The Evil Entity In My Bedroom – Jim Harold’s Campfire 639

An evil entity terrorizes a young woman at bedtime, we replay a frightening EVP, a ghost who did not appreciate the remodeling of his old home and much more this new Campfire!

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Jim (00:00:00):

An evil entity in your bed. Can you imagine? Our Campfire caller didn’t have to imagine; it happened to her. Up next on the Campfire.

Announcer (00:00:24):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim (00:00:35):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again and happy New Year. I guess I can still say that in the month of January. So happy New Year to you. Hope it’s off to a great start. And we’re trying to do our part here, putting out all new shows, and I know everybody’s doing their part. We’ve got a ton of Campfire submissions, but we can always use more. So if you have a Campfire story, you can now submit it at, Also, I would ask, keeping with my New Year’s resolution I mentioned last week, please share the show from your favorite podcast app. I would certainly appreciate it. Just while you’re listening, assuming you’re not driving, you’re in a safe place, hit that share button and share the love and the spooky stories like this one with a friend. And here is our first Campfire story. Risha is on the line all the way from Perth, Australia, and she deserves a gold star because it’s 4:00 AM where she’s calling from today. So we really, really appreciate it and she’s been listening for a while now, several years actually, and she’s going to take us back to when she was 17. She stayed overnight at a friend’s house and a spooky story. Risha, welcome to the show. Tell us what happened.

Risha (00:02:02):

Thank you. So yeah, when I was about 17, I could have been 16, but either way, it’s about 12 years ago now, so my memory’s a little bit foggy, but this one definitely stuck with me, that’s for sure. So yeah, I decided to say the night at a friend’s house in a town called South Perth. Now, anyone that’s from Perth or Australia probably knows about South Perth. It’s got a lot of heritage listed houses. It’s very affluent suburb, but dates back to the 1800s, mid 1800s I’d say. So I think this house would’ve probably been mid 1900s, definitely heritage listed. Her bedroom, if I remember correctly, was a converted former living room, which had a fireplace in it, which had been closed off, and above the fireplace was a big painting with a really creepy looking old man above it, which is just like the start to every haunted mansion story ever.


But basically, I walked in and I remember looking at this painting and thinking: a, why do you have this in your room? It’s really creepy, and I just didn’t like the feeling that I got from it. Now, I also should mention that my mom is a medium, so I have a lot of experiences with the Paranormal. I’m definitely not new to what I grew up around it. And yeah, very in tune with what I was feeling a lot of the time. So as soon as I walked into this house, I knew something was a little bit not right, and that kind of set the tone for the night. So basically to fast forward to bedtime, obviously being teenage girls, we slept in the same bed that night and I don’t remember too much about the day or what happened. I know I definitely didn’t mention anything to her. I didn’t want to creep her out or seem weird. This was one of those friends that I thought she was a little bit too cool for me, so I didn’t want to be that person.


So basically that night we’re laying in bed, she’s fast asleep, and I can’t remember if I was asleep or I was awake, but I definitely remember instantly the air and the feeling in the room completely shifted. I remember being really afraid, and I put my head under the covers, and as I’m laying under the covers, I’m thinking, what is going on? This is feeling really weird. I don’t like where this is going, and I’m starting to get really hot. My heart is racing and I’m sweating because it’s under the blankets in the middle of summer. And in Australia that gets up to 40 degrees Celsius. So it was very hot. I dunno what it is in Fahrenheit, but it’s hot. And basically I’m laying there, I’m sweating, I’m just freaking out, and all of a sudden I feel an ice cold hand touch my leg.

Jim (00:04:57):

Oh boy.

Risha (00:04:59):

I mean, there’s no mistaking this when you are really hot and you’re hiding under the covers and then all of a sudden there’s an icy cold hand on your leg. I was like, what is happening? And I think I’ve heard people mention this before, but it almost feels like you can see the person in your mind’s eye. And I was kind of laying there and thinking, oh my gosh, I’m so scared right now. And it felt like this person was almost outside of the covers looking right at me. Like their face was right here.

Jim (00:05:34):

Oh man. 

Risha (00:05:35):

I was scared and I was definitely too scared to look outside of the blanket. So I just stayed under there for a little bit. I dunno how much time passed, but basically I started to feel the hand move up my leg.

Jim (00:05:50):

Oh gosh, oh my.

Risha (00:05:52):

In that moment, my attitude and the feeling of fear changed to anger. And I dunno why, but it completely washed over me. And I felt like, kind of got this feeling in my head of How dare you don’t touch me like that basically. And the feeling that I got was that in his life, this man, he wasn’t a good guy. I dunno exactly what he did or anything, but I never looked into it. But I started to say to myself, don’t touch me like that. That’s not okay. And I got really brave and in my head, I just kept repeating that over and over. And I also was asking my spirit guides to fill me, surround me with white light, which is what my mom always told me to do if I was ever in danger. Basically after that, it stopped after I asked my spirit guides to protect me. But yeah, that’s basically the story. I don’t know what was up with that man, but he wasn’t a good guy. I know that for sure. I definitely felt that. And I don’t think it was really, in a way, it was me. I think it doesn’t make sense, but I would’ve been scared no matter what. But that wave of anger that rushed over me, it almost felt like residual energy of what somebody else would’ve felt.Yeah. So very strange.

Jim (00:07:15):

I’ve heard it before. Sometimes if something comes at you, if you stand up to it, sometimes it’ll back off. Now, I do think there’s times when you need spiritual help or something like that, but I mean, I’ve had people say something was bothering me, and I just kinda forcefully said, stop it, and it stopped. Did you tell your friend of this experience, or were you afraid of not being cool or something?

Risha (00:07:41):

Yeah, no, I definitely didn’t tell my friend. And yeah, she would’ve probably thought I was a bit nuts, but I wish I did. I wish I got some more information. But I mean, Australia’s full of convicts, so back in the day, 1892 that they all settled over here. So he probably wasn’t a very good guy, whoever he was.

Jim (00:08:04):

Well, Risha, thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s a scary one, and thank you for doing this four o’clock in the morning. What a trooper. Thank you so much. I appreciate that’s dedication for you. Thanks so much, Risha.

Risha (00:08:19):

No worries. Going to go check on my baby. Thank you.

Jim (00:08:22):

Next up on the Campfire is a loyal supporter of the show. I’m talking about Jules from Cape Cod, and she’s going to take us back to a birthday she had a few years ago, and just a very interesting paranormal investigation, paranormal strangeness, including an EVP which we will play for you. Jules, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us.

Jules (MA) (00:08:49):

Thanks, Jim. Thanks for having me.

Jim (00:08:50):

Tell us what happened.

Jules (MA) (00:08:53):

Alrighty. So this took place. So my birthday is January 1st. It’s a great birthday. I highly recommend it. You always get the day off. So this took place in 2011. I live on Cape Cod on the Lower Cape, and it was at a haunted inn, and I’m not going to say the name of it, but if anybody knows Lower Cape Cod Inns that are haunted, they know which one I’m talking about. Ghost Hunters had done a show there. So we decided for my birthday that we were going to sleep over. We were going to have a party, and then four of us were going to sleep over and we were going to do some ghost hunting. So I was going – so, we did. We had the whole bar to ourselves. There was like 30 people there. We were having a blast. I was having some drinks and I was going to cast a circle in the room to use the Ouija board, a circle of protection, but I was having a couple of drinks and I’m like, all right, well, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it now.


So I grabbed my bag, which was on the floor next to me, and I flopped it up on the bar stool next to me. And all of a sudden, this huge plume of smoke came out of it, and I’m freaking out. I thought my phone exploded. So I start throwing everything on the bar, and a friend of mine points and she goes, no, Jules, it’s the matches. And I look, I smell. But anyway, I look and I had a closed book of matches where the flap is behind the stripe pad. Every single match was a lit.


 Oh man, oh man.

Jules (MA): 

I forgot to say. What I had said was, oh, if we’re going to use the Ouija board, did I forget to say that we brought a Ouija board? Anyway, I said, if I’m going to use the Ouija board, I have to go cast the circle now.


And that’s when I grabbed my back and the matches exploded. And I have a picture somewhere, but I can’t find it. But every single match in that closed book was lit. It was weird. Now, the other weird thing is when a book of matches explodes, all you can smell is sulfur. It was very strange. So I just had another drink and we just blah, blah, blah, more drinks. And I just kind of blew off going upstairs to do the circle. So the party ends and everybody leaves, and there were four of us that were staying over, and we had set up some flashlights in the room where they’re just kind of touching. And we had the Ouija board and we had a video camera set up. So the room was kind of small. There was two of us in a double bed, and then there were two on the floor. When you walk into the room, the bed is right there. I was sleeping on the side away from the door. So it was me. And then we set up the video camera, and then it was the outside wall to the in. You overlook a parking lot.


Anyway, so we started talking about bringing out the Ouija board, and my friend Linda goes, actually, somebody noticed that the flashlights were going off. And so we started talking to it. One for yes, two for no. Now here’s the thing about the ghosts in this inn is there’s two female ghosts. It used to be a brothel, and Hannah is the most famous one, and I guess she was murdered there. And then there’s a male ghost, and I’ve heard two stories. Either he committed suicide by jumping out the cupola on the top, or he hung himself in the basement, but it’s definitely haunted. And so we started talking about the Ouija board and the flashlights going off and on. So my friend Linda said to it, one for yes, two for no, do you want us to use the Ouija board? And it said, no, it’s two flashes.


And then she said, do you want us to put it away? Do you want us to get rid of it? And it was like, yes, like three seconds long flash. So I’m like, all right. So I take the Ouija board and I put it in the car. So then we basically just go to bed, and that was that. And then we wake up the next morning, we had breakfast, whatever. So a couple of weeks later, we had the day off. It was President’s Day. And what we did was we hooked up the video camera. This was 2011. So this was the tech we had. We hooked up the video camera to my friend’s tv, and we ran it through the television. And then basically we saw us getting ready for bed, and then the lights go off, and then we just listened.

Jim (00:13:57):

This is what, we’re going to play what you captured, right?

Jules (MA) (00:14:01):


Jim (00:14:01):

Okay, here it is, everybody and EVP. Let’s see what you hear from Jules at that Haunted Inn. Here, it is. [EVP plays] Jules. Wow. I heard something there, and I’m sure that our listeners heard something there. What was that spirit saying? Do you think?

Jules (MA) (00:14:24):

So it took us a while to figure it out, but finally my brilliant friend Cindy said, he’s saying, hunt me. And it’s definitely a male voice. He wanted us to use the Ouija board. So what I think happened was the spirit coming through the flashlights were one of the women ghosts. And I think that they wanted us to get rid of the Ouija board because they’re afraid of him. He sounds very arrogant. I don’t like him.

Jim (00:15:02):

Yeah, it was like he was antagonizing you. It was like, hunt me, like daring you to do it.

Jules (MA) (00:15:06):

Exactly. I’d love to go back and do it. I’m not afraid of him, but I think he bullies them, and that makes me angry. I hate bullies. But anyway, yeah, that’s my New Year’s Day ghost story from Cape Cod in 2011.

Jim (00:15:26):

Very cool indeed, Jules, very cool indeed. Thank you for sharing your story on the Campfire. Also, I want to say a very special stay spooky shout out to Linda and Cindy, your friends, Linda and Cindy. Stay spooky. I know you guys are big fans of the show, Jules tells me. So thank you for listening, and again, stay spooky and thank you, Jules.

Jules (MA) (00:15:51):

Thanks, Jim. Stay spooky. I appreciate it. Happy New Year.

Jim (00:15:54):

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Announcer (00:18:48):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim (00:19:04):

Ashley is on the line from the Pacific Northwest. We’re so glad to have her on the show. A friend told her about the show. She’s been listening for a few years, and we’re so glad. And I’m not even going to tease this story. All I could say is I read it and I’m like, Ooh, that is creepy. That is creepy. Creepy. So I’ll just let Ashley, Sharon. Ashley, thanks for joining us and tell us what happened.

Ashley (PNW) (00:19:27):

Sure thing. Thanks for having me. I moved into a really old apartment building. It was built in, I think 1918, so it’s just over a hundred years old. They haven’t really done a ton of really deep renovations. So it has a lot of all the original molding, the original hardwood floors. It’s a beautiful building. And in every apartment there’s a huge walk-in closet. And the closets have these really large oversized doors. They’re beautiful. And the entire front of the door are the original mirrors that were in it. So I moved into this apartment and I immediately noticed this beautiful walk-in closet as someone who has lots of clothes. And I was really excited. I didn’t think anything of it. And so over the next few weeks, I was moving in and the closet door was always open ajar. And I did think it was a little bit creepy at times looking at the closet door, just because the mirror is so large and it’s got this old kind of antique sheen to it, because as I said, it’s like the original mirror.


And so the closet door would always be open. And after a couple of weeks, I kept getting this feeling that there was something watching me from inside the closet. And I’ve never had feelings or experiences like this before. So I thought it was a little weird, thought maybe I had an overactive imagination. But it kept happening, and I can’t explain it in any other way other than it felt like whatever was in the closet watching me was crouching. And I couldn’t tell. I don’t know. And in my mind, I’m like, am I getting a kid vibe or a creature vibe? This is weird that I’m even thinking about these things right now. It’s going on. And at the time, one of my girlfriends had gifted me this everyday spells book, just kind of a book that you leave on your shelf as a fun decoration.


And I literally found myself reaching for this book because it had gotten to the point where I had to keep my closet closed at all times. Every time I had it open, even ajar, I just felt this presence watching me, and especially at night before bed, because it’s a studio apartment, so the closet is in the room that I’m going to sleep in. I had to make sure it was closed because I just got this really creepy vibe. So one day I found myself reaching for the book. I thought, this is so weird, but I’m going to do a spell to ban this thing, I guess. I don’t know how I ended up here doing spells, but here we are. And so I followed the directions in this hilarious book because I was desperate to get rid of this creepy vibe going on and did the spell. And the weirdest thing happened immediately after I did it. I didn’t feel like there was anything in the closet anymore. I felt like the whole space had been cleared of any weird energy. I didn’t feel like things were watching me from the closet anymore. And I was really surprised. I had never done a spell like that. I’m not a spell kind of person.


So fast forward a week, I was coming back home and I was walking up the stairs in my apartment building, and this weird thought came into my head and I thought, oh my gosh, I think that thing is back. And it was this weird thought that hit me all at once. I don’t know why. So I come into my apartment and I immediately feel the creepy vibe again. I felt like, and my closet door had been ajar. I was comfortable leaving it open after I did that weird spell thing. And I just thought, oh my gosh, I think that thing is back. This is so insane. And so that night I went to sleep and I had accidentally left the closet door open. And as I’m laying in bed, I just got this insane feeling that whatever was in the closet was so upset and angry.


And I had gotten kind of angry-ish vibes earlier in the day that made me think, oh, I think that thing is back. And it might be mad that I tried to get rid of it. Again, these are just weird thoughts. I literally never have experienced anything like this before, but it was this very strong presence. I can’t explain it other than that. So I’m laying in bed. I literally feel it come to the end of my bed, and I just feel it looking at me and staring at me. And I got so scared that I started reciting the Lord’s Prayer, which I don’t even think I knew in full at that point, but I just did my best. And I fell asleep reciting it, and the next morning I woke up, it was gone, and it’s never come back again. It was a really weird experience. Nothing like that has ever happened to me since. But I always think of it when I listen to your show. So I thought I would share it.

Jim (00:24:41):

That is creepy. And there’s something about, I’ll tell you, there’s something about a closet. For example, my wife was like, oh, close that closet door at night, my closet door. And because a lot of times I’ll forget in that close it, it’s like there seems to be something mystical. And I think even going back to our childhood, there’s this feeling that, ooh, something’s going to come out of the closet. But for you,  it wasn’t a fairytale. You actually experienced it. What do you think was going on there? What do you think?

Ashley (PNW) (00:25:14):

It’s just weird. The building itself is super, super old, and the only things they’ve updated are the bathrooms and the kitchens. And so the actual living spaces are very much like the original everything. And the doors have these huge, like I said, these beautiful original mirrors that cover these entire oversized doors. And there’s beautiful inlaid wood around them. They’re really pretty, but mirrors in general, I think can have some weird energies to them. And this closet is just, I don’t know. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I certainly didn’t move in thinking, oh, this building must be haunted. It’s just one of those, it’s like, I wasn’t thinking that at all, but the feeling that I got, I was like, I am being watched by something. This is insane, but I’m glad it’s gone.

Jim (00:26:12):

I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you for it. Some people say, oh, I want that. And it’s like, no, I don’t want that. I want that far away from me. Far away from me. Well, Ashley, thank you so much for sharing your story. I appreciate and thank you for being a part of the Campfire tonight.

Ashley (PNW) (00:26:28):

Sure thing. Thanks for having me.

Jim (00:26:30):

Now, we’ve had some stories about this, but not a lot. And I’m always fascinated about this subject, the idea of a haunted bridge. And that’s going to be the topic today with Turi from Vermont. We’re so glad to have him on the show. He’s been for five years, and we appreciate it. Tori, welcome to the show and tell us about this haunted bridge and what happened.

Turi (VT) (00:26:51):

Alright, thanks for having me. I’m a huge fan, and I especially love those police officer stories.

Jim (00:26:57):

Oh yeah, those are interesting. Second person today and taping that’s mentioned. Those are some great stories.

Turi (VT) (00:27:03):

Yeah, definitely. Interesting. Yeah, so my story takes place in, I think it was 2003, either 2003 or 2004. It’s been so long. It’s hard to remember. But yeah, so just briefly. So in Vermont, in the town of Stowe, there’s this quaint little covered bridge, and it’s apparently the only haunted covered bridge in the state. So me being a lover of all things paranormal; horror movies and spooky season and all that good stuff, a bunch of my friends at the time were too, we were all just gung-ho about haunted everything. And so we wanted to go check it out and experience it for ourselves. And I had gone with a few different groups of people a few different times, but this one particular experience I’ll never forget. I mean, I think of it often to this day. But yeah, so it was my girlfriend I had in high school and one of my best buddies and his girlfriend. It was the four of us. And we hopped in my 1998 Toyota Camry and Stowe’s about 30 minutes from South Burlington where we’re from. And so we took the ride. I don’t remember. I know there wasn’t snow on the ground, so it was just probably spring or fall or something like that.


So we get to the bridge and it’s very… just to set, well, I guess briefly, sorry, I should probably talk about just the history. So the bridge is allegedly haunted by a girl named Emily, who I guess in the 1800s. It’s kind of like an unrequited love story where she was waiting for her fiance to come back from the war. And when he never showed up, she hung herself from the beams of the bridge. I did a lot of research on it. I’m not sure if it actually happened, but everybody in Vermont knows about it. But things happen there for sure. So whatever it is, it’s definitely spooky. So going back to the story, so the bridge is, I mean, if you go there at night, it’s kind of elevated because Stowe’s in the mountains and it just appears out of nowhere. And I remember it was a foggy night, and you kind of go up these little rolling hills and then all of a sudden, boom, it’s there in the dark.


It just appears out of nowhere. So we were all shooken up and just anxiety high as it was. And so we pulled into the bridge, and I remember we just kind of sat there in silence. You can’t really see, it’s pitch black in there, so you can’t see anything around you and are just kind of hyping each other up. And then we got out of the car and took some pictures and walked around and that sort of thing. And then we just sat and talked for a few minutes, nothing really happened. And then we pulled out of the bridge. And I think at that point in time, we didn’t know whether or not you had to turn, go back through the bridge to get out of there or if you could go straight. So we pulled off as we went through the bridge and we parked, and then another car pulled up to us and we started talking.


It was a group of kids just like us, just kind of at the foot of the exit of the bridge. And we were just talking to them, what’s up? How you guys doing? Full of kids like us, and just checking out the bridge. And in the midst of the conversation we were having with them, we heard this horrific bloodcurdling screaming coming from a short distance away. It was just in the air. It was, it’s so hard to pinpoint where the sound was coming from, and it was ghostly, and it’s just this woman screaming horrifically. And then she said, keep going, keep going In the midst. It was almost like, it was like two bodies just, it was totally spooky. I mean, it scared the crap out of all of us. And I just remember looking at the kids in the car, we rolled up the window, we were like, peace. We turned around and we hightailed it out of there, and that was it.


And I had taken some photos also, and I got them developed shortly after. And there were all these crazy huge orbs in the photos. I don’t know, I’m not really, I’m kind of skeptical when it comes to orbs, but that instance, when we heard that woman screaming, it was just so raw. And it shakes me thinking about it to this day. And I had contacted my, well, I don’t really talk to the girls anymore, but I had contacted my buddy and I contacted one of the girls and I said, do you remember what happened that night? And they were like, man, the girl, Nicole was like, all I remember is a woman screaming and just eerie vibes, and we just booked it out of there. But I think I have the best memory of it all because it was so just stuck in my mind all these years. So I mean, it’s a quick story, but it’s something that just really spooked me. And I don’t know. I don’t know to this day what it was like.

Jim (00:32:25):

Yeah, it’s really interesting that it had that legend. Then you had that experience. That’s really interesting. Now, I’ll throw something out there and you tell me if you think it’s a possibility. I’m not saying that this is what happened, but I think among several possibilities, this could be one. Now you listen to the shows. I know you’re a loyal listener. Have you heard us talk about the idea of Tulpas?

Turi (VT) (00:32:51):


Jim (00:32:52):

Well, Tulpa Is a thought form. So it’s not something that, imagine, it’s something that you create. So in other words, the idea would be that you guys had this knowledge of this haunting. And I’m not saying it’s not haunted, and I’m not saying it wasn’t a ghost, but another possibility is that you created it with your mind. Have you ever thought about that? Which to me in some ways is actually scarier than a haunting.

Turi (VT) (00:33:23):

Yeah. I mean it’s a possibility. But I mean, I know that because it wasn’t just me. It was all of us. I would love to reach out to Jen, but I haven’t talked to her in so long. And just to see what she remembers about it all, I mean, it’s a possibility, but I mean, I know that it happened. 

Jim (00:33:45):

No, but the idea of a Tulpa is not that you creating something that’s imaginary, you’re creating something that is real, that it could be seen and heard by multiple people. You see what I mean?

Turi (VT) (00:33:57):

Yeah, that’s interesting. 

Jim (00:33:58):

So I’ll just throw that out there as another thing to think about. Now, it could very well be the haunting, the real haunting that bridge is known for too. I was just trying to think of, of alternate possibilities, but that to me falls into the line of the supernatural as well, the Tulpa explanation that the human mind has. Again, I’ve got to be very clear about it, not to create something that isn’t real, but to create something that is real.

Turi (VT) (00:34:34):

Yeah. So it’s like the human mind is so powerful that – 

Jim (00:34:36):

It can actually create being, we had an interview years ago with my gentleman with the name of David Weatherly, and he talked about somebody did an experiment and who actually created something, and I’ll give you another example. There was up in Toronto, there was something called, I believe it was Toronto in the seventies, the Philip Experiment. And these people who were into the supernatural, the Paranormal, I think they were pretty much believers. They said, we are going to have seances and we’re going to create a ghost. And all of a sudden the ghost started to manifest itself and it called itself Philip.So it’s just another thing to think about. I always look at all the supernatural angles, or it could have just been simply the haunting that that bridge was known for. It’s very interesting. I mean, the idea in your email, you put scratching sounds, marks on the sides of people’s cars. And I know sometimes people chalk this stuff up to urban legend, but sometimes things are urban legend because they really happened.

Turi (VT) (00:35:39):

And that’s the thing is in all the research that I’ve done, I’ve heard a lot of people say they’ve gotten scratches on their car and all that, but I haven’t really heard anything about, I mean, I did hear something about screaming, so maybe it’s happened before, but I think we got the best of it if it actually was Emily or some sort of ghost.

Jim (00:36:02):

Very cool story. Very cool story. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And we will get this out on the show. And thank you for being a loyal supporter to the program.

Turi (VT) (00:36:15):

Awesome, Jim. Love you guys. Thank you so much.

Jim (00:36:18):

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Jim (00:38:16):

Next up on the Campfire, we have a return call or I appreciate it when I don’t scare someone away the first time. And Sofia is back from Pennsylvania. You might recall, she serves in our nation’s military and we thank her for her service. Now, she told a story last time about a strange hat man type figure in military housing. This time she’s going to come closer to home and tell us about some family stories. Sofia, welcome back and please tell us what happened.

Sofia (PA) (00:38:47):

Hi, Jim. Thank you so much for having me back. So both of these stories have to do with my grandmother, one paternal, one maternal. I’ll start with my paternal grandmothers. They’re both very short, but when I was about a year old, I was staying over at my maternal grandmother’s home and I was sleeping with my aunts who were sleeping on either side of me, and I was sleeping in the middle and in the middle of the night, my aunts awoke to me playing. And when they woke up, they saw a spirit. I was playing with the spirit and they were startled by this, and the spirit went out the window, is what they said. They were pretty young. Well, the following day, my mother received the news that my paternal grandmother had passed away the previous evening. So my aunts and family theorized that I was playing with my paternal grandmother one last time before she left.

Jim (00:40:02):

We just talked, for the Paranormal Podcast, and it’s not out as we record this. It may be out by the time this is released, with Dr. Raymond Moody who invented the phrase near death experience. And he talked about something else in his most recent book called The Shared Death Experience. We’ve talked about on the shows before, the idea of people seeing loved one or having some experience with a loved one at the time of their death. And it can be when they’re in the same room, or it can be when they’re thousands of miles away. And that’s the first thing I thought of that is actually a thing. That’s the shared death experience, they call it.

Sofia (PA) (00:40:41):

Well, that’s so interesting. I’ll have to read his book. Thank you.

Jim (00:40:44):

Yeah, absolutely. Very interesting indeed. Now, I know you had another one too, right?

Sofia (PA) (00:40:49):

Yes, sir. So the second one has to do with my grandmother. My maternal grandmother, when she was about 10 years old, her mother passed away from tuberculosis and she was the eldest and she had a younger brother and two twin sisters. And this was in Mexico. And her father would have to work – this was in a little ranch without much running water, very primitive – but she was expected to stay home and care for her siblings while her father would go out in the fields and work. So she would tell me that, well, she told me once that she learned how to kill a chicken and feed her siblings after her mother passed away because her mother would come to her in her dreams and teach her how to do these things. 

Jim: Wow.

Sofia (PA):

And she also said that she would get scolded by her mother in her dreams. She said there was an instance where in her dream, her mother came to her and she scolded her for having a damp laundry in a basket. It was her sister’s cloth diapers. And sure enough, in the morning she woke up and she went over to the hamper and they had started growing mold on them. So it was so interesting that she continued some communication with her own mother after her mother had passed away.

Jim (00:42:20):

And that’s interesting. The piece about the sheets, exactly what she told her came to pass that she said, don’t do that. Isn’t that interesting?

Sofia (PA) (00:42:30):

It’s interesting, yes. And she said, I learned how to kill a chicken because my mother taught me after she passed away, and she would communicate with her and her dreams and how to prepare a chicken meal for her siblings.

Jim (00:42:43):

Those are cool stories, and I believe those things happen. I believe that our loved ones can communicate with us in different ways. Sometimes it’s dreams, sometimes it’s coming to us maybe as a child. And I do think children are more apt to be able to see and interact with spirits. I do believe that’s a thing. Sofia, thank you so much for your support. I know you’ve been listening for about 14 years, and thank you again for your service to our country in the military. I appreciate it, and thank you for being on the show and stay spooky.

Sofia (PA) (00:43:13):

You too, Jim. Thank you so much for your support. Have a wonderful evening.

Jim (00:43:16):

Marty is on the line. She is a long, long time listener and supporter of the shows. And her, along with her husband, have listened for I think well over a decade. And she’s going to talk to us about her husband who passed, and we’re so sorry to hear about that. But he may have passed the physical world, but he certainly is still around spiritually and Marty’s going to tell us all about that. Marty, welcome to the shows, and again, my sympathies on your husband. 

Marty (OR) (00:43:48):

Oh, thank you so much, Jim. That’s so nice of you. Yes. My husband and I have been longtime listeners. We both enjoyed listening together. Unfortunately, in May of this year, he did pass away following his battle with cancer, and of course it’s been very painful, but we did have that time to say goodbye. And one thing we talked about was him sharing signs if he was able to. And so he has sent me so many signs that as our time has come, I’ve just had more that I can share with you. So the first sign we got from him that was really big, my teenage daughter and I were headed to her dentist appointment. He passed on about a month at that time, and we were talking about how involved he was with my pregnancy with her. He went to every appointment, read all the baby books.


So he was just really a part of that process. As we’re driving there, she glances up and she sees a man that she says, looks just like my husband. Same coloring, same type of clothes. It reminds me of the story about your mom, Jim. It was just so much like him. So I’m just trying to get there. We’re running a little bit late and I’m not really processing what she’s saying, but we get to the appointment and as soon as I open the door, I see a penny on the ground. And I’m not usually the type that picks them up, but I just decided it’s right there. I’m going to grab it and go inside. When we got inside, it had my daughter’s birth year on it,


So I just really felt like that was him saying he was listening to everything. And since it was about her, it really left a mark. The next one I got for him was really interesting because I asked for a specific sign. And so what I asked was for him to send me an alligator. I had just gotten a puppy and I got him an alligator squeaky toy. That’s why I thought of it. And my husband had made me laugh years ago because he once said he wanted to try fried alligator. So I just thought this was kind of a funny little thing, and I don’t think I truly believed anything would come, but I thought, okay, I don’t ever see alligators anywhere except this toy. So the next day I go to an antique fair with my friend that’s about an hour away, and it’s near a bakery that my husband Nate and I would always go to when we had the chance, it wasn’t super close. So we would always make a trek there if we were passing by. So my friend hadn’t been there and I suggested we go. I told her it was really good. So we go and I’m standing in line and what do I see on a shelf, but a shape of bread in the shape of an alligator.

Jim (00:46:41):

Oh, wow.

Marty (OR) (00:46:42):

And like I said, we frequented this place for years. I’d never seen it there before.

Jim (00:46:49):

I mean, I’ve been to my share of bakeries. I’ve never seen a loaf of bread shaped in the shape of an alligator. 

Marty (OR) (00:46:54):

Yes, right. It was so unusual, and I feel like the fact that it was there where there were so many memories for us really cemented it was him.

Jim (00:47:02):

And that’s interesting because if it’s something that you just asked for, he would’ve somehow, and I believe, by the way I believe this happens, he somehow engineered it, that they would make that particular thing and they would show it at that particular time. And that’s because I think that people, I mean, at least to me, my interpretation is you ask for a sign and then the penny is put there after you ask for the sign. But I think sometimes they even have the ability maybe to anticipate what we’re going to ask or they’re able to move things like chess pieces. I really believe that somehow.

Marty (OR) (00:47:38):

Yes, I agree. I think the idea was put in one of the baker’s heads that morning and I asked them how often they make it, and they said, not any regular schedule. It’s just whenever they happen to feel like it. 

Jim (00:47:51):


Marty (OR) (00:47:52):

Yeah. Another thing though that happened that very day is we were driving home and my friend’s an artist, so we stopped at an art supply shop. I was looking all around the whole store while she browsed, and as we were leaving and checking out, the cashier asked how our day was. For some reason I told her my crazy alligator bread story. She gasped and pointed behind her on the floor and on the floor was a statue of an alligator. 

Jim (00:48:21):

Oh, wow.

Marty (OR) (00:48:22):

Yeah. Wow. I felt like this was him saying, yep, it’s me. Just in case you had any doubt, it was definitely him, I feel.

Jim (00:48:31):

And then you told me a story in the email about a book, right? There was one with a book too, right?

Marty (OR) (00:48:38):

Yes. This was the first, this is what started it all is after he passed, I was listening to a particular song. I don’t listen to the radio, so it’s a song I hadn’t heard in years. And it came out probably about 10 years ago. So my friend took me to a thrift store to kind of get my mind off things. And I was browsing in the antique book section because I love antique books. And just as I touched a certain book, that song started playing. So of course it kind of made my stomach flip flop. And so I pulled the book out because it was a slim volume and it had no title that I could see. When I pulled it out, it was an antique book, and the title was He Leadeth Me, which I guess is a hymn that I had never heard before. But basically it just talks about having faith in God no matter what happens. And I just felt certain that it was from him because I collect certain things like that, just like old antique religious items. And I felt like it was him just telling me to have faith that everything would be okay.

Jim (00:49:50):

Well, I believe our loved ones are there for us even after they leave here, they’re still with us and give us those signs.

Marty (OR) (00:50:00):

Can I tell you one more quick one?

Jim (00:50:02):

Absolutely, absolutely. Please do. 

Marty (OR) (00:50:04):

Okay. This was really big too. So his celebration of life was last month, and we were going to celebrate it by going to watch Back to the Future, his favorite movie in theater. I went to the store just to run some errands, and I saw a sweet little lady that had a NASA sweatshirt on. It looked like a vintage NASA sweatshirt. My husband loves space and nasa, and he had a mural of a space shuttle on his bedroom wall when he was a teen. So I took it as a hello from him. So I debated whether I should tell her or not. It sounds pretty crazy, I think, in a way. But I did tell her that that very day was my husband’s celebration of life, and I thanked her for wearing that shirt because I told her, I took it as a hello from him. It turns out she was heading to a cemetery that very day after the store to visit her husband’s grave that had passed. So just the coincidence was mind blowing to me. And yeah, it just made me feel like that was again him saying, yes, it’s me.

Jim (00:51:13):

He’s still with you, Marty. He’s still with you. 

Marty (OR) (00:51:15):

He is, absolutely.

Jim (00:51:18):

Thank you so much for sharing this very personal story for all your support over the years in joining us tonight on the Campfire.

Marty (OR) (00:51:25):

Thank you so much, Jim.

Jim (00:51:27):

Sam is on the line from over in the UK in Willenhall, and we’re so glad to speak with her. And she has two dream stories for us that involve her granddad. Sam, thanks for joining us. Really appreciate it. So glad you found the shows and tell us what happened.

Sam (UK) (00:51:46):

Thank you, Jim. I’m so, so happy to be here. My two stories are two dream visitations. I totally see them as visitations about my lovely granddad. He was my absolute best friend in the world. And when he died just over 11 years ago, it was the first death that really, really, really hit me hard. And I’m still missing now. Still want him here all the time. But yeah, I was absolutely devastated when he died and I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I’d never hug him again. We were such huggers. His love language was touched as is mine still now. So whenever I saw him, I just run up and I love you, love you, give me a hug. So it was pretty much a change. All I said when he passed away, I just want one more hug. All I want is a hug.


And everybody was trying to make me feel better about it. You’ve had all the hugs, blah, blah, blah. But it just wasn’t great. I wasn’t sleeping very well as you don’t, do you, when you lose someone so special. And one night I managed to get to sleep and I had the most vivid dream. And to me, this is the realest thing ever. We lived in an old terrace house back then, but I dunno if it’s the same in America. But our bathroom was downstairs and it was a big house, so it was a bit of a trek. And I used to hate it if we woke up in the night and in my dream, I’d woken up and I needed to use the bathroom and stomping down the stairs all grumpy. I don’t want to do this. And as I get into the dining room to go through into the kitchen, my granddad stood in the doorway in his clothes that I remember, his big green jumper, his corduroy trousers.


And I stopped and just stared at him and ran at him with my arms out. The first thing I did, I want a hug, I want a hug. But he put his hand out to stop me. And as soon as he did this, I just said, but all I want is a hug. I just want a hug. Just give me a hug. I know you want one, of course you want one, but no matter how many times I hug you, it won’t be enough because you’ll always want more. And I don’t remember if there was any more dream after that. It was the most vivid. It just felt like he was coming to say, you can’t have any more hugs. We’ve had all the hugs. But that was his way of letting me know that I’m still here in a way.

Jim (00:54:13):

And that is something, if you think about it, him saying he can’t give you a hug. That was like tough love. But I mean, he’s right. So I mean, at least until you, over many, many, many years from now, so I could understand him saying that.

Sam (UK) (00:54:35):

Yeah, same. And he was like that. He was very blunt. So for the way he put his hand up and said, no, no, no, no, no. See it in a sensical way, that was him through and through. So I swear that was him visiting me.

Jim (00:54:49):

And then you had another one, another great one.

Sam (UK) (00:54:52):

Yeah. This is my favorite. I mean, I’ve only got two, bless him, but this is my absolute favorite. We moved house and now we live in a lovely little detached house. And just over four years ago, we had our son and all throughout the pregnancy, it was constantly, oh, I wish granddad was here. Granddad would be so happy. He would’ve been his first great grandson, is the first grandchild on both sides of our families. Sorry. So yeah, it was a very big tickle all the way through the pregnancy. Oh, he’d be great. He’d love it. Constantly go and visit his grave and give him little updates and stuff. Not long after he was born, I think it was about two weeks after he was born, maybe, I’m asleep in bed, which is rare for somebody with a newborn baby. And the doorbell goes, and I go downstairs and I open the door and there’s my granddad. He stood in his beige coat, leaning on his walking stick, and I’m just in shock like, oh my gosh, you’re here, you’re here. And he says, yep, just let me see the boy. I want to meet the boy now. And he basically pushed me out the way. And again, that’s the end of that dream or from what I can remember. But again, I believe that was him saying, I’ve met him. I know he’s here. I can see what you’re doing. So very quick. Yeah, very quick. But brings me a lot of comfort

Jim (00:56:15):

And what I’ve often heard, and I think you kind of said it in a different way, but it seems more real than real. Is that your experience? 

Sam (UK) (00:56:23):

Yeah. Because even now, this was over four years ago. Well, and the first dream over 11 years ago, I can still picture them. I can completely picture him the way he was leaning on his walking stick and the way he put his hand out to stop me from running at him. Clear as day better than some of my memories I’ve got of real life, I suppose.

Jim (00:56:44):

Wow. Well, thank you so much for sharing this story. I think it’s so important to get those stories out so people know that when they’ve experienced these kinds of things, they’re not alone and are loved ones are still around and they find their ways, but they do find their ways. And I’m so glad he found his way to you, Sam.

Sam (UK) (00:57:04):

Me too. Thank you so much.

Jim (00:57:06):

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Jim (01:00:08):

Next up on the Campfire is Elizabeth. She’s calling in today from the south side of Chicago, and she’s been listening for several years and we really appreciate it. And she has some stories about her family and some interesting things that happened. Elizabeth, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:00:27):

Okay, thanks so much for letting me tell my story. So it was 2003. I was a junior in high school and early Sunday morning, my dad wakes me up and he says, our washing machine is broken. We’re going to go to grandma’s house. I just want to do a quick load of laundry. we’’ll be back later. Just want to go real fast. So my grandma had unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. She just got her leg amputated. And so at that time I was trying to spend a lot of time with her. So we’d go see her about once a week, if not more. So my dad knew I’d want to go just to go do laundry, go see her for a little bit, come home. We drive to her house about 15 minutes away and we ring the doorbell. She doesn’t answer. We wait a little bit, and that’s weird.


She’s usually up and about and we go in, we end up going in with the key, and she’s laying in bed and she’s like, I’m so tired, I can’t get up. So just, I need you to help me get up and I need some coffee, then I’ll be fine. So we do that. She’s in a wheelchair at this point, so we help her in her wheelchair, push her to the kitchen, get her some coffee. As she sips it, it’s falling outside of her mouth. And that’s when my dad realized, mom, you had a stroke. So we end up calling the ambulance. I go home, my dad goes with my grandma to the hospital. She gets admitted, he comes back later and is just telling me what happened. And then he just goes about his day and he’s cleaning and cooking, doing all the things that parents do, and he goes downstairs and he is attempting to fix the washing machine again, and it just starts working. Don’t know why, but we were meant to find my grandma. Don’t know why the washing machine was broken and then it suddenly started working. So.

Jim (01:02:20):

Yeah, see that? See how that works. I believe those things happen. Those interventions happen. Absolutely. 

Elizabeth (IL) (01:02:27):

Yes. So then there’s just a few more things connected with that. So she ends up, so about a year later, she ends up passing away and obviously really sad. So by this time I’m a senior. And let’s see. So a couple days after she had passed away, I was really sad. I had been crying nonstop. It’s like 7:00 PM and I’m like, I’m so sick of crying. I just want to go to sleep. So I’m not tired. I’m just like, I just need to go to sleep to just, hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. And so I’m laying in bed, my brother’s actually sitting on the side of my bed and we’re chitchatting. And he’s saying, yep, just go to bed. You, you’re going to feel better. And I’m like, okay. So he walks out the door, he leaves it open a little bit. I was always afraid of the dark, so he knew to leave my door open. He walks away and pretty shortly after he walks away, I don’t even think I had closed my eyes yet. And I’m laying there. And like I said, I’m not tired and this is what I hear. Okay, I hear: [whispers] Liz, hey.

And so from my perspective, what I think is I hear like, Hey, and I’m like, did I just hear someone say, Hey, and there was just this enough time for me to think that, and I hear s and now I’m perked up, and I’m like, I know, I heard that. And I hear I’m right here.. And naturally I scream for my brother. I’m like, and he runs and he’s like, what happened? I’m like, I think I heard somebody say that they were right here, which probably should be comforting, but I was scared.

Jim (01:04:16):

So they were saying, I’m right here. Is that correct? I want to just make sure, a  little of that cut out. Okay,

Elizabeth (IL) (01:04:23):

Yes, I’m right here. So those were the words, but it was a really loud whisper. So I audibly heard those words. And so it didn’t sound like my grandma. I don’t know. I don’t know if it was Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. I don’t know who it was. But either way, the message was, you’re not alone. It’s okay. Which obviously is very comforting. So that was really cool. Yeah, it was just this audible voice that I heard. So then just a couple more short things after that. So then about a week later, I was in a play and I had asked my dad like, oh, can I just not do this play? I don’t want to do it. I’m too sad. And he said, Nope, grandma’d want you to do this. You got to do it. And I said, okay. Okay. So I’m in the play, and when it’s my turn, I have a little monologue. It wasn’t the spotlight, but one of the lights near top started blinking. And I don’t have any validation for this, but in my, inside I  just thought, this is my grandma. She’s saying, she’s watching, she’s listening, she’s here.


And like I said, no validation for that, but just this gut feeling that you get, that somebody’s talking to you, they’re validating just that they’re here. So then fast forward now to 2022. So this was last year, and my uncle passed away, and that was my grandma’s son and my dad’s best bud. So once again, we’re sad. So I am leaving for work and I’m thinking about my uncle, and in my head I said, uncle Ken, I want you to do something with the lights, okay? I want to know that you’re okay. And because thinking about this light thing that happened with, and I thought about it and then just went on with my day, got to work, and I was the first person there. So I’m flipping on lights and we have a little conference room. It’s not a huge room, but a little conference room. There’s two overhead lights on it. And I flip the switch for it, and only one of the lights goes on now. I didn’t think about it then because my first thought was like, oh, now I have to fix the light.


So that was my thought. But then go on with the day, keep opening up, we’re getting ready for people to come. And then a few hours later, there is a girl, I’m going to start training. And so we go into the conference room and without thinking, I sit under the light that is not working. And as soon as I start talking, the light flashes on. And this was a light, had never done that before, had never done it since. So the light just flashes on, it turns on. And I just immediately gasped. I was like, oh. And I kind of started giggling. And the girl I’m training, I don’t know what made her say this, but well, she says to me, it’s a ghost, isn’t it? Why do you think that? Because yes. And then I told her the story, and then she tells me how her father had passed away, and she often feels like she gets, I started listening to Paranormal Podcast before the Campfire, and the first guests talked about heaven hellos. And so for me, it a heaven hello. So a lot of them, this story is all just about those heaven hellos. And so yeah. So those are my stories and it’s really comforting and really grateful that I got to experience that.

Jim (01:07:59):

Yeah, I think those hellos from heaven, I think those are a real thing. And they do happen. And we just recently passed Halloween, and of course it’s always Halloween here at the Campfire, but a lot of times we think of the paranormal just as kind of the spooky ooky, the scary, the encounters with demons and things. But I think just as much apart are these heavenly hellos as you put them. And I’m so glad you shared your story today. I know you also wanted to share a special shout out to someone. And so go ahead and do that.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:08:33):

Just want to say hi Julie, hope you’re listening.

Jim (01:08:36):

Julie, stay spooky and thank you for listening, and thank you for listening, Elizabeth, take care. Thanks for sharing your stories and stay spooky.

Elizabeth (IL) (01:08:45):

Thanks, you too, Jim.


Lezli is on the line from Abilene, Texas. There’s an old country song called Abilene. I’m sure Lezli’s heard it a time or two,

Lezli (TX):

Just a time or two,


Just a time or two. So anyway, Lezli has a story about a very odd visitor. Lezli, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and tell us what happened.

Lezli (TX):

Okay, so this took place. It was around ‘97, and I live in, well, I grew up in a small town about an hour north of Abilene, and there’s a lot of creepy happenings in this town anyway, but my aunt, they owned a house that my cousin was living in. So on this particular day, we actually had a tornado that hit our small town. So I had gone to my aunt’s house. My parents were out of town. I was in high school. And so after the tornado passed, we were going to drive across town and check on their other house, which is where my cousin lived. And so they live down the street from a funeral home. There’s a big field behind this house, which will make sense here in a minute. And then there’s an empty lot on each side of the house. So it’s literally just like a freestanding house.

At the beginning of this neighborhood, we turned down the road to go check on the house, and as we pull up to it, we see this elderly man, and he was dressed in a bright white sweatsuit and very vivid, looked like a real person, had glasses on, had a little comb over, and he was walking across the empty lot towards the backyard of my cousin’s house. And he looked frustrated or irritated or angry, and he was on a mission. And so he was walking and just staring straight ahead. And when we pulled up, all of us were like, who was that man? Because like I said, this town had 700 people in it, so we know almost everyone. And also, why would he be walking into their backyard? So we pull into the driveway and my aunt told my cousin and I, she’s like, y’all sit here.

I’m going to go meet him. She was going to go around the other side of the house. By this point, he had gone to the backyard and there wasn’t a fence or anything. And so she was going to go join him and be like, Hey, what are you doing? So she runs around there and we’re sitting in the car where we can still see the entry lot where he came from. And we’re sitting there, and then she comes around and she’s like, where did he go? And so we were like, well, what do you mean? And she said, he’s not back there. And there was nowhere for him to go. I mean, the field was completely plowed and all that. And we were like, he didn’t come back around this way. And so all of us were like, well, that was strange. He just disappeared.

And so years later, my cousin, she was grown, married, lived in a different town about 45 minutes away, and she had a friend that always claimed to be like, she could see things, and she was kind of a psychic medium and all of that. And so she never told her that story. But my cousin had moved back to this house years later, and that friend had come to visit, and whenever she walked in, she said, oh, they had a lot of weird things happen in this house anyway, but she came in and said, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on here. And I see this old man, and he stands at that back bay window and stares in this house as she described that old man to a T. And she said that my dad had remodeled that house years before, I don’t even know if I was born yet. And she said that he’s angry with the remodels and he stands there and peers at them through that window. And that window was right where he was walking into the backyard. That bay window is at that backyard.


Oh man.

Lezli (TX):

And so we can’t explain it. And he literally disappeared. And then that’s when my cousin told her friend. She’s like, you are not going to believe what happened years ago when we were in high school. And so she told her that story. So I mean, we’re assuming it’s the same guy.


Yeah. That’s the thing I, and again, I am not a psychic. I always joke, I’m kind of as psychic as a board, but I have heard from people who are psychic that that is a thing that the ghosts of the past, they do not appreciate it when you go remodeling their houses and changing the way things are set up. And people are very attached to their houses. I’ve said this on the show before, but I know we sold a house, gosh, what’s it been now? It’s been three years ago almost. And maybe once or twice a year, we’ll end up driving by. You’re in the neighborhood for something and you think, oh, let’s just drive by and you’ll see that they did something. The new owners who bought it fair and square, we agreed upon a price. It’s their house. It’s not my house now. And you look at and you go, they do that, and you kind of feel this pang. It’s like, wait a minute. It’s not your house anymore. And by the same token, particularly if somebody’s lived in a house 20, 30, 40 years, maybe as an older person did, you can understand that attachment, I guess.

Lezli (TX):

Yeah, absolutely. And I think the fact that his sweatsuit was so vibrant white and a tornado literally had just hit our town. That was kind of the other thing. Nobody really wore those. Then it was late nineties. I always picture sweatsuits being really big, like late eighties, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I was little. And so it was kind of like, wow, why is he in that bright white sweatsuit? I mean, and to this day, I vividly can see him. If I saw a picture of him, I would recognize him. He looked solid. But yeah, it’s so crazy.


That’s the thing. We always get this feeling that ghosts are going to be like misty and translucent and stuff like that. But I mean, we could literally pass ghosts all the time and not know it. We had somebody on the Campfire a while back, maybe a year or two ago, and she was at this museum, and I think it was in England, and there was a lot of stuff about Victorian kind of stuff, I think is what she said. And she noticed that there were these actors dressed up, like in period costuming. And at the end there was somebody from the museum there, and she was talking to him saying, oh, I loved it. And I love that nice touch you have with those actors dressed up in period costuming. And the woman said, we don’t have any actors dressed up in period costuming.

Lezli (TX):

I remember that story gives me chills every time because I’m like, I think I lived something similar to that.


Yeah, exactly.

Lezli (TX):

It was right now. And I have other stories where I can still see things. And they did seem not solid, and it’s like,


Right. Yeah. I think it could go both ways. 

Lezli (TX):

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So it was just crazy. And it’s a story that we continue to tell in our family, and I even told my aunt, I was like, Hey, I’m going to go on this podcast and tell our story. And she said, that was the craziest thing. I’m like, yeah, that was so weird.


It’s a neat story. Well, Lezli, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to hearing your other stories and stay spooky.

Lezli (TX):

Yes, thank you, Jim. Stay spooky.

Jim (01:14:43):

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Announcer (01:16:45):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim (01:16:48):

Next up on the line is Jaime from New York City. Now, Jaime comes on the show all the time and always has great stories to share. And this one is particularly wild and we can’t wait to hear it. Jaime, welcome back to the show. Thank you for joining us again and tell us what happened.

Jaime (NY) (01:17:04):

Thank you for having me back. So I grew up, I still live in an apartment complex that’s comprised of two buildings that have a common area that connects them and it has a playground, a gym, and a bunch of amenities. So this first part of the story goes back probably to the late 2000s, good to say, 2008, 2009-ish. I was walking home from the other building, and I’m going to say it’s this time of year, maybe, maybe a little earlier. There were kids playing in the playground. And that time of year that it gets dark like eight o’clock, it’s like pitch to dark out. So maybe eight o’clock. And I’m walking from one building to the other, cutting across this promenade area like many people do. And to get into the promenade area, you need the building key that’s assigned to you and given to you when you move in.


So as I’m walking across, there’s no one there. And I see, I’m going to say about 20 to 30 feet to my right on the playground equipment. I see what looks like what I assumed was a child. They had on maybe a dark hoodie. I’m picturing it as I’m telling it, a dark hoodie, dark pants and dark shoes, and the hood was up and they were sitting on the equipment, with their knees up and their face in their knees. They were almost sad or something. Like a child who’s sad might sit on steps, and I don’t know why. I just got the feeling that this was a child and they were sad. So I said, okay, maybe this is a kid who was out here playing. Kids were playing outside earlier in the day who got locked out. You need that special key, like I said, to get in the building. I thought maybe he doesn’t have a phone to call his parents. Maybe they’re not home. Maybe they don’t have a key something. So I walk over to say, Hey, do you need me to let you in the building? And as I get closer, the person’s not there, whoever it was that I saw. And I was like, I chalked it up to, oh, I’m seeing things. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe I thought something was there. Maybe it was like a stray cat or something. I don’t know.


Go about my day years later, I am in the gym, which is also on the deck, which is maybe 10 to 15 feet from the playground equipment. It’s the same time of night, about eight o’clock, same time of the year. And I’m alone in the gym on the treadmill, and I get the feeling of being watched. Now I know I’m alone, and I just couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, like someone was in there staring at me, maybe some creepy dude or something. And I look, no one’s there. Go back to the treadmill. And again, I can’t shake the failing of being watched. So at this point, I’m like, someone has to be here, and they’re hiding behind something. I searched everything. I’ll admittedly search the men’s room also, because you never know nobody’s there. I get back on the treadmill and maybe no more than five minutes later, the treadmill shuts off and I’m hitting the buttons. I’m hitting the buttons, nothing’s working. As if the plug had been pulled and I booked it home. I could not run out of that gym fast enough after that. I’m wondering, could this be the person, let’s call it. I saw on that equipment years earlier, it was same time of year, same time of the day, and the spaces are about 10 to 15 feet apart.

Jim (01:21:22):

So you think it was very strange. You think it was the same entity, possibly?

Jaime (NY) (01:21:27):

Yeah, whatever it was, whatever was out there. I don’t know. I’ve heard theories before that the spirit was checking to see if I would know that they’re there tripping. I wonder if she knows, if she can see or sense that I’m here

Jim (01:21:48):

And I wanted to come back and say hi. And reestablish contact with you. Interesting.

Jaime (NY) (01:21:55):


Jim (01:21:56):

Do you think, I’ll throw another alternate theory out there. Do you think it could have been some kind of time slip that you were seeing back in time to the same period?

Jaime (NY)(01:22:08):

I mean, I didn’t see anything the second time. I just felt being watched

[overlapping speech]

Jaime (NY):

 I didn’t see anybody. The only thing other than being watched was the treadmill shutting off randomly and nothing else working on it.

Jim (01:22:28):

If you want to read a book about that, the sense of being stared at. Rupert Sheldrake, he’s a very interesting guy from, I believe over in England, interviewed him probably 10 or 12 years ago, and he had a book called The Sense of Being Stared At. A very, very interesting book. And for those of you out there interested in that sensation, because I think we’ve all had it, Mr. Sheldrake talks about in that book, the sense of being stared at. So check it out. Jaime, you have another story about your dad, right?

Jaime (NY) (01:23:05):

Yeah. Well, this one is, the first part is on behalf of my dad, but the other experiences were mine, but they all surround my mom. So my mom developed MS and got very sick with MS, Multiple sclerosis, when I was two. And she progressively got worse and worse until she passed away just after I turned seven. And so over the years now, the activity really hasn’t been much. That was clearly her in recent years. But for a long time at first, she was clearly around. She had bought before she got sick, one of those old school princess phones. I don’t know if you or your listeners are familiar with those. 


Oh yeah, sure. I remember those.

Jaime (NY):

Early nineties, late eighties?


Yeah, I remember. 

Jaime (NY):

So my dad still has it next to his bed, still works. And so my mom had bought this phone to keep near the bed if someone called in the middle of the night.


And to this day, if someone calls the house phone, that princess phone will click, and then the more modern cordless phones will ring. But there’s a distinctive click when someone’s calling. That happens before the modern phones ring. So when my mom was alive, my dad would get his stuff ready for work, get my mom ready for bed, check on me, and by the time he got into bed was 11:30 almost on the dot, excuse me. And after my mom passed almost on a nightly basis for years, he told me that at 11:30 on the dot, that phone would click, but none of the other phones would ring. And when he would answer it, he’d get a dial tone. But he heard the distinctive click like someone was calling. And I heard it on occasion when I was younger. I believe maybe another family member of mine who heard it has passed.


So I can’t ask them, but I believe at least one other person in my family heard it. And there’ve just been instances throughout, especially through my teens, that I could tell my mom was around. I had been doing a school show, and I remember seeing about three feet from me as I was on stage, this white misty form just staring at me. And it didn’t look like a person, but it was like the outline that could be a person. And for some reason, I knew it was my mom and I kept going through my little monologue or whatever I was doing. But as soon as I got backstage, I was freaking out because I was like, I’m pretty sure my mom was just there watching me another time.

Jim (01:26:07):

Well, let me ask you one thing about that, about seeing the misty figure that you thought was your mom. Did you find that comforting?

Jaime (NY) (01:26:15):

Yeah, I wasn’t scared or anything. I was just sort of freaking out. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happened. I remember crying backstage and my friends comforting me. I was in 10th grade or something, and it was comforting. It wasn’t like I was afraid. I was just more freaking out, like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happened. You know what I mean? You know that feeling. You get overwhelmed.

Jim (01:26:43):

Oh yeah.

Jaime (NY) (01:26:46):

But yeah, so another time, maybe a year later, I was in my room. My dad was out, and I remember I was sitting on my bed trying to get a little knot out of the laces in my sneakers. You know how you get those little knots and you’re like, grrrrrr. So I’m sitting on my bed, no one’s around, and all of a sudden I get the smell of perfume, like someone sprayed it in my face. Now, back then, I’m 16 years old. Back then I was a complete sci-fi nerd. I didn’t care. I didn’t wear perfume. I didn’t wear makeup. It definitely wasn’t mine. I didn’t really wear any of that. I don’t even know if I had any. And so it definitely wasn’t for me, and no one else was around, but it was gone in three seconds. But I distinctly smelled like someone sprayed perfume right in my face. And I don’t know what, it didn’t seem like a familiar scent, but I for some reason had the feeling it was my mom. Like, Hey, I’m here. Just so you know, I haven’t had much in the way of experiences. I never really thought to ask my grandmother, my mom’s mom, if she had any experiences of my mom before my grandmother passed. But I’m not sure if my mom’s ever visited other people, but I think she’s around. And I do think my uncle on my dad’s side is around. I know I’ve told you that story.

Jim (01:28:26):

Right. Well, again, Jamie, I think we’re in agreement. These things exist. Some of them are scary, like that misty figure, that sense of being stared at. And some of them are far different, far kinder, like the woman with your mom. Well, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire today.

Jaime (NY) (01:28:49):

Thank you for having me.

Jim (01:28:50):

Well, we have a great supporter on the line. Donna is here from Massachusetts, and she is going to tell us about a trip that led to many mysteries. Donna, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. And tell us what happened.

Donna (MA) (01:29:08):

Well, my most recent experience was when I decided to drive to Ashland, Massachusetts and attend a lecture at the Town Library. And one of the speakers was the writer, Paul Trembley. And for those who are into horror and thrillers, Paul Trembley was the author of the book that was behind that movie, the Cabin at the End of the Woods. He’s a Massachusetts native. A lot of really good horror writers are from, they’re from New England. But the interesting thing was actually after the lecture, so I went across the street to eat at John Stone’s Tavern, which is a very, very haunted, and renowned restaurant in eastern Massachusetts. It is the location of a little girl by the name of Mary Smith, who ostensibly haunts the place because she was hit by a train when she was 10 years old. And this is in the 1860s, and supposedly she’s been haunting it ever since.


But I actually found out something else instead, that there might actually be another ghost there. So if you go onto your website, you’ll see there’s been a few recent responses to a post that I put in the beginning of the year of what looks like a ghost or an impression of someone near the fireplace at that tavern. But that was great. That was cool. But the most interesting thing happened, and soon after that, so… at the top of the stairs, there used to be the dress that Mary Smith supposedly had worn, well, when she was hit by that train. And they have taken it down subsequently because there was another fatality next to that train tracks near the tavern. But what really impressed me was the fact that for a dress that looked like it did, it was tattered, it was dirty, but there was blood on it, and not a lot of soot or dirt for someone who was wearing it, you think they were thrown quite a distance with quite force from a train.


So the dress would look a lot more tattered, filthy, sooty, but it was not. It was just a regular pinafore dress with some blood and dirt on it. And that was it. And it just seemed to me, and I was speaking with a few other servers there besides the one that was waiting on my table that, yeah, it just didn’t really fit. So I just did some extra searching with the town historian as well as a subsequent visit with a few of my friends who I met through one of my meetups, haunted hikes of Southern New England. And we did an EVP and a dowsing rod session. And it turns out, according to our findings, through this dowsing rod session, and through the information given to me by the town historian, that little girl is probably not Mary Smith that’s haunting the restaurant. It might be a little girl by the name of Fanny Scott. And Fanny Scott was the daughter of the owner who possibly was murdered in the same place. So according to the story, and I’m sorry, I’m kind of unspooling and backtracking at the same time. 


No, it’s fine.

Donna (MA)(01:32:52):

When they took Mary Smith from the train tracks to the tavern and they called the doctor, supposedly they had to take off her dress to administer her to see if she was going to make it or send her to the hospital. This is back in the 1860s. There really wasn’t any hospital. So either she was going to make it or she wasn’t. And she passed away. Supposedly when they were doing construction of the tavern in the 1960s, 1970s, when there was a new owner, they found the dress shoved into the wall of the tavern. Now that does not make any sense. Don’t you agree? 


I agree.

Donna (MA):

Okay. Because if your little girl died and she’s in her whatever, her little underwear where they had back then and she passed away, wouldn’t you think the doctor would give you the clothes that she had worn? Right. Why would they just shove the dress in the wall?


And that’s where it was for almost a century. 


Yeah, that would be weird. It seems to me that would be weird. 

Donna (MA)

It doesn’t make any sense. And again, the dress did not look like it was worn by someone who got hit by a train. It wasn’t torn that much. There wasn’t any soot. It was mostly dirt and blood, and it just seemed really off to me. So speaking with the town historian, at the same time, the little Mary Smith had passed, there was a little older girl named Fannie Scott, the daughter of the owner, who passed away when she was 14, and we think that might be her dress according to our investigation. And we’ve only been there twice soon afterwards, after my initial visit, she’s haunting the place along with Mary Smith. According to my friend Holly, who was doing the dowsing rod session, she passed away when she was 14. According to the records, she was 14 years old in the same year that Mary Smith had passed away, which I believe, if I remember, our researche was 1867. So she had passed when she was 14 years old when Mary Smith had passed away too. So there were little playmates there. Now, I dunno, it was just really weird. I mean, my instinct was that the story did not match the evidence that was presented.

Jim (01:35:30):

Right. So basically you kind of uncovered a historic mystery –

Donna (MA) (01:35:34):

And it does take a lot more research and a lot more investigation. Yes, I think so. It’s just like the tip of the iceberg, but when the dress doesn’t fit, you got to keep on looking, I guess.

Jim (01:35:45):

Well, there you go. And I think that’s good. I mean, in some ways, whether you’re doing paranormal research or genealogical research, when you’re looking in history, the people aren’t there. They aren’t there to tell you. You have to kind of figure out the clues yourself. And the funny thing, when you look at historical records and stuff, if I look at genealogy, I can look back at my family and there’ll be things codified that I know are wrong based on what I’ve been told by my family in terms of spellings and different things. I know they’re wrong. How many things do we not know that are wrong? The same extends to the paranormal world. Stories get passed along and so forth, and maybe one person becomes another person. And that’s neat that you were able to be a paranormal detective and suss that out. I think that’s very neat. Well, Donna, any more paranormal adventures on the way to uncover more mysteries? 

Donna (MA) (01:36:43):

I think it’s just the beginning. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Jim (01:36:45):

Excellent. Excellent.

Donna (MA) (01:36:47):

I think so. Yeah.

Jim (01:36:49):

Well, thank you for being a part of the Campfire. I appreciate it. And stay spooky.

Donna (MA) (01:36:56):

Stay spooky. Thank you.

Jim (01:36:57):

Thanks so much for tuning into the Campfire. I certainly appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. And if you have a Campfire story, please do go over to JimHarold. com /Campfire and submit it. We need more stories and we love to hear them. Also, keeping with my New Year’s resolution, you’re probably tired of hearing of it, but I’m going to keep reminding you, please share the show when you’re listening from a podcast app, you’re in a safe space to do so. Please hit that share button and share with a friend who loves the spooky. That helps us tremendously. A big shout out to all of our sponsors. Please support them and our Plus Club members, we appreciate it. We’ll talk to you next time. Stay safe, share the show, and stay spooky. Bye-Bye, everybody.

Announcer (01:37:48):

You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.

Jim (01:38:05):

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