambodia once a year in my childhood. And so it was just my mom and I, and I grew up in a very creepy home. I could a hundred percent say it was haunted. It was built in the 1880s in Lynn, Massachusetts. And it just had a very creepy vibe, always in the energy. So essentially what happened was my mom and I were hanging out and she was napping, and it was maybe like three in the afternoon. It wasn’t dark or it wasn’t nighttime or anything, and I was sitting at the edge of her feet because in our Cambodian tradition, you don’t sit anywhere near the elder’s head. It’s just very disrespectful, 

Jim (00:12:09):

Oh okay.

Mao (00:12:12):

Which I feel like adds a layer to this. So I was sitting at the edge of her feet just hanging out, watching “Goosebumps”. I remember it vividly, and I’m watching “Goosebumps” and lights are off, and she wakes up from a pretty deep slumber and goes, I was known as Michelle back then, so that was my middle name. She goes, “Michelle, what are you doing?” And I’m like, “What are talking about mom? I’m right here.” She goes, “Michelle, what are you doing? Why are you there?” But she’s looking up where her head is. She’s looking upwards, not downwards, where I am. 

Jim (00:12:49):


Mao (00:12:49):

Completely ignoring me. And I’m like, “Mom, I’m right here.” And she’s like, “Why are you there?”  And then she just goes back to sleep. And I’m like, okay, weirdo. So I finished my “Goosebumps” episode. She doesn’t say anything to me, but of course she talks to my aunt later that day and was like, “I had the weirdest experience.” And of course she says it in front of me. So it’s not like she was trying to hide it. She just didn’t tell me. So essentially what I had heard was that experience in her point of view, she woke up to me sitting at her head, 

Jim (00:13:26):

Which you were not doing. 

Mao (00:13:28):

I was not, which is a huge no-no, you get, I never got spanked, but that’s spank worthy back in the nineties. So no, I was not, was at her feet. She said she looked up and saw me sitting there, not only sitting there, but looking down at her and just smiling. 

Jim (00:13:49):

Yikes. Oh man. 

Mao (00:13:51):

Yes. Defiantly smiling at her. And she kept asking,

Jim (00:13:56):

Oh wow, 

Mao (00:13:58):

Yes, very, very naughty, defiant, oppositional, which was not me at all as a child. And I just kept looking at her and smiling and not answering her. That’s why she was asking a bunch of times, completely disregarded. Did not know I was at her feet. So whatever it was, pretended to be me. And I think that’s really so creepy in my childhood home. 

Jim (00:14:27):

Yeah and you said this place was highly haunted. There was a lot of weird stuff going on. 

Mao (00:14:31):

Yeah, lots of activity, energy just constantly felt like I was being watched everywhere. It was a home that had a servant entry right by the kitchen, 

Jim (00:14:47):


Mao (00:14:48):

So that was in the very back of the house. And that part just was so, just felt very like it just made your fight or flight activated because you knew it wasn’t emotionally safe there always felt very watched. And yeah, it was just really interesting. I’ve always heard creepy noises. I never saw anything, but my mom would share that she would see children in the home. 

Jim (00:15:15):


Mao (00:15:16):

That was not me, these kids. I was the only child growing up 

Jim (00:15:21):

Who are these kids? The thing is, is that to me, and I’ve said this before, the doppelganger thing was not something I anticipated when we started doing this show, but it’s so common, and to me it’s so sinister because usually it’s impersonating someone you love, know, and trust, and it’s like invading that trust, 

Mao (00:15:44):

That sense of safety. Absolutely. I would love to come back at another time and share my cousin’s story that’s very similar to that. But yeah, it happens very often and I really appreciate the space that you create because it really normalizes, or I guess maybe makes it a calming experience so you’re not feeling so isolated. 

Jim (00:16:07):

So many of us have strange experiences. I would say most of us, if we’re being honest, have a very strange experiences that are not necessarily explicable via understood means. I think of most people, even skeptics now, Mao before we go, you’re a great storyteller and you’ve got great sound. I’m like, she’s got to be a podcaster. And guess what? You are. So I know you have multiple podcasts, but one in particular you thought would be great for our audience. Tell folks about it. 

Mao (00:16:36):

Yeah, thank you. So this one is called “Decoding Crime and Culture”. It used to be known as the “Millennial Therapist” podcast if you’re familiar with it. But this particular podcast, I co-host with another millennial therapist, and we kind of dissect mainstream popular true crime and paranormal experiences under a sociopolitical lens and under also the mental health lens. So just looking at more of the nuances and creating a bigger picture and understanding of each case and story. 

Jim (00:17:10):

Excellent. And people can find it wherever they find their podcasts. 

Mao (00:17:13):

Yes, absolutely. 

Jim (00:17:15):

Well, thanks for being a part of the Campfire tonight and Stay spooky. 

Mao (00:17:19):

Stay Spooky, Jim. Thank you. 

Jim (00:17:21):

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Announcer 2 (00:20:52):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:21:08):

Suki is on the line from Canada, and she’s going to talk about her daughter Charlie. When her daughter was four years old, she had some imaginary friends, but they may have been much more. And I understand Charlie is a big fan of the show. So Charlie, Stay Spooky and I can’t wait for your mom to tell us about your story. Suki, welcome to the show. Please tell us what happened. 

Suki (00:21:33):

Thank you, Jim. Thank you. So my house is about a hundred twenty, hundred twenty five years old, and I’ve always been okay with ghosts and my family has experienced things, so we weren’t afraid of ghosts. And my older child was at school, so there’s just me and my little girl with me. And she started talking about imaginary friends and I would hear her playing just everyday kind of things. And some part of me wondered, is this really imaginary? 

Jim (00:22:13):


Suki (00:22:13):

Because it would get very specific. It would sound like she was arguing or she didn’t actually, she didn’t talk much about them, but she would talk about things she did with them. For example, I went into the playroom because I heard her laughing and giggling and I knew it was just her. So I went in and I just said, “Oh, what are you doing?” She said, “Oh mommy, I’m playing with Lucy. I’m so glad my friend Lucy has come to visit me.” And I said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Well, does Lucy come often, how often does Lucy come?” And she said, “Well, actually, this is the first time she’s never come before.” And I said, “Oh, okay.” She said, “Usually she just stands in the front yard and stares in at me.” Wow, okay. That sounds a little less imaginary because it’s so specific. 

Suki (00:23:16):

And then I think the next thing that gave me pause to think was that a friend of mine had been texting back and forth. It was bedtime about, and my daughter and I were on my bed and my back was to her, and my friend texted something that was really funny and it set me off laughing hysterically. And I knew I could not share that with my child. So when Charlie asked me, “What’s so funny Mom, please tell me, please tell me, Mom, please tell me the joke. Is it a joke?” And I would say, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you, but somebody said something really funny”. And she said, after a few minutes of my laughing still, she just said, “Okay, I have to know Mommy, please tell me.” And I said, “I can’t.” And she said, “Um, are your close friends making funny faces at you too?” 

Jim (00:24:14):


Suki (00:24:17):

And I said, that just stopped me short. I mean, what laughter I had was just completely, that was it. That gave me goosebumps because I knew that wasn’t provoked. She wasn’t having an imaginary experience up to that point. So that was very awe. And then things took a turn. She said that she would not want to go to school because one of her ghost friends would be lying on her bed and sticking her tongue out saying, you have to go to school and I’m going lie in your bed and play with all your toys. Which I guess for a four or five year old, that’s going to be pretty difficult to hear. 

Jim (00:25:06):


Suki (00:25:06):

So I would say, “Okay, whoever’s in here, you cannot go on Charlie’s room, on Charlie’s bed or be in Charlie’s room no matter what. Can’t play with their toys unless Charlie says it’s okay.” So Charlie would go to school and feel a little better. And sometimes we were trying to be working on certain issues like sleeping in her own bed, for example. And I had to sleep beside her on the floor. And then I had to sleep in another part of the room on the floor, and I was in the hallway. And each time that I was doing this to get her to sleep in her own bed, I would hear ghost children specifically, I’d be awakened with a ghost girl laughing, giggling. So that freaked me out. She would tell me that her ghost friends whispered in her ears. I’m trying to think what else. There was something else. 

Jim (00:26:19):

But when we were talking before, you’re saying the house in general you feel is haunted. Is that right? 

Suki (00:26:26):

Yes, definitely. I grew up in a haunted house, so to find out that this one is haunted didn’t bother me. We’ve always heard things slamming. My daughter in particular has seen ghosts, more than anybody in the family. And she would say, I don’t like the lady on the stairs. She walks through walls, but she’s not walking on the ground, mommy. It’s like she’s walking on air through the wall. 

Jim (00:27:00):


Suki (00:27:02):

So I wondered if perhaps there had been different levels in the house, it being so old, it may have had different entries and stairwells and things like that. At some point there’s that. And then one once was, so the house that we do live in, it’s in a small town, and I don’t know, we couldn’t find out much about much history about the house, but I would hear ghost children outside at times. And there was one time when my daughter came into the kitchen and she said, “Mommy, I have two friends with me.” And I said, “Oh, what are their names?” And she said, “We don’t know, actually, that’s my goal today. My goal is to help them find out what their names are. One doesn’t speak 

Jim (00:28:03):


Suki (00:28:05):

And the other one doesn’t know her name.” And I thought, that’s really specific, oddly specific. So that went on for a couple of weeks where she was trying to help and she told me that they would sometimes tease her. So it was like a mixed negative and positive experience. She had somebody to play with. But also sometimes they would do things like, “I’m going to break. I’m going to juggle your mother’s porcelain, and when she sees it, she’s going to be upset.” And so my daughter came to me and told me, and I said, “You know what? I will know if any porcelain breaks that it is your friends.” 

Jim (00:28:48):


Suki (00:28:50):

That is, I will know. 

Jim (00:28:51):

So did this just continue indefinitely? Are you still in the same house? 

Suki (00:28:56):

I’m still in the same house. And we did find out some history. That right beside our house where there is a building, there used to be, I think they called it a children’s asylum, where children were sent for challenges and difficulties that we probably would deal very, very differently with nowadays. And I thought that might explain a friend who didn’t know her name or another friend who couldn’t speak. So I thought that was really interesting to find out that history. 

Jim (00:29:32):

So are you still having these occurrences now or are things calmed down?

Suki (00:29:37):

Still having them from time to time. I mean, I have sometimes to be perfectly honest, I have awakened to hear a ball bouncing right behind my head and I just refuse to look. Just absolutely refuse to look. I said, I don’t want to see this. I believe it’s happening. I know it’s happening. I’m just not going to look. 

Jim (00:29:58):

I actually can’t blame you. I really can’t blame you. That’s terrifying. Does Charlie still remember these early experiences? 

Suki (00:30:06):

She does. And I said, how would you describe your experience growing up with them? And she said it was the mixture. It was realistic. It was sometimes positive and sometimes not positive. But I would say she had the closest relationship with anybody in the house to ghosts. 

Jim (00:30:32):

Wow. Wow. 

Suki (00:30:34):


Jim (00:30:34):

Well, Suki, thank you so much for sharing this. I mean, it’s kind of scary when it involves your, it could be scary if it involves you, but then when it involves your child, it could even be scarier. Please keep us up to date on any new happenings and both to you and Charlie, thanks for listening. Stay Spooky. 

Suki (00:30:55):

Thank you so much. Jim. 

Jim (00:30:57):

Nigel is on the line from the UK. It’s actually 12 midnight where he’s sitting right now. And we are going to talk about an experience he had while he was a student at university. He had a job at a very interesting place where some very interesting things happened. Nigel, thank you for listening all the way from the UK and tell us what happened. 

Nigel (00:31:20):

Oh, that’s a pleasure, Jim. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of a great podcast. 

Jim (00:31:25):

Thank you. 

Nigel (00:31:26):

Well, very briefly, Jim, let me give you a bit of history. The airfield that I worked at as I said learned to fly an aircraft, which is a crazy thing to do while a student with no money. But I looked at ways of trying to co-fund that, and there was an advert for a job at a local airfield. And the airfield itself was started in 1930s and worked right the way through the second World War. And in fact, it trained over 6,000 pilots. So that’s quite a number. 

Nigel (00:31:58):

And there was quite really an array of second World War buildings as well. And pertinent to my story, there was one crew room that set aside from the main buildings and also a large hanger, and it had three sets of two doors that were huge and on rollers. Part of my job role of which I managed to get, which was excellent, was to move the aircraft from those hangers in the morning and at night, take them back in. And there was a multitude of other disciplines and jobs that I had to do throughout the day, but it was a great job to have a weekend. And bring it forward to the two experiences, and what happened was, I can remember it as clear as if it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summer’s evening. The stars were out and no wind whatsoever. And I closed two of the main doors with great effort. 

Nigel (00:32:56):

I switched the lights off and I heard a door close, which again is nothing of that many people or owners of the aircraft were tinkering with the airplanes. So I shouted out, “Is anybody there? “And got no response. So I thought this was weird. So I put the lights back on and made my way. I must tell you, Jim, the amount of aircraft that were in there was huge. And I made my way from the wings and propellers, and I noticed that there was a very large twin engine aircraft with a door open cockpit door, which is fine. So I went across the airplane, shouted out, “Is anybody there?” Got no response. Again, nothing of it. So I climbed up under the wing, had a quick look inside the fuselage, and I could very quickly see that there was nobody there. So I climbed back off the wing and stood there, and I looked under the aircraft as well, just in case one of the owners were again, tinkering with the airplane. 

Nigel (00:33:59):

And I had an overpowering urge to strangely look at where the door was open and the door, the door slammed, it didn’t close, it slammed. To this day, I don’t know how I didn’t decapitate myself as I ran out of that place like a banshee. But anyway, that was it. It was incredible sensation. But I must stress that there was no wind and that door closed, it slammed shut, and it was a job I had to repeat on many occasions after that. But I can assure you I didn’t do it alone. 

Jim (00:34:38):

Oh, I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you. 

Nigel (00:34:39):

Utterly spooked by that. The other story, Jim, which was really a building that was part of a crew room, again, dated back to the 1940s. And I was in there, I can’t remember what for, I think the manager asked me to pick up some paint or something. 

Nigel (00:34:59):

But anyway, so I was walking out to the main entrance. It was a very, very large sort of open sort of atrium type of thing. And I saw a pilot standing to my right and he was in flying gear. Again, nothing of that because we had three Tiger Moth aircraft on the airfield, which were open cockpit, and they were trainers in the second World War. And those pilots would dress up in that way because it was clearly relevant because it was open cockpit. So I thought okay that’s cool. So I went off and I had a word with all my colleagues and I said “When is the Tiger Moth going up or one of them?” And the chap looked at me, said, “What are you talking about, there’s no Tiger Moths going up at all today”. Wow. But interesting enough, I know I’ve heard lots of other people on your podcast saying that they felt chills or they felt uneasy before they actually witnessed what they did. I had none of that. It was just there and it was these things just happened. But there were plenty of stories about ghostly goings on at the airfield, I just ridiculed them. But after those two experiences, I didn’t do any more ridiculing. 

Jim (00:36:19):

Yeah, I don’t ridicule at all. Now, do you think this was, it sounds like probably a ghost. Do you think this was a sentient ghost or do you think it was some kind of replay? 

Nigel (00:36:30):

Well, that’s a very good, very good question. There was a chap on the airfield who’d been there since year dot, and he was a mechanic and all sorts of things from almost a boy. And when I was in the crew room and I relayed this particular story to him, he just sort of burst out laughing. And he was saying, oh, that’s whatever name he gave it. And he was saying that it’s a mischievous ghost and he plays tricks on everybody who is there on a fairly regular basis. So I thought that was rather a fun side of it. But saying that, Jim, I worked there for three years on and off, but I never ever experienced anything more than those two occasions. But it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Jim (00:37:18):

Well, a fantastic story. Just fantastic stories and we really appreciate it. I do have to ask and you don’t have to say, if you don’t want to, did you go on to become a pilot and work as a pilot or? 

Nigel (00:37:32):

No, not at all. My path went a different way, but I certainly got my private pilot’s license. Yes. And being based where I was, I went to, I had many a flights across to France to have coffee, which is very decadent. 

Jim (00:37:46):

(laughing) I love it!

Nigel (00:37:47):

It’s only because I got a ride. 

Jim (00:37:49):

I love it. Well, Nigel, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire. I know earlier you mentioned how much you enjoyed our Halloween party livestream, which can folks can still find on my YouTube channel. I thank you for that. And thank you for sharing your story tonight on the Campfire. 

Nigel (00:38:06):

Absolute pleasure, Jim. Thank you. 

Jim (00:38:07):

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Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at jimharoldplus.com. Now back to another great story. 

Jim (00:40:58):

Next up on the Campfire is Ava from Denver, Colorado. And when Ava submitted this, she said something along the lines, well, this might not be quite the kind of story you want. And actually it is perfect because it ties into an interview that we just did with Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits, and I’ll talk about that more later. But first, let’s have Ava tell her story. Ava, this is a unique story and I thank you very much for sharing it. Tell us what happened. 

Ava (00:41:28):

Yeah, thank you so much, Jim. So yeah, this isn’t a typical paranormal story, but this story is about a dream. I’ve had a very interesting relationship with dreams my whole life. And what makes this dream particularly interesting right now is that I don’t dream anymore at all. I basically quit dreaming 25 years ago in my early twenties. So it’s extraordinary for me to have a dream at all. But when I was younger, from the times of my earliest memories of life up until my early twenties, my dreams were super intense. They were super surreal and psychedelic and usually terrifying and often extremely violent and gory. So I loved them and I hated them because they were so interesting, but also terrifying. And I always felt like they were a connection to the supernatural for me. So I’ve missed, I’ve never seen ghosts, I’ve never felt like I’ve had cryptid experiences or anything like that, but I always felt like my dreams were my connection to the supernatural. And I’ve missed it in a lot of ways. So I had this dream several weeks ago, and it really struck me because it was so different from any dream that I’d had before, and the scene was that I was just sitting in my parents’ kitchen. Everything looks completely ordinary. I was sitting at the table, they’re puttering around, cleaning up after a meal or something like this, but I knew as you do in dreams that they didn’t know that I was there because I was dead. 

Jim (00:43:04):


Ava (00:43:05):

So the entirety of the dream was me trying to communicate with them as a spirit. And at first it was just sort of like I tried talking to them, they didn’t hear me. I would try to pick things up and move them around. I tried to get a piece of paper and write something on it, and mostly I just was desperately trying to tell them how much I loved them and that I was okay. But it was also trying to give them my bank account information or something like this so they could get access to my money, and which doesn’t really make sense, but dreams don’t. And it was just interesting because everything, it was dream logic, sort of supernatural logic. There were certain things that would work one moment and then not the next. So it was like there were in one moment I could pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write on it, and the next moment I couldn’t. 

Ava (00:44:05):

And one moment I could open a cabinet and the next moment I couldn’t. And I remember trying to, I had written something down, I had managed to pick up a pen and paper and write something on it, and then I was trying to shove it at them, and I ended up startling them because there was this object flying, rushing at them through space that of course they didn’t understand. And it seemed like they could sort of tell that there was writing on it, but it didn’t make sense to them. And it was just so interesting because it, all I could think of was, this is every haunting story that has ever happened. This is what happens, objects move around the room, there is knocking sounds, people don’t understand what’s happening. But somehow it was so poignant to me to feel the perspective of the dead trying desperately to communicate. And what I was trying to say desperately, mostly was just, I love you and I’m okay. And yet the message that they’re receiving is there’s an object flying at them from the other side of the room. 

Jim (00:45:28):

Right, right. 

Ava (00:45:31):

So I don’t know why it struck me so much, but I just kept thinking, I hope if I ever do have that experience of my own, where there are knocks and noises and objects moving in my own house, that I’m very compassionate to whatever spirit is there and realize that they’re just desperately trying to make a connection with me in spite of whatever limited capabilities they have to do that. 

Jim (00:46:03):

It’s so synchronistic that we talked today, because yesterday I interviewed and we’re recording this on September 12th. I don’t know exactly when this episode will come out. This story will be out because it kind of varies depending on story length and things. But just literally yesterday I was talking to Adam Barry about this very thing, how difficult he believes it can be for ghosts to communicate. And a lot of the themes you talked about resonated very much with our conversation. Again, I always feel like sometimes the universe gives us a little wink and says, ah, I see what you’re doing there. And the fact that we literally talked about this just yesterday, and actually I have to say this, Adam is great, very knowledgeable, but I found our conversation a little disturbing because it seems as though, in his opinion, based on his research, that the dead many times it sounds like they’re frustrated because they can’t 

Ava (00:47:06):


Jim (00:47:06):

Get messages through and things. And that would seem to be extremely sad to me. So wow, the fact that this just resonates so much, and maybe we’re giving a glimpse of this, I don’t know why. Yeah, I mean, I hope Adam’s wrong. I hope Adam’s wrong. I would like to think that. But I’ve got to believe, there was a famous story that I’ve told on the show many years ago about this country music artist who passed away and he had a best friend and they had made a pact that they would get in touch with each other after his death, and I think it was six or seven years. And then he did get in touch through this, really, the guy’s name was Johnny Horton. He sang a song called “The Battle of New Orleans”, if anybody knows that type of music. Many other songs died around 1960. 

Jim (00:47:59):

And he had a great friend named Merle Kilgore, and they were interested in paranormal topics. It’s not just something that started in 2000 with the TV shows. And they came up with a code phrase, and the code phrase was “the drummer was a rummer, and he couldn’t keep the beat”, or can’t keep the beat. And basically some psychics, a psychic group in New York, one day, one of their members turned on a baseball game to listen to the Mets or the Yankees or something, and they were rained out and it was a country music station. And they had been getting these communications from somebody named Johnny for Merle Kilgore, M-E-R-L-E, Merle Kilgore, who wrote “Ring of Fire” for Johnny Cash. And anyway, the psychic was listening to this and heard, “Oh, this great song by written by Merle Kilgore” And it’s like, “Oh my gosh, it’s the same guy.” So they get in touch with Kilgore, and I heard this story way before I started podcasting, and he said, “We’re getting somebody coming through who wants to communicate with you. His name’s Johnny. And he keeps saying this weird phrase”. And Kilgore’s like, “Well, what’s the phrase?” “Well, the drummer’s a rummer and he can’t keep the beat”. There you go. 

Ava (00:49:31):


Jim (00:49:31):

And that actually goes back to a disc jockey by the name recently passed. His name is Ralph Emery. He was very popular in Nashville and nationally too on cable tv, the Nashville Network in the nineties. But anyway, that was in one of his books. But the point is, is that okay, he did communicate, but it took him seven years or however many years it was over five years, I think. 

Ava (00:49:57):


Jim (00:49:58):

So maybe it is very difficult for them to communicate. I would like to think that’s not the case, but it seems like it might be. 

Ava (00:50:07):

It seems like it kind of makes sense that there is such a barrier between the two realms. And it was so interesting in the dream, sort of how physics worked and didn’t work. And I think part of that is dreams. I think most of us have had dreams where we were trying to run away from something and it felt like we’re moving in molasses or something like that. And so dream physics doesn’t work like real physics. And yet there was such a sense of a disconnect between the natural laws of the two realms. 

Jim (00:50:46):

Yeah, very much so. Very much so. Well, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing that very unique story. Be curious if anybody else had a story like that, jimharold.com/campfire, jimharold.com/campfire to sign up to tell your story. Ava, thank you for telling your story today. 

Ava (00:51:06):

Thanks, Jim. 

Jim (00:51:07):

Amy is on the line from Northern Arizona and we’re so glad to have her on the show. She says she’s been listening for years and it helps get her through her workday, and we’re always glad to do that. And she has three dreams she would like to tell us about. Amy, welcome to the show and please tell us about these dreams. 

Amy (00:51:26):

Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Jim. First dream is from my dad. He had this reoccurring dream when he was younger. He would go into this abandoned house and he would explore it, and every night he would have this dream, and every night he would explore one more room than he did the night before. And I don’t know exactly how many nights he had this dream, but eventually led up where he had the dream and he was opening a door to a new room, and there showed the Grim Reaper and he booked it in his dream. He took off running. I woke up and unfortunately that same week my uncle passed. They were in a boat and he got electrocuted and my dad was there. He tried to save them and everything. So my dad’s theory was that it was kind of like a warning. So it always gives, I got goosebumps right now thinking about it. It 

Jim (00:52:23):

Yeah, definitely. 

Amy (00:52:24):

It always gives me goosebumps. So that was that dream. The second one is these other two were from me. My mother passed in 2018, and

Jim (00:52:35):

I’m sorry. 

Amy (00:52:36):

Thank you. We were really close. She was always my biggest cheerleader in life and everything else. And so when she passed, it hit me really hard. And a couple weeks after she passed, I was having a dream that my girlfriends and I were going to New York City and she was in the back seat and we were so excited and just laughing and everything. And I remember looking in the rearview mirror. I said, “Mom, are you coming with? Are you coming with?” And she just looked back and smiled at me and she didn’t say anything, but she just smiled. And it’s like I knew that it was like her telling me that she was always going to be there no matter the adventure, no matter what I was doing. She was always in the backseat with me. And I think about it constantly. When I miss her, I think about that dream and it gives me that good feeling that she’s here. That’s 

Jim (00:53:25):

That’s exactly the way I took it. When you said it before you gave your theory. That was my theory too. 

Amy (00:53:31):

Yeah. It’s just a great thing to look back on. And I think that was her sign for me that I needed when she passed. And then the last one, and I’ll give preface to that, it does touch suicide unfortunately. So I know that you always give your message, which I’m so thankful that you do that. So I work at a police department, and it’s never happened to us here in our history, but we had lost an officer to suicide and he had his demons, but he was more like a gambler, and that’s what it was. He was gambling his life, kind of thing. And he had lost, fortunately, that battle. And I had a dream that we were at his funeral and everybody was walking up and it was an open casket. And I got to him and he was awake, and he was like, “Amy, I didn’t mean to do this. 

Amy (00:54:27):

I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to end my life. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to.” And he kept saying it over and over again, and I just kept saying how sorry I was. And I know that he didn’t mean to, he would be here if he could. And I really, I think that was him. We weren’t that close as coworkers, but we were friendly and acquaintances and we hung out with the same people. And I really do. I feel like that was him coming to me out of all people just saying he really didn’t mean to. And if he could, he would’ve taken it back in a heartbeat. It was just so how real it felt. And just when I woke up, I was just not being like uncontrolled you. It felt so real. And I still had those feelings. I was having the dream of how sorry I felt for him and how much I wanted him, to bring him back. And it was just such a powerful dream. And it only, it happened I think just a couple days after he had passed. And I haven’t had a dream about him since. So it was so weird, but I really feel like that was his message to me. 

Jim (00:55:26):

Yeah, I always think it’s so important to mention the 988 Lifeline, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. And folks, if anybody’s out there listening and you feel that you’re in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, you need somebody to talk to. Call 988. The services there are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week across the United States. And Amy, I think it’s an important message, both of the messages. You mentioned how he said he wishes he could take it back, but once you do that, there really is no taking it back. 

Amy (00:56:00):


Jim (00:56:01):

So call 988 and then your other messages that I believe, we get signs like what happened to your dad. I think that they happen sometimes, they’re hard to decipher. And then I think we get signs from your mom, who basically said, yeah, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to New York or Phoenix, she’s going to be with you. 

Amy (00:56:23):

Exactly. Exactly. I just love it. They’re short and simple stories, but they mean so much to me, and I’m so thankful to be able to share them with you and everybody else. 

Jim (00:56:32):

Sometimes the most powerful stories are the shortest. Amy, thank you for being on the show today. 

Amy (00:56:39):

Thanks for having me, Jim. 

Jim (00:56:40):

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You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:59:33):

Next up on the show is Jessica from Warsaw, Poland. I think she’s the very first caller we have had from Poland, which I think is so, so cool. And she has a story for us. And of course, she was referred by our friend Scott and Forrest over at Astonishing Legends who are always so kind to spread the word. So we’ll return the favor, check them out if you have not done so, because you will enjoy what they do. Jessica, welcome to the show all the way from Poland. Tell us what happened. 

Jessica (01:00:04):

Okay, great. So this happened back in 1998 when I was living in Moscow, Russia with my now ex-husband, but then husband, I was working, I was pregnant with my first child, and when I found out that there were no one in the hospitals there at that time, spoke any English, I decided to go back home to New Jersey to have my baby, 

Jessica (01:00:27):

Which is what I did. I went back to my parents’ house, had my son, everything was great. And my grandmother, my dad’s mother was there two or three days a week. She lived in Queens. She was a real New York kind of dame. She was born on a trolley car in lower Manhattan in 1917. She lived in the city all her life. And for me and her, we had a really great relationship. We were very close. And having her there with her great-grandson, my son was really important to me. And we spent a lot of time together talking. However, as we were talking and sitting around and talking about the baby and her experiences with my father, she would often tell me the story of her sister and how her sister had slept with her baby and something bad had happened. “And Jessica, you must never sleep with your baby!” And the thing was, it was 1998, and that was literally three sentences in my baby book. It wasn’t really the thing. 

Jim (01:01:26):

It wasn’t a big thing, yeah. 

Jessica (01:01:27):

Yeah, exactly. And I was like, “For God’s sake, grandma, I’ll never sleep with my baby. Are you crazy? Absolutely not.” But the thing was, she was kind of a compulsive talker. So it was constant. Every single time we sat down, it would come up until, I eventually, I mean, I was a first time parent. I was alone. My husband wasn’t there. I was like, “Grandma for God’s sake, please stop saying this. You’re making me nervous. I promise I won’t do it.” So she backed off a little bit. Time passed. I finally went back to Moscow when the baby was about two months old. And then in November of that same year, my grandmother was on her deathbed. She had cancer, which she had just discovered when my son was born, and it was very aggressive. So I flew back there. I sat with her as she passed, and I got a chance to save my goodbyes. And I went back to Moscow thinking, okay, that’s really sad, but I have a baby. I have to do things.

Jim (01:02:30):


Jessica (01:02:31):

Yeah, exactly. And so living in Moscow, I mean Russian winters are cold, but in this case, as we moved into December and January, it was so cold. It was minus 35, minus 40, just about I guess minus 36 Fahrenheit. 

Jim (01:02:51):

That’s cold. 

Jessica (01:02:52):

Yeah. The babysitter would take the baby out, wrapped up like a sausage in like three coats, two blankets tied around with rope. But we were living outside of the city near the Moscow University. And it was this old 1950s building made of brick. There was no insulation. The windows were wood framed, but there was no more caulk left in the frames or whatever that’s called. And it was freezing. And as a first time parent, you’re like, the book trumps everything. What do I do? And the book’s like, don’t overheat the baby. So you’re like, don’t put too many blankets on, don’t put too little blankets on. Can I put a hat on him? And I’m struggling as a first time parent to figure out how to keep my son warm at night because it was so cold. And eventually without thinking, I thought, let me put him in bed with us, because that’s the warmest place in this apartment. 

Jim (01:03:47):

So. put him, you dropped out a little. You dropped out just slightly. So you decide at that point to put the baby in the bed with you, right? 

Jessica (01:03:54):

Yeah. Not thinking about anything else at all. I decide I have these old Soviet pillows that have the consistency and size of a bag of concrete filled with feathers. So I put ’em in the middle. I create this sort of biosphere, and we had these really old Soviet sateen blankets from the 1950s, these really heavy comforters. And I tucked them all around him and I thought like, okay, this is a little sort of capsule. He’ll be fine. And she didn’t cross my mind at all, I confess. And that was great. He was sleeping, he was warm, I was sleeping. And that went on for about four or five nights. And then one night I was awoken. When you’re a kid and your mom wakes you up for breakfast, you kind of wake up with a question, 

Jessica (01:04:47):

The sense of query. So that’s how I felt when I woke up. Nothing disturbed me. I wasn’t nervous. I woke up like, “Yes?”, because someone had said my name. They didn’t just say Jessica. They said, Jessica Grace, which is something only my mother or my grandmother ever called me. So I’m awake. It’s dark. There’s no one around. And I look for the baby, and he had actually slid underneath the blankets. He was somewhere around my knee actually. And I pulled him out. He was okay. I think I wound up putting him back in his bed. And I went back to sleep, totally calm, weirdly calm maybe on reflection. And I didn’t think about it, that anything strange had happened until the next day in the afternoon when I was working. And I was like, wait a minute. Who’s going to say my name? Who in that moment is going to wake me up? And that’s kind of the story. It’s a short story. It’s tiny, but I think about it a lot about what happened. But 

Jim (01:06:05):

Honestly, I got to tell you, sometimes the shortest stories in my view are some of the most impactful stories. And it just seems like it’s the old, I’ve used it many times on the shows over the years, the old, it’s too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. The fact that your grandmother was so fixated on that and she would not let that go. And I know elders who have been like that about a certain point, they’ll just drive you crazy about something. They’ll just hammer it home. I did that with my kids in the house that they grew up in. We’re not in there now. We still have steps, but these were really steep steps. I’d be like, “Hang on to the rail.” And I would say it incessantly just to annoy them. So every time they would go down those steps, they would remember to hang onto the rail and they never fell down those steps. And I think it’s because they hung onto the rail. So I get what she was doing, but the fact then Jesse Grace, using that name that only she or your mother would use, seems like it to me. I think it’s pretty clear cut. I think she came back to wake you up, Lest tragedy happened. 

Jessica (01:07:15):

Yeah. Well, I like to think that it gives me comfort. She was a great lady. 

Jim (01:07:20):

Well, certainly sounds like it. Jessica, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire and Stay Spooky there in Poland, and please spread the word over there. You can be our agent in Poland. 

Jessica (01:07:33):

I’ll do my best. Thank you. Take care. 

Jim (01:07:35):

Christine is on the line from California and we’re so glad to have her on the program and she’s going to take us back to a paranormal experience she had during the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020. Christine, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us what happened. 

Christine (01:07:54):

Hi, Jim. Thanks so much. My name’s Christine, as Jim said. So my story starts when I lived in San Francisco during the pandemic. I decided about a week and a half after the pandemic. I was having panic attacks and freaking out, and I didn’t know what’s going to happen to the world. And I said, I’m going to drive to Wyoming, and I’m from Montana, Wyoming. My mom lives Wyoming. So I said, I’m going to drive to my mom’s. I’m going to stay there for a few weeks and see what happens. So basically I drove there and then on the way back driving, it took me a little over a day and a half to get home. And I drove through Salt Lake and I drove through Nevada and I get to Nevada. And during the pandemic and California, they had barely any rest areas open. 

Christine (01:08:37):

I swore I drove for 200 plus miles before I’d hit a rest area that was open and it was becoming nighttime. I had been driving for 13 hours. I needed to pull over, but I love to drive and I always try to get it done with, but I was so exhausted. I had talked to a couple friends and they said, whatever you do, do not sleep at a rest area. I had two friends in an hour and a half say, do not sleep at a rest area. And I just thought, well, this rest area looks fine. It’s really brightly lit. It looked brand new. They had redone it, it was a huge parking lot, and there was only one semi in the middles. The only caveat was that the women’s restroom was shut down. So I held it. I said I was going to hold it till morning, so I was scared. 

Christine (01:09:24):

I didn’t want to get out of my car. I didn’t want to risk it. So I went and pulled to a corner of the rest area that was dark. I said, I need to sleep. And I fell asleep around 10:30 PM. I woke up to this sound of, I didn’t know what it was in my sleep. I thought it was music, somebody playing music. And I woke up and I saw a truck next to me and I was like, what the heck? And I went back to sleep. And then I got woken up again by this music and I realized it was NPR and this gentleman had pulled up, of all places in the rest area, right next to me where there was no lights in the dark. I can’t sleep under lights. And he was just playing NPR. It seemed that he was passed out. I kind of yelled out, “Hey, turn down your music” and no response. So I got upset and I drove all to the other area of the rest area, the only other spot with no lights. I drove under a tree. It was like the only tree, and I went back asleep. I woke up another two hours later to a really weird feeling of being watched,

Jim (01:10:29):


Christine (01:10:30):

And I didn’t really know obviously what was happening. I peek up my head, I’m sleeping in the back of my Prius, and I peek up my head and it had fully tinted windows in the whole backseat. You couldn’t look through from the outside. And I see a man, his nose could literally touch my Prius. He was that close. 

Jim (01:10:51):


Christine (01:10:52):

Yeah. It was really weird though, because I looked up and this man didn’t even seem to be looking in my car. I was like, what’s up with this guy? He looked and I looked at his eyes and he looked really out of it. He wasn’t looking at the Prius, he was looking straight ahead and I realized he was looking at the semi that was in the parking lot, and I just thought, this is really weird. This man doesn’t seem to be wanting to get in my car. He’s not even looking in my car. What’s going on? I got freaked out, put my head under the blankets. I’m like, I’m got to be seeing things. I’m really tired. I’ve only had a couple hours of sleep. It’s been a long drive. And then I looked back out and he’s still there, and I’m like, okay, well, I don’t really know. All these things go through your head when you think you see a human apparition for the first time in your life. And this man had a shaved head. He had full eyebrows, he had a mustache and freckles, and he was very muscular and young. I would say he was late twenties and he was wearing some form of jumpsuit. You could see the color. It was dark blue. It kind of reminded me of either a prison uniform or something. I wasn’t sure, some form of uniform, like maybe a mechanic’s uniform. 

Christine (01:12:07):

And then I don’t remember him disappearing. I just remember looking more at him out the corner of the blanket and being like, I recognize this man, but I’m not really sure. I thought I passed a prison like 40 miles before. Maybe it was an escapee that died or all these things came to my mind and I felt oddly comforted, when you realize that the fear is just your body reacting, you kind of get to this place where you’re like, oh, wait, I’m not actually scared. This thing is not actually dark and it might have a purpose. And anyway, it still scared the crap out of me. He could have touched my car and I realized he was definitely looking at the semi, maybe he was protecting me. After that night. I mean, I’d never seen a human apparition. I’ve had paranormal experiences where I saw orbs and I’ve seen, I’ve heard voices even during meditation. I’ve heard full sentences before, but this was extreme to see a human. And I realized as I drove away the next morning, that, which by the way, I did wait till the next morning and the women’s restroom still wasn’t open, but there was one girl and a boyfriend that had pulled in. So the happy ending to the bathroom is that I eventually got to use it, but I had to use the men’s restroom. 

Christine (01:13:28):

But as I pulled away, I thought about the whole thing. I talked to my friends and I realized that it looked, my grandpa had actually died in January of 2020, and I realized that that was to the day that morning in the AM after about 1:30 was when my grandpa died. He died January 27th of terminal leukemia. He was given three to five weeks to live of 2020, and that was the day, 

Jim (01:13:52):

Oh my, 

Christine (01:13:53):

Within a couple hours, I believe they said 1:30 something AM 

Jim (01:13:58):

So do you think that was a younger version of him? 

Christine (01:14:01):

So I think what’s weird is I thought about it for months and months, Jim. I even searched for prisoners that had maybe died in that area becauseI passed a prison. I remember thinking and seeing the signs “don’t pick up hitchhikers”. You see several of them. I thought maybe that was the case, and I basically realized that it looked just like my grandpa, even with his shaved head while he was on dialysis and chemotherapy, he had really, really, it looked just like him except much younger. So yes, I think it was a younger version, but nothing solidified that for many years, Jim, to, ironically, honestly, about three weeks ago I scheduled this podcast. I had no closure about the jumpsuit, who the guy was, and I spoke to my grandma and she said, “Oh, honey, that’s grandpa. He used to wear that every single day to work”. When he was in the Navy, he was a mechanic. He used to apparently work on airplanes, on aircraft carriers in the Navy. 

Jim (01:14:55):


Christine (01:14:57):

Yeah. And I was the last person to, my grandpa was the only person, I’m the only person he recognized when he was on chemotherapy, when he was in his last few days, actually it was his last day. So I gave him a kiss on his forehead, I gave him a hug, and I was the only person he recognized and the last person to kiss and hug him. And I think that was my grandpa protecting me. I don’t know if it was because of my friends were worried or nothing seemed shady about the one semi, but I was really fearful and I’m not a fearful person. So I think yeah, he came to protect me. I don’t know how else to think of it. 

Jim (01:15:36):

Yeah, because yeah, your first thing is like, ooh, who is this creeper kind of thing. But yeah. Wow. And being alone in a rest stop, that could be a dangerous situation. So he was just kind of watching over you and it kind of fit with the timing of his passing and everything. Very interesting indeed. Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Christine. I appreciate it and thanks for sharing this very personal story and Stay Spooky. 

Christine (01:16:06):

Thanks for having me, Jim. Stay Spooky. 

Jim (01:16:08):

Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by Calm. Do you find yourself aimlessly doom scrolling? With new apps, fighting for our attention every day, it can be hard to put those phones down and feel present in everyday life. But with Calm, you can practice exercises that help you feel more present to the life around you and have a deeper connection with the people you love. Because Calm is the number one app for sleep and meditation, giving you the power to calm your mind and change your life because Calm recognizes that everyone faces unique challenges in their daily lives, that mental health needs differ from person to person, and that time for meditation may vary. And since self practices are so deeply personal, Calm strives to provide content that caters to your preferences and needs. Now, their meditations, well, they range from focuses on anxiety and stress, relaxation and focus, to building habits and taking care of your physical wellbeing. 

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Announcer 2 (01:18:37):

Follow Jim on Twitter and Instagram at THEJimHarold, and join our virtual Campfire Facebook group at virtualCampfiregroup.com. Now back to the Campfire. 

Jim (01:18:47):

Rosella is on the line from Ohio, and we’re so glad to speak with her. She’s a big supporter, a Plus Club member and so forth, and really appreciate everything that she does. She is going to tell us about a really extraordinary experience, and we’re so glad to have her with us today. Rosella, welcome to the program. I appreciate it, and please tell us what happened. 

Rosella (01:19:13):

Okay, thank you. Thanks for having me on, big fan. So this is exciting. 

Jim (01:19:17):

Thank you. 

Rosella (01:19:18):

I actually, oh, yes, you’re welcome. I was coincidentally riding my exercise bike because it was raining in which I easily go outdoors normally every day and listen to your show. And by happenstance, I was actually inside on my exercise bike. It was this August, and I was exercising on the bike watching a show when all of a sudden I went to go kind of mute the show and I had the remote control on my bed. I looked over to the bed and I saw that something was, it looked like it was moving underneath my covers. It was really strange. I got out off my bike and I called my children, kind of be witnesses, because I felt like, I was like, am I crazy? What this? And it was moving spontaneously through the bed and it kind of almost looked like it could have been the size of a Guinea pig, like a small Guinea pig, 

Rosella (01:20:20):

A mouse. It was very interesting. And my children were like, what the heck is that? And so I do want to note, I do have a mouse in my house, but it’s in the cage, and it wasn’t that big, and all my animals were kind of accounted for, so what’s going on? So then I kind of poked at it and it went down and went away, and then it just popped up in another place in my bed, but nearby that spot. And this happened for about 20 to 30 minutes. It just would kind of weave around in a little kind of pattern like path. And it even went near my dog, Sasha, that was lying on the bed. And I do have a video that I’m going to try to post later in the Campfire, but it is really interesting. The dog even looked at it, and you can see the dog look at it in the video, and it’s very interesting. And I kind of just poked at it again. It dissipated, it went away, and then it popped up again in another section of the bed. So this happened for half an hour, and finally all of a sudden this feeling just kind of washed over me. That I really can’t explain. I do have gifts, so I sometimes my spirits would come visit me 

Rosella (01:21:35):

And say hi, things like that. But all of a sudden I just had this feeling that it was my dead cat Aspen coming to visit. And this has happened to me. Usually when I’m sick or something, I’ve rolled over and I felt her and I just kind of put my hand over her 

Rosella (01:21:51):

Body and I felt her fur. I felt her purring. And I just said like, “Oh, hi, Aspen”. And walked, just kind of rolled over and fell back asleep. And then I’d wake up going, well, where’s the cat? And then remember that the cat’s been gone for years and the cat’s been gone for seven years. So it was kind of weird, but I just had this feeling just wash over me. And I said, “Aspen, is that you?” And it got more active, and it just started, it looked like it was just running this little kind of air pocket underneath the covers even more when I started to say her name 

Jim (01:22:25):

Oh wow! 

Rosella (01:22:26):

I missed her. And I just had this feeling of just love and comfort just wash over me. And I’m like, oh, my baby. I just missed her so much. I just felt like it was a really beautiful story to share because there’s spooky stories, which we all love, I think. But this one was just like a sentimental, I really miss you. I’m checking in on you, mom, that kind of thing. And the kids were like, oh, we love you, Aspen. And they’re very open. My children, because of my gifts and things flying and turning on lights and everything in the house, I mean, they’re used to it, so they’re just, were like, oh, Aspi, we love you and we miss you. And yeah, just all of a sudden just stopped. Just stopped and didn’t come back. But it literally did last 20 minutes, 30 minutes. I took four videos of it, just seeing how long it would last. So it’s really interesting. 

Jim (01:23:22):

That’s really neat. And folks, Rosella has kindly offered to put that up in the virtual Campfire group. You can find that virtualCampfiregroup.com. So we’ll look for that, Rosella. Once the show posts, we’ll let you know that it’s posted. And if you could put that up, that would be great, because the thing is that you hit it on the head. We just recently passed Halloween, and basically we love the spooky stuff. We love the spooky stuff. However, it’s also important, I think, to realize the paranormal is a continuum, and it turns out that it’s not just spooky stuff, but it’s happy stuff like this and reassuring stuff. So I’m sure everyone will look forward to that video. And I know this is not your kind of first paranormal rodeo. You mentioned you had gifts, also, you had been mentioning that you had written a book. Give us about 30 seconds on the book and where we can find it. 

Rosella (01:24:23):

Well, thank you. It’s called “The Haunting at 2095”. It’s on Barnes and Noble. It’s in Walmart Books a Million and some other places too. I mean, you can find it a lot of places, especially Amazon. But it is about the haunting that I experienced in my childhood that actually goes up to age 38 and how it affected my entire life and how I had to learn how to deal with my gifts. So it’s basically about a couple that lived in the same house that I lived in, but we lived in it at different times and how the house affects us differently and how it changed all of our lives, some for the good, some for the bad in a way, but it all kind of climaxes that you all understand it all at once. And it really changed my life. And I even bring the story back to I think that God sent me this journey even though it was painful and it was a scary haunting at first, but sent me this journey so that I could better myself so I could help other people through the gifts. 

Jim (01:25:28):

Right, right.So give us the title and real quickly where they can find it. 


Okay. “The Haunting at 2095” and Amazon, Barnes Noble Books A Million and Walmart. 

Jim (01:25:39):

Very good. Rosella, thank you for joining us today on the Campfire and Stay Spooky. 

Rosella (01:25:45):

Thank you so much. 

Jim (01:25:46):

Next up on the line is Deb from North Carolina. She is a long time listener going back all the way to 2010, and I thank her and all our longtime listeners, so much. You guys made it possible for me to make this my full-time gig and keep the Campfire growing and going and going. And she has a story about a beloved family member. Deb, welcome to the show. Thank you for your support all these years and tell us what happened. 

Deb (01:26:16):

Thank you, Jim. The Campfire is definitely my favorite podcast, so thank you very much. 

Jim (01:26:21):

Thank you. 

Deb (01:26:23):

These events happened quite a few years ago, and it’s about our Nana, who babysat our two boys from 1993 until she passed very unexpectedly in 2006. So definitely this is an older story. 

Jim (01:26:38):

That’s fine. 

Deb (01:26:40):

Following her death, Nana came to visit our family four times, and the first was when we were on our way to her funeral. And I should mention, I don’t recall the story, but I had heard one on your show recently that made me think of this, so that’s why I volunteered to call in. So anyway, for some background on Nana, she wasn’t a blood relative, but our families, we grew to know each other very well and knew each other before I had become pregnant. So Nana and grandpa, both, they treated us like family, like blood relative. 

Deb (01:27:17):

Now, before I get to the funeral story, I need to explain that she wasn’t like your ordinary rocking chair sort of grandma, and actually didn’t even like to be called grandma. She was nana to everyone. She was very vivacious, bubbly. She was always smiling, laughing, joking, and this is going to sound kind of weird, but she also kind of got wound up over handsome men like Elvis and George Clooney, and she would sort of gush over. My husband’s name is Bob, and he’s older now, but still handsome. But at that time, he was pretty much in his prime and very handsome, very fit and muscular, and she would sort of gush over Bob, and that sounds weird, but it’ll make sense in a minute. So Nana was a little bit of a spitfire, but she also loved babies and was like a baby magnet. So there were kind of multiple sides to her. If she was at a birthday party, she would hold the baby that was there the whole time, and she babysat her whole life and used to even joke that she babysat Jesus.(laughing) So anyway, getting to the funeral, it was 2006, and thankfully my boys were both in school. I was at work at the time, and I got the dreaded call from Grandpa Jack. He told me that Nana had unexpectedly passed the night before cardiac arrest. 

Deb (01:28:50):

Obviously we were all devastated at that time. Our oldest son, Dave was 13 and Jesse was just seven. And Nana had watched them both since they were eight weeks old at the time I went back to work. So of course, we made arrangements to all attend the funeral and felt really thought the boys should be able to mourn just like anyone else. So we all prepared to go. And at that time, we were also preparing to move into a new house, and it was being built, and we were between houses, and unfortunately, all of the boys’ dress clothes were buried in totes in the back of the garage. We lived in the country, and Nana and Grandpa, they lived in town, which was where the funeral was being held. So we decided to just leave early for the funeral and buy dress clothes for the boys on the way. 

Deb (01:29:45):

And there was a Kmart right in Nana’s neighborhood. So we stopped there to get dress pants and dress shirts and ties for Bob and Jesse and Dave. I worked in an office, so I was all set with clothes. So anyway, we hadn’t thought about where Bob and the boys were going to change their clothes. Since Nana’s house was around the corner from Kmart, that seemed like a better place of any, and Nana’s daughter and granddaughter lived in the house behind her. So we thought possibly someone was going to be there to let the men to change. 

Deb (01:30:22):

But no one was there and all the doors were locked. So thankfully Nana and Grandpa, they had this private sitting area in the back of their house underneath their main porch, and it was decorated with wicker chairs and lattice for privacy and had hanging plants and wind chimes, and she would sit there while the boys played in her backyard. So anyway, we decided, well, they can change there. And I sort of stood outside just in case anyone came along. But we made a joke as my husband was changing his pants. We joked how Nana would be, all (indistinguishable) if she knew Bob was taking his pants outside her house. And it was kind of funny, but as soon as we made that joke, the wind chimes just went berserk, is the only way I can describe them. And there was really no wind. I was standing outside of the sitting area and there was no wind blowing anywhere. But these wind chimes were just rattling just as if someone had grabbed hold of them and just shook them like crazy. So we knew that was her because it was just too much of, there was no wind. 

Jim (01:31:37):

Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. 

Deb (01:31:39):

That’s right. Absolutely. Anyway, the second visit that happened right after the funeral, which sort of requires a little more background. Now, Jesse was our youngest, and he was born in 99, and he was a Spider-Man nut. So he had all the Spider-Man toys, and his favorite was this little tiny Spider-Man that he used to hold in his hand all the time. And he carried around with him everywhere. Well, probably about a year before Nana passed away, he lost it in Nana’s house somewhere, and he used to drive her nuts. “Did you find my little Spider-Man yet Nana?” And she would always say, and I heard her say this to him four times, she’d say, “Oh, Jesse, as soon as I pass away and meet St. Peter at the pearly gates, I’m going to run right up to him and I’m going to tell him to take me right to St. Anthony. He’s the saint of lost items. He was Catholic, obviously, and I’m going to make sure that St. Anthony finds that little Spider-Man and gets it right back to you.” 

Jim (01:32:46):



So anyway, we attend the funeral and it was sad, and the boys did very well. Everyone had gathered at Nana and Grandpa’s house after the funeral. And as soon as we walked in the door, Nana’s granddaughter, who was actually an adult, she approached us and said, “I got something for you.” And she held her hand out and dropped that little Spider-Man in Jesse’s hand. And the weird thing is she said that the Spider-Man had mysteriously appeared on Nana’s dining room table that morning. 

Jim (01:33:26):

Oh, that’s funny. 

Deb (01:33:27):

The morning of her funeral, and nobody knew where it came from. I even asked because the whole family was there, and I asked just about everyone there, “Does anyone know where the Spider-Man came from?” And no one had any idea where it came from. So that’s visit number two. 

Jim (01:33:45):

Well, that’s very cool. And I love that ability to manipulate objects. That’s such a neat part of the story. 

Deb (01:33:56):

Yeah, I thought it was really cool because I know just from her saying she had scoured her house so many times and we saw each other daily, and sometimes I would show up on a Monday and she said, “I cleaned the whole house and I still look for that.” She would bring it up at least 10 times. It was uncanny. 

Jim (01:34:20):

She definitely did it. And she visited you guys and made herself known in a very sweet way. Deb, thank you so much for joining us today on The Campfire, and I appreciate you supporting us and listening for all these years. 

Deb (01:34:33):

Sure thing. Thank you, Jim. Have a great day, and Stay Spooky, 

Jim (01:34:37):

Stay Spooky. Dylan is on the line from Brisbane, Australia, and he deserves an extra oak leaf cluster, as they say, because it’s 4:00 AM where he’s calling in from today in Brisbane. So we appreciate his dedication to sharing his story. He’s also a paranormal podcaster. He’ll tell us a bit about that. Dylan, tell us about this paranormal tour investigation and the evidence that you gathered. 

Dylan (01:35:08):

Yeah, for sure. Thanks for having me on, Jim. Really great to be here. So this happened late 2018. I’ve been doing my own podcasts for a few years, and I wanted to do something a little bit different. I’d done paranormal investigations or even just ghost tours for quite some years prior, but I really wanted to go on one and I guess bring some of my own equipment and sort of bring a listener on the journey as well and see if we could actually find anything. So reached out to a paranormal group and they decided to take myself on a private tour to, I was living in South Australia at the time, so we went to the National Railway Museum down there and wasn’t really sure what we were going to get. But it turns out throughout the few hours of investigating, we got a few sort of glimpses into, I guess some of the activity that happened there. I guess one of the weirdest things, and a lot of this was kind of when I went back over the evidence later, I had a Zoom recorder, which anyone who maybe does podcasting or video would be quite familiar with. 

Jim (01:36:17):

Yep, I’ve got one. 


Yeah, I’ve been using this thing for years and never had an issue with it. I was even using it on short film shoots. So this thing was really reliable. 

Jim (01:36:29):

They’re built tanks. They’re built tanks, 

Dylan (01:36:32):

Honestly, and that’s why they’re such a great brand, honestly. It’s why everyone has one. But it turned out early that evening when I did a sort of sit down interview with the investigators to begin with, and we were sitting in a old train car, and it turned out while we were speaking, the Zoom recorder kind of started to glitch and it was going out of sync with itself. So I would be speaking, and then you would kind of hear the guest suddenly chime in. It was like that audio was scattered. 

Jim (01:37:07):

That’s weird. 

Jim1 (01:37:09):

It was really unnerving to hear that. I was like, oh, maybe it’s just a weird one-off. But it kept happening throughout that interview, and I googled it, looked it up, and I couldn’t really find a explanation for it. It was just kind this weird anomaly. And I mean, I’ve used the recorder since then, and that hasn’t happened before. So there was this sort of one little weird thing that I guess I was like, okay, well, I can’t really explain that. But when other things kind of started to happen throughout the night, I guess it could have actually been maybe something paranormal. But that same train car we were in, we returned back to later, and this is where we heard a spirit that I was aware of before actually going on the hunt, because they’d actually captured a similar EVP previous where apparently there is a man who they believed would probably maybe worked on the railway, and we must’ve had some sort of attraction to maybe one of the locomotives or something that was in that museum anyway. 

Dylan (01:38:20):

And I guess while he would work, he would whistle. So we’re just sitting in this train car and obviously keep in mind that we’re inside of a structure that being the train car, but then also inside a big building. So anything that you’re going to hear in the outside world, I mean, it’s going to be pretty hard to hear. So we assumed the next thing that we heard was actually coming from inside the museum, and we all we’re just doing an EVP session. And then we hear in the distance this whistle as if it was, I guess coming from a person and we’re like, oh, what was that? And then we kind of stopped, and it was later when I actually went back over the recording, and you can hear quite faintly. I’m not really sure what it is whistling, but obviously the first thing I thought was maybe it’s a bird, but I mean at this point it’s probably 10, 11 o’clock at night. And then the other thing would be a bird would’ve had to have gotten into the museum. And then when you actually listen to it, it doesn’t really sound like any bird that I was familiar with. And I guess the weird part is too, is that we were aware of this kind of activity. They’ve captured this whistling specter before, and the fact that getting to capture that myself, pretty outstanding to be honest. 

Jim (01:39:43):

That’s cool. So they were able to give you some verification that this is something that has been heard in the past as well. 

Dylan (01:39:53):

Yeah, and that was the cool thing is just they were familiar. As soon as they heard it, we all kind of stopped and we all agreed that was definitely a whistle. And they had other recordings of that exact thing through other investigations there. So it wasn’t just this weird kind of one-off anomaly. It’s actually sort of a repeat type of activity there. 

Jim (01:40:17):

Did it change, I mean, obviously you had done other things, so maybe this is the first time, not the first time you ran into evidence, but being a paranormal podcaster and so forth, did it inform or change in any way your perspective about these things? 

Dylan (01:40:34):

No, I was definitely someone who had, I guess, come to terms with this phenomena, and it was really, it was more exciting, I think. And it was great to be able to, I just guess it just really made the whole experience worthwhile. It was great to get to be there in person, but to be able to then come away and have that episode as evidence and also just, I guess an insight for people as well. And throughout that night, we heard things like footsteps as well. Those weren’t as audible, I would say. So the whistles definitely the thing that, I mean, because it was for a podcast, anything audible is great. We saw a few visual things and so on too. But to be able to share that episode and be like, I mean, I can’t really make any sense of exactly what this is, and you even hear me say that all those years ago, I’m like, well, it could be something else. But I mean, it kind of does align itself with this phenomena that’s been reported. So it was just a really cool little piece to come away with. 

Jim (01:41:37):

So give people about a minute about your podcast and where they can check it out. 

Dylan (01:41:42):

So the podcast is called “Paranormal Thoughts Podcast”. You can find it anywhere. You can find any podcast you listen to. And it’s really me giving my thoughts on the paranormal from alien abductions to hauntings to cryptids, even some conspiracy theories as well. So it’s a lot of me kind of going doing deep dives into a bunch of different topics within those sort of realms, as well as interviewing a ton of different guests from researchers to really the everyday experience. So that’s my favorite kind of conversation to have with people. So the biggest sort of thing I do is interviews with everyday alien abduction experiences, and I’ve got a whole series on all of that. So it’s really, if you love the paranormal, there’s probably something there for you to check out. So yeah, “Paranormal Thoughts podcast”. 

Jim (01:42:32):

Dylan, thank you for sharing your story, and I hope everyone checks out the podcast. Thanks again, 4:00 AM, that’s dedication. 

Dylan (01:42:42):

Thank you so much, Jim. It was great to finally get to speak with you. 

Jim (01:42:45):

Thank you for tuning into another spine chilling edition of the Campfire. We appreciate it. Please tell a friend about the shows. That’s how we spread the word. Get more listeners and get more great stories. And on that subject, thank you to all of our storytellers, to our sponsors. Please support them because without them, we couldn’t bring you these free shows. And we thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Stay safe and Stay Spooky. Bye-Bye. 

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