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A haunted radio, a haunted dorm and a haunted B&B highlight this latest episode of Jim Harold’s Campfire!


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Please note we do not guarantee 100% transcript accuracy. The below reflects a best effort. Thank you for your understanding.

A supernatural radio, hauntings, and much more on this edition of Campfire.

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM HAROLD: Welcome to Jim Harold’s Campfire. So glad to be with you once again. Before we get to the business at hand, we have to get to some other important business: that is, a spooky birthday shout-out, a belated one – which is my fault.

Kim wrote me a couple of weeks back and said, “Hi Jim, I hope you’re well. I was wondering if you would give my niece Isabella a spooky birthday shout-out. Her birthday is May 14th. We both love your show so much. We listen together on our long car rides to our grandma’s house.”

So, with that, Kim, I’m sorry about this being a little bit late; I’m sorry, Isabella. But I’m going to give Isabella a big birthday shout-out. Stay spooky, Isabella, and thank you for listening, and I hope you had a great birthday and a great year to come.

Just another great show coming up for you, full of hauntings and strange stuff. And if you’re new around here, what we do is we simply share real, true stories of everyday folks who have experienced something supernatural. Welcome to the show.

One quick note before we get started. There are two other free podcasts I want to bring your attention to and hope that you might check them out. First of all is Unpleasant Dreams. That’s hosted by my daughter Cassandra Harold, and on that show she covers some famous cases of the supernatural and the strange and the disturbing. For example, we just did an episode on human cannibalism and the Donner Party. Also, she recently did an episode on spontaneous human combustion. And of course, she covers many supernatural and paranormal cases, too. Just disturbing, strange things. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it if you give it a try. Unpleasant Dreams. You’ll find that wherever you find the Campfire.

Then also, I wanted to tell you about the other newer podcast that we’re doing, totally free: You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me. Think about Campfire without the ghosts. I co-host it with my wife, Dar Harold, and folks come on and tell us about these wild things that have happened to them. One person talked about their mom who literally bumped into a serial killer. We’ve also had celebrity encounters. We’ve had people finding long-lost relatives they didn’t know about. Just strange things that happen in the course of life. Some can be sad, some can be happy, but they’re all real and they are all amazing. Love doing that show.

We alternate every other week between that show and Unpleasant Dreams on Monday, and this coming Monday another You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me comes out, so please check that out, also wherever you listen to the Campfire. So those are two free new podcasts, or newer podcasts, I’d like you to check out. Hope you get to check them out, both Unpleasant Dreams and You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me – and you won’t believe how great some of these Campfire stories are. Here they are.

Lily never misses an episode of the Campfire, and she is calling in today from Florida to tell us a story that happened when she was a child. This one’s pretty chilling and pretty unique. Lily, thank you for joining us, and tell us what happened.

LILY: Thanks for having me, Jim. When I was a little kid, for my 10th birthday, my mom gave me this combination alarm clock/radio as a present and told me that it was time for me to start waking myself up for school in the morning. I use it for a few weeks, no issues, nothing weird. But then early one morning, I get woken up to the sound of the radio. It had turned itself on, and it was this woman speaking, this advertisement about some sale going on in town. There was music in the background. It was really loud, jarring.

And then there was this click and silence, and this little girl’s voice said, “Help me, Lily.” Just like that, kind of monotone. And then a click, and then the advertisement comes back on. It all happened really fast. I wake up, I’m freaking out, so I turn on the light. I’m staring at the radio, just in complete terror, thinking “There’s no way that just happened. There’s no way I just heard that.” The advertisement is still going. And then it happens a second time.


LILY: There’s another click, “Help me, Lily,” click, and then the woman starts talking again, the advertisement. So I run from the room, I start sobbing. I think I was having a panic attack. I just couldn’t handle it. When you’re a little kid, you think that kind of stuff doesn’t happen, that that can’t be real.

But I know that it wasn’t a dream because I still remember every single detail, and it’s been almost 20 years. I feel like when something is a dream or it was just your imagination, it starts to fade over time. But I still get upset talking about it. It was so scary. It’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened in my life. Maybe if it had only been the one time that I heard the little girl’s voice, it would’ve been different. But that second time I heard it, I was 100% awake. Yeah, that’s the story.

JIM HAROLD: That is terrifying. “Help me, Lily! Help me, Lily!” Ooh.

LILY: I know! It was more like, “Help me, Lily…” Just like that, like a monotone. I don’t know.

JIM HAROLD: Wow. My goodness. And you don’t think it was anybody – they used to have this thing when I was a kid called Mr. Microphone. But it would have to be tuned on that frequency -and actually, if you go to YouTube, you can find the commercials, like, “Hey, I’m playing with Mr. Microphone!” People of a certain age will remember that. But the thing is, that you had to have dialed in on a specific frequency. So you don’t think there’s any chance somebody was pulling a trick on you or something?

LILY: No way. First of all, it was not even set to be on the radio. That was my alarm clock. I had never even turned on the radio on that system. And then my siblings wouldn’t know about something like that, and my parents wouldn’t have done that to me. I can’t imagine. That’s such a terrifying prank to pull on a little kid. I don’t think so.

JIM HAROLD: That would be a terrifying prank to pull on a kid. I certainly wouldn’t do it. I thought maybe if you had any siblings or something, they might do something like that.

LILY: I do have siblings, but there’s no way they’d be tech savvy enough. They were all so little to do something like that.

JIM HAROLD: What do you think it was? What’s your hunch on this?

LILY: I don’t want to go past the time limit, but…

JIM HAROLD: No, it’s okay. I asked you. You’ve got plenty of time. Go ahead.

LILY: There’s been a lot of activity in that room. I moved to this house when I was a child, and actually, funny enough, I just recently moved back in. I’m an adult now. I’ve had a family and I moved back in, bought it from my parents a year and a half ago, and there’s still something in that room. It’s the guest room now. I’ll never put my kids in there.

But I’ve had three guests now stay in there since we bought it who have all reported seeing the same thing. They say that they wake up in the middle of the night and see a tall, dark figure standing in the corner of the room. So I don’t know. And it’s not like I tell them that that’s a creepy room or anything. You can still feel a presence in there. I think I need to get an exorcist or something. I don’t know. Maybe if you know of anything –

JIM HAROLD: I don’t know any exorcists, unfortunately. Well, Lily, it’s a great story. We may have had something like that before, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Granted, we’ve been doing this since 2009. A lot of stories. Sounds vaguely like we might’ve had something like that. But I love those stories, and that’s one of the things I love about doing the Campfire. Every week, it seems, there’s one person who calls in with a story that is totally dissimilar from anything I’ve ever heard, and it’s really unique, and it’s part of what keeps me coming back to this. I love it so much. And thank you for making it possible by sharing this great story.

LILY: Thank you, Jim.

JIM HAROLD: Jason is on the line from Indiana. He’s been listening for several years, and he’s going to take us back to his college days and tell us, well, about some strange experiences. Jason, welcome to the show, thank you for joining us, and please share your story.

JASON: Hi, Jim. Thanks for having me. My experience happened when I was in college. It was about 1995-1996. I was living in Pittsburgh. I had four other roommates at the time. We were living in one half of a duplex house. I should mention as a preface that during the time, I was going through some emotional stuff, so I was not in the best space at the time.

But I remember when we lived there, talking to some of the neighborhoods that lived on the street and with the landlord who owned the building. The way they talked about the place, I could tell that there was something they were not saying. We learned that a woman had lived there before us and she had two or three big dogs that they told us she kept in her basement, which we always thought was really strange because the basement wasn’t very big. It was kind of creepy.

But yeah, we just noticed that the way they would talk about the former tenant, there was something left unsaid.

JIM HAROLD: Something fishy. [laughs]

JASON: Yeah, something fishy. But my other roommates all seemed to experience something before I ever did. I remember one of my roommates told me – he had made his room in the attic of the house, and he said, “You don’t want to be up here alone at night.” I said, “Why? Did something happen? Did you see something?” He said, “No, just a really creepy feeling.”

One of my other roommates would have his boyfriend stay over pretty frequently, and they both had pretty much the same experience but at separate times. That was where one of them would wake up in the middle of the night and they saw a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed, looking at them. They couldn’t see any features or anything; it wasn’t black, I guess, but they just saw a shadowy figure. They said that it would turn and walk into the closet in the bedroom and then they would fall back asleep. I guess one of the times my roommate woke up when this was happening and he tried to wake his boyfriend by shaking him, but he couldn’t wake him up no matter how hard he shook him.

My experience happened about the time when I was dealing with the most pain emotionally. It was so realistic. It was unlike any other dream that I’d had before or since. In the dream, it started where I was in this small area, this tiny room, and there were clothes all around me. There was a woman who was standing just ahead of me. She walked through a door and I was following her. We walked through this door and then I realized I had just walked out of my roommate’s closet in his bedroom.

We were in his bedroom, and I remember everything looked like it normally did in the waking world; I can remember the walls, the floor, the details of the objects and everything. Everything looked like it normally did, except for the fact that everything was very, very pale, almost white, and everything had a luminescent glow to it.

I got a look at the woman who was there. She was slight; she looked thin and frail and kind of dirty, and she looked really tired and haggard. I got a sense of total exhaustion from her. She looked exhausted and worn out, and also really sad for some reason. I got a sense of sadness.

She didn’t speak to me, I remember. She motioned for me to follow her. We went out into the hallway. There was this long hallway in our upstairs, and it connected all the bedrooms and the bathroom. Again, it looked like it normally did except for the fact that the hallway was just filled with piles of trash that went all the way up to the ceiling, pretty much. I remember thinking how bizarre it was. I was trying to figure out what was going on. She walked over to one of the piles of trash and started to eat the garbage.


JASON: Yeah. I remember thinking, what’s happening here? What’s going on? And I remember the trash looked strange, too. I knew it was trash, but it was so whitish that it almost looked like lots of crumped-up white pieces of paper. But still, somehow I knew it was trash. So she’s eating it, and then she motioned for me to do the same.

JIM HAROLD: Oh man. “Dig in, Jason!” Delicious.

JASON: [laughs] I was like, “No, no, no, I don’t think I want to do that.” She was insisting that I do it, and so eventually thought, okay, I’ll try it. I remember picking up a piece of the trash and biting into it, and it tasted really bizarre. Of course, I would never try real trash, but it didn’t taste all rotten and disgusting.

JIM HAROLD: I think that reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. [laughs] The eclair.

JASON: Yes. I can’t really explain in words how it tasted. It was just really strange, just bizarre. As soon as I did that, I said, “I just can’t do this. I can’t. I have to stop.” I remember walking back to my bedroom and then I woke up.

When I woke up, for some reason I had this understanding that she must’ve seen how much pain I was in, and she was trying to help me somehow, the best way she could, even though it didn’t make any sense to me – and it still doesn’t. I understood that she was trying to help me because she saw that I was suffering somehow.

Shortly after that, I moved out, which was a good thing for me. I did some cursory research on the house a year or so ago, during the pandemic, and I wasn’t able to find any information about the place or who may or may not have died there. But I always had a suspicion that the woman may possibly have died by suicide. But again, I don’t have any information to corroborate that, so I don’t know if that’s for sure what happened or not. It was just a suspicion based on what I sensed and the way the neighbors in the area would talk about the woman and the house. So that was my story.

JIM HAROLD: What a story. I do want to mention one thing. You mentioned the topic of suicide. Any time that comes up, we know there are people in pain out there, so I always take that opportunity when somebody mentions it to mention the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1 (800) 273-8255. If you or someone you love is in pain or needs help, please do reach out to them. They’re, as I understand it, available 24/7, 365. 1 (800) 273-8255.

Now, Jason, it hasn’t scared you away from the paranormal; what are your thoughts? You think she was reaching out to help you, maybe to prevent you from a similar fate?

JASON: Well, I wasn’t that depressed. I wasn’t suicidal. But I certainly must have been in enough emotional pain that she was able to see it. It makes me kind of sad now to think that she might still be stuck there. But yeah, I did get that sense that she was trying to help me, but again, she didn’t talk to me in words. She was pointing and gesturing. But she understood me when I talked to her.

JIM HAROLD: I’ve got to say this one last thought before we go. That’s one of the things that disturbs me when we talk about the paranormal and the supernatural. And I’ve asked psychics and different experts about this; I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten an answer that has totally satisfied me, but I’m always worried about this idea that people are stuck, because I like to think we live in a just universe. To think someone is stuck because of their circumstances, how they passed away, passed away suddenly, whatever it might be – that just really bothers me, because I would like to think that we live in a just universe and people aren’t in any way punished for – if you die in a car wreck and you die suddenly, you shouldn’t be condemned to be “stuck” forever because of it, you see what I’m saying?

JASON: Yeah, absolutely. I agree with you.

JIM HAROLD: I would hate to think the circumstances of someone’s death – so I don’t know if I usually buy into that, but I do worry about it. It does concern me. I do think about that a lot.

JASON: Yeah, I think the same thing.

JIM HAROLD: Jason, thank you so much for a great story and for appearing on Campfire.

JASON: Thank you too. It was great.

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If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast, where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now, we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM HAROLD: You’ll remember a few weeks back, Lakeisha had a chilling story about this ghost girl demon type thing, which was truly frightening, and now she says she has one of my favorite kind of stories, a headscratcher. Lakeisha, welcome back to the show, all the way from British Columbia. You are back. It seems like we just talked a few minutes ago. So glad to have you on the show. Please tell us this headscratcher.

LAKEISHA: This one takes place in the same house as the last story that I had told you about. Around the time where we just moved in, there weren’t quite enough rooms, and I have four siblings – five if you count me – so my brother got his own room, me and my sister who was a couple years older than me shared a room, and then our two oldest sisters shared the basement.

We had just moved in, so we only had our beds. We didn’t have our bedframes, so me and my sister decided we were going to put our beds on the floor and push them together to make one really big bed. This particular night, we were sleeping and our beds were positioned right in front of our bedroom door. Late, probably around two or three in the morning, we both get woken up to our oldest sister coming into our room, which was weird because she’s never done that before.

She says, “I’m going to sleep with you guys tonight.” It was really late, and I remember thinking that was super weird, but we both said, “Sure, whatever.” So she crawled in between me and my sister, and I remember wrapping my arms around her and then going back to sleep. I didn’t feel afraid, but I definitely was super confused.

In the morning, we wake up, she’s gone, and me and my sister look at each other and we’re like, “That was really weird, right? Why would she come sleep with us?” My sister was like, “Yeah, super weird. Let’s go ask Melissa,” one of our oldest sisters. So we go to her and we ask her, “Hey, did you guys get in a fight last night? Why did she come sleep with us?” She looks at us with this super weird look on her face and she’s like, “Uh, no she didn’t.” We’re like, “Yeah, she did. We both saw her.” My sister goes, “No, we watched TV until two in the morning and then we both went to bed. She was with me all night.”

We didn’t want to believe her, so we waited till our oldest sister got back home, and when she came back home we went to her and we asked her, “Hey, why did you come sleep with us last night?” She wasn’t the kind of person that liked to pull pranks, and she didn’t like being spooky and she didn’t like to scare people, so we knew we could trust her answer. So we asked her, “Why did you come sleep with us last night?” and she looked at us with this very confused look on her face and she said, “I didn’t. I was with Melissa all night. I fell asleep in my own room.”

I got chills down my spine because me and my sister both saw her come into our room, and I wrapped my arms around her and held whatever this thing was in our room.

JIM HAROLD: Oh man, that’s chilling.

LAKEISHA: Yeah. And to this day we still talk about this and we still ask them about it, just to try to see if they were for some chance lying to us. And to this day, they still say, “She never came to your room that night. We promise you, we wouldn’t lie about this.” Me and my sister still talk about this experience that we both shared because we both saw it happen. I wrapped my arms around her and then she wrapped her arm around my sister, so we both felt it and saw it, and we don’t know what it was.

JIM HAROLD: Wow. So you basically gave a hug to a doppelganger.

LAKEISHA: Pretty much. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Yikes. Who knows what you were hugging? Ooh.

LAKEISHA: I think that’s what scares me the most: I don’t know what it was. Like I said, I didn’t feel afraid or like it was something evil, but I definitely felt uncomfortable. I knew from the minute she came into our room, “This isn’t right, but whatever. It’s late at night. I want to go back to bed. Sure, whatever, you can sleep with us.” Was not my sister. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: That’s frightening. Well, Lakeisha, you always deliver an interesting story. We thank you so much for once again being a part of the Campfire.

LAKEISHA: Thank you so much for having me.

JIM HAROLD: Next up on the show is Cheryl. She said she’s been listening so long she can’t remember where she found us, but we’ve become a go-to podcast for her, so I certainly appreciate that. She’s calling in today from North Carolina. She was an owner and operator of a lodging property, and this is going to be interesting. Cheryl, welcome to the show and tell us if you have any spooky stories for us.

CHERYL: Jim, thank you. I have so many spooky stories. So much happened at that bed and breakfast that I had to keep a diary.


CHERYL: I would leave it open in the kitchen and I’d run through and jot something down and keep going because I was so busy, but it became very commonplace. Just to give you a little background, I moved to Asheville from Boston, and then I lived in Maryland for a while, and then my wife at the time – who, by the way, has since passed, so she’s not around to help me tell the stories – but we both gave up our corporate jobs and we decided lodging might be a good idea.

So we came to Asheville and looked around in 2010, and we found this property that’s on 12 acres. It has an 1885 Victorian mansion that’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and it also has six cabins. Now keep in mind, this land that we were on goes back hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of years. The Cherokee came through here. So it has lots of history.

I came to that property not having a whole lot of experience with paranormal, but I wasn’t a skeptic. I just took it for what it was worth. So we bought this property. The historic name is Engadine, which was named after a valley in Switzerland. It was built by Captain John Keais Hoyt, who was a captain in the Civil War, and was finished in 1885. As the locals tell us, it was the talk of western North Carolina. This was outside of Asheville, and it was finished 10 years before the Biltmore estate, so that gives you a little context. Richly appointed, the house is gorgeous, and the cabins were all put in before we bought it.

A couple of general things that we noticed were things like cigar smoke. Now, of course, there’s no smoking anywhere in that house. It was 130 yeas old when I owned it, and I sure didn’t want anyone lighting anything. We would smell cigar smoke, just here and there. Mostly I’d go walk the staircase to the second floor and it was like getting hit in the face with cigar smoke. I knew nobody was smoking; there was no one there. Then it would go away.

We would also smell perfume in very targeted areas on the main floor. My wife, Gretchen, at the time called me over – she was standing in one of the fireplaces, and I walked over to her and she said, “Do you smell anything?” I said, “No.” She took two steps to the right and said, “Stand here,” pointing to where she was. So I stepped over and there it was. I stepped away and there it wasn’t. [laughs] Things like that.

I’m hoping I have a chance to tell you two stories.

JIM HAROLD: Go ahead.

CHERYL: I’m keeping an eye on the clock. The first story, it was our first Halloween at the inn, and we had purchased it in April, so we were still pretty new at everything.

So this one day, it was Halloween, during the day, and the housekeepers had left for the day. I had one employee in the kitchen with us, and we were just tidying up and getting ready for check-ins. There was no one else in the house. There were three of us, and we were all in the kitchen. I walked back to our owners’ quarters, which were in the back half of the house. Note that our owners’ quarters was the bedroom of Captain Hoyt and his wife. That was their room, and then the daughters were upstairs.

So I walked back into that and I went into the bathroom. In the bathroom – I don’t know what room it used to be, but it wasn’t a bathroom. It was converted. There was a small window behind this big jetted tub that a previous owner had put in. You had to climb into the tub if you wanted to open the shutters. They were plantation shutters, on the inside. We never did that. We never even used the tub, and the shutters were closed for privacy.

So I walked back in there and the shutters were wide open. The first thing I’m thinking is, come on, somebody’s playing a trick on me. So I ran back into the kitchen and they’re both standing there, my one employee and Gretchen. I said, “Did you guys play a trick on me?” Of course, they said no. How could they have been? They’d been in the kitchen the whole time. I thought that was kind of interesting. So I climbed in the tub and closed the shutters, and that really was very unusual.

But the biggest thing that happened was, again, we were in the kitchen and it was just Gretchen and I there at the time. No guests in the house. No employees in the house. To walk through to our owners’ quarters, you had to leave the kitchen, go through the office, through a hallway toward the other end of the house. There was no way to get back there from the front of the house except to go through the kitchen as I described.

I had closed the office door for whatever reason that day, and when I went to open the door – and mind you, these are big heavy wooden original doors, like 10 feet tall, but solid wood. In the office, I had a heavy wooden table to my right that I used to put stuff on. It was an old table. Solid wood. I went to open the door, and that table was moved, blocking the door from inside the office. I couldn’t get in. And it was on carpet. We just stood there going, what in the world? We couldn’t even wrap our brains around it.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, that’s wild.

CHERYL: We finally had to rock the table by pushing the door up against it, rock it, rock it, rock it until I could squeeze my hand through. It was so heavy it hurt my wrist. We finally moved the table out of the way and were able to push it and then force the door open and put the table back. No explanation. There was no way anybody could get back there. There was no one in the house.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, when it starts barricading you out of rooms and things, that’s – I mean, I guess shutters you could explain away in your mind or something, but that’s substantial.

CHERYL: It was substantial. And then we always heard little things. Last little story, we were retired for the evening, lying there, just decompressing from the day, and the room – again, no one was in the inn. If people were there, we had a lot of ambient noises going on. This was another time we were just lying there, and the room above us, which had been one of the Hoyt daughters’ rooms – they all had the original hardwood floors. It sounded like someone dropped a bag of marbles on the floor of the room above us. They crashed to the floor and rolled. And we would hear that occasionally. It wasn’t just one time.

JIM HAROLD: Interesting. That wasn’t why you sold it, was it?

CHERYL: No, we sold it because she was not in good health. Fortunately, we were able to sell it in a time when it wasn’t easy to sell a bed and breakfast. We were in it for about five years. And we had experiences up in the cabins, people telling us things.

JIM HAROLD: You’ve certainly got some great stories to tell.

CHERYL: Yes I do.

JIM HAROLD: I hope you’ll come back and tell us more. Thank you again, Cheryl, for being a part of the show tonight. I appreciate it.

CHERYL: It was my pleasure. Thank you, Jim. Have a good one.

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JIM HAROLD: Matt is on the line from Massachusetts. He found us from that great podcast, New England Legends, so check that out with Jeff Belanger. Fantastic show. This is really neat: Matt used to be a tour guide at a historic house museum in Massachusetts, and I can only imagine the things that happen. But we won’t have to imagine because he’s right here to tell us. Matt, welcome to the show and tell us about these experiences.

MATT: Thank you. I took a volunteer position as a tour guide at a historic house museum in 2011. It’s just outside of Boston, a town called Concord, a very historic town. First shots of the American Revolution were fired there. It’s actually right next to the battlefield. It was standing at the time of the battle. So there’s a lot of history involved in this house. We had some 19th century authors that lived there. Ralph Waldo Emerson lived there for a short time, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. So there’s a lot of history in the house.

I had just started working there. It was actually my first day on the job. I had come in at about 8:30 in the morning. It was a Saturday. It was just myself and my manager there. My manager gave me a quick rundown of the history of the home and said, “Can you go in and get ready for the day, turn the lights on, sweep up, make sure the house is in good condition to receive the visitors?”

I was making my way through the home. There’s eight rooms in the home, and there’s four rooms on each floor. I had gone through the first couple of rooms on the first floor, went into another room on the first floor, which we call the Pink Parlor – so named because it is pink. The walls are painted pink, the ceiling, the doors, they’re all painted pink. The wallpaper is black with pink flowers. Really just a very pink-colored room. I’m standing there, looking around, getting my sense of the home and the room and checking out the objects inside, because everything is original in the house. It all belonged to the family that lived there.

I hear this voice behind me, this woman say, “Tell me what you know.” I’m alone in this home. It’s about nine o’clock on a Saturday morning. There’s nobody else around. It’s just myself and my manager, who’s a British man. This was definitely not a British voice I was hearing. So I turn around quickly and there’s nobody there in the house. Nobody in the room. Again, being a historic home that dates from 1770, everything is wood. The floors are all wood, so they make a lot of noise when you walk across the floors. Can’t hear anybody in there.

I continue on doing my job, opening the house. Nobody else there. I finally get to the office, and again, don’t’ see anybody else except for my manager. I ask him, “Is anybody else here?” and he replies, “Nope, it’s just the two of us. Nobody else is going to be here for a little while. Why?” I said, “I was in the Pink Parlor and I heard a voice, a woman say, ‘Tell me what you know.’” His eyes just open up wide and his jaw drops.

He turns – pardon the expression – white as a ghost, and he says, “So you heard it too?” I was like, “What are you talking about?” He tells me his story, which was it was his first day on the job – he had started about a year before me as the manager there – and he was in the home on a December morning. There was actually a blizzard going on, so there was nobody else around. He was in the very same room that I was and he heard a female voice behind him say, “Tell me what you know.” Again, he was alone in the home. He was just mesmerized by it. So he said, “I had the same experience,” tells me his story, which lines up with mine.

What is interesting is for a time, from about 1846 to 1867, the home was occupied by a woman named Sarah. Sarah was a widow. Her husband had passed away. He was a minister. In those days, ministers operated schools. That was one of the ways they made extra money, to educate young men for entrance into Harvard. Sarah, growing up in the 1790s and 1800s, was very curious about the world, and she began to educate herself in these various subjects.

When the husband passed away and she was living in the home, she would invite young men into the home to tutor them so they could pass the exams for entrance into Harvard. We have accounts that the young men were actually educated in the Pink Parlor, that very room that both myself and my manager heard this female voice say, “Tell me what you know.”

I really do think it was Sarah coming through and asking new people what they know about the house’s history or maybe what they know in terms of subjects. She was very well-educated. She learned like seven languages and all these various sciences and math and all this wonderful stuff. It’s quite interesting. And as far as I know, it actually only happened to men. To my knowledge, no female guides or female staff members had this experience. But I do know of at least two other gentlemen that worked there that had the same experience. It’s interesting.

JIM HAROLD: That is interesting, and it all ties together so nicely. Maybe I missed it, but any other experience other than just that one?

MATT: There’s actually a lot. I’ve had a gentleman on a tour – I was doing a tour and we were at the top of the staircase, and the room to the right is actually the room that both Emerson, when he lived there, and Nathaniel Hawthorne used as their study. Hawthorne actually wrote a book while he was living in the home. The man on the tour asked, “Who’s the man in the room?” There’s a painting or a picture of Hawthorne on the wall that faces out of the room. I assumed he was talking about the painting of Hawthorne.

We get in there and I answer, “That’s Hawthorne.” We get in there and he’s looking around kind of dazed and curious, and finally at the end of the tour he comes up to me and says, “Where’d that man go?” I said, “What man?” He goes, “The man that was in the study. He was looking out the window.” I was like, “There was nobody in there. I would’ve seen him come out of the room.” Nobody else could’ve come out of the room. There was no way out of it except for the door that I was right next to, and didn’t see anybody come out of.

I said, “Can you describe him?” He said, “He was in a very long black cloak and he wore a black hat. He was looking towards the bridge.” The bridge is where the battle between the British and the colonists was fought, and the man that lived there at the time of the battle was a man named William Emerson, who was actually the minister in Concord. He was very aligned with the Patriot cause. And ministers back then wore a black cloak. That was one of their outfits, one of their uniforms, a very long black cloak. The British actually referred to the Patriot ministers as the Black Robe Regiment because of the way they were frequently dressed.

So it was possibly William looking out at the bridge, maybe awaiting the battle to happen. The tour in question actually did take place around the time of the battle, April 19th of 1775, and this was a few days before that day. So it’s kind of interesting. But yeah, a lot of people have had stories.

JIM HAROLD: Very neat indeed. I love these historic places, and I love when you can mix the history with the paranormal. It’s kind of like the old Reese’s peanut butter. You’ve got your chocolate and my peanut butter. It’s a great combination. Matt, thank you so much for sharing your story today on the Campfire.

MATT: Thank you.

JIM HAROLD: Mickele is on the line from Atlanta, Georgia, and she’s going to take us back to her childhood and something that happened and then how that played out through the years. Very interesting indeed. Mickele, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, I appreciate it. Please tell us what happened.

MICKELE: Thank you, Jim. I, like you said, am in the Atlanta area now, but I grew up in southwest Michigan in a small city. This story deals with a period when I was four or five years old. I’m 61 now, so that was a good while ago. This memory stuck with me the whole time.

At this time period, like I said, I was four or five. I was in kindergarten. We went to half-day kindergarten for whatever reason. I remember I would come home, we would have lunch, and then take a nap. That was probably for my mom’s benefit. When this happened, I was lying on my bed – and I don’t remember if I had been asleep or couldn’t sleep, but I saw a clown come out of my closet and dart underneath my bed. I was terrified. I also thought the clown would try to take me under the bed.

So I got up on my feet and ran the length of the little twin bed and jumped as far away as I could. I went screaming, just terrified, crying, into my mom’s room, which was directly across the hall from mine. I told her there was a clown in my room. Of course, I don’t think she believed me. She said, “Oh honey, I think you just had a bad dream.” She took me by the hand and we went into my room and we looked under the bed. There was no clown there. We looked into the closet, and again, no clown.

I think part of me bought the story that I had had a bad dream, but part of me did not. Part of me knew that that was my experience.

Fast forward many years to 2001. My grandmother had died, and we family were all gathered together for the funeral. One night, at my brother’s house, he had a nice firepit outside, and we had a nice fire. People were telling stories, spooky stories, things that had happened to them or things they knew about. I didn’t really have anything of note except for maybe this experience about the clown.

So I proceeded to tell everyone what I basically just told you, and when I was done, my youngest brother was across the fire from me, and I could see his face. He had a very strange, serious look on his face. I should mention at this point that when I was in that bedroom as a four or five year old, this brother wasn’t born yet. When he was born, my parents moved me upstairs and he got that room. The two of us are the only ones that ever had that room.

My brother asked me which room it was. I explained which room, and he said, “I saw a clown in that room too.”

JIM HAROLD: Oh man. And this had to be after you had moved to that other room, so we’re talking years apart.

MICKELE: Yeah. It was several years. I’ve asked him many, many times – because this was 2001 – “Are you serious? You’re not just pulling my chain?” And he’s not. He’s very serious. I asked him if he remembers what it looked like, and he said it had horizontal stripes on his shirt, like yellow stripes, maybe with red too, which makes me think of the famous burger clown. But I did not ever see – I don’t remember what he looked like. I say “he”; I just knew it was a clown. I guess that’s it, Jim.

JIM HAROLD: That’s quite a story. I love that validation. I can understand how if you’re a child and this happens to you and then your parent says, “Honey, it’s just your imagination,” and then over the years you grow up and maybe you try to explain it away to yourself – and then decades later, your younger brother says, “I saw the same thing too, but years apart, in the same room.”

As you were growing up, did you explain it away to yourself? Or did you always believe that experience? You explained it away?

MICKELE: I think both, Jim. I think explaining it away made it possible for me to stay in the room. And apparently my brother saw this clown a lot. I wonder why I only saw it once, and I think that my reaction was so over-the-top, I probably scared the clown. My brother said he would just cover up his head when it came out, so I don’t know if the clown got something out of that. But I only saw him one time. Thankfully.

JIM HAROLD: A very fascinating story. Again, these things are real. Any speculation on what you think it was? What do you think it really represented? Or do you have any ideas?

MICKELE: I don’t know. I had a thought that came to me – my mom had an old chest of old dolls, and those dolls were in my room. I didn’t like them. I never played with them. I don’t know if there’s a connection there, but that chest probably was in his room as well.

JIM HAROLD: Well, thank you so much for sharing this story, Mickele. Very, very powerful indeed. Thanks for being a part of the Campfire.

MICKELE: Thank you so much, Jim.

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You’re listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Now, back to another great story.

JIM HAROLD: Kourtney is a return caller from Kansas. We’re so glad to have her on the line again. She’s going to talk about a grandma and a special piece of jewelry. Kourtney, welcome back to the show. I love this story. Please tell us what happened.

KOURTNEY: Thank you. A few years ago, I got my first deck of tarot cards, and one of the first things I did was a reading to connect with my ancestors. I was pretty new to tarot, and the reading didn’t really make a lot of sense to me and I didn’t feel connected or anything. I was pretty disappointed, I think. Just feeling down about it.

The very next day, I went antique shopping with one of my friends, and we were looking at some old jewelry in one of the booths at the antique shop. I started telling my friend about how, when my grandma died when I was a little girl, I was allowed to choose some jewelry of hers, and I started describing this owl necklace. It was a large silver owl with a turquoise body and green rhinestone eyes on a long chain. I was pretty young when my grandmother died, so over the years, it broke off the chain and then I eventually lost it.

As I was describing the owl necklace to my friend, she reaches in front of me about six inches from my face and says, “Like this one?” I look up, like seriously right in front of my face, and she’s pointing at the same exact necklace that had been my – I mean, I don’t think it’s the exact same necklace, because like I said, I had broken that one and all that, but it’s the same exact owl necklace that I had been describing to my friend.

JIM HAROLD: It wasn’t the one that you were given, but it was basically a replica. Same thing.

KOURTNEY: Yeah, same exact necklace.

JIM HAROLD: I guess the question is – I think I know the answer to this, but do you think that was just a colossal coincidence, or do you think it is what I call too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence and something or someone else put that there?

KOURTNEY: No, I think it was my grandma. I also think she would not have approved of me playing with tarot cards, so I think it was her saying, “You don’t need those to connect to me because I’m already here.” That’s what I think.

There’s just a tiny bit more of a synchronicity at the end of the story here. I decided to buy the necklace, obviously. I was really excited; I was buzzing, and I was telling the cashier when they were ringing me up the story about the necklace. She looked at me and my friend and she goes, “The owner of the booth just brought that necklace in 20 minutes ago.”

JIM HAROLD: Oh, that’s funny.

KOURTNEY: Yeah, so if we had been any earlier, it might not have been there.

JIM HAROLD: Wow. It’s almost like it was meant for you, wasn’t it?

KOURTNEY: I think it was, yeah.

JIM HAROLD: I believe those things happen. I’ve had examples I’ve told that have happened to me on the show. I think our loved ones from the beyond can put things in our path, and things that are very meaningful to us. And certainly that necklace appears to be one of those things. Kourtney, thank you for sharing this short but sweet story on the Campfire.

KOURTNEY: Thank you.

JIM HAROLD: We have a return caller tonight. Milo is on the line from Texas, and he’s going to tell us about doppelgangers and a haunted dress and a fight to cleanse his home. Milo, welcome to the show. This sounds like a really interesting call, so tell us what all happened.

MILO: Hi, Jim. Thanks for having me on. The story starts two years ago with my current girlfriend. She was in a previous relationship, and unfortunately it ended in tragedy. This dress was purchased for a momentous occasion that they were unfortunately not able to have. She held on to it, but this dress held this weird energy, had this weird vibe to it, maybe even something else.

Through the years, she kept the dress and she would occasionally try it on. Every single time that she tried it on, something weird would happen. For instance, the first time, lights would turn on and off by themselves. Another time she tried it on, she fell asleep with her closet doors closed; she woke up, they were open. The lights were now on when she had left them off.

But what really, really got her freaked out and wanting to do something about it was that the last time she tried the dress on – at this point we were already dating – she tried the dress on to see how she looked in it, see if it still fit, and she took it off, turned off the lights, closed the door, went to sleep. She woke up to a shadow person just leering over her. This was in the middle of the night. She freaked out, called me, came over to my house. I tried to make her feel better, but she told me, “I need this dress out of my house.” I said, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” I had no idea what I was going to do with this dress. I didn’t know if I should give it away, burn it, throw it away, give it to a priest, whatever.

So I just threw it into a bag and put it in my toolshed in my back garden and forgot about it. Time goes on and we’re just living in the house. It’s summertime now. One of my friends, who’s also my roommate, was living in the house. To get to his room, you had to go through the side of the house, and it was close to the backyard. One day I’m cleaning up the backyard, I’m wearing a red shirt, I’m cleaning up. I finish up, I go inside, I take a shower, I rest for a little bit. Probably about an hour or two passes, and I change into a blue shirt and I head back to my friend’s room.

I go and talk to him and say, “Hey, what’s going on?” He’s like, “Hey, weren’t you wearing a red shirt?” I was like, “Yeah, I was wearing a red shirt a few hours ago when I was cleaning the backyard.” He’s like, “No, no, I just saw you pass by a second ago wearing a red shirt.” I was like, “No, dude, I’m wearing a blue shirt.” He was like ,”No, that was definitely you in your red shirt. You know what, man? I don’t want to talk about this. Let’s just not talk about this.” He’s not one to talk about these kinds of things.

So that was one instance. Another time, I was waiting on the same friend. I was going to pick him up at my house and we were going to go over to another friend’s house. It was already getting dark. I’m pulling into my driveway, and at a certain point you can see his truck, and I saw him sitting on the bed of his truck. There’s a certain blind spot because of a tree that when you turn, you can’t see the truck anymore. When I turned in and I pulled into the driveway and the headlights lit up the area where he was sitting, he was no longer there.

But I have motion sensor lighting that turns on when you go towards his room, so the motion sensor light turned on and I figured, “Okay, he’s just getting something.” I wait about five minutes and he never comes out, so I decide to call him, like, “Hey, dude, where are you at?” He’s like, “Sorry, man, I’m running late. I’m at my mom’s house. I’ll meet you later.” I was like, oh my God. I freaked out. So I told him, “I’ll go pick you up at your mom’s house.”

The last instance ,which is what got us to do the cleansing of the house, is my girlfriend was asleep and I came and started shaking her to wake her up and I told her to come with me. She didn’t want to wake up. She’s like, “No, no, just leave me alone.” I keep insisting that she wake up and come with me. She’s awake. She’s like, “I’m awake but I’m not going to go with you. I’m tired, leave me alone.” I keep shaking her, keep telling her to come with me, and she decides to roll over and ignore me.

When she rolls over, she opens her eyes and she sees me asleep next to her, snoring. She turns back around and doesn’t see me standing over her anymore. She wakes me up, freaked out, and we decide we need to do a cleansing of the house.

My good friend Albert, the one who told me about the show, told me exactly what I needed to do. He told me the cause of this was the dress. What I had to do was bind the dress and either bury it, put it away, or burn it. Of course, I needed to sage the house. We needed to pray. We decided we were going to cleanse the house and I pulled the dress out of the shed, and another friend is at the house with me and as I’m showing him the dress, I’m like, “Look, man, check it out. Here’s the infamous dress.”

He’s standing about five feet away from me, and suddenly a hawk flies straight down in between us and flies straight back up and it circles above where we are. It was really weird. He looked at me, I looked at him. He’s like, “Dude, please don’t bring that dress into the house. I don’t want it near me.” I said, “I don’t blame you, man.” [laughs] So we left the dress outside and everybody left, and it was just my girlfriend and I.

It was already starting to get dark. It wasn’t quite dark yet, but it was starting to get dark. We were in the backyard. We put the dogs away. I had a firepit, so I saged the dress, then I tied it up with the twine my friend gave me, and I poured lighter fluid on it and threw it into the firepit. I told my girlfriend to start praying, so she started praying. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was just like, okay, we’re going to burn the dress, sage, go back inside and watch a movie.

But instead, what happened is at first the dress wouldn’t burn. I didn’t tie it too tightly for that reason. It wouldn’t burn. It wasn’t super tight; it was loose. I was taken aback by that. My girlfriend was a little nervous, and when I told her the dress wouldn’t burn, she said, “I feel really scared. I feel like there’s somebody behind me.” I told her, “You need to start praying harder. You need to start really believing what you’re saying.”

At that point it starts getting really windy and clouds roll in that I didn’t notice were there before. The air feels dense, like how people describe it. It sounds like a cliché, but that’s exactly how it felt. So I’m trying to get this dress to burn, and suddenly the motion sensor light I spoke about before turns on. Only thing is that if someone was coming to the backyard, we would’ve heard the gate open, but the gate never opened. So it was either something that doesn’t use gates or something was leaving that we didn’t see.

She started praying harder, and I tell her, “Pray hard. You need to pray harder.” She said, “I’m getting really scared. I feel like something’s behind me.” At that point I started telling it to leave. I said, “You’re not welcome here. Get out of my house. This is my home. I own this home. You need to leave and you’re not welcome here.” As soon as I started doing that, the dress, boom, suddenly catches fire. It’s kind of like a whirlwind. It was really weird. It just caught fire really, really hot and blew up about maybe 10 feet in the air. All the embers were coming out. It was really weird. I can’t explain it.

At that point, she decided, “You know what? I think I feel better now,” and she says “Amen.” The second she says “Amen,” the motion sensor light that was on turns off and the fire dies down. It was really strange. She looked at me and I looked at her, and the air just felt better. The wind was no longer there. The clouds were moving away. We just felt a huge weight off of our shoulders. That was definitely not what I expected at that time. I expected, like I said, something very uneventful to happen. It was just a really intense experience.

JIM HAROLD: You’re very brave. [laughs] As I’ve said many times on the show, I’d be like, “Okay, see you later. Bye-bye!” And when you forcefully said, “This is my place. I paid for it,” I think that’s really something to be able to do that.

MILO: Yeah, and my mom always taught me to fight for your stuff and not to let anything otherworldly bully you. And that’s exactly what was going on. It felt like whatever this was, energy, entity, spirit, was really trying to bully us. And I wasn’t going to stand for it. But ever since then, everything’s been a whole lot calmer. There’s nothing really weird going on anymore. It’s a way better place to stay.

JIM HAROLD: That’s thanks to you being brave. Wow. Milo, thank you so much. I appreciate it, and thanks for being a part of the Campfire again.

MILO: Thank you so much, Jim. I really appreciate it.

JIM HAROLD: One thing on the Campfire which I think is absolutely awesome is when we get international callers. Anriette is on the line from South Africa. She’s been listening to our shows since 2008-2009, so we really, really appreciate it. So great to know that people all over the world get to tune in and listen to these stories – stories like the one Anriette is going to share with us today about some strangeness within her childhood. Anriette, welcome to the show. Thank you for listening all this time and calling all the way from South Africa, and please tell us what happened.

ANRIETTE: Thank you, Jim. It’s so exciting to be on the show, finally, after all these years listening to you. My story today is about my childhood home, where I grew up. I was around seven when this strange thing happened to me.

The story is about – I will call him “the tall man.” Basically what happened was there was this long hallway in my childhood home, and it connected all the bedrooms and everything to the rest of the house. I wasn’t able to just walk down this hallway; I always ran down this hallway because I was just so scared. I always kept on yelling, “The tall man is after me, the tall man is after me!” It used to freak my mom out. She was like, “No, this is obviously childhood imagination running wild” and everything.

But my sister – she’s much younger than me; she was about two at the time – was calling down the hall, and all of a sudden she literally stood up and waddled down the hall like “The man, the man!” After that, my mom believed me that there was literally a tall man that was haunting my childhood home.

There were a lot of strange things that also happened at this particular home. It was really an eerie feeling. We found little statues buried in the garden and weird things like that. It was really creepy.

JIM HAROLD: Wow. When those stories happen to you when you’re a child, they really stick with you.

ANRIETTE: They really do, yeah. After that I was like, I don’t want to see any ghosts anymore. It’s a thing that runs in our family. I think a lot of the people in our family can see spirits or really connect to the paranormal in a way, and for me I was like, I don’t want to see any ghosts anymore. [laughs] I’m done with this. When I go to places that have got a reputation of being haunted, I can still feel their presence, but at least I don’t see them walking around or anything.

JIM HAROLD: Again, those childhood stories – and do you have any memory of this? I mean, do you remember it because people told it to you or do you remember the tall man?

ANRIETTE: I kind of forgot about it until one day my mom reminded me. I think a similar incident happened to me at a different home. It’s always to do with long hallways or passages and things. I don’t like staying in houses that have got a very long hallway or a passage or something. It freaks me out. It happened at a different house as well, where I saw something, like a tall man with a really pale face, pale hands. Not like Slenderman, necessarily, but just you can see it’s supposed to be a person, but you can’t really make out features.

I told my mom that and she’s like, “Oh yeah, do you remember the tall man?” In Afrikaans, it’s like die lang man. She’s like, “Do you remember that?” Then all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh my goodness, yes.” I’m guessing my brain just blocked it out in a sense because it’s so traumatic. But yes, I do remember, and I had a similar incident years later.

JIM HAROLD: Interesting. Do you find that you’re more sensitive to these sorts of things to this day? Do you tend to pick up on things?

ANRIETTE: Definitely. Like I said, it’s something that runs in the family. Paranormal type of things seem to happen quite a lot to me. I don’t really see stuff, but I do feel the presence of paranormal either beings or ghosts or whatever you call them. There’s a few other incidents and a few other paranormal stories that I will hopefully share one day with you as well. But yeah, I’m definitely much more sensitive to these kinds of things.

JIM HAROLD: I was going to suggest – you’re calling all the way from South Africa, and your story was relatively short. Do you have another one you’d like to share with us briefly?

ANRIETTE: Yeah, I can. I’ve got a few, but there’s one weird thing that happened more recently than the other things. I’m a photographer, and there’s this one hospital in Kempton Park, South Africa that’s allegedly haunted. We went to go do a photoshoot there. I wanted an eerie looking place. We went there for the photoshoot and our model was scared the whole time since we arrived, even though I was like, “No, it’s just abandoned. There’s nothing weird going on.”

We were doing our shoot, and I think it was the nurses’ quarters. There wasn’t really anything I could pick up on. It was pretty normal. And then once we went into the main building on the first floor, the entrance of the actual hospital, we did our photoshoot. Actually, I’ve got a big studio light, and it was too heavy to carry around everywhere, so I packed it all up and put it aside and we were still shooting. And all of a sudden, something tipped the whole studio light stand, everything literally just flew across the floor. There was no wind or anything weird happening. We were all like, “Oh my goodness, what just happened? We all saw that, right?” All of a sudden, all of the doors in the hallway on our right, from one side to the other, the doors started to slam. All of the doors.

We just literally picked up our things and took off. We were like, “Okay, we are done. Obviously there’s something there that doesn’t want us to shoot there, doesn’t want us to be there.” I don’t get spooked that easily if it’s an alleged haunted place because usually people just want to say “haunted” because it makes it more exciting. But that was definitely something weird. It was really weird.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, that is one of those things, I must say. When something is about and creating havoc and things – some people run to it; I run away from it. [laughs]

ANRIETTE: If it’s not friendly, I’m like, nope, it’s not happening today. Even at that same hospital, I don’t feel comfortable at all on the second floor. I know the second floor is the area where all the operating theaters are and all of those things, and I know usually energies stay behind if traumatic things happened there or people passing and stuff, or sadness from obviously relatives and those types of things. It tends to stick to the place. It’s not necessarily just those things; there’s obviously other darker things, I think. You don’t know what happened there, and people go there to do weird things. There’s seances or whatever. But second floor, there’s not even a chance to go on the second floor.

JIM HAROLD: Interesting. Anriette, thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate it. As I said, we love to hear from our international callers and our longtime fans and listeners, and you certainly check both of those boxes. Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

ANRIETTE: Thank you. Can I send a shout-out?

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, absolutely. Send your shout-out.

ANRIETTE: My sister is also the biggest fan, so she would literally kill me if I don’t send a shout-out. So I’d just like to send a shout-out to my sister Janita. And that’s it.

JIM HAROLD: Her name’s Danita, is that right?


JIM HAROLD: Janita, okay. Janita, stay spooky.

ANRIETTE: Thank you.

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