She Saw His Soul – Jim Harold’s Campfire 647

A young paramedic sees something incredible on a call, another sees a strange but beautiful entity and much more on this all new Campfire!

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Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:26):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again. And this is the place where you will hear spooky stories from real people. Could be ghosts, could be cryptid creatures, shadow people, black-eyed children, UFOs, you name it, we have it. They’re true stories and we love it. And we thank you for joining us today. And a special note for our Plus Club members, we’re rolling out something new for you into the rotation of exclusive content. We put out eight exclusive pieces of content every single month, haven’t missed since February of 2012 when we started the Plus Club. Proud to say that we’ve added some new things into the rotation. They’re called Campfire Hidden Gems. So twice a month you will find two Campfire Hidden Gems in the Campfire feed. Now, what is a hidden gem? A hidden gem is a Campfire story that we’ve not overexposed.


It’s not been on a lot of Plus Club shows. It’s not been in necessarily the books. It could be in the books, but one that we’ve not played a lot on the free shows. Usually these will be ones typically that were played once and that was it, and maybe the occasional Plus Club one, but really focusing on those stories that we don’t focus on so much. And then what I’m doing is I’m doing a little editing EQ work on it. We’re doing a new intro to it and we’re also doing a little bit of commentary by me after it. And again, that’s going to be twice a month. It’s going to be right in the Campfire feed, and it’s only going to be accessible to those of you who are members, and that will be either via the Apple Podcast app if you’re an Apple member, the Spooky Studio app if you are a Libsyn member, or if you are a Libsyn member.


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Breanna is on the line from Arizona. She’s a first responder and we think the world of our first responders and thank you out there, anybody who falls into that category, you’re truly doing God’s work. And Breanna has a harrowing story about something that happened to her one evening when she was a paramedic. If she is a paramedic in this experience, I’ll let her take it from there. Breanna, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Breanna (AZ) (00:03:40):

Thank you, Jim. I’m excited to tell you. So this was, I’ll preface. It was a really sad call, unfortunately, and lots of first responders have those. It was New Year’s or New Year’s evening. So I was dispatched to a rollover accident. I was the second unit on scene. The first unit on scene was a basic unit. They didn’t have a paramedic. And based on what they were telling me about the accident, I did launch a helicopter on the way there. The gentleman had been going about 75 miles an hour with no seatbelt and had been intoxicated unfortunately. So he was ejected from the vehicle. So pretty significant trauma. I arrived on scene and came up to my EMS, my crew that was there, and they were already backboarding the patient, putting him on a board and strapping him in to protect his spine after such a significant injury.


And it was really sad. He kept saying over and over again that he can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. When you have a patient that’s talking to you, that’s a good sign. When you have a patient saying something ominous like that, that’s not a good sign. So while my partner was strapping the patient on the board, I listened to his heart sounds and his lung sounds and I could hear he was moving air. So I started, I was just talking him through it, explaining to him what we were going to do, and in the time it took, it went so fast, Jim, within about a minute of me getting on scene and talking to him and my partner working on him, we finally got him strapped in and I realized he had stopped talking. Now that’s definitely the bad sign. So we hurried, we moved him from the ground to the stretcher as soon as possible, and by the time we got him on the stretcher, I realized he was breathing again.


Well, for anybody who doesn’t know, that means basically he’s taking his last breaths. He’s not really breathing regularly. So this was one of the few times on scene that I had ever run. I instructed my partner to run to the ambulance with me, so we raced to get him to the ambulance because he was going into cardiac arrest at that point. We canceled the helicopter. They won’t take somebody who’s in cardiac arrest in the hospital, it was about an hour drive to the nearest trauma center. So we had him for a long time. We get him in the ambulance and get him hooked up to the monitor, and I can see he’s in pulseless electrical activity on the monitor. So I can’t really do anything for him. It’s very limited what I could do. So I just, I had another person in the back with me who is helping with airway, and then the person who was driving, I asked him to hurry and go fast, lights and sirens.


So we took off. We had about a 45 minute drive, hour drive, 45 minutes when we were driving fast. And unfortunately we just did compressions on him, and this is where it gets a little crazy. This is what I wanted to tell you. I will never forget this call. I’m doing compressions on him. My partner is breathing for the patient. I’m trying to read the monitor in my head. I’m trying to go through all my cardiac arrest medications that I can give him. I’m trying to get everything ready. I’d already given him my first set trying to get ready for the next set. And while I’m doing compressions on this patient bumping down the road, doing about 90 miles an hour, I see in the seat across from me. So I have the stretcher, there’s a bench seat behind me, and then on the other side of the stretcher, there’s a small seat just for one person that we call that here.


We see I’m right over the airway seat in my hut, in my mind, I could see the patient I’m working on from about the torso up. I could see him in spirit and he had his hands on his head. He was looking up and down his body and looking at me. I’m doing compressions on him and I see him looking at me. That’s a pretty trippy experience. I’ll tell you that doesn’t happen every call. So I’m also a reiki healer, and when I saw that, also given the nature of his injuries, and I want to explain too, I had just come on shift. So the sleep deprivation had not kicked in yet.


I just sent him some reiki and a little love and lighten. I said a prayer for him while I was doing compressions, and I asked the universe and his spirit team to come, to come and call him. You could not only see it, but you could feel his distress. The event itself was distressing. Seeing that and feeling that made it much more so I just sent him those good thoughts and I’m still doing compressions. And after I had done that, I watched him look over his shoulder to the right. He was turning to talk to somebody, and then he got sucked backwards and there was a pop in the ambulance and he was gone. It was so profound. So we worked him, we did compressions on him for probably another 35, 40 minutes. It happened. We hadn’t been in the ambulance for maybe 10 minutes. So he passed rather quickly.


And I think that’s part of why I could see his spirit or what I believe was his spirit is because it happened so suddenly, especially with the way he was looking down at his body. I know traumatic experiences, traumatic deaths that can be very sudden for the soul and very, very confusing. So unfortunately we never got him back. He did die from trauma related injuries. But I just wanted to share that with you, how profound it was. I felt so touched to be able, I mean I couldn’t help him physically, but I felt like I was in that moment to help him with the transition, not with reviving him. Some things you can’t fix. So that was just really profound and it really touched me. It’s one that I think about all the time. It was a very humbling experience and I was excited to share that.

Jim Harold (00:09:51):

No, it is a very profound story and thank you for what you did there. I think you were kind of like you said, you were serving on two different levels, the physical try against hope to get him through it. You knew the odds were stacked against you, but you mentioned you guys did chest compressions, 35, 40 minutes you did, went above and beyond to try to physically help him. Couldn’t do that. So you also simultaneously, which is amazing to me, you helped him spiritually. That is so cool. It was like you were doing double duty.

Breanna (AZ) (00:10:27):

It was an honor and a pleasure to get to be there. Obviously the circumstances were unfortunate and I would’ve rather they not happen. But if they had to happen, I’m glad that I got to be the one to be there to help him.

Jim Harold (00:10:38):

Now you said you heard that pop like his soul going back into his body. Do you think that was the moment of death?

Breanna (AZ) (00:10:47):

It could have been. What I would say I think actually happened is it was when his body left or his soul left this world, I think that him being outside of his body, when I saw him, I think his soul had already left the body around the time that he had stopped talking. And that was when he, I guess for lack of a better term, disconnected from this world and went wherever we go next. I think that was the pop was him being pulled from this dimension into wherever he was supposed to go next.

Jim Harold (00:11:23):

Did that experience in any way change your thoughts about life, death, the afterlife, or did it reinforce them? Did it have any impact on your own philosophy?

Breanna (AZ) (00:11:32):

It definitely reinforced them, especially because I was the only one in my crew that saw the patient’s spirit. But my two other members heard the pop. They thought they hit a pothole. At least the partner in the back with me did thought, he thought we hit a pothole. And when we talked to the driver after he said there was no pothole, he thought it was something with the ambulance. Oh, so another person heard the pop. It wasn’t just me. And that definitely reinforced to me that there is an afterlife and there is something else.

Jim Harold (00:12:12):

Yeah, really this story is a Campfire classic. I know you have another a little more, I guess, pleasant story we’ll have on a future show, but thank you so much for sharing this. I think this is so important for people to hear, and we’d love to have more first responders, medical people. Sign up Jim Harold dot com slash Campfire. We’re reopening that. Well maybe by the time you hear this. March 3rd is the reopening of submissions. So folks, please do sign up and tell your story. Yeah, it will be by the time this released, it will be open Jim Harold dot com slash Campfire. We would love to hear those stories from first responders, medical folks. We know you all have experienced so much, and thank you all for what you’re doing. And Breanna, thank you for what you do and thank you for being a part of the program tonight.

Breanna (AZ) (00:13:04):

Thank you so much for having me.

Jim Harold (00:13:06):

Kai is on the line from Tucson, Arizona, the former home of the Cleveland baseball team’s spring training many years ago when I was a kid growing up. Anyway, Kai is here and they are going to tell us about an encounter with a strange and beautiful entity. Kai, welcome to the show. You have piqued my curiosity. Please tell us what happened.

Kai (AZ) (00:13:30):

Thanks so much, Jim. Yeah, thanks for having me on. Yeah, this is something that happened, gosh, in the mid to late nineties, I want to say I was a teenager at the time and I had gone with my family to stay at a cabin up in the redwoods in northern California. And I have to give a little description of the cabin. It kind of plays into the story later on. This cabin was, it’s a summer cabin, so it doesn’t have any insulation. It’s about a hundred years old. Everything is kind of creaky and likes to move. It has personality we’ll say, and you can hear everything and anything that happens in this cabin. It’s also built on a very steep hillside. And so it’s one of those cabins where you come in at the top and you have the living space at the top of the building, and then you go downstairs and then there’s the bedrooms down below, and this is where this encounter happened.


So on the second story down below you have this long hallway in three bedrooms that all face out towards the woods and the river. And then on the other side there’s a wall, and behind that wall is the hillside because it’s such a steep slope. But there’s a couple of cabinets there for storage and linen and things like that. So this particular night I had stayed up late. I was reading upstairs, everyone else had gone to bed, and I had come down the stairs and stopped to get some sheets for the bed. It was our first night staying there, so I had to make my bed. And I pulled out the linens and shut the cabinet door, went directly across the hall to where my bedroom was. And while I was in there making the bed, I hear this clicking sound and kind of the sound of a door opening.


There was just a little tiny squeak to the door. So I went back out in the hall and looked, and the door to the living closet that I had just shut was open. I had never had anything paranormal happen to me at this point in my life. So I didn’t really think anything of it. I just thought, oh, it’s an old building. Things move. And so I pushed the door shut and pushed it kind of hard to, it had one of those kind of old fashioned latches. And so I pushed it so that everything was engaged and it looked good. Went back to my room again, kept making the bed. A couple minutes later, I hear that same clicking sound and that same sound of a door opening. And so I go back out in the hallway and sure enough, it’s open. And at this point I’m getting a little creeped out.


It just seemed a little weird. I really was sure that I had checked it, but I thought, okay, well, you never know. Things can be funny. Maybe the hillside’s just moving a little bit. I don’t know what’s going on. But something opened this door, and so I pushed it shut, and this time I latched it and I looked at the latch to make sure that everything was engaged and there was no way that that door was going to open on its own again. So I do that, go back and start getting ready for bed, and I hear it again. I hear the latch one more time. And at this point, I cannot think of any reason why that door should have opened. If anyone had gotten up, I would’ve a hundred percent heard them walking down the hall and opening the thing and walking back and closing their door, et cetera.


It’s paper thin walls. And so I don’t really know what made me do this, but I went out in the hallway and I was feeling really foolish and hoping that everyone was asleep and wouldn’t hear me. But I stood there and I said, I don’t know who you are or what you are, but whatever you’re up to, you need to knock it off because I’m tired and I want to go to bed. And then I just turned and walked back into my bedroom and shut the door and did that little kid run and leap into the bed and pulled covers up to your chin. And so I was lying there and whatever I said to the entity, I was not of course at all tired at this point. I was wide awake and I was lying in bed. And as I lay there, something drew my eyes up into the kind of upper corner of the bedroom where the ceiling in the wall on the hall side of the bedroom meet.


And as I looked up there, it was the strangest thing. It was this ball of light, but it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. It was maybe 10 inches in diameter if I had to guess. And it was almost as though someone had taken a ball of yarn and electrified, it was bright orange, kind of made up of this fuzzy string like material all in a ball glowing, and it was floating in the air. And I watched it and it came kind of hovered, and it just stayed right over me for a little bit. And as soon as I saw, I felt at peace. I wasn’t scared anymore. I didn’t get the sense I had anything to fear from this. I just felt like it was curious about me and I was curious about it. So we can’t say we looked at each other.


It didn’t have eyes, but I looked at it and it seemed to be sort of observing me in some way. And at that point then it started to kind of move through the room and it passed through the window, and as it passed through the pane of glass, it exploded into a thousand little bits of light, like little tiny colorful lights, all different colors, and they all just spread out. I watched them, I jumped up out of bed at that point, ran to the window, and I watched them spread out into the redwoods outside and just kind of pass away into the forest. And at that point I was like, this is the first paranormal anything I had experienced. And I just started pinching myself. I was like, I saw this thing. I know I saw this thing, but I couldn’t have seen the thing.


So I just kept pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t asleep. And then eventually I just said, huh, okay, I don’t know what that was. And I went to bed and I somehow fell asleep. And the next morning I woke up and I thought, that can’t possibly have happened. There’s no way. That was so weird. I don’t even know how I could have drummed that up, but I don’t know what that was. And then I looked down on my arm and I’d actually bruised my arm from pinching myself so hard the night before. So I am sure that that happened. I’m sure that that happened. And it was a real gift. It really changed me. I think it was such a beautiful and wonderful encounter. And just for me, as someone who’s very rationally minded, it opened up a space for mystery, I think, in my life. And that’s something that I’ve really valued ever since.

Jim Harold (00:19:36):

What do you think it was?

Kai (AZ) (00:19:39):

I have no idea. I really don’t. I have tried to debunk it over the years, and I thought, was it Ball Lightning or something? No, there was no storm. It doesn’t seem like that wouldn’t pass to the wall like that, I don’t think. And I’ve had eye migraines and they’re nothing like that. I’ve thought of a lot of things and I just can’t come up with anything paranormal or not paranormal. It’s this beautiful mystery of an experience.

Jim Harold (00:20:07):

So has that led to other subsequent experiences?

Kai (AZ) (00:20:11):

I have had several experiences, not like that. They were all very different from that, but I’ve had several experiences in my life since then, and I feel lucky for each one of them. Most of them haven’t been scary, and they’ve just been really, they just kind of add to the interest and a spice of life.

Jim Harold (00:20:27):

There are many mysteries and I don’t know if we’ll ever get the solutions, but it’s sure fun talking about them. And thank you for talking with us about yours. Kai, thank you so much.

Kai (AZ) (00:20:37):

My pleasure. Thank you so much, Jim. This has been really fun.

Jim Harold (00:20:40):

Stay spooky.

Kai (AZ) (00:20:41):

Same, stay spooky.

Jim Harold (00:20:43):

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Announcer (00:23:07):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune into the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:23:23):

Megan is on the line for my favorite state, Ohio, and she’s going to tell us a story about when she was pregnant in a haunted house. I don’t know if we’ve had a story like this in all the time at Campfire. May we have. Maybe I’ve forgotten one of the literally thousands, but it doesn’t come to top of my mind. But Megan’s here to share this one with us. Megan, welcome the show. Thank you for joining us.

Megan (OH) (00:23:46):

Thank you for having me. 

Jim Harold (00:23:48):

Tell us what happened.

Megan (OH) (00:23:50):

So I was pregnant. I was fairly far along with my first son, so this was 25 years ago. And my fiance and I had moved into this home that was older, and at one point had been divided into apartments, one upstairs, one down, but by this point it was all one home. We didn’t have a bedroom set up or anything yet. So we were sleeping on a hide-a-bed in the living room. I liked to stay up late at the time I was watching TV and he had to work in the morning, so he went upstairs and the stairway was enclosed with a door at the bottom from when it was apartments I would assume. And he was up there about 10 minutes and then came flying down the stairs. I mean, it sounded like an elephant. I didn’t know if he was falling or what.


And he flew out the door with his blanket over his head, and I said, what are you doing? And he told me to be quiet for a second. So we just sat there and then he said, were you doing dishes? And I was like, no, I’m in bed. It’s like one o’clock in the morning. He said that when he was laying up there, he went to the furthest most room of the house that used to be the kitchen upstairs, and he laid down and closed his eyes, and he heard this sound that at first he thought maybe I was doing dishes. But upon thinking more about it, it sounded like two light bulbs gently being tapped together. And he said, all of a sudden he had a feeling that there was a woman standing over him staring down at him, and his eyes were closed. But he described this woman, he said she had brown hair pulled back.


She was kind of homely and plain looking. And he said, I couldn’t open my eyes because I knew if I did, I would see her. Now, this is not a man who believes in anything paranormal. So I was like, you’re messing with me. He was like, no, I felt it. So some time goes by and we put our bedroom up there next to that room. I was very sick during my pregnancy, and again, even more pregnant. I was probably about eight months at this point. And I had gotten up because I was sick, and I went back to bed and I was crying because I didn’t feel well, but I was also worried that the throwing up would hurt the baby. And just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt someone tuck my hair behind my ear and I thought he had woken up and was trying to comfort me because I was crying.


And when I opened my eyes, he was dead asleep facing the other direction. And I thought, okay, maybe I imagine that. And then again, as I closed my eyes and started to go to sleep, I felt it again. It was very comforting. It was not scary. I did look behind me. I didn’t see anything. So months go by and we would use that room to kind of hang out in because it had a running sink, and we were young and we had friends who would want to come over and drink, and a lot of ’em smoked cigarettes. And so we kind of made ’em stay in that room because we didn’t want cigarettes being smoked in the house.


So one of our friends had had too much to drink, and he fell asleep up there in a recliner. And the next morning he came down and he said, I had the weirdest dream that this woman was standing over top of me watching me sleep. And I thought of when my fiance had told me that, and I thought, oh my gosh, that’s weird. And I asked what she looked like, and he kind of described the same woman. And then several months later, that happened again with a completely different friend, but it was all men, and I think she didn’t like the men because she would stand over them and watch them sleep. So the little other things would happen. You could feel someone watching you, you would hear things in the house, but those were the biggest things, the strangest things that these three different men reported the same woman standing over them and watching them sleep.


And so the time came, we had the baby, his name was Alex, and we had moved to the bedroom downstairs because it was winter and we didn’t have any money, and so we didn’t want to heat this huge house upstairs, and we had the baby in our room in a bassinet, and we were asleep, and I woke up out of my sleep. I was having a nightmare, and I opened my eyes and just as I was kind of reassuring myself that I was home, I was safe. I heard a woman say, ‘hello, Alex’ in my bedroom.

Jim Harold (00:28:46):


Megan (OH) (00:28:47):

I have chills. It didn’t sound scary, but it scared me and I was petrified I couldn’t move. And I got my hand moving and I started hitting my fiance and I was like, get up. Someone’s in the house, someone’s trying to get the baby. And so he turned the light on and there was no one in the room. The baby was fine. It was odd.

Jim Harold (00:29:11):

That is odd. That is odd. I think in a situation like that, it’s particularly difficult to narrow it down who it might’ve been, those kinds of things. But any thoughts of specifically who it might’ve been or just a prior tenant or what do you think?

Megan (OH) (00:29:29):

I don’t know. I think the house was older. It was built in the early 1900s, but this was back in the late nineties though, we didn’t have internet. I couldn’t kind of easily research the history of the home or anything. I have some relatives who have passed. My mom, for example, passed away when I was five. But no, I don’t think the woman that all of them was describing, it didn’t sound like anyone I would recognize or know. So I am assuming perhaps a former tenant or something. I mean, the way that my fiance had described her clothing, it was like an older dress. So in my mind, it looks kind of early 1900s, but I don’t know. I guess I’m the only one that didn’t get to actually see what she looked like. I just heard her and felt her tuck my hair behind my ear.

Jim Harold (00:30:30):

Wow. Neat story. Megan, neat story. Thank you so much for joining us on the Campfire. I appreciate it. Now, did this kind of get you more into the spooky stuff? Were you always into the spooky stuff?

Megan (OH) (00:30:45):

I’ve always been into it and I’ve had a lot of other experiences I could call in and share another time. But yeah, this was kind of the biggest one. The one where it was too many things to just brush off. I mean, I try to be, not a skeptic, but just levelheaded about things. And so when I hear something or see something, I don’t assume it’s paranormal. I try to kind of work the problem and see if I can figure out what it is. But this was the one where it was just odd and I could not explain it. I mean, I know I heard her, and so I’ve never had anything else happen like that where it’s so many clear things.

Jim Harold (00:31:30):

Megan, thank you so much for joining us today and stay spooky.

Megan (OH) (00:31:34):

Thank you so much. You stay spooky too.

Jim Harold (00:31:37):

Next up is Christina from Massachusetts. Now she’s been on the show multiple times and we’re so glad to have her back. And she has a story about her dad. Christina, welcome back to the show and please tell us what happened.

Christina (MA) (00:31:51):

I’m so glad to be back, Jim. And it’s funny that another story popped up so I was able to be back on. So my husband and I decided we wanted to do something kind of fun like a mini adventure. And in Quincy Mass there is, Massachusetts, there is a battleship, the USS Salem, and it’s been on many paranormal investigations, like the shows that you see online, they, they’ve been on Kindred Spirits, they’ve been a part of the travel channels investigations as well as featured on different podcasts. So we pulled it up, we were going to tour the battleship. We weren’t even thinking that we were going to do a paranormal investigation, but they offer them and they actually offer them monthly. So if anybody wants to do it, it’s really neat and the money goes towards the revitalization of the ship.

Jim Harold (00:32:54):

That sounds like a good, good cause.

Christina (MA) (00:32:58):

Yeah, exactly. And you can do the paranormal investigations or just tour the ship if you want, anytime. So a lot of people think of it more during spooky season, but we did this in the summertime. There’s actually more availability if you do the tours during the off Halloween time. So it was August and we decided to go do this, and this is the first structured paranormal activity we’ve ever done. So we had no idea what we had in store for us. The ship was really cool, and the investigating team was amazing. What we didn’t anticipate was how many people were going to be on the tour. So I was thinking there was going to be six or seven people, but there was quite a few of us. There were 20, 25 people and it went from seven o’clock at night until midnight, and they do full blackout of the ship.


They shut off all the lights. It is definitely legit. It is a crazy experience. And it was just tough because there’s a lot of people. So the energy is kind of crazy because there’s too many people. And so we were in this one area and they kept asking on the EVF, the machine that tells you if a spirit is saying a word, they’re going to say it. They’ll just randomly say what words come out. And they were asking questions and in this one certain bunk area, and it kept saying, Tom and I had to kind of chuckle because my dad who passed away in 2011, his name was Tom, and that would be his way of being a jokester. He was such a jokester to just show up at a paranormal investigation. But I’m like, Tom, this ship was all, everything that kind of happened was in the late forties, early fifties.


So Tom is a very common name in that timeframe. But it was funny, they were saying, we’ve never heard this name before. It’s kind of random. So my husband and I just kind of laughed and we’re like, whatever. So we go into another area and they start doing the same thing and they’re saying random words are coming out. And then I was standing right next to the person with the recorder and it says, Tom, and they’re like, oh, here comes that Tom name again. So who’s this? And they’re trying to talk to the spirits and it just kept going. Tom and my husband looked at me and I looked at him, and then it was solidified in the fact that the next thing that came out said coins and my father leaves dimes for us everywhere. Not only me, all my children, everyone we find dimes in the craziest places and sometimes in the toughest time of our lives, we’ll find a dime randomly. So as soon as that happened, I’m like, okay, wait a second. And then the next word that came out was grandmother. And two months prior to that, we found out we were going to be grandparents for the first time. So it was too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

Jim Harold (00:36:24):

Coincidence. Yes, yes,

Christina (MA) (00:36:27):

Absolutely. It was in succession, Jim. It was Tom, coin’s, grandmother. Right, one after another and I had to laugh. I’m like, we go do this paranormal investigation, and my dad came along with us.

Jim Harold (00:36:43):

Wow, that is neat. He made himself known.

Christina (MA) (00:36:46):

It was great. Was a lot of fun.

Jim Harold (00:36:47):

That is awesome.

Christina (MA) (00:36:48):

It was cool.

Jim Harold (00:36:49):

That is awesome.

Christina (MA) (00:36:51):

And I do have to say if anybody wants to do that investigation, they were really amazing. I didn’t say anything at that time because I’m like, I’m not going to be that person that’s like, oh, that’s just my dad. But it was a really cool investigation. They do a great job and they actually will let you, which we didn’t know at the time. You don’t have to follow around with them. You can actually branch off and you can go investigate the ship by yourself. So it was really something cool if you’re in the Massachusetts area to do or to just do research on it and help also restore the ship at the same time.

Jim Harold (00:37:26):

Well, that’s the thing I love when you can take history and you can combine it with the paranormal. It’s like the chocolate and peanut butter, like that old commercial, you got my chocolate and the peanut butter for that certain brand of candy bar we won’t mention. Well, I don’t think that I like Reese’s, so if Reese’s is listening, we’re available for sponsorship. I’m pro Reeses. But the point is, is that, yeah, I think when you can combine the two, and especially when you can go, and I would extend this to any place in your area, I know there’s places in our area where they have paranormal investigations and the proceeds support the historic preservation of these places. I highly encourage you to go to those places because you’re not only maybe having a night of fun, but you’re also supporting a good cause.

Christina (MA) (00:38:13):

Yes, 100%. We would tell everybody they did a wonderful job and we want to go back and do it again. But even just a regular tour, it’s, they’ll kind of hint on it. You don’t have to do the overnight paranormal. But it was really wonderful and it was kind of fun that dad tagged along with us.

Jim Harold (00:38:30):

Absolutely. That’s the best part of all, that your dad said hello in a very profound way, Christina, thank you for joining us today and being a part of the Campfire and stay spooky.

Christina (MA) (00:38:40):

Stay spooky, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:38:42):

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Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at Jim Harold Now back to another great story.

Jim Harold (00:41:29):

Kris is on the line from Seattle, Washington. We’re so glad to have him with us. He’s been listening since around 2020 time, and we know what happened back then. And Kris has a story for us talking about when he was growing up in Connecticut, his growing up years and a night. I’m assuming he’ll never forget. Kris, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Kris (WA) (00:41:55):

Thanks for having me, Jim. So yeah, I grew up in Connecticut and this would’ve been in the early seventies when I was probably about in the fifth or sixth grade in, I was in the backyard, so I’m guessing this was been summertime. I was playing catch with my neighbor, Ray Ray, and we were just throwing the ball back and forth. It was right around dusk. It was dark enough that you could start to see the stars, but light enough that there was still lots of blue in the sky that when we threw the ball to each other, we were going to catch it with a glove and not catch it with our face. And we fancied ourselves baseball players. So we’re doing the old, throw a popup, throw a popup. So we would throw the ball as high as we could into an arc and catch it, and I threw the ball up and something caught my attention and what I saw were two lights up in the sky, maybe looked like stars at first, but then they were moving in a pretty good speed and they seemed to be tracking each other, moving roughly from about on the dial of a clock from six to 12, let’s say.


And I just stood there and watched that. And then my friend Ray Ray, he watched it too, and as we were looking at it, it looked like probably planes. They were far enough up that they just looked like beacons on a plane and then all of a sudden the leading light split into three lights and again, using the clock face, one of ’em continued at 12 and then one went off at a, I guess a 45 degree angle going at two o’clock and the other one going off at 10 o’clock on the clock face. And then they sped up and then kind of basically left the other trailing light way behind. And we just kind of noted it and was like, that was kind of weird. It was like, yeah, what was that? It’s like, I don’t know. And even as a kid at that point, I immediately left to logic and I thought, well, maybe they were just so high up that it was three planes stacked above one another, and from our perspective it looked like a single light, but then they did maneuver where they split off and the blue angels or something, so not that big a deal.


Maybe it was something weird, maybe not hard to say. Then about a week or two later, again, I was with Ray Ray, we were at the back of my parents’ car and I was an only child, or I am an only child, and my parents were always good about letting my friends come with me if we were going somewhere even for family activities or whatever. And we were heading over to my uncle and aunt’s haunted house, which is a whole other story that I can get into at some other time. But we were sitting in the backseat and I used to do this all the time, maybe it’s something everybody does, but when I was a kid, I would sit with my head leaning back on the headrest, looking out the rear window, and I always would get hypnotized by the telephone lines blowing past and it was always just kind of, I don’t know, it was very relaxing.


And so we were doing that and we were driving past the local Fairfield University and we were near the Playfield and we came to a stoplight and hovering up above the plate field was a light that was basically, it was the classic sort of inverted teacup shape that you would associate with a UFO. It was a glowing lightish yellow light, and around the base of it, it had, and it seemed to be spinning clockwise. I don’t know how I could tell it was spinning clockwise, but around the base of it, it had a ring of green and red lights spinning counterclockwise, and it was pretty big. And it was funny. I was just recounting this story to somebody at a party a few months ago and a recessed light, and there’s the kind of big wide flat bulbs that go into those recessed lights. Yeah, yeah, I’ve got ’em in my basement. Yeah, okay. Yeah, so they’re kind of convex. The bottom of it kind of look like one of those lights. And as you’re standing in a normalized room with a ceiling height of about eight feet, that’s about how large it looked from my perspective. So I couldn’t really tell you how high up it was, but it was maybe, I don’t know, a thousand feet up in the air.


And then I sat and looked at this thing and my parents made a left turn and driving, and I just watched it as long as I could and I didn’t say anything until it was out of sight. And then again, I turned on my friend and I was like, did you see that? It’s like, yeah, what was that? I don’t know. Again, as kids, it never occurred to us say to my parents, stop the car and go back. But that one I could not explain, and to this day I can’t explain.

Jim Harold (00:47:29):

Do you think that it was, you were just in a place that was really just active or do you think maybe some people think that maybe they were singled out to see these things? Do you have a strong feeling one way either or is it none of the above?

Kris (WA) (00:47:51):

I don’t think it was singled out. I mean, this is the last time I ever saw anything like that, and I’m pretty good at keeping my eyes open because I have seen something strange. And so it’s definitely something that I kind of tend to look out for. In fact, I would say within a month I was driving once again with my dad and I did see something that caught my eye, and this was at night and I was like, oh no, here it comes again. And this time it was definitely, clearly, I think it was the Goodyear Blimp was in the area and it was like, okay, it’s not that. So I definitely know that my brain will look for the logical explanation of something first, but I don’t know. I don’t feel, like I said, I don’t feel like I was singled out. Connecticut has never really been sort of like a hotspot for this sort of activity, so I couldn’t tell you honestly why I saw it at that time. It could also just be as kids, we have less on our minds and we are looking more easily receptive to picking stuff like that out. We’re not thinking about the bills.

Jim Harold (00:49:10):

Right. That’s true. There’s a lot to think about once you hit some years on you. Well, I know you kind of briefly teased it. You’ve got a story about that haunted house of your uncle and aunt, and I hope that you can join us in a few weeks and tell that one, but thank you so much for sharing it because I think so many people see strange things in the sky, and I think these days if you say you saw a ghost, nobody blinks an eye, which is great. It’s nice to see that acceptance, but if you say you saw a UFO, sometimes people might be reluctant to share that. So I appreciate it and I hope everybody out there will share their stories. We have all seen some strange things in the sky and we love to hear those stories. Kris, thanks for being a part of the Campfire today.

Kris (WA) (00:49:55):

Thanks for having me, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:49:57):

Eric is back. He’s from the east coast, and you might remember a few weeks ago he had this tremendous story where he channeled in a dream and appearance of somebody he’d never met. Drew a sketch of him, then got a picture of the individual and found out it was one in the same. Just an amazing story. Certainly I think that qualifies as a Campfire classic, and he has another story for us, and we very much appreciate him coming back. Eric, you’ve got your work cut out to follow up that last story, but I’m sure that you can tell us what happened.

Eric (east coast) (00:50:31):

Thank you so much, Jim. This story happened about 10 years ago when my wife and I were living in New York, and so a little bit of backstory to make this make sense, we were going to what’s called Quaker meetings. My wife went to a Quaker school, and so it’s sort of like for those who don’t know, it’s like going to church except there’s no sermon or priest. It’s a group of people who sit in silence and if someone feels moved to speak, they stand up and they speak. And it’s kind of a very organic and interesting way that these hour long meetings are held. And I was extremely new to this. I had never known anything about Quakerism. I had never been to a Quaker meeting, so this was maybe my second or third time going, and so there were about an hour. Like I said, we had been sitting there for maybe 30 minutes, mostly quiet.


I had my eyes closed, completely silent, and I heard this voice in my head. It was a high pitched voice. It almost sounded a little bit like if I were doing a silly voice, speaking in a high voice, but it was in my head very clearly, and the voice was saying over and over again when I was five years old, when I was four years old, when I was five years old, when I was four years old, over and over and over, and then I felt a very strange sensation. I still had my eyes closed. I felt like I was falling forward almost as if I were a paper doll blowing in the wind doing flips. I felt myself flipping forward over the seats toward the front of the room, and when I perceived my paperman body get to the front of the room, at that moment, a woman stood up and began her story and she said, when I was five years old, and she started speaking, but it was in the voice that I heard in my head and my eyes shot open. My heart started pounding, and I thought, wow, I am psychic. I’m going to go open up a shop. But that was it. I grabbed my wife’s hand. I couldn’t wait to tell her what happened. That was the end of it, but I have no idea how I did that. I wish I could do it again.

Jim Harold (00:52:53):

Again, kind of like your last story, it’s like you accessed this information and was it because maybe you were in almost like a translate meditative state that allowed you to tap into that consciousness like we talked about last time?

Eric (east coast) (00:53:12):

Yeah, it seems like, and an interesting thing about it is during that time of my life, my wife and I had been on a health kick. We were eating really clean, we were exercising. We would go get a green juice before the meeting. And so it had been a couple months of being really strict with my diet, and I sort of wonder if I had kind of tuned and raised my antenna a little bit from just eating in such a way that I think you can kind of clear the system a little bit to maybe better receive the signals.

Jim Harold (00:53:47):

Was this around the time that the drawing situation happened?

Eric (east coast) (00:53:53):

It was about maybe seven years apart. This happened first, the drawing came later, much later.

Jim Harold (00:54:00):

Do you think you may have a natural gift for this, you just haven’t figured totally how to tap into it?

Eric (east coast) (00:54:06):

I have no idea. I’d like to think I do, but these things have happened. Those are kind of the most interesting to tell the story. A lot of the other ones are just sort of random nickel and dime head scratchers. But I mean, there have been several times in my life where things like this have happened.

Jim Harold (00:54:26):

Well, absolutely fascinating. Great stories, great stories. Eric, please if more of these happen, please let us know. Appreciate it. So glad you found the shows, and please do stay in touch and stay spooky.

Eric (east coast) (00:54:40):

Absolutely. Thank you, Jim. Stay spooky.

Jim Harold (00:54:42):

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Announcer (00:57:10):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:57:12):

Next up on the Campfire is Wendy. You might remember a few weeks ago she was on the show. She’s calling in from Northern California and she talked about how she gets these intuitions and the one she told us about last time possibly helped her and her husband avoid killing an animal. By hitting it by going at a certain speed, they were able to slow down and avoid the animal, and the animal was fine. This next story goes back to the 1980s and involves a global event. Wendy, welcome back to the show. Good to speak with you again, tell us what happened.

Wendy (CA) (00:57:48):

Thanks, Jim. I’m glad to be here again. Okay. So again, like you said, this is several years ago. This is back in the eighties. As you’ll see, we can very easily look up the actual date after I tell you what happened here. So I was a teenager at the time and I’d just woken up for whatever reason, I didn’t have school or work that day, so I think I’d slept a little bit late, but I got up and I wandered over to the bathroom from my morning routine. On the way I didn’t see any of my family members, I didn’t speak to anybody. I didn’t hear a radio or anything like that. I’m in the bathroom and I start to get this really strong feeling. And what it was was a feeling of, oh no, not again. And I had no idea what it meant.


And so I’m kind of sitting there trying to figure out what’s going on. And the thought that came to me very strong was, I hate days like this. I hate it when something happens that impacts people all across the world, yet no idea where this is coming from. And so I’m sitting there kind of trying to think about, well, what could happen? What is this about? And in recent years around this time, this was when there was time, there was some different terrorism going on and things like plane hijackings. And so I thought, oh, I bet a plane has been hijacked and there’s some Americans have been taken hostage, and that’s what I’m feeling. That’s what I decided it was, randomly. So I finish up with what I’m doing and then I go to talk to my mom. So I look in the door to her room and she’s watching the tv, and she has a horrified look on her face. I couldn’t see what was on the TV because of the angle from the doorway. So I walked in and I sat down beside her to see what she was watching. She was watching the space shuttle Challenger on live tv, and it had just exploded killing everyone on board.

Jim Harold (00:59:43):

You picked up on the idea that there was going to be some global tragedy. You kind of juxtaposed with what it was, but you had a feeling that something was happening.

Wendy (CA) (00:59:52):

Exactly, exactly. I think what happened is that I tapped in to some collective unconscious or collective consciousness, excuse me. Well, I was unconscious, but collective consciousness of just millions of people. Literally millions of people all around the world watching this live and just the shock and the horror of watching this happen in front of their faces on live tv. Somehow I felt that, and I can’t explain it. Right. There’s no explanation for it. One other thing I will mention is that I actually had some personal connections with this shuttle mission. My uncle worked for NASA and he had actually been part of a team that put together the payload for that shuttle. It was nothing to do with why it exploded, was doing other scientific

Jim Harold (01:00:37):

Stuff. Yeah, that’s a separate thing.

Wendy (CA) (01:00:40):

And then the other thing that was the mission where they had had a school teacher, Christa McAuliffe was on, I remember this very well, the shuttle. Yeah. Well, my aunt, the same aunt who’s married to the uncle who worked for NASA, she’d actually applied to be that teacher on that mission. So I could have fairly easily had a family member who died on that mission. And I’m very glad that she didn’t obviously. So I’ll sometimes wonder maybe because there was a little bit more of a personal connection to me, did that leave me a little bit more open to getting that feeling? But honestly, I don’t even know if I think that’s necessary. I just really feel like something of this huge magnitude had happened and I felt just this, I feel like they talk about this in the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or something, which is silly to think about, it’s fictional, but maybe it’s the same thing, right? This agony of millions of people all the same time that it created something that I felt.

Jim Harold (01:01:39):

Yeah, look up the work of Dr. Dean Radden. He is actually – 

Wendy (CA) (01:01:44):

Oh, I know  who that is!

Jim Harold (01:01:45):

Yeah. Well, then you’ll be familiar. He’s actually done work on precognition and he’s done monitoring. And there’s certain, and I can’t recall what is specifically, but there’s certain signals that before something happens like a nine 11 or something major, that certain indicators go up before they happen. Because when they look back retroactively, they could say, oh, three days before this event, there seemed to be these indicators in the zeitgeist. I can’t remember exactly what the measurement system is, but I’ve interviewed him before and he has done that kind of work. And it kind of exactly dovetails with what you’re saying.

Wendy (CA) (01:02:25):

Yeah. He also do random number generating, like that prediction study? Yeah. This is so funny. I actually listened to an interview with him just like a few days ago. Not with you. It wasn’t you. Yeah, it was a different, I’m going to have to look up and see when he was on your show. Yeah, that’s super interesting because I don’t expect this to rise to the level of proof for anybody else, but for me it’s incontrovertible. There is no other explanation for me feeling this way. Every other paranormal sort of adjacent thing that I felt, almost all of them, I can explain away in some way. There’s some way that I could debunk it,

Jim Harold (01:03:02):

But this I can’t. But this one, it’s like, yeah, yeah. No, I, there’s no way. Well, actually, I got to tell you your story, not in terms of a global tragedy, but a personal tragedy kind of dovetails with something that happened to me in the eighties. It was actually 1981. Now, I can’t remember if this is one day before this happened, the evening before this happened, or it was two days, but it was one or the other. And I remember lying on the bed and looking up at the light fixture and thinking that one of my grandparents was going to die, specifically my grandmother.


Now I knew my grandparents were in their seventies. They weren’t like the picture of health or anything, but there was nothing, at least I knew about to think that any of them were going to die. The ones that were surviving at that point, I had three of my four grandparents alive. This was 1981. I was very, very young. So I had the distinct feeling that my grandmother on my dad’s side was going to die. And it was either the next morning or the following morning, and I can’t remember which found out my grandfather on my dad’s side died. And two things about that kind of mimic your story. One is that I had this strong feeling of something very sad happening. Obviously this was an individual sadness, not a global sadness. And it happened, but also I got it slightly wrong, but think about it. It’s kind of like you’ve got the general indication, but it’s not quite honed, but it still kind of works. You know what I’m saying? Right. It just may not be precise. It’s kind of like if somebody’s shooting a dart at the board, they might not hit the bullseye. They might hit 20, but they’re still hitting the dart board. And I’ve often thought about that. Was that just a weird coincidence? I had been watching maybe a spooky show or something, or did I get, again, tapping into that consciousness, very Jungian. Did I tap into it and did I realize one of my grandparents was going to die even though I picked the wrong one?

Wendy (CA) (01:05:22):

Yeah. Well, it’s just funny to me because could that be a coincidence? Whatever ran. Yes, sure. But then when you hear enough people start to talk about experiences like that, it starts to seem too coincidental, you know? Too coincidental to be a

Jim Harold (01:05:38):

Coincidence. Yeah. I heard somebody say that once.

Wendy (CA) (01:05:41):

Somebody said that, I don’t remember where…

Jim Harold (01:05:43):

Somebody did say that.

Wendy (CA) (01:05:44):

Someone very wise.

Jim Harold (01:05:45):

Well, I agree fully. Wendy, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire tonight and stay spooky.

Wendy (CA) (01:05:52):

Thank you so much. Stay spooky, Jim. Bye.

Jim Harold (01:05:54):

Jennifer is on the line from Washington State, and we’re so glad to have her on the program. And when I saw this, yay. And when I saw this, Jennifer, I was so excited because it’s a workplace story and we don’t get enough workplace stories. And I think we had a haunted laundromat in the early days of the Campfire, but I don’t know that we had a haunted dry cleaning shop. But that’s what you’re going to tell us about it. So please do. And thank you for joining us on the show. So tell us what happened.

Jennifer (WA) (01:06:27):

Okay, so I worked at this little old dry cleaning shop about 14 years ago, and the shop itself was in a really, really old building, the type that was put up in the twenties where you had the business downstairs, and then the owner apartment above is one of those situations. And it first went into a dry cleaning shop in ‘64, and the owners that had it when I worked there bought it in the mid eighties. So it had been quite established. And I’d heard some stories about the previous owner and how they weren’t really all that nice and things along that line. I was like, okay, this would be interesting. And there was one room in the back that I just did not feel comfortable going into at all. They never kept anything in there. It was just this empty room in the back of the shop.


And I had all kinds of weird things happen there. But the couple of incidences that I remember the most was the shop didn’t close until 5:30. So I was normally there by myself from five to 5:30, and you pop into the restroom real quick when there are no customers didn’t have pocket door that she’d slide shut. I was like, everybody else was gone. My coworker was gone, the owners were out doing something, deliveries or whatever, and flipped the door shut, had my seat, and all of a sudden the door started, pocket door started vibrating violently. Oh gosh. And it was starting to open as it was doing it. And I’m like, oh, crap, reach out. And I put my hand on it and I hold it shut and it stopped. And when I went out there, of course no one was in the shop at all. I looked everywhere. I was like, okay, this is interesting. And then a few days later, I was in the front of the little shop helping a customer. And the owners had put pictures on the walls, most little places do. And there was a picture that was right to my right, and it lifted up off the wall and it bounced on the wall like that. And the customer looked at me and goes, did that just happen? I said, oh, yeah.


And it was always these weird little things and the energy would just be really weird. My coworker and I used to get in trouble because when you’re at a dry cleaners, you’re supposed to clean out the pockets of everything a lot, make sure there’s nothing in the pockets before it goes into the machines. And every once in a while, an item would end up in there. He goes, well, which one of you forgot to check the pockets? And somebody actually left a lipstick in one of their clothing in the pockets of one of their, I think it was a pair of a blazer. And the owner had set it away from the dry clean machine, and somehow that lipstick managed to make it into the machine and run through the whole load. Oh boy. And I was just, man. So they had to redo the load like three times, and we did not have a good week that week.

Jim Harold (01:09:53):

So do you pretty much think that these negative things, weird things happening, were pretty much the energy of that not so nice previous owner?

Jennifer (WA) (01:10:02):

Yes. Yes. I firmly believe that. I believe that energy, whatever we touch, whatever we love, whatever we don’t love permeates through those items and those situations. And if a person really loves an item, then you’re going to feel that love from that item. Same thing with businesses, things along that line. 

Jim Harold (01:10:27):

Yeah, I think so too. And I think that energy does carry over. I’m not an expert, but I have talked to psychics and things, and they basically say that pretty much the same thing. If you were a kind, gentle, nice soul over here when you were here, when you move over, that doesn’t change. You’re basically the same person you correct. And the same way, if you’re not so nice and kind of nasty, you don’t suddenly get angel wings and become enlightened when you go on the other side. You’re still maybe kind of nasty.

Jennifer (WA) (01:10:59):

Yeah, you can be. But you’re also shown these things as a way of learning as well before you fully cross over. How come you get the people hanging out a little bit before they move on?

Jim Harold (01:11:13):

Well, thank you so much for joining us. I’m so glad you found the show and appreciate very much and appreciate you sharing these stories. I know you’ve got more, so I look forward to hearing those. And thank you for being a part. And stay spooky, stay spooky. 

Candi is on the line from Texas, and we’re so glad to have her with us. Now, she has a couple of stories, but she’s going to share one with us tonight about a different kind of ghost that she experienced with her friends in her teenage years. Candi, welcome to the show and tell us about this different kind of a ghost.

Candi (TX) (01:11:47):

Hi, gem. Thank you so much for having me. So this actually happened to me when I was a teenager. We lived in Arkansas, right off the Arkansas River at the time, and I was hanging out with my sister. It’s her ex-husband, but I call him Bubba for the story. We’ll just call him Bubba. Bubba was the person who drove us around town, and we would pile all of us into a car and we had a great time. My parents had one of those Datsun Z hatchbacks So it was a really, oh yeah. One of those little tiny cars. And we would stuff about eight or nine of us in there and hit the town.

Jim Harold (01:12:20):

So, you got to know each other real well.

Candi (TX) (01:12:23):

Yeah, we sure did. It was close quarters, but we had a great time. We were good friends. And of course, you know how teenagers do. We loved to go and find spooky places to hang out and get ourselves all creeped out and everything. And one of our favorite places was down by the river. It was not a park, it was just an area at the riverfront, and you had to cross railroad tracks to get there. And then it was underneath a spooky bridge. And the reason the bridge was spooky is you had people would go down there and do all kinds of weird graffiti, like pentagrams and stuff, and I’m pagan, so it didn’t scare me, but it was just a creepy place to be. So we would go down there, we’d tell stories and everything. And this particular night we went down, got ourselves all spooked out and decided Bubba


and I kind of got this feeling and said, let’s go ahead and go. So we packed everybody back into the car and went to leave, and we’re pulling out, and you have to go up kind of a hill, and then you cross over the railroad tracks, and then you’re out of that area. Now the Datsun Z, of course, it’s a sports car, so it’s a stick shift, and he gets to the top on the railroad tracks and the car stalls. So he goes to start it again. And it was like the engine was flooded, which was weird because we didn’t do anything to flood the engine. It had already started. But Bubba said, okay, well let’s just give it a minute. But we were both kind of feeling uncomfortable, and I turned my head to say something to him, and as I turned my head, he looked at me at the same time. And in that moment, the entire car filled up with this blinding white light, and we hear like it’s sitting on top of the car that really loud, obnoxious train horn.

Jim Harold (01:14:12):


Candi (TX) (01:14:12):

So scared. I mean, the look of terror on his face was just, I will never forget it. We thought in that moment, we were sure we were about to die. And I felt that so strongly that the last thing to go through my mind was because I could still hear everyone in the backseat was still goofing off and laughing. They didn’t hear or see anything. So the last thing I thought was, at least they won’t know. 

Jim Harold (01:14:41):

Woah! So it wasn’t like one of those things. You know how people say, I thought I was going to die. I mean, that wasn’t figure of speech. You really thought you were going to die.

Candi (TX) (01:14:49):

We certainly did. Bubba and I did. Yes. There is a look that people get on their face when they are staring death, and that’s the look he had. I will never forget it. It was really, really frightening. But as soon as it happened, it just stopped. The light went away, the sound stopped, and it was gone. He and I, we were just kind of staring at each other, holding our breath, and everybody in the backseat was, ha, ha, ha, wait, Hey, are we going to go? What’s happening? Very slowly, the car started right up and we left.

Jim Harold (01:15:28):

Did you sense they didn’t even hear it?

Candi (TX) (01:15:30):

I don’t think they heard it. Nobody in the backseat ever mentioned it. They were completely oblivious to what he and I experienced.

Jim Harold (01:15:40):


Candi (TX) (01:15:41):


Jim Harold (01:15:42):

Do you know anything about the area? Do you know of any train wrecks or anything like that?

Candi (TX) (01:15:47):

No. And back then, I’m aging myself. Back then, we did not have the internet. We had encyclopedias.

Jim Harold (01:15:54):

I was there. I was there.

Candi (TX) (01:15:57):

So you couldn’t Google it, which I should Google it now, if I could remember exactly where we were. But I’m in Texas now, and I’ve lived in Florida and I’m in an RV full time. So yeah, I don’t remember anymore, but I just don’t know if there was ever actually an accident down there. I just know that that’s what we experienced. We really thought that was it for us.

Jim Harold (01:16:21):

Well, yeah, it’s one of those things. It reminds me a little bit, we had a story years ago of someone who was walking in their neighborhood, I think, and then all of a sudden it sounded like she was in the middle of Texas. You’re from Texas, Texas a and m College Station on game day, there was all this cheering and stuff, but there was nothing around. And it wasn’t like something, I think she was just walking down a regular street. If somebody had a ball game or something, they had a sound system.

Candi (TX) (01:16:52):

I think I remember that one.

Jim Harold (01:16:54):

Yeah. This wasn’t like you were hearing somebody playing a ball game loudly. It was like you were the 50 yard line college station, Texas A and M 50 yard line, Ohio Stadium on game day or Alabama, wherever it might be, a big college theme. That’s the way she described it. And she had no idea what that was. And I think sometimes there might be time slips, maybe you were experiencing something and we recently had a special on time slips, some of our favorite time slips stories or with her, maybe it was in space, it wasn’t in time. It was like a shifting, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Candi (TX) (01:17:34):

I do believe like an alternate, oh, what’s it called? They talk about on Big Bang Theory. I can’t think of it. Alternate…

Jim Harold (01:17:41):

Alternate timelines or alternate universes.

Candi (TX) (01:17:44):

Planes of existence. Alternate planes of existence, yes. Yeah, dimensions. That’s what I was thinking of. Dimensions. I totally believe in that, and I totally believe it’s possible to slip in and out of them, either consciously or unconsciously. 

Jim Harold (01:17:58):

Really interesting. Fascinating story. I know you’ve got another story coming up. We’ve already made arrangements for you to record it. Look forward to hearing it. Candi, thank you for being on the show today.

Candi (TX) (01:18:08):

Thank you, sir. Have a great day.

Jim Harold (01:18:10):

Mariana is on the line from New York City. She is a great supporter of our programs and she’s been on the program before tonight. She’s going to share a story, and I really mentioned to her off air, I said, I really appreciate the courage to share this story because we hear a lot of Ghost stories and different Paranormal type things that happened, but I think people are a little reticent to share the kind of story that she’s going to share tonight. And I applaud her for her courage to share it with folks, and hopefully it’ll encourage others to share their similar stories. Mariana, welcome back to the show, and please tell us what happened.

Mariana (NY) (01:18:47):

Hey Jim. Thanks. It’s an honor to be here. Thank you for having this forum to tell my story. So I’ll just get into it. I think this was maybe like 1998, between 1998 and 99, and we were going to Monterey to attend quinceanera where you have your coming of age. And it was a big to-do big affair. So we were ready to go and celebrate my cousins coming of age. And usually the day before you get ready, you’re pimped, pampered for your big event. And I didn’t sense anything. I felt normal. I was excited. I was happy to be there. And then the next day, when it was the day of the event, I didn’t feel well. And so everybody left and my mom stayed behind to take care of me. And so I remember saying, okay, I’m going to go lie down. I’m going to have a lie down and I’ll get up and then we’ll go, we’ll take a cab to the function.


Well, Jim, I went on some kind of journey and I could see myself on this, a gurney or a on some kind of surface or a table. And I remember a lot of stainless steel gadgets, lights, and a couple of people around me and the things Jim, I don’t know if they were people, I dunno if they were beings from another dimension. I remember them having these almond eyes, but wearing a wide lab coat and observing me, poking me, talking about me referring to me. And for some reason I thought maybe they spoke some sort of Asian language. I don’t know. I’m not sure or if they were how they were communicating, but I could hear them. So I could hear them. And I think I remember being injected with a really long syringe needle with some sort of sort of neon yellow, neon green liquid.


And then, I mean, right before I was going to tell my story, I did a little research. And Jim, this is just wild. So I guess I came back and I told my mom, I was like, you are the one. How could you let them take me like that? And she was more of, I’m your mom, I stayed behind to take care of you. I’m here to protect you and take care of you. She really focused on me being some lunatic going off in some spaceship. And so I don’t know. At some point, Jim, I recall being in this huge field. I remember the grass and I remember the sloping walls, and it was just a vast, vast, lush, beautiful green, and then these sloping walls. Okay, well, time goes on, and I guess it’s like 20 somewhere. We’re between 2014 and 2017. And I’m looking through this magazine, Jim, a National Geographic, I’m sure, and I see the place that I was taken to, and it is an Ancient soccer field, I guess. I think it was like there’s the word. Some of them were discovered in Chichen itza, and that’s I guess the main one. But there were others that were discovered around that time, somewhere between 2014 and 2017. And I see this ring attached to the sloping wall and the grass, and I freaked out, Jim, I freaked out and I just shut the magazine because it hadn’t been discovered. So what would I know?

Jim Harold (01:24:00):

So in other words, this was a picture of a field in Chichen Itza  that had not been discovered at the time that you had this experience, but yet 20 years later or whatever it was, you opened up this natural National Geographic magazine and you saw basically the place that you recall being taken to.

Mariana (NY) (01:24:22):

Yeah, pretty much. I used the Chichen Itza as a reference because that’s the one that’s more in the mainstream that people would’ve heard of.

Jim Harold (01:24:34):

Now, do you think that it was actually, you were abducted some way even though your mom was there, somehow these creatures spiritually abducted you and took you to this place and conducted these experiments so forth. Do you think that it was a vision of some sorts that you weren’t abducted, that it was some kind of spiritual vision? Do you think maybe it was connected to your maybe being ill? What’s your theory? What do you think happened?

Mariana (NY) (01:25:09):

Well, that’s pretty good, Jim. These past few days, for a long time I thought I was abducted by what we would call an extraterrestrial, because they’re not from here. I thought that for a very long time. But then recently, I’ve been on this spiritual journey, and then right up to before our phone call, I thought, well, what if it has to do? Because I was looking at the, I was doubting myself, Jim, I was looking up these sites and they are, they’re in the Yucatan Peninsula, and these are Mesoamerican times. And then I thought, well, does it have to do with my ancestry? And I thought that right before we spoke, I thought, what if it’s the ancestry, but then to be taken there? And then I thought, Jim, the first time I called to your show, it was because I saw a UFO. And so I didn’t put that together until maybe a week ago because I have other experiences that I, I’m happy to share now that I’ve broken the damn gym. And so what is it? And that’s the million dollar question. What was it? Was it a spiritual journey? Because now my ancestry and the gifts that I possess that we all have, but somehow some of us have them a little more developed than others.


Or was it terrestrial?

Jim Harold (01:26:51):

Say that again.

Mariana (NY) (01:26:53):

Or was it an extraterrestrial or was a spaceship? Was it really an alien? I don’t know.

Jim Harold (01:27:00):

I think there are other planes, and I’m not saying that this is what happened in your case. I don’t know what happened in your case. Certainly it sounds like something happened in your case, but I do think that there are other planes that people can access, and I think they do exist. And I think that they’re all around us, but we don’t have the ability most of the time to access them. Now, sometimes people can access them through dreams and so forth. I do think that that’s true. What happened to you? I mean, being honest, I couldn’t say. But I appreciate your honesty in sharing what happened to you. And again, I hope if other people have had similar experiences, possible abduction, experiences, astral travel, this could even get into the area of astral travel possibly. I hope they come on the show and share it because the quote, Paranormal and the supernatural, I prefer the term really supernatural because Paranormal has become so linked to just ghosts. And I think that’s certainly a big part of these experiences. But I don’t think it’s all of it. I think there’s a lot more, and I appreciate you tonight sharing yours, Mariana,

Mariana (NY) (01:28:18):

I really appreciate. Thank you so much for letting me, for all of us to have this forum. I really appreciate you too.

Jim Harold (01:28:26):

Thanks so much for tuning into the Campfire. I certainly appreciate it. And just so you know, Campfire submissions are open. We opened them back up Monday and we’ve gotten quite a response already. But get your story in there, That’s And another place you might want to check out is our Mausoleum of Merch, and that is at /merch. That’s Jim Harold dot com slash M E R C H. So many great designs. We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and there’s more categories coming, so check that out. Dar has done a great job, and we have so many great designs and more coming. Jim Harold dot com slash merch. Make sure to click on the Etsy button to get all those great designs. We thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-Bye.

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You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time. For more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.

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