Alien Disclosure – Paranormal Podcast 717

There is no doubt that aliens are already here says author and researcher Lon Strickler. He joins us to to talk about ET and their agenda.

You can find his recent book on the subject at Amazon: Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality

Thanks Lon!


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Jim Harold 0:00
Alien Disclosure, is it coming? That’s the subject of today’s Paranormal Podcast.

Paranormal Podcast Announcer 0:19
This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Jim Harold 0:23
Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again and today, the subject is going to be Alien Disclosure with our guest Lon Strickler. But first I have this favor to ask, if you enjoy this free podcast–you’re listening on the free feeds if you’re listening shortly after it’s released–and you enjoy it, please do me a favor, make sure that you follow. Hit the Follow button on whatever app you’re using Apple podcasts, Spotify, whatever it might be. Also, that you rate it, hopefully give it a five star review if you truly feel that way. And then take a moment if there’s the opportunity to do so in your app of choice, and for example, there is in Apple podcasts, and write a review. So many people are out there looking for podcasts these days, and there’s a lot of chaff out there. There’s some wheat and a lot of chaff. And one of the ways people figure out what they listen to are looking at those ratings and looking at those reviews. So it helps us ever so much. Also, please spread the word far and wide if you like our shows, whether it be the Paranormal Podcast or Campfire, because again, that is how we compete with the big boys (laughs). If you Google paranormal podcast, we come up number one, and we want to keep it that way. So please, please, please rate, review and make sure that you follow on the app of your choice. It means so much. And now with our interview. It is a fascinating one.

Well today we have a guest who has been on many times and it’s always a pleasure to speak with him. I’m talking about Lon Strickler. And he has a recent book out which is very appropriate for the times in which we are living. It’s called Alien Disclosure: Experiencers expose reality. And we’re so glad to talk with him. He’s going to talk to us about this, this phenomenon and his thoughts on it. And Lon is very experienced in the Fortean. He is a researcher author and publisher of the syndicated Phantom and Monsters blog which he began in 2005, which continues to grow in popularity and is read by tens of thousands of paranormal enthusiasts, investigators, and those seeking the truth. His reports have been featured on hundreds of online media sources. And on various television segments including the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, SYFY’s Paranormal Witness Fact or Fake Paranormal Files, and Destination America’s Monsters and Mysteries in America. He’s been interviewed hundreds of times on radio and online broadcasts, including multiple appearances on The Great Coast to Coast AM. He has written several books and is currently the host of Arcane Radio on Beyond Explanation, YouTube channel, he was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, and we’re so glad to have him with us today. Lon, welcome back to the show.

Lon Strickler 3:37
Alright, thanks for having me, Jim.

Jim Harold 3:40
I’m tired. You’ve done a lot there (laughs).

Lon Strickler 3:44
(Laughs) There’s a lot. More coming, actually. So yeah.

Jim Harold 3:48
So why did you decide to take on the topic of Alien Disclosure at this particular time?

Lon Strickler 3:55
Well, you know, I’ve been involved with several experiencers over the years. And, you know, it actually came to a point where I think it was time to start writing some things down and letting people know what’s actually been going on over the years, and what people are actually experiencing. You know, I guess the whole Alien Disclosure thing is going to be more of those people who experience it coming forward, and setting the record straight, as opposed to, you know, some type of subjective type of investigation or what people actually write about, and really don’t talk to the actual experiences themselves. And I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to do that over the years. So I thought it was time to actually put it out there.

Jim Harold 4:50
Yeah, that makes sense. Now, what are some of the common threads you see among experiencers? What are things that keep cropping up time and time again?

Lon Strickler 5:02
Well, I think the main most interesting thing, and the thing that happens mostly, people just don’t understand what they’re getting involved with what’s happening to them. And most people that I’ve dealt with have had multiple encounters. Um, you know, they’re, they’re stung by it they’re confused by it. But as time goes on, as in a few instances where it continually happens to them, sometimes on a weekly basis, um, and it becomes a big part of their lives to the point where, you know, it really is part of the fabric of their daily life. And, you know, unfortunately, it can turn out to be a hindrance. As far as with family life and such, many times, it does not end up good. Leading up into separations, divorce and even worse, I mean, I have talked to people who have actually, that have actually lost–loss of presence, I mean, they’re either abducted or they just don’t show up anymore.

Jim Harold 6:19
Oh my. Now, one thing that I–and you talk about this in the book, and I just recently had a similar conversation with another researcher on this. But you have a chapter here about the abduction scenario. And the thing is to me, even you know, today, if you say you’ve seen the UFO, some people might look at you a little funny, but I think maybe people are maybe a little more willing to accept that now. But if you say you’ve been abducted, that’s gotta be very tough place to be because I gotta believe you’re, if you say that publicly, you’re putting yourself up for a lot of ridicule. Has that been the experience of people you’ve talked about? And my goodness, how did they deal with this?

Lon Strickler 7:00
Yeah, you know, early on, that was the overall thought of these experiencers, that they were afraid to put it out there. But as time has gone on, I think because the advent of the Internet and more television coverage of the phenomenon that that people are more willing to talk about it (dog barks). So yeah, I got a dog here.

Jim Harold 7:27
That’s all right. I’ve got two of them here. So we’re even (laughs).

Lon Strickler 7:31
Yeah. So no, but I think people are more willing to come forward and talk about these things. You know, I, I don’t know. I mean, I had, I’ve been through the same thing, as some of these people have where I’ve actually believed I was abducted at one point, I’ve had encounters with these beings. And, and I just believe that for the most part, nowadays, it’s more acceptable by the public. Of course, you’re gonna have detractors, and, you know, that’s anything to do with the paranormal is gonna, gonna result in that.

Jim Harold 8:09

Lon Strickler 8:10
But, uh, no, I think, I think people are much more will come forward nowadays.

Jim Harold 8:15
You have a very enticing chapter name here: Not Human, but Oddly Familiar. What did you mean by that?

Lon Strickler 8:22
Well, you know, it–some of these scenarios come, you know, it seems like it’s, the being seems to be a human type form. But, it really isn’t. And in more recent times, I’d say in the last two decades in particular, many of the scenarios have different types of beings involved, including humans. I think some humans are more willing to work along with these beings. Now, are they hybrids? That’s a possibility. But I think as time has gone on, more humans have actually joined forces with these factions to either a system or become part of it.

Jim Harold 9:13
Now that gets to the point of what are the intentions. Now, a lot of times when people talk about aliens or extraterrestrials, they talk in a monolith, you know, what are the aliens up to? What are the extraterrestrials up to? Do you believe it is like that, that there’s a monolith? Or are we dealing with different contingencies of ET here?

Lon Strickler 9:36
While we’re talking about a whole host of factions, extraterrestrials and others things, these beings that call themselves Ultra Terrestrials, they’re more dimensional travelers as opposed to coming from a another, another universe or thing far from our planet, or our existence, our dimension. I think and, you know, I believe that these Ultra Terrestrials reside very close to us, that they live within our dimension, our earth plane at a dimension that is very close to ours and have the ability to show up. I think that happens much more now than it did before.

Jim Harold 10:25
Now, do you think that the aliens, whoever, whatever they are, the extraterrestrials, the Ultra Terrestrials, have ramped up their activity, trying to get to maybe an endpoint of some kind of disclosure?

Lon Strickler 10:40
Ah, I think it’s happening. I think, I think in our case, our team’s case, that we had been in contact with an ultra terrestrial faction in reference to the Chicago O’Hare a Mothman phenomena, winged humanoid phenomena. Um, we have literally been in contact with some of these beings.

Jim Harold 11:08
Now, do you think that the government knows what’s going on? I mean, you know, I found it very interesting. And again, this has recently come up on the show. I think it was April Haynes, who is the Director of National Intelligence, just came out and said, “Well, maybe we’re dealing with something extra terrestrially.” Bill Neilson, who is–Nelson–who is the head of NASA, the former senator from Florida, you know, he’s talking about aliens and so forth. Do you think it’s a case where the government knows something they’re not telling? Or they’re just getting the feeling that something’s going on based on–In other words, do they know and they’re just kind of holding back? And they’re kind of dripping it to us slowly? Or do you think that they’re not sure yet?

Lon Strickler 11:56
The knowledge that I have of a possibility of government or military involvement comes from the Ultra Terrestrials themselves. They tell us that they have been persecuted not by the only military, human military, but by other humans in the past, the motto thesis, those that believe, you know, very religious, were that persecuted them, and that, do they have an agenda? I don’t know. But I think to the most part, they want to, they want to connect with us and believe that there is a good reason to connect with us. And I don’t think for the most part it’s for any, I don’t know, anything that can hurt us. I think that they believe that it’s time to come forward and to possibly live among us, and I do think they do live among us, I think to kind of cooperate with us, that we can maybe work together in some fashion. I think we’re a long way away from that. But I think we’re taking baby steps towards that.

Jim Harold 13:13
Do you think disclosure will come, you know, in our lifetime? And do you think we’re talking five, 10, 15, 20 years? Or do you think the time frame is longer than that?

Lon Strickler 13:24
I think it’s close. And when I say close, I’d say within five years, maybe? At least that’s what they’re telling us.

Jim Harold 13:34
Well, if somebody had told me that, even a year ago, I would say, I would say, “No, I don’t think so.” But I think the thing that’s put me over the tipping point is this thing with Avril Haynes, who is the Director of National Intelligence, which is over like something like 18, or 19 different spy agencies. And to me, if somebody with that kind of knowledge starts talking about extraterrestrials, they don’t say, like I said on the show before with the previous guest that talked about this, these people don’t just say things off the cuff, they have a reason for what they say. So I really do believe that it is very possible that we’re going to find out something very momentous in the next few years.

Lon Strickler 14:21
Oh, I believe that. I believe that something’s afoot. And I think that’s a reason why we’re continuing to get contact with these beings. You know, it’s been interesting as you know, we’ve been looking into this winged humanoid phenomenon around the Chicago area for several years now.

Jim Harold 14:40

Lon Strickler 14:40
But this is something that I’ve been involved with for almost three decades. And as time has gone on, it has become apparent to me that they are making themselves known for whatever reason. And why that is? Well I believe this is–this is the reason why, they want to–they want to connect with us, but they need to trust us first. And I think that’s where we’re working out at this point. Now from, you know, from their indications that they have, they have had some bad experiences in the past. They had been persecuted by humans, they have been persecuted by military, but they’ve also been persecuted by other extraterrestrial factions, Ultra Terrestrial factions as well. Maybe not to the degree that humans have persecuted them, but they had been chased down they had been, they had been, you know, followed, they have been, looked upon, you know, looked–spied upon. And I think, because of this, and because of some of the things I’ve been involved with, with others, and I’ve heard from others, and for all these years, I think it’s coming to a tipping point where it may actually, may actually come to pass where we will know that there is something out there. And I believe that it’s going to take those people that have the experiences coming forward that are going to kind of change the the whole the whole reality of this because I don’t think the government’s going to do it unless there’s an absolute–absolute reason why they have to. I mean, say there be some type of landing or such where they make themselves known to the world. But I believe–and not just with us, but I believe there are other people throughout the world who are actually experiencing this as well. And this is why we’ve we’ve started a worldwide search for winged humanoid encounters to determine what has actually been going on. Because they show themselves as these winged humanoids for the most part.

Jim Harold 16:58
Interesting indeed. And we’ll be back with Lon Strickler right after this on the Paranormal Podcast.

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Jim Harold 20:21
Do you think that the government is–okay, do you think maybe the government’s being pressured to disclose? Because, I mean, this is pure speculation on my part, but maybe some representative comes to the government, if there’s been any kind of communication and says, “Look, we’re gonna blow the lid off of this, you can get out in front of it, and get on the–get in, get on board and go along with it. Or we’re just gonna, you know, do something that you can’t deny.” Do you think that’s possible?

Lon Strickler 20:51
I think it has happened to a small degree, I think there has been some congressional oversight. There have been others within the government who have kind of pressured for some disclosure by particularly the military, of course reasonably recently, we’ve had the, the tic tac sighting and some of something coming forward with that, though, I believe that we’re kind of being spoon fed with those incidents, those are not very profound encounters, but they are military. I think that’s what we’re going to get for the most part, those encounters where it’s not really a very profound incident, it’s nothing to where, you know, there’s been actual bodily contact or encounters between humans and these beings, it’s more like a seen craft. Those beings that were–we’ve been associated with, are really not craft travelers, they’re not part of these UFO phenomena, they’re more of dimensional travelers coming through portals, coming through other means. And I think that’s where most of this is going to end up, you know, end up happening, where, you know, this is, you know, when we talk, or start to be introduced to these beings, they’re going to introduce themselves not as, as interstellar travelers, but those beings have been with us from the very beginning.

Jim Harold 22:27
Now, there’s some interesting topics you talk about in here, and I’ll throw out one that I’ve always been kind of skeptical about, but I want to get your take on it. Reptilians, you know, there’s a contingent of people who believe that many of our leaders are secret lizards, you know, kind of leading us around by the nose, I’m kind of skeptical of that. But, I mean, it has come up numerous times on the program. So tell us your thoughts about reptilians.

Lon Strickler 22:58
I don’t really buy into the whole theory, I know people do, have had encounters with beings that they call reptilians. Um, you know, I, for the most part, have basically written and provided information that have come directly from witnesses. Officially, you know, there’s not really a whole lot that, that the government or anyone else is really pointing to them. The one incident in particular, one case, in particular with David Eckhart, which is in the book, he had some pretty, pretty interesting encounters with a particular reptilian. These reptilians seem to be part of a faction or factions that work together with other beings. They don’t seem to be a very, very, very conducive to humans. They do not like humans from what he’s told me, for David’s told me. They do live in some type of similar type of family environment. Those that he dealt with were underground dwellers as opposed to being in another, on another planet, or such, they’ve been–they’ve been in the neighborhood and–but they do seem to work with others, and like I said in the book with with David, the, they do seem to have a–they do have faith in some type of deity, they believe in a higher being as well, just like humans. But I think, I think overall extraterrestrials, those that are non human have some type of jealousy or some type of disdain for humans for one particular reason, and that’s because we have a soul. We believe in life after, for the most part, a life after our physical life, we have a life force. That’s something they don’t seem to possess. So I think that’s why there is an issue with these beings and us, because–and it may actually be the reason why for the possibility of experimentations, or abductions to learn how they can do that. And I mean, this is just from what I’ve been told by from experiencers.

Jim Harold 25:33
Now, another topic you cover, and this is a fascinating one, is men in black. And it’s more than just a movie. I mean, there’s been a lot of accounts of men in black. What are they? What do you think?

Lon Strickler 25:47
It’s hard to pinpoint that. And the only reason I put them in the book is because there’s a possibility they could be a nonhuman species. The interesting thing about the men in black are that they seem to just show up after incidents that have not even been reported yet. They just seem to have a knack for showing up not long after a sighting or an encounter. They’re usually dressed in some type of black attire, either a suit with a fedora or something to that effect. In a black vehicle, or they also show up in some type of, some black overall, or black type of military, you know, military garb. But the one distinction about them is that they kind of talk in monotone voices. They seem to be a robotic type of being. They–their skin color is usually much different than Caucasian. It’s kind of an olive color. And you know, their whole mannerism is somewhat foreign to most humans. So there is a distinction. But they do have an ability to do something that’s otherworldly.

Jim Harold 27:09
In the experiences that you recount for this book, and I know you’ve done a lot of them over the years, ones that are in this book, ones that aren’t, but ones where you’ve interfaced with people, what is one of the strangest that you’ve seen?

Lon Strickler 27:24
Well, it kind of runs the gamut. But I would say that, in particular, those people that I’ve encountered that later on, just disappear. And that has happened. I mean, I made one exceptional note with an account by a woman by the name of Mandy lived in Washington State. I didn’t know her long, um, but this, this does happen where people do contact me, I’ve talked to other other investigators, where they will be–come in contact with someone who has been experiencing strange activity around their home, or something, you know, where it just seems, you know, it just does not seem right. It just seems weird, and that they’re scared and they have no explanation. They contact you for an explanation. You try to help them. But some cases, these people just disappear without a trace. And in Mandy’s case, that did happen with her.

Jim Harold 28:35
Wow. Wow. So I mean, why do we think that whatever these are abduct people? I mean, to me, and I, again, keep calling back, I’ve had two or three interviews lately on this subject, so I feel like I’m calling back to the same questions, but I want to get your perspective on it. On one hand, you think if there are aliens or whatever these things are, if they wanted to get us they would have gotten us by now. You know, if they wanted to wipe us out, or destroy humanity, or whatever, they would have done that by now because honestly, they’re obviously–especially if you’re talking about aliens that live in other places, they’ve got to be more technologically–way more technologically advanced than we are, so they–our military or whatever, as much as I think the world of them, they’d be no match for them. So if they wanted to take us out they would but yet, abducting people doesn’t seem like the actions of benevolent, a benevolent race of aliens. So what are your thoughts on that?

Lon Strickler 29:39
I think the main reason behind this–I mean, this is just my theory. I believe humans are a universal species. In other words, I think the humanoid phenomena rest mainly with humans. In other words, this, these beings, a lot of time you see or hear descriptions of extraterrestrials or Ultra Terrestrials, they either are–move with two legs, they have arms, they look very humanoid, very human, for the most part, but there are changes. I think there’s a lot of that out there, I think humans are, are evolved–do evolve into these species. In fact, I think a lot of the beings that people do see or encounter, are evolved humans from very far in the future, to where they have, they have the ability to come back, to time travel, back to the period of time where maybe things happen to change them, to affect their future. And I think a lot of it rests with them coming back to either changing things, or to find out more about their past, more about their history. I believe their thoughts are, and this is just, this is just me speculating, that if they took us out, that they dominated us to the point where Earth, or the human race would become compromised, that their future would be would be nil, would be, you know, not–they wouldn’t be around. So I think that’s the reason why there’s some hesitation to do a whole lot, which I agree with you, I believe they do have the ability to just literally overrun us. But I think they have that, they have that bit of spark in them that yeah, we evolved from these people, these beings, humans, and that we need to, we may have lost some things, I talked earlier about the, you know, about losing the life force, or the ability to descend into another, another level when we pass. I think a lot of them have lost that, for the most part. And I think they’re trying to find that. And I think that’s why they have not come down on us to a large degree.

Jim Harold 32:18
So what can we, or what should we, as humanity, do? I mean, when you hear something like this as an individual, you feel very powerless. What can we do? What what what should we do?

Lon Strickler 32:32
I think we are powerless to a degree. And I think we need to try to listen to them, to listen to what they tell us. As far as physicality, actually one on one with them, we’re starting to see some of that. It’s very, very minimal at this point. But I think it’s going to increase, I think it’s come to the point now, where they want us to know that they are more like us than we actually believe they are. And I think that’s what’s happening. Course, you know, this is all speculation again, but this is–I’ve seen some things. I’ve heard things over the years, what makes me believe that they do want to cooperate with us, and they do want us to be part of them? Um, I don’t know. I mean, you know, it’s a big question. I mean, there’s no real good answer for it. But I think there is a duality, duality? I don’t know. I mean, do they want to, you know, I said in the end of the book, do they want to control us, make us a singular being with them? I don’t know. Is it a possibility? Sure it is a possibility. But as time is going on, I think it may actually change. I think they get to know us, and we get to know them and start accepting together. Maybe that can change.

Jim Harold 34:10
Well, it’s interesting, because years ago, I interviewed Nigel Kerner. And he had a book out called Gray Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls. And his theory was this, that the somehow and again, this has been the years ago. So I hope that I’m recounting his theory correctly. He believed that aliens were soulless. They were some kind of almost mechanical, and that they were here to basically take our souls. Now, I thought that was interesting. I don’t know if I agree with it. But it was certainly a take that I had not, I’d not heard of before. Very, very interesting. I think and certainly thought provoking and tied in a bit, to I think what, what you were kind of speculating at.

Lon Strickler 35:08
Yeah, I think to a larger degree that may be what’s going on, I think they are trying to find out how they can possibly become closer to our physicality and our mentality. You know, through experimentation. I’m not saying it’s ever going to happen. But I think they have tried, more so than in the past, you know. I talked about the actual, the evolution of, of abduction encounters. And early on, it seemed like the, you know, talking back 60s, 70s, when it just started, it started to become somewhat of a mainstream phenomenon, where, where abductees were being experimented on, and they were, they were describing tissue being taken. And, you know, and such probing, and things like that, then as–it kind of evolved into more of a reproductive thing where human eggs and human sperm were taken, and that they would be brought back in subsequent abductions to meet these hybrid children. And then that eventually evolved into where there seems to be more of a type of cooperation between different factions and, you know, trying to get to know us more so. And, you know, I believe that, you know, the, you know, most production accounts nowadays, you hear, you just don’t deal with like a gray, or some other being, you’re talking about four or five different beings involved with the abduction scenario now. It’s almost like they do it in stages, but very rarely do I hear anything now about experimentation. A lot of times, the encounters are not off the world or on a craft, they’re more like somebody–it happens in a person’s home, where they had the actual encounter. In David’s case, for the most part, that’s what happened to him, where he was, he was basically cured of a debilitating arthritis–arthritic condition, and to four or five days of surgery. And they later did take him through a portal into the underground world that they inhabited on this planet, apparently. I think we’re getting more of that now, more of the encounters and the happening at home. A lot of times these abductions are more etheral, as opposed to the physical body being taken, where the actual physical body remains, and etheral or non-corporeal part of the body, the soul possibly, is taken and taken to another location, like a bi location scenario. This happens a lot. And I hear it more and more every day. Really.

Jim Harold 38:36
It’s a, it’s an interesting question. And I think we’re going to continue to ask those questions.

Lon Strickler 38:43

Jim Harold 38:45
And maybe, maybe we’ll actually get some answers, Lon, that would be kind of cool. And actually, as I said before, very unexpected just a couple short years ago. Where can we find Alien Disclosures: Experiencers expose reality?

Lon Strickler 39:02
You can get it on Amazon. Just search my name, Lon Strickler, and all my books will come up and that book will be there.

Jim Harold 39:10
And I know that you have your popular blog, where can people find that?

Lon Strickler 39:14
That’s at, that’s the blog site I’ve been doing since 2005. And also the the team website which my phantoms and monsters research team can be found at

Jim Harold 39:31
Very good. Well, our guest today has been Lon Strickler. And we’ve been talking about his recent book, Alien Disclosure: Experiencers expose reality, and we’re so glad to have had time to spend with him. Lon, thank you for joining us.

Lon Strickler 39:45
Thanks again, Jim.

Jim Harold 39:46
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