The Strangest Campfire Story Ever? – Campfire 546

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Maybe the strangest Campfire story ever, haunted houses, UFOs and more. Oh my!


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Jim Harold (00:00:00):
In 13 years of doing the campfire, I’ve heard a lot of spooky stories. We’ve got one of the best, a brand new story, an instant campfire classic up next on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Campfire Announcer (00:00:26):
Welcome to our gathering. Tonight here, we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:38):
Welcome to the Campfire I am Jim Harold, so glad to be with you once again. And it is a red letter day because we have an instant Campfire classic on the show. So stay tuned for that. And if you wonder what we do here, if you’re just listening in now, basically every day folks come in and talk about their incredible stories of the supernatural: could be ghosts, could be cryptid creatures, UFOs or my favorite, head scratchers. And we’ve got a great one of those today, but whatever they are, they are true and they are amazing. Thank you for joining in whether you’re brand new or if you’ve been listening for years. And if you listen and you like what you hear, it’s very important that you follow us on the podcast app of your choice, whether that’s Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, whatever it might be. Please follow us on that app because that brings us up in the charts. What does that mean? That means more people see us, more people listen, and we get more great stories that you can listen to and enjoy. So it’s a virtuous circle and we all benefit. So thank you so much for that. Also, please make sure to rate and review if you like what we do, that really means a lot because there’s a lot of podcasts out there. People have choices these days and reviews are key because new people see them and say, boy has got 4.9 stars and 7,000 reviews. It must be good. I’ll try it. So that really helps us too. So please do not forget that rate and review step if your app has it. I know Apple Podcast has it. I know Spotify’s recently integrated ratings. So please go in whatever your app may be in, do what you can to please raise the profile of the show. So you get more great stories. And speaking of great stories, this one right now, this is an all time Campfire classic. Enjoy it. Next up on the campfire is Lili calling from my home state, Ohio, and we are so glad to have her with us. Her mom, Jen told her about the show and Lily has become a loyal listener. So Jen, we appreciate it very, very much. And that’s what happens. You know, when you see things span a generation, uh, uh, a daughter tells a mother, a mother tells a daughter, a sister, an uncle, whoever, uh, or a friend tells another friend. And then not only do we get more listeners, we get more great stories. Like the one we’re about to hear from Lili. Now, Lili has worked in a healthcare environment and I’m fascinated by these kind of stories. We’ve had, uh, stories in hospitals and things in the past. And I can’t wait to hear this one. Lili, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us from Ohio and tell us what happened.

Lili (00:03:29):
All right. Well, thanks for having me, Jim. Um, so yep. Like you said, this was in Cleveland, Ohio. Um, at the time I was working in a very large hospital downtown, um, I’m a respiratory therapist, so we, we do all kinds of stuff. Um, at the time I was working in the,ICUs, we, uh, manage the ventilators, the life support machines. Um, so, um, and when, uh, when these patients have, you know, real, real critical ICU patients, um, if they have to be transported to like x-ray, CT scan, um, the, you have to have a respiratory therapist accompanying you with the portable ventilator. So, um, on this day I was, um, helping, I assisting getting a patient to the cat scan, um, and I’m rolling the portable ventilator. And so we roll into, um, where the elevators are and there’s on the right. There’s a large cargo elevator. And then on the left, there’s, um, couple of, uh, smaller, uh, passenger elevators. And we are going to, we’re taking the larger elevator and the doors open. And we, um, back in, so like I kind of go in first with a nurse at the head of the bed. And, um, at the same time, there’s a small group of people loading into one of the passenger elevators. And then so, you know, we’re backing in, um, into the elevator and, um, I’m at the, I kind of have like my back against the wall of the elevator. Uh, and then this other group of people, there’s probably like five or six people getting into the passenger elevator. And, um, they walk in and at the back of that group of people, I see, um, someone who looks very familiar, it was me, essentially. And I’m like, I’m, I’m looking at this person and I’m just like staring and we’re making eye contact. So like we’re staring at each other, like with the same expression, like, am I seeing, am I really seeing this, what’s happening? Um, and then the door to the cargo, the big elevator that I’m on with a patient and a couple of nurses and the doctor and everything, um, the door’s closing and you know, it’s sliding shut and I’m like leaning as far as I can to the side to maintain eye contact with this other me, because I’m just so like weirded out and what, what am I looking at right now? And I’m leaning, leaning, the doors finally shut. And, you know, we go down to the basement and, you know, we get the patient where they need to go and everything, and this whole time, I, that was like, that was really strange.

Jim Harold (00:06:30):
So, so, so I, let me make sure I understand and make sure the listeners understand, you were loading a patient and for transport onto a freight elevator, essentially they are across the hall is the passenger, the passenger elevator, where you would just normally go up and down the floors. If you weren’t, uh, transporting somebody, you are transporting, you’re facing out towards the passenger elevator, you’re looking and you see self looking back at you.

Lili (00:07:00):
Yes. And this, wow. This myself looking back at me is at the, the rear of this small group of people, like five or six people. So it’s like, you know, it’s not like I’m looking at a mirror image or anything. There was a, you know, a, a group of people. Um, and that’s why I was kind of like bending over as much as I could to, you know, get the most, the most time viewing of this other me that I can cuz I’m just so weirded out. It was like the weirdest thing I wasn’t expecting it, it caught me off guard. It was strange. So, um, yeah. Yeah. Super weird. So, um, it doesn’t end theree too, so, um, that eventually, you know, the day’s busy and everything, I, I kind of, you know, stopped thinking about it. And then at the end of the day, um, I, you know, I clock out, I walk with the usual group of people I do to the elevator to go to the parking garage to go home. I, um, we go into one of the small elevators across the way from the freight elevator, the cargo, the big one, uh, at the same time, there are a group of workers still on the clock, rolling a patient into the cargo elevator to backing in and I go into the passenger elevator, the smaller one, and I’m at the back. And I can see across the way into the cargo elevator, the big one. And there is this person standing at the back of the elevator, rolling the portable ventilator and it’s myself again.

Jim Harold (00:08:45):
Whoa. Like, whoa.

Lili (00:08:46):
I, I it’s like another I, and, and then this, the, the door to the big elevator starts closing and this person in the cargo elevator, the very similar person to me, leaning over, leaning over, trying to get like trying to get the best look of me in the passenger elevator as they can until the door shut and same thing. I’m just kind of staring at ’em like this, that’s another me staring at me from across the way that, you know, I I’m just, I can’t look away either. Like we’re making eye contact and, uh, just kind of staring with no expression at each other. And, you know, finally the now elevator I’m in the small one, the passenger one that I’m in with a group of my coworkers and we’re going down to the parking garage. Um, I, I just kind of was taken back for a second thinking, okay, that’s this was in the same day.

Jim Harold (00:09:49):
That’s amazing. That’s amazing.

Lili (00:09:51):
Yeah. That this was just maybe five or six hours earlier from when I was leaving work. And I, well, first of all, of course I wasn’t expecting the first thing to happen. And then I see it again. So I’m like, okay, did I just see my doppelganger? Did I have a time travel?

Jim Harold (00:10:10):
Well, I was about to say, it seems like the first time you looked into the future and saw yourself in passenger elevator. And then when you were actually in the passenger elevator, you were looking back in time and seeing yourself transporting the patient.

Lili (00:10:28):
Yeah. That’s exactly it.

Jim Harold (00:10:29):
Wow. Wow.

New Speaker (00:10:29):
Like, and you know, everything, you know, it was like, you know, the same group of people. I kind of, you know, I didn’t pay attention to many details or anything, but it was the same kind of circumstance, the same kinda, you know, they backed into the elevator. There was the same amount of people transporting the patient and so on. And you know, the first time when I went down with the patient earlier, when I saw the me, like, oh my God is, did I see my doppelganger? That’s I thought that was bad luck to see your doppelganger. And then, well then when it happened later on in the day, I’m thinking, well, was this just something I somehow managed to be in two places at once? Was this a glitch in the universe? You know, I, it could be really, I, I was to this day, I’m, you know, bamboozled by it. This was so weird.

Jim Harold (00:11:22):
Years. I get it. I get being bamboozled. The closest thing I’ve ever heard to that, or one of the closest things I’ve heard a couple things, but the one that comes to mind was a Campfire story, but there were years separating it. And basically the story was this, and you may or may not have heard it: it was a young man who remembered when he was a little boy. He was running through the hall and went by his kitchen. And he saw a hooded figure who it was appearing to make a peanut butter sandwich. And he ran away right away. Cuz it scared him. It’s like, who’s this person in a hoodie, uh, in my kitchen making a peanut butter sandwich fast forward several years later, he’s minding his own business. He’s in the kitchen, he’s a teenager. He’s making himself a peanut butter sandwich with his hoodie on and he looks, and he sees us little figure run through the hall and then run away just as fast.

Lili (00:12:16):
That’s it! That’s exactly, it, that’s it.

Jim Harold (00:12:18):
Except it was years later, not hours later, but it’s the same principle. Same principle.

Lili (00:12:26):
Yeah, exactly. And, and I always thought, I, I don’t know. I, I heard this thing in like the, you know, the story I’ve read or heard or things like that. I’ve always heard people say that they think that mirrors are portals. And I thought that was interesting, but then I always thought that elevators were portals in some kind of way, because it’s like a closed off tiny space where, you know, things can happen. You have that anxiety of being stuck. I don’t know. That might sound weird to some people, but that’s what I always thought too. And I thought that before this whole weird story happened.

Jim Harold (00:13:03):
You freaked me out. You, you freaked me out so much. I’m in my spooky studio and it’s soundproof, but I do have a, a window here that I have open and I’m looking out and it’s nighttime. And as soon as we get off the phone, Lily, I’m going to close the window. I’m afraid of what I’ll see!

Lili (00:13:17):
(laughs) yeah, I don’t, I dunno , you know? Yeah. I mean, you know, my mom who introduced me to you, you know, she was always very spiritual. She still is. And I, that, you know, you know, peaked my interest kind of passed to me and everything. So that might be why that happens. And, but, um, you know, I’ve had various other interesting things happen like that. This was probably one of the worst.

Jim Harold (00:13:45):
I think so. Lili, this is an instant campfire Classic story, all time great story.

New Speaker (00:13:51):
Oh. Thanks.

Jim Harold (00:13:52):
Thank you so much for joining us tonight on the Campfire and sharing it with us.

Lili (00:13:57):
Oh, absolutely. Thanks for having me. I’m I’m I, it was, this was fun.

Jim Harold (00:14:02):
Jordan is on the line from Kentucky. He’s been listening for about a year, heard about us from baati. Now Jordan is a trucker and uh, just a word to, uh, Jordan and all his, uh, fellow truckers out there. Thank you for what you do because you make our way of life possible. And without truckers, well, let the, let the truckers go away for a couple days and you’ll see what happens very quickly. So thank you truckers. And we love the fact that you’re out there on the road, listening to the Campfire and Jordan is not only contributing by trucking. He’s gonna contribute his Campfire story. Jordan, welcome to the show. Thanks for all you do. And please tell us your story.

Jordan (00:14:44):
I appreciate it, Jim. Uh, so this story is set back in 2014, 2015, me and my friends, we was seniors and we all graduated early and every other day or every day, we usually went to a place in Kentucky called yellow hole to go fishing. So yellow hole is a part of a bigger place called rural center. I don’t know where any of the names from, but some shady stuff has went down there, including somebody who was killed due to, uh, drugs.

Jim Harold (00:15:22):
Oh my.

Jordan (00:15:23):
So the it’s just a dark area around there, but we like fishing and there’s some really good fish in there. So w we was, we circled up around, uh, a campfire with our trucks that night. We had three vehicles, two that ran alongside the river. And then one that was back towards the fire that was facing the river. And, uh, it all started with one of, we had a bunch of fishing poles set around, went around a bend in the river. So one of my buddies and my brother, they walked around the bend to check the fishing pole, see if we had anything on those lines out there.

Jim Harold (00:16:01):

Jordan (00:16:02):
And, uh, our, our fishing pole was eight foot tall and they walked around the bend and there was just black shadow figure that was bigger than the fish pole.

Jim Harold (00:16:16):
Oh man.

Jordan (00:16:17):
And they saw it and they just started backing up and they didn’t take their eyes off it. And my brother came back. He goes, well, whatever’s over there. He said, it can have the fishing pole at this point .

Jim Harold (00:16:29):
(laughs) I don’t blame him.

Jordan (00:16:31):
And I didn’t think nothing of it. I didn’t go over there cause that that’s a, that’s a creepy place to be in after dark. So then it got later in the evening, my brother was going to sleep in his car. And one of my buddies had a geo tracker with four doors and a hatch. All the doors was open and all the hatch was open. He was laying still on his phone in the car and all of a sudden all the doors except the hatch closed. And it, it went, the doors went uphill. Two of them went uphill. So, and there was no wind that night.

Jim Harold (00:17:12):

Jordan (00:17:12):
He yelled at one of my buddies who was sitting right next to me, 150 yards away from the vehicle. And he thought we had done it. Everyone was accounted for, and we don’t know how the doors shut.

Jim Harold (00:17:26):
Oh, that’s weird.

Jordan (00:17:28):
So we’re always, we all believe in the paranormal, but we have to have a hundred percent without a doubt to believe in something.

Jim Harold (00:17:36):

Jordan (00:17:37):
So that, that’s something we couldn’t explain. And we just chalked it up as well. Let’s not think about that anymore since we had the rest of the night ago and they, the other, my brother and my buddy went to sleep in their cars and me and my other friend was sitting there fishing. And we’re just talking, looking up at the clear night, there was an occasional cloud and all of a sudden from our right it’s coming from a, the way the lake is that goes into this Creek. It’s what I describe as a UFO. But I don’t mean like little green man. I mean, it was unidentified flying object is how I say it. So it was just a green ball of light. And it was like, it was tracking the, the curves and the bins river. And it was pretty good distance up into the air. Like the same height that a plane would be cause it went over top of a cloud and the cloud glowed green from it. But when it, when it wasn’t behind the cloud, you could not make out any kind of shape. It was just a ball. It wasn’t projecting a lot. It was just a ball of light.

Jim Harold (00:18:53):
Oh, that’s weird.

Jordan (00:18:53):
But when it went behind that cloud, the whole cloud turned green and it just faded off into the distance. And me and him just looked at each other and we didn’t talk about it until like two or three years after that, like the, even that night we just looked at each other and we was like, Nope, we’re fishing. We’re not worried about that.

Jim Harold (00:19:17):
You know, that sounds like. I, I mean, that’s kind of stuff like Mothman prophecy stuff where you’ve got different things happening. It’s not just one thing. You’ve got the, the, the weird shadow person over eight feet tall. You’ve got the car doors closing up by themselves or opening by the opening, closing by themselves. And then you’ve got this, this, uh, this strange UFO, like multiple things. That’s, that’s really quite a, I mean, that’s quite a story, but that’s really been interesting to me, these cases where you see multiple things and I won’t repeat it, but my parents had an experience where multiple things happened at a place. So I’ve always been interested in these cases, maybe more than any, because it’s not just one thing. One thing would be incredible. You have three of them (laughs) with multiple people too, who saw the same thing.

Jordan (00:20:10):
Yeah. And the thing is, we don’t, don’t like talking about it, like the UFOs, the buddy who saw it, he will not talk about it. And if anyone asks him about it, other than me, he, he doesn’t like talking about it because he doesn’t want to seem crazy. And for three things to happen in the same night, most people don’t believe like, well, that’s a lot to happening one night. And, and I’m even like, I’m like, well, I I’m like, how can all this happen at once? But we, we was there to see it, but none of us believe it because we’re like, how can something like that happen in, in less than 12 hours?

Jim Harold (00:20:47):
I mean, it, it is incredible, but I gotta tell you, uh, you know, the more you look into this, there’s a lot of cases like that, where there’s a co-incidence of different things. Like some people see a Bigfoot, then they see a UFO and it makes you wonder if all these things in some way, at least in some cases are all connected. Very interesting, indeed. And, uh, as you go out and about, uh, on the roadways, uh, have you seen any more UFOs? Because I mean, truckers to me would be someone who could see ’em a lot, cuz you’re always looking at the sky. Anything else suspicious?

Jordan (00:21:22):
I actually have, I’ve seen two, what I would call UFOs. It was like a shooting star. But, and it, it looked it like it mimicked it, but it stopped for a second.

Jim Harold (00:21:35):

Jordan (00:21:36):
And then it took off again. And me and my, I had a friend with me then and for both of those and they, they did the, they looked exactly the same, but they both stopped. And one was in Indiana and one was in, uh, Kentucky not far from my house. And we both was, it was, the same friend and we just looked at each other and we just didn’t talk about it cuz we’re like, who’s gonna believe us.

Jim Harold (00:22:03):
Well, Jordan, I believe you. I don’t know if that helps any, but I believe you. And I thank you for being,

Jordan (00:22:08):
I appreciate it.

Jim Harold (00:22:09):
I thank you for being a part of the Campfire.

Jordan (00:22:12):
Thanks Jim.

Jim Harold (00:22:13):
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Campfire Announcer (00:25:57):
You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:26:01):
Jennifer is on the line from Tennessee and, uh, she has a story. Well, it started with a bike ride, but it became quite something else. Jennifer, thank you for joining us. Uh, appreciate you being a part of the Campfire.

Jennifer (00:26:16):
Hi Jim. Thanks for having me. Yes. My story is, um, I haven’t told very many people this story. So, uh, this is kind of fun to tell this happened about, uh, in 2001. So my two daughters and husband and I, we were living in a rental house in Lancaster, California while our new house was being finished. So it was a Sunday morning, about 7:00 AM. I went out for my usual bike ride I did around the neighborhood. So it was really warm on this. It was July. Um, nobody else was out yet. So, um, the sun was up, it was bright and beautiful summer day. So the neighborhood was a tract home development. So mostly single story homes that were all built at the same time. And all the trees along the street were all the same height, about 15 feet tall. So, um, the blocks were kind of long in this neighborhood. So I’m plugging along on my bike. And all of a sudden I notice this orangeish salmon colored ball in my upper right peripheral. So it was about 18 inches round. And like I said, light salmon color. It wasn’t glowing. Um, but it looked, it looked like those balls you see in the grocery store, you know, just like a, a kid’s ball and it’s moving horizontally along the tree line about 12 to 15 inches, 12, 15 feet high. And it’s moving slightly faster than I can pedal. So I’m not scared, but I find myself trying to pedal harder to keep up with it. I’m chasing it. And I’m thinking, why am I doing this? And then I realize I’m starting to lose it. It’s just too fast for me. So I think to myself, well, I’ll catch it at the corner because I’m so fascinated with this because it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before ball moving horizontally, completely silent. So right up ahead, the road takes a, a sharp right turn. Then it zigzags back to the left and continues on. So I know once I get to the corner, I’m gonna see it. So it’s slowly getting away from me. It turns the corner. When I get there to the corner, about four seconds later, it’s nowhere to be seen. It’s gone. I don’t see it anymore. So that’s really, that’s really the story. Um, I’ve always been skeptic about aliens. I, um, probably cuz I just didn’t wanna believe ’em cuz they’re just, they’re too unexplainable. And too scary.(laughs) And 20 years ago you didn’t hear about these that much. I didn’t know where to look for them. You know, I, there was a couple movies out, but um, after listening to the Campfire, I just had to call and tell you.

Jim Harold (00:29:07):
So the, the question is what do you think It was?

Jennifer (00:29:09):
Well, it was definitely nothing I’d ever seen before, but it, you know, it sounds a lot like all the orbs, you hear glowing orbs. Um, but again, this wasn’t glowing, but uh, and I was the only one I seemed to be the only one in the neighborhood awake at seven am on a Sunday and there it was, it, it came up, I must have come up from behind and passed me and kept going and uh, and then disappeared. So do we say aliens, you know?

Jim Harold (00:29:43):
It’s interesting. I think, so it really is interesting. It’s one of those that kind of falls into the, it’s kind of like a UFO, but it’s also kinda like a head scratcher, just one of those things, kinda like what was that all about?

Jennifer (00:29:55):
Right, right. So I’m just curious to, to know if, um, I keep listening to see if anyone else has the same story of seeing one of these orbs during the daytime that that’s not glowing.

Jim Harold (00:30:06):
Well, if anybody out there has experienced something like this, please, uh, when we have the submissions open, go over to, you’ll have to check and see if they’re open now because we record and then we air them different dates. So I don’t know if they will be open when you hear this, but go and check. We’d love to hear more of these stories. And there’s just the, the ones that really do make you scratch your head. Jennifer, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

Jennifer (00:30:37):
Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:30:38):
Paul is on the line from the great state of Iowa and he is here to talk to us about a chilling experience he had several years ago and can’t wait to hear more. Very interesting. Paul, thank you for joining us. I know that you’d like to listen to the show on your various travels and I appreciate it. And thanks for coming on the Campfire. Please tell us what happened.

Paul (00:31:02):
Thank you very much, Jim. It’s an honor to be on the show. I really enjoy, uh, listening to you and you’re the best at what you do by far.

Jim Harold (00:31:09):
Oh thank you.

Paul (00:31:10):
So this happened back in the early nineties, um, my wife and I were attending college and we lived in an apartment complex and we lived in the back apartment of the complex and adjacent to our apartment was a, uh, little line of trees and then a field. Um, and so one night we were, um, in the apartment and I was studying and my wife said that she was going to go to bed. And this was about, probably about 10:30 at night. And so she went to bed and I continued studying. And after, uh, probably about 10 or 15 minutes, um, our dog, we had a little, little dog, um, started this low growl that I had never heard before. Hmm. Um, and I thought it was rather strange. And she went over to the front door of the apartment and she laid down on her, on her belly with her nose as close to the door as she could get and just continued this low growl. And it was interesting because she was a barker. And if you know, anybody would approach the apartment or anybody would knock on the door, she would just bark like crazy. But that’s not what she was doing. She was just growling. So I got up, I went over and uh, opened the door and, and looked outside and did not see anything, um, shut the door again. And she just continued this growl. And you know, Jim, I’ve heard other people on your show say it and I’ve experienced it before. But you know, people have talked about when, um, you know, something’s maybe going on or there’s a presence there, how they, the air feels heavier.

Jim Harold (00:33:01):

Paul (00:33:01):
And just the, just the atmosphere kind of changes. And that’s exactly how I would explain what was going on at that time. So I went back and tried to continue to study, but the dog kept growling at the door. So after a few more minutes, I just got up, took the dog and went into to the bedroom, shut the bedroom door. So I set the dog on the bed and I laid down in bed and I was, I was really tired. So I, I started to doze off and every time I would doze off, um, what I would see would be just guess you could say a vision or a dream or whatever, but there was a church and around the peak of this church came a lady in a white brides dress. And she would just hover there at the peak of this church and then she would peer down. And then when she would peer down as like, she was looking right at me, um, her face would turn completely black, like ash and then melt away. And every time I saw that vision, I would wake up and this happened several times, probably half a dozen times as I would doze off.

Jim Harold (00:34:21):

Paul (00:34:21):
And in the midst, yeah, yeah. Was, it was terrifying to say the least. And in the midst of this, our dog jumped off the bed. Again, went to the bedroom door, laid down by the bedroom door and started that low growling sound again. Oh boy. So this is going on. And um, all of a sudden my wife starts to in turn like somebody does when they’re having a nightmare. And so I, I reached over and I, um, you know, gently shook her awake and she woke up and was just frantic. And I said, what is going on? She says, oh my God, I was having the worst nightmare. And I said, well, what was it? And she said, there was this lady in a brides’ dress, hovering there. And she would look at me and her face would turn black and melt away. And at that moment I just said, we need to pray. I grabbed the Bible off my, uh, headboard and opened it up and, and, you know, prayed some scriptures, um, prayed the Lord’s prayer. Uh, numerous times said in the name of Jesus, I cast out all demons and principalities of evil and just prayed continuously for about at least five minutes. And after about five minutes, um, it was like the air that was so heavy. Um, just all of that dissipated. Um, our little dog came back and jumped on the bed, laid down and, um, and everything just kind of went back to normal and, you know, here’s, here’s my wife and I look at each other just saying, what in the world? Um, we were able to fall asleep, sleep through the night. We talked about it the next day. I’ve never been able to explain it. Um, other than I have at times heard about people talking about, um, spirits that pass through areas. And I just wonder if that’s what that was, if it was a spirit that passed through the area and decided to stop and test us. Um, and we, you know, luckily were able to get through that, but I, I can’t explain. I just know that it was a terrifying experience that, um, we had and, um, I would not wish that on anybody to be honest.

Jim Harold (00:36:52):
Yeah. That’s, that’s frightening. That is indeed frightening. And that’s the only time you had anything like that?

Paul (00:37:00):
Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s, uh, yeah, the only time I’ve experienced something like that, as far as, you know, what felt like it was something malicious, um, I’ve had, you know, I grew up in a house that was haunted. I worked at a facility that was, um, had numerous experiences there, but that’s the only time I really felt that pure feeling of what I would say is terror. Um, and you know, I’ve shared that with a few people. And, and the thing that I’ve always said is how do you explain the fact that that’s what I was envisioning while I was falling asleep. And that’s the same exact vision, because when we talked about the next day, all of the detail were the exact same. (overlapping speech) To the face. I mean, all of that was the exact same. And I mean, what are the, what are the chances of that happening? We hadn’t watched any movies. We hadn’t discussed anything like that. And to have that happen simultaneously is just, you know, unexplainable to me.

Jim Harold (00:38:04):
Paul, that that’s, uh, that’s quite the story. And we have heard, and recently we’ve been hearing a lot of these kind of shared dreams and it is a particularly spooky, spooky phenomena, but it’s a real thing. It’s a real thing. Yeah. It happens to people all the time. Paul, thank you so much for joining us tonight on the Campfire.

Paul (00:38:22):
Thank you so much. Jim, take care.

Jim Harold (00:38:24):
Milton is on the line from Florida. He says he’s been listening for about 10 years and that, that deserves a big thumbs up. We really appreciate that. And Milton, you know, I noticed that we’re getting more UFO stories and I think that’s great because I think for the longest time people were reticent, they were shy about their UFO experiences and we love to hear them. And Milton says he has something quite unique for us. Milton, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us in all this years of listening and, uh, tell us what happened.

Milton (00:38:57):
Oh, you, you got it Jim, well, it’s, it’s an honor to be on, um, uh, and you, and you’re right about, uh, you know, not telling some of these stories, uh, you know, people having a problem um, you know, being taken seriously, that kind of thing. Cause when this happened, I didn’t tell anybody for quite a while. Um, I’m I don’t like the, uh, word skeptic. I’m just not a UFO guy. I don’t pursue that kind of thing. So anyway, um, I used to live about 30 miles, uh, Southwest of Phoenix. And if, uh, people would look at a map there’s not much out that way, this desert, um, and at night it’s really, really dark. Um, but you do get a lot of commercial traffic, like airplanes and, uh, military Luke is out there, Luke air force base. So I’ve seen everything, a tons of military aircraft going out the way there’s a bombing range that the Barry Goldwater range is out there. So, and I mean, I lived out there for 18 years. I never saw anything that I couldn’t explain. So this was a weird night. Um, I’ve had trouble sleeping in the past and, uh, and you know, if I did, I’d just go out to the back. We had a, like a 50 foot lap pool and it had, uh, pool decking that went another, maybe 20 feet on each side, 25 feet. So I could pace back and forth and just think so. And it, and the pool decking went beyond the house on both sides. So when one side I could see to the Southeast and that’s Sky Harbor, so I could see approaches and that kind of thing, just normal, uh, aircraft and when I would walk the other way, I would look to the Northeast. So, you know, I mean, I did this a million times. Um, so this night check the Sky Harbor side and going back, um, up to the other side of the house, I look, you know, you know, the Northeast sky, there’s not a whole lot up there except for maybe the big dipper. It’s, it’s a, it’s a pretty clear sky. So I come around the side of the house, I look up and there is a gold disc that is it is this beautiful gold color. It’s not really bright. It’s this, uh, almost like a coin, you know, I hadn’t thought about that, but kind of like that, but it, but it’s not close to me. It’s like it it’s like upper atmosphere and anyth– and it was at that point, um, maybe about, um, 25% of the size of the moon. So you can imagine how big that is.It’s big. Okay. So, and it’s starting to get bigger and of course we do, we all do this same thing. I looked, you know, I looked down, I’m thinking this can’t be happening. And then I look back up and it’s still there and it gets bigger and bigger. And it’s like a, you know, if you think about a camera aperture, it just that’s, it was this smooth open, it just opened. It stopped, um, at about three quarters of the size of the moons. And again, nothing should be there even. I mean, there’s no planets, this thing is huge, right?

Jim Harold (00:42:21):

Milton (00:42:22):
So I never took my off again. I’m just staring at this thing. And as, and when it got to the, the full size, it started to, um, get smaller. It hit that full size. and I watch this thing get smaller and smaller and smaller. And it, uh, when it got to the, just where it kind of blinked out, just a little dot, I’m just, I’m watching the space and a, just, you know, how you see satellites, you know, you can watch the satellite go across the sky. Something came from that spot and went to the south west and I watched it for almost a minute, uh, you know, go and disappear. So, you know, I mean the only thing, and again, I, I’m not, you know, the guy that’s gonna, you know, come up with a bunch of crazy theories, but you know, it seemed pretty clear that something opened there and then it closed and let something out and, you know, like a portal. And I, I, interestingly on, um, another podcast, I heard other people seeing portals that were, but were, they were different shapes than mine. One was like an elevator door kind of shape and forget what the other one was. And they were different colors too. So to take it to even crazier realm, is, are these different societies that are coming in or, you know what I’m saying instead of having different technologies. But, uh, so that’s, that’s kind of the, excuse me, that’s kind of the story.

Jim Harold (00:44:12):
Yeah. That’s interesting. A gold disc. A lot of times we hear silver colored, but this one was a golden colored disc. I think that was interesting.

Milton (00:44:19):
Well, well, and it, and it wasn’t a ship though, Jim, this, this wasn’t a ship. This was, it was not a ship. It was, it was a portal. I mean, I mean, that’s the only way I can describe it to you. It wasn’t moving, it was stationary. It just opened up into our space and say, I know it sounds so crazy to say this, but it, it just opened up and then it closed. It was a door. I mean, that’s–

Jim Harold (00:44:48):
Well, I don’t think it’s necessarily quote crazy, um, because okay, here, here’s one of the, and you talked about skeptics before, but the hardcore skeptics who say, oh, well, there can’t be visitors from elsewhere. Because the distances are too vast. Well, yeah, according to our current science, but if they have a way make, uh, a portal or some kind of vortex or something that they can travel through from one point to another, then, uh, you know, all of a sudden that changes the calculus rather than whatever these things are getting into a ship and traveling a far distance, if they can get into some kind of ship and basically beam the themselves here ala Star Trek, or they can go through some kind of wormhole or something. I, I mean, that totally changes the calculus. So to me, the idea that there is some kind of portal or something like that, at least to me, I would say that, that, that something like that is definitely within the realm of possibility. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t necessarily, they discount it

Milton (00:45:53):
Well in it. Interesting though that it’s over a city of 5 million people because where I was situated and where Phoenix is, it, it was over. I mean, if it, if it’s two in the morning, right. So I don’t know how many people were out, but you would think someone else would see it or, you know, maybe they let me see it. I don’t know, because you would think people would be going crazy if they saw something like that.

Jim Harold (00:46:17):
And the other thing is you talk about Phoenix, the Phoenix lights in the nineties, right?

Milton (00:46:23):
Oh yeah. Yeah. The, the big, uh, uh, triangular, uh, ship and all that. Cause that’s the one that started to discount. I, I lived out where, uh, uh, the Phoenix lights took place and I gotta tell you the, they were using flares back then the military.

Jim Harold (00:46:41):

Milton (00:46:41):
And they are freaky. I mean, people cuz you can see them from the valley and they, they disappear because they’re mountains separating the two and I’m not discounting. The people saw what the they saw, but uh, you know, you could freak yourself out with those flares. They, they don’t move and they, they could be perfectly straight. I saw one configuration that was a T, an enormous T. How do you do that? I have no idea, but uh, I’ll give you one, one more quick thing. My, uh, ex, well, my father-in-law, uh, he was a CIA dude and he worked at Area 51 and he, you know, he didn’t, he didn’t really believe in higher powers and all that stuff. And you know, he never would tell us what they were doing, but he said he would only say that if you think that we’re the only ones out there. You’re crazy.

Jim Harold (00:47:38):
(laughs) Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s a very good point. I think it’s a very good point. I think chances are in favor of, uh, definitely us, uh, having some company. Milton, thank you so much for joining us in all of your support over the years.

Milton (00:47:53):
All right. You you’re welcome, Jim. God bless you.

Jim Harold (00:47:56):
Erin is on the line from Ohio, a fellow Buckeye on the line. We’re so glad to have her with us and she’s gonna tell us, uh, about the years in her kind of high school and college years, she lived in a haunted house. She’s gonna tell us all about it, Erin, welcome to the show. OH?

Erin (00:48:15):

Jim Harold (00:48:15):
There you go. Tell us your story.

Erin (00:48:17):
So, um, I’ve lived in Ohio, my entire life, mostly in the Columbus area. Um, I was 13 in the late nineties. We built a new house in Powell, which is the suburb just north of Columbus. Um, and we moved in and at first everything seemed great. And then, um, I was a latchkey kid, so I would be home alone a lot, um, after school and uh, on the weekends and stuff. And I started noticing some weird things would go on at first. I was like, oh, but I’m just in a new house. It’s fine. Yeah, it’s a brand new build and there shouldn’t be all of these creaks and groans going on, but you know, I’m in a new house. What do I know? And um, then as the years went on into high school, I started noticing that I would be in my room, which was on the opposite side of the house from the garage. And I would hear the garage door open. It makes a very distinct sound and I would call out and no one would, um, no one would respond. I was like, well, that’s odd, mom and dad shouldn’t be home. And I would go downstairs. Garage doors closed. No one’s there. And the first couple times it happened, we didn’t have cell phones yet back then. Uh, so I didn’t, I couldn’t call them or text them to say, Hey, what’s going on? But I would start asking them, Hey, did you guys like come home and leave? And they were always like, no, what are you talking about? Um, and this would been just no matter where I was in the house upstairs, downstairs basement, pretty much everywhere, but in the garage. Um, if I was in my room, I would hear the, I would hear creaks. Like someone was walking up the stairs. I would hear my name being called and when I would call out, no one was there. This started happening when, uh, when other people were home actually. And um, and then I would call out, Hey, you know, what, what do you want? Go find, you know, my parents and no, they never called me that, you know, I must be hearing things, but I would always hear, yeah. People walking up and downstairs. Um, it never, it never like sounded specifically like anybody just kind of that general, you know, you think you hear your, your name being called. Um, but so, so that was, that was pretty steady. And no one else ever said that they heard anything, but mom and dad weren’t big on the ghost stuff. And I didn’t even really think anything of it. Um, until I moved out really. Um, but my freshman year of college was when something really weird happened.

Jim Harold (00:51:07):

Erin (00:51:08):
Um, I was the last person to leave the house. Um, I was home from, from break and, um, well I was home mom, Bri. Um, and my parents went to work and my brother left to go to school. And then I left, I left through the front door to get to my car, which was, uh, sitting in the front of the, uh, in front of the house, not in the driveway. And I left, I locked the door, I went to work and then I got a call later that afternoon from my mom at work saying, you need to get home. Uh, you left the garage door open when you left and your brother is there and he freaked out. Um, my younger brother, uh, he was in high school. Um, you know, your brother’s freaked out that someone might be in there. You need to go home. Cause I was, I only lived, I only worked five minutes away. So I was like, but I didn’t open the garage door. So I didn’t leave it open, but Hey, you know, my brother, he you know, needs help. So I got off work. I went home. Um, I walked into the open garage door. Um, and when you open the garage door, uh, there’s a sort of a laund– a little hallway with a mud room, laundry room, um, off to the left and then the kitchen off to the right. And we have a, we had a collie, full grown collie um, and she barked all the time. And when we, whenever we left, we always put her in the laundry room with a little baby gate. Um, and it was just very odd because I knew that I had put her in the laundry room with the little baby gate. And, but when I went inside, she was still in the laundry room, but the door was closed and we never closed. We never closed that door. And I was like, dad, that tells me that someone else has been here because I didn’t do that. And I just, um, you know, just kind of walked around the front, the, the, the first floor and was like, okay, I’m kind of-, I’m spooked out. I’m spooked out. Um, it’s getting dark. So I went across the street and we called the police at the neighbor’s house and they came over and they went through and they said, um, no one’s here. Um, you know, can you come in, make sure that everything’s in place. So I checked, you know, I walked through, checked the valuables, you know, nothing seems to be missing, but I notice, um, it, it just, it’s very odd. So the police said, well, you must have left the garage door open. And an opportunist came in, got freaked out by your big dog barking and shut her in the room and then got freaked out because she continued barking and then left. And my parents bought that story and I just kept thinking, but I never went out the garage door. And if they were so freaked out by the dog, by the dog barking, then why would they go toward the dog who could have jumped over the baby gate had she been so inclined, reached over into her space, had to open the baby gate so she could have gotten out in order to close the door. Hmm. If they were so freaked out by this, you know, this big collie barking at them, why would they have invaded her space and given her the opportunity to get her teeth on her, on them?

Jim Harold (00:54:57):
Right. Right.

Erin (00:54:59):
And the even weirder thing was, was I went up to my room, which again was on the opposite side of the garage and upstairs. And my fish tank light was off. And like, I have my routines and I know I left that little fish tank light on. And my first thought was maybe the, um, maybe the bulb burned out. It would’ve been weird timing. No, it had been turned off.

Jim Harold (00:55:29):
Oh, that’s weird.

Erin (00:55:30):
Yeah. It was very weird.

Jim Harold (00:55:34):

Erin (00:55:35):
Um, nothing like that ever happened again. Um, the only other weird thing that really happened in that house was, um, I get cold very easily. And when the house was built, the air vent that went directly to my room was shut off. So my room was always at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. Oh. And we had someone in a couple years later and they were in the crawl space and they were like, why is this air vent turned off? So they opened it up. And my room warmed up about a year or two back after that, my room started getting cold again. So we went back into the crawl space, checked that air vent,

Jim Harold (00:56:16):
and it was closed.

Erin (00:56:17):
Shut off again.

Jim Harold (00:56:18):

Erin (00:56:18):
It was closed again. And it was not the kind that like very easily shut off. And we were never in that crawl space.

Jim Harold (00:56:27):
Was this an older house or was this a newer house?

Erin (00:56:30):
This was a new build. We, we built it from the ground up. Um, uh, it, it was the, it was a horse farm before it was a development. And we don’t know, what it was before that.

Jim Harold (00:56:47):
Um, interesting.

Erin (00:56:49):
Other than, you know, ob – obviously native American land, but we don’t know any of the history, but it was,

Jim Harold (00:56:56):
It’s a mystery phantom , phantom burglar, it sounds like.hat’s weird. Now. I assume your family, uh, says left that house or no longer family, no longer has that house.

Erin (00:57:09):
Yeah. We moved about 12 years ago. I haven’t stopped by to ask anyone else. If they’ve heard the, the garage door open.

Jim Harold (00:57:19):
There you go. There you go. Well Erin, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire tonight.

Erin (00:57:25):
Thank you so much for having me.

Jim Harold (00:57:28):
I’m excited to tell you about a brand new podcast that we’re doing here at Jim Harold Media. We’re doing it in the spooky studio, but it’s not spooky per se, but it’s called You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. And I’m co-hosting with my wife, Dar Harold. And basically what it is, is a compilation of stories, but not spooky stories, but just weird things that have happened to people in life. We’ve gotten, uh, many people calling in with celebrity sightings, interacting with celebrities. We’ve had one person, uh, on this week’s show that, uh, hitchhiked and got the ride of a lifetime, a nightmare ride. For example, we had another person who really showed how small the world really is. So just amazing stories, non-paranormal stories that happen in the course of daily life stories that make you say simply, you won’t believe what happened to me. So I hope that you’ll listen to it. It is on apple podcast, Spotify, I iHeart Radio. And as time goes on, I suspect we’ll be on all of the major podcast apps. We just released our first episode on Tuesday of this week and so far, uh, folks have been saying great things. So we really appreciate it. So check out: You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me , the brand new podcast from Jim Harold Media. And if you have an incredible non-paranormal story that happened to yo, could be happy, could be sad, could be good, could be bad. Please sign up at to have your story featured. We would love that. And you know, examples, I use, maybe someone won the lottery, right? That would be a, you won’t believe what happened to me story, or it could be, I narrowly escaped death. Maybe I was in a plane crash, but I lived, you know, t those kind of stories, as long as people feel comfortable telling these stories, of course we don’t wanna traumatize anybody, but You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. That is the show. And we sincerely hope that you’ll check it out. You’ve supported Campfire and our other shows for years. And we thought, you know, uh, let’s do something, a family thing with and Dar I, I think she does a great job on the mic and thought this would be a fun way to do it because there’s so many stories out there that don’t really fit Campfire. They’re not supernatural, but, uh, we’re excited about this project and we hope you will be too. Thanks so much and check out You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me.

Campfire Announcer (01:00:00):
You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (01:00:02):
Next on the line is Clay from Colorado and we’re so glad that he is. He’s been listening for a few years and he has a story of a strange road trip Clay. Welcome to the show. Tell us what happened.

Clay (01:00:16):
Hey, thanks for having me, Jim. Um, this just happened, uh, back in July and August of 2021. And what had happened was my family kind of decided to move from Dallas, Texas to Fort Collins, Colorado on a whim. It was kind of a confluence of a lot of things and including COVID and everything just lined up. My wife could work from home. So we said, we’ve been wanting to do it for a while. Let’s just do this. So we sold our house in a, in a very red, hot market in Texas, and didn’t have a place to live in Fort Collins. So we, uh, worked feverishly, made, made a, made several trips up here, didn’t find anything. And we finally bought a house, uh, that was, uh, that we’d never been to. We just bought it site unseen and, uh, made arrangements for the closing to happen in, in a couple weeks. So we packed up our house and it was gonna be a two day trip to get from Dallas to Fort Collins. It’s about a 14 hour drive if you just had a regular car. Uh, but we, we had had a 26 foot U-Haul carrying, uh, my car on a trailer and then my wife and son were, uh, following in their cars and they had, um, one dog and three cats. So we had everything we owned on the road and, um, we, uh, had made arrangements to leave on a Tuesday and sign the closing documents on a Thursday. So, uh, the Tuesday rolls around and we are, uh, we’re packing up our house. It’s time to leave. We’ve got everything packed up, ready to go. We can’t find one of our cats.

Jim Harold (01:02:03):

Clay (01:02:03):
And so we, we, we, uh, we called and postponed the closing cause we couldn’t find him on the cat. So we didn’t know if he was outside or inside. So we searched and searched. Um, my wife said, uh, you know, she wanted, she wanted to go. So we kept searching, searching. We finally found him about five or six o’clock and she said she was gonna go ahead and hit the road that night. Uh, so she went ahead and took off headed towards Colorado. And, um, my, my buddy, I, I was with a buddy of mine and him and I, he and I were gonna take off, uh, the next morning. So, uh, my wife gets on the road the night before, makes it to a hotel about two hours down the road. Uh, my friend and I jumped in the car that morning and we towards Colorado, we’re about two hours into our trip and we had just passed, uh, the hotel where my wife was staying and I saw her car was still there. Uh, so I called her and I said, we’re ahead of you now. And she said, I’ll give you a call when we get caught up. So about 30, 45 minutes later, she calls me. And as soon as she calls me, um, I pick up the phone and the front wheels of the U-Haul start to wobble back and forth. I’m like, great. You know, uh, this is already a 10 hour trip with a regular car, then we got a U-Haul, it’s gonna be another couple hours. And then now we’ve got a flat. So we pull over, uh, I, I have my wife call me back. She calls me and says, Hey, uh, we’ll find you. She pulls up behind me. We, we make all the arrangements for U-Haul and, uh, they come, they said, it’ll be about two, two and a half hours. So my wife goes ahead and goes on towards Colorado, leaves me and my friend sitting there on the side of the road. And it’s July, it’s like July early August in Texas. It’s hot. We are extremely bored. We’ve noticed that we we’ve pulled over. We got a flat tire we’re in between a beef jerky place of all, all things and a roadside Memorial is about 200 yards in front of us. And I pulled off on the side of the road and by my door is open on the U-Haul all the way. And I still have about three feet before I get to the highway. So I got the door open, we’re sitting there and we were just watching hundreds of cars go by and nobody offers to help. And I’m talking with my friend and I said, Hey, why do you think it is that nobody offers to help anymore. We’ve had hundreds of cars, several law enforcement people. And when we were growing up in the early seventies, people would stop and helped you. Right. And, uh, I said, you know, it’s probably because everybody just has a cell phone. They saw we were in a U-Haul and they figured we probably got it taken care of. So no big deal. So all these cars pass us and it’s been about two hours. And all of a sudden I look over and stopped right next to me in the slow lane, know this two lane highway, it’s actually highway 287, going up towards Wichita Falls in Texas. And this, this car stop, this truck stops. And it’s, it’s the strangest thing ’cause it’s not transparent or glowing or anything like that. The only thing I can think of is that it just had a monotone color speed. It was a, a late seventies, Dodge or Ford. I couldn’t really tell, but it was white on the outside. Everything was white on the inside. And there was a girl driver and she was wearing all white and she had brunette and she looked over at me. And I know first thing I noticed was how beautiful she was. She was a very pretty girl, shoulder length brunette curly hair, but her face was covered in black and I looked at it and I, I said, she said, Hey, is there anything I can do to help you guys? I said, oh no, we got everything taken care of you. I really appreciate it. You’re the first person to stop. I definitely appreciate that. She said, Hey, no problem. And, uh, she just went on. And first thing I thought was how strange was she stopped in the middle of a two lane highway? And, um, that was really strange. Um, my friend had walked up the road a bit and it turned around and was coming back towards me. And as soon as that, that girl had driven off from the truck, I said, did you see that that was the strangest thing? And he said, yeah, she was doing the other way on the highway. And she made a U-turn to come back and help us. And I was like, that was, that was strange. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if she was real, if it was a, if it was some kind of specter or spiritual thing, if I don’t know if it was connected to the roadside Memorial that was in front of us. Um, all I know is that when I was done interacting with her, probably for the first time in my life, after interacting with the person, I said something was definitely not right about that.

Jim Harold (01:06:33):
Right And in fact, it was an older truck, right?

Clay (01:06:36):
Right. It’s an older white truck and everything was white. So her hair and her, her face, it was very strange. So, um, so I mean, that’s, that itself is strange. And so I, I met up with my wife. Our goal was to make it to Trinidad, Colorado that night in the in the very Southeastern corner of Colorado. And we made it there. And my wife and son we’re gonna stay in a hotel. And me and my, my buddy were gonna go camp in a state park. So caught up with my wife, told her how weird that was, you know, just in passing. And then we went and camped. It was late at night, we set up camp and nothing unusual there just woke up in the morning and wanted a cup of coffee. So I drove into town. And when I drove down into Trinidad, Colorado, which is a, a very old Western trail kind of town, the first thing I saw was a, a, uh, 20 to 25 year old guy walking a gigantic horse, right through the middle of town. And I, I spent a lot of time in Trinidad, I know it’s on the Santa Fe trail and, and I’ve never seen anything like that. It was, it was very strange, but the, the guy was dressed in all animal skins and they were the same color as the horse, which was tannish brown. And the guy was carrying a rifle that was wrapped in animal skin. And on the back of the horse was a roll, like a bed of some sort. And that was it. And the guy was leading the horse, walking through towel, looking up at the signs, like the McDonald sign and just staring at it like, what is this? And I was in my truck looking over there and just saying, staring at this guy going, this is the strangest thing. And just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I looked over in the manager of, at McDonald’s had walked out front and was watching this guy walk down the street. And, and she, she must have been a local, I figured. And, and that was pretty unusual for her to see something like that. So, so again, I, I don’t know if either one of those things were, you know, what they were, they were both extremely unusual and, uh, I’ve never anything like that in Texas, you know, and I barely waded into Colorado and here we go, you know, it was very strange.

Jim Harold (01:09:02):
That is strange. Did you see any of this as an omen for your move to Fort Collins? Either way good or bad?

Clay (01:09:09):
I really didn’t. I, um, I’ve always been into the paranormal and I don’t know, I just kind of looked at it as, as Texas I Texas, um, presented that that girl driver to me is just one last kind of thing is waving goodbye because cuz we’re gone from Texas for, for good. We’ve been here for, for 50 years and we’re leaving. Um, so I don’t know. I don’t know if its an omen. I think it was just a really, it was a, it was a very nice thing and I’ve always thought it was very pleasant. Uh, the girl was trying to be very helpful and, and that guy, you know, that the guy walking the horse, even if that was a real person, I would like to know more about that. Like he’s, he’s going down the Santa Fe trail or something in 2022, 2021,2022. I don’t know. That’s that’s that’s unusual. I don’t know if he was surviving with that horse out there or, or what that was. I have no idea, but uh, maybe one day we’ll find out

Jim Harold (01:09:54):
Very interesting indeed. Very indeed. Clay. Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

Clay (01:10:01):
Thank you Jim for having me

Jim Harold (01:10:03):
Next up on the campfire is Julia from Chicago and we’re so glad she found us, uh, three or four years ago. She said she was looking for Spotify, looking at Spotify and looking for a great paranormal podcast and she found ours. So I appreciate it, and that’s why the, those ratings and reviews can be so important. People see those and say, Hey, let me check this out. And then you get a storyteller and a listener like Julia, Julia, thank you again for joining us tonight. And I know you have a story for us, so, uh, please share.

Julia (01:10:33):
Okay. Thank you so much. Um, so my story begins all the way back in 90. Um, unfortunately, uh, four days before I was born, my brother and his two friends passed away in a garage fire.

Jim Harold (01:10:47):
Oh, I’m sorry.

Julia (01:10:49):
Oh, thank you. Um, it was, it was an unfortunate, um, event and an, an unfortunate accident, but it did happen. And um, four days later I was born. So although I never had the chance to meet my brother, I was in, in some ways, um, still bonded to him because he was the only one of my siblings that was, uh, certain I was going to be a girl and he, um, chose my name as well. Um, and when I was really little before I could even remember, my mom says that I would, um, always say he was, uh, behind me and I’m guessing I meant that, um, he was always with me. Um, so fast forward to when I was about four or five years old. Um, and on one particular night I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep and I didn’t understand why. Um, but I had a TV in my room and I figured I would just try to watch TV until I fell asleep. And when I couldn’t fall asleep, my plan was to turn on my lamp and walk over to my desk and, um, color until I got sleepy and just try to keep myself busy. And uh, just when I was starting to feel sleepy, I decided to lay back in bed and I turned the TV off and thought to myself, okay, I’ll, I’ll definitely fall asleep this time. Um, and so I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but I got this weird, funny feeling and I opened my eyes again. And um, now at the foot of my bed was this old school like rusted, uh, radiator and right in front of it was my bedroom window and the curtains. And what I saw when I opened my eyes was so bizarre. It was the curtains very slowly sort of levitating and billowing in place. And keep in mind it was cold outside. So the window was closed. There was no draft and the radiator wasn’t on. So something about this completely terrified me because I, I instantly knew this wasn’t normal and it wasn’t explainable. And I turned my head to look behind me through the open doorway that leads into our tiny hallway as if to kind of say, is anybody else seeing this? And I obviously didn’t expect to see anybody there in the middle of the night, but someone was there and it was my brother. And, um, he was, uh, about 15 feet away, also levitated off the ground. He looked to be about the age. He would’ve been when he passed and he was smiling and glowing in this like goldish whiteish color. And I couldn’t see his feet hanging from what seemed like a white robe or something. And in retrospect, I realized that he, um, appeared to me in a way that a little girl my age might actually imagine an angel to look like. And although there was absolutely nothing threatening about his demeanor, it still really terrified me because I knew that it was impossible. I was seeing what I was seeing and with my heart racing, I quickly turned my head away and shut my eyes real tight and gripped the covers. And when I needed reassurance that there was nothing there, I just had to look again to see and he was gone.

Jim Harold (01:13:35):
So you believe that was your brother giving you a sign, right?

Julia (01:13:40):
I, I do believe so. My sister actually later told me that he must have come to visit me because he was so excited to meet me, but never had the opportunity to, and that explanation still resonates with me today. I just sometimes wonder if I couldn’t sleep because as a sensitive child that was picking up on something and had all this energy because of it, or if he knew I was struggling and maybe thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pop in and say hello.

Jim Harold (01:14:05):
Well, that makes sense to me. I mean, I think that those things can happen and I think our loved ones, you know, I, I, I think there’s something to it. I definitely think it, and in this case, I mean, yeah, you had never met, but you were his sister and I’m sure at the time of his passing, he was looking forward to meeting you and this gave him that opportunity.

Julia (01:14:28):
I definitely agree.

Jim Harold (01:14:31):
So I, uh, I thought you had something else you wanted to share with us as well.

Julia (01:14:35):
Yes. Um, so just a few months ago, my mom told me something about the day he died, that I actually never knew. And, um, what she had told me was that my mom was at work when everything was happening. And, um, she worked in a factory where she, and where she stood was on a, a platform, lifted a few feet off the ground. And that day she felt someone suddenly grip her calf as if from the ground below her. And she swung around thinking it was the janitor, playfully messing with her, but there was no one there. And it happened a couple more times and there was so no one there, but later my mom realized that around the time this had happened was right around the time my brother had passed. And she now believes that this was a visit to give his last goodbye to his mom.

Jim Harold (01:15:19):
Oh. And I believe those things happen too. We hear many cases, uh, where people, uh, have the situation where something happens to a loved one, they pass or get injured or something. And they, they feel something like a phantom pain or a touch like you described your mom having. I think there’s a golden thread among those of us who are related, uh, whether it’s by blood or just being very close. And I, I think that, uh, that death does not stop it.

Julia (01:15:49):
Of course, definitely. I definitely agree.

Jim Harold (01:15:52):
Well, I know you have more stories and I hope you’ll sign back up to tell those in the future. And Julia, thank you for listening and sharing your story tonight on the campfire.

Julia (01:16:00):
Thank you so much, Jim.

Jim Harold (01:16:01):
Matthew is on the Campfire and we want to thank Matthew for joining us from Arizona. And he’s gonna take us back to the summer of 2012, but first I wanna give a spooky shout out to Matthew’s friend, Logan. Logan told Matthew about the show a couple of years back, and Matthew has been listening faithfully ever since. And now he is on the show to share his own Campfire experience. Matthew, welcome to the show. And please tell us what happened.

Matthew (01:16:30):
Yeah. I was, uh, walking down the street in, uh, Peoria, walking down, Peoria Road. And, uh, I was with my cousin, Heather and my buddy Frankie.

Jim Harold (01:16:40):
And this was in, this was in Phoenix, right?

Matthew (01:16:42):
Yes. Phoenix. Yes. That one Peoria. We, we turned off of the major road, Peoria, into the neighborhood. And uh, I remember we were walking east towards our apartment and I we’re, I coming up to a house. I remember looking at the house specifically looking south at the house. And as I’m staring at the house, like a sudden white, like it wasn’t sudden it was a slow, slowly like white wash over0 overcame. And then it just disappeared faster than it hit me. And I just continued walking and I didn’t think of much of it until I realized how quiet we got as a group. And then I mentioned something about being blinded by a white flash and I didn’t get the white flash outta my mouth before my cousin standing right behind me said that she saw it too. And then my buddy said, just to my left said he noticed that he was blinded also when we all three stopped and looked at each other, like, what was that? And, uh, I know that I was looking south and I saw my cousin looking east in the direction we were walking. And she said, Frankie was looking north just to his left. And, uh, as soon as it hit us, she noticed that we both reacted the same way facing east, continued walking with getting all quiet.

Jim Harold (01:18:00):
Hmm. So now let me ask you this now. Uh, I’ve heard of, uh, you know, if you read the, the, the material, for example, of John Keel, Mothman prophecies, he talks about people who have been like a beam has come down on them, or they’ve seen a large flash of light. That’s kind of bathed their body, those kind of things. And then they have life changes. Did you? Or, and I mean, people have life changes all the time, so it doesn’t have to be necessarily a cause or effect, but was there anything dramatic that happened after this, any missing time? Uh, or was it just simply the, the flash and that was it?

Matthew (01:18:40):
No, not, not immediately, but after that, our all three of our lives did drastically change. I would say for the worst for a bit, all three of us, it was like, was thinking about it too. Was the first time the three of us as, as a trio or trio were out together, walking the streets, my cousin and my buddy Frankie. And then right after that, it kind of went south for a bit.

Jim Harold (01:19:06):
Yeah. I, and again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cause and effect, but Keel was saying that there were times when people would have something like this happen. Maybe they have a religious conversion of some type, or maybe they end up divorcing their husband or wife. And you know, that there have been cases where that happened and I’ve been, uh, re-listening to the Mothman prophecies recently. And I just remember that. And I said, oh, that, that I, I would be curious. And again, the fact that all three of you see saw it and collaborated now, I assume you didn’t see anything in the news or anything. Nobody else.

Matthew (01:19:44):
No, we, we thought it was, it could have been something like an airplane flying over. Right. You know, cuz it’s, it is Phoenix and, and uh, what is it May? So, yeah, I don’t know, but all three of us are looking in a different direction. Cause I remember seeing my cousin looking at me as I’m looking south at this house.

Jim Harold (01:20:02):
Well, if you think about Phoenix, I, I feel one of the, you know, I wish it were discussed more, but the Phoenix Lights situation in the nineties and boy, I wish that would happen now because you would have so many different, uh, you know, everybody would have their phone out. There’d be so many different cameras trained on that. So when I think of Phoenix and UFOs, I, I immediately think of, uh, the Phoenix lights. Well, Matthew, I I’m sorry that I don’t have any answers for you, but I’m glad that you shared the experience and maybe somebody out there has had something similar happen to them. I’m guessing that they have.

Matthew (01:20:37):
It was definitely something, something worth noting, cuz it, it, it slowly whitewashed to a point where I was blind and it just snapped away. Yeah. And all three of us to didn’t react as a team together until someone mentioned it. And then that’s when we seemed disturbed.

Jim Harold (01:20:53):
Yeah. Well that’s the thing. This is like someone once said, that ain’t normal. I mean the fact that it kind of beamed in was so intense. It’s uh, that’s uh, really interesting. Well, Matthew, thank you for being a part of the Campfire today.

Matthew (01:21:07):
Of course. Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold (01:21:09):
Lynn is on the line from Florida. She’s been listening to us, uh, since around the beginning of the pandemic. And uh, I noticed that a lot, a lot of people at that time were looking for something to listen to and they, they found the shows and I’m I’m I hate the circumstances, but I love the fact that they, they found us and the Ghost Story Guys. That’s where she heard about us from. So be sure to check them out. We appreciate them and them spreading the word. Lynn says she may be being haunted by Jim Harold’s Campfire. Oh my goodness. Okay, Lynn, well tell us about it, and I feel badly, cuz I’m glad you like to listen to of the shows, you mentioned you’re a Plus Club member, but I don’t wanna totally freak anybody out. So I’m sorry about that.

Lynn (01:21:55):
It’s it’s okay. It, uh, it’s been a good thing overall honestly.

Jim Harold (01:21:59):
Well tell us about it.

Lynn (01:22:01):
Well, I have, like I said, I’ve been listening for quite a while and this started, I would say about a year and a half ago. Um, I used to listen on Stitcher radio before I had the Plus Club and on Stitcher radio, you could hear the most recent 12 podcasts for free. Right. And so I would save up a couple and save them for when I was working on projects, you know, it was kind of my special cuz Jim Harold’s Campfire is one of my favorites.

Jim Harold (01:22:28):
Thank you.

Lynn (01:22:29):
You’re welcome. One night, um, you know, I have trouble sleeping. So you know, sometimes I’ll just stay up and work on projects. And this happened to be one of those nights. I’m listening to the podcast and there always comes a time in the evening where I call it my squirrly time. You know, people call it punchy, you know, I’ve had a lot of caffeine, I’m getting extra tired. It usually made this time for me to go to bed. And you know, I noticed at that time I’m no longer focusing on my project. I’m more aware of my surroundings. You know, it’s usually the witching hour. I’ve been listening to spooky podcasts. I’ll get a little jumpy. So I’m a little susceptible at the moment and I happened to be listening to the 500th episode of Jim Harold’s campfire. And there’s a lot of really amazing stories on there, but, but I’ve been listening to spooky podcasts for years. I don’t really get scared. You know, I, they make me go, Ooh, but you know, nothing that gives me a real freak out moment. Until this one episode came on, or, sorry, story. And the story was of this boy who was, uh, I guess the family had rented a cabin in Vermont for Christmas. Oh yes. And cuz he was a young 12 year old boy. He was on a couch and he noticed one night, this entity that looked like it was on (unclear) the stairs.

Jim Harold (01:24:05):

Lynn (01:24:06):
Yeah. I know it’s one of your favorites. And when I came down the stairs, it stopped and said, oh my love what a mirror image we are now this, this for some reason. I mean all the hair stood on my, on end, the blood drain from my face. I’ve never in my life, had a visceral, a reaction to a story. Um, you know, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had paranormal events happen to me. I’ve not a lot, but you know, a few and I’ve been in some situations in my life where I don’t think I’ve had this strong of a physical reaction to something. So I’m like, oh, let me play that again. I played it again and I’m like, oh, I’m gonna have nightmares tonight. And sure enough, I had nightmares and I went to bed and just chuckling to myself that, you know, you know, this story out of all the stories that are, some are extremely terrifying. This is the one that got me. Um, so anyways, you know, again, it’s a couple, maybe like a month or two later, I’m up late at night. Can’t sleep, listening to Jim Harold podcasts again. And I hear this story again and I’m like, wow, it was same thing, two or three o’clock in the morning. I had just got to that punchy state, know my squirrley state. And I hear it again. I’m like, man, that’s weird that it happened when I’m at that point mentally because I listened to, you know, podcasts, spooky podcast all day. But the one story that got me happens when I’m at this state of mind and I think that’s kind of strange, but you know, I don’t really think anything of it. I finally downloaded the Plus club because I was tired of having to wait for new episodes. (laughs)

Jim Harold (01:25:50):, everybody, if you wanna check it out.

Lynn (01:25:52):
It’s been fantastic. I’ve been burning through the episodes and I start, you know, I’m kind of OCD. I start from the very beginning. So it’s another night. This is around Christmas time. So I’m busy packing, you know, doing Christmas, shopping, cleaning all this, you know, so I have my headphones on twenty four/seven. And again, it’s late at night, I’m working on some Christmas things and this, it was the original episode I think was episode 59 where this guy was actually on the show. And I wasn’t hearing a repeat and it’s at that squirrly stage. And I’m thinking, this is really weird. This is a very odd coincidence. I’m not sure if it’s, you know, at this point I’m going, Hey, this is not necessarily coincidence, but I didn’t really think too much of it until it happened again. A few weeks later I’m refurbishing a dresser and Jim Harold comes on and he says, you know, you say, well, we were featured on iTunes as one of their top spooky podcasts. I wanna give the new listeners who are tuning in a taste of what, you know, what, uh, stories, you know, that we, we feature. And I’m thinking not today, Jim Harold not today happen. And I knew, I just knew because I just got to that squirrly state. I, I, I put my foot out and I saw my foot out the corner of my eye and I kind of jumped and I’m like, okay, that that’s it for me, it’s time. But I wanted to finish painting. You know, I had a little bit left, so I skipped to the next episode. And the next episode, there’s a girl on who talks about a blue liquid on her ceiling. And this liquid said, you know, in a voice, there is no destiny, only symmetry and oh, what a beautiful symmetry we are. And I’m thinking, I mean, my, my, I, I had tunnel vision, my blood drains from my face. I spilled my paint.

Jim Harold (01:27:56):
Oh, I’m sorry!

Lynn (01:27:57):
It’s is okay. It was in my garage. So it was no big deal. And I knew at this point that this was not a coincidence, you know, the mirror image and symmetry, too similar. I, I, I just pack up, I lay down and I kind of knew at that point that this was, you know, a message from my Nana. So I feel like she’s using your podcast to speak to me now. She had passed away right around the beginning of the pandemic. So right when I started listening to these podcasts, honestly, and she was not, um, she was not a nice person. She had a personality disorder. Um, you know, it was something that I’d forgiven her for, but we never were close. Uh, we were close when I was young and you know, we grew apart and my mom and I speculated, you know, after her passing that she might try and reach out or, you know, might be afraid to pass over. We didn’t know. You know, there had been something that had happened that we thought might have been her, but this to me, I felt like, okay, this, this has to be her. And I think she’s trying to tell me a message, what that was. I didn’t know, I’m thinking symmetry and mirror image. Um, you know, I don’t like to think that I would be like her, but in a lot of ways, you know, I am like her, she’s my grandmother. So the next day I call i my day of validation. I was with my husband all day and we did, I got many, many signs of validation that this was in fact, my Nana and I don’t have a lot of time, so I can’t go into it. But I pretty much knew at that point, this was her. And she was trying to send me a message and I, you know, kind of came up with a game plan. Maybe I’ll get a medium. And maybe I’m acknowledging that it’s her in my mind, I’m thinking, okay, this is taken care of, you know, I have a plan in place. I don’t think that I’m gonna hear this story again late at night. I really don’t, Jim Harold. I’m like, okay, I’m, done being haunted by this story. Well, I’m up late at night again. Sure enough. It’s that time of night. And this story came back on and it was on a Christmas episode. And I didn’t think, you know, this happened during Christmas time.

Jim Harold (01:30:17):
But it did. It happened. It did happen. Yeah.

Lynn (01:30:19):
Right. And when it came on again, I legitimately freaked out because you know, all the other times, I didn’t know, you know, I was, I had a inkling, but I didn’t know that this was something paranormal and this time I just knew. And it’s weird in the moment, you know, because, you know, I think my brain kind of short circuitd. I’m not sure if my Nana’s in a safe place, if she’s happy, if she needs help. And I’m also not sure if it’s my Nana, you know, I’m not sure if maybe this is something else kind of haunting me. Jim Harold. I don’t know. You know, I don’t wanna engage with it because I don’t know what I’m dealing with. And it was a really freaky time for me. And it was about two o’clock in the morning. Maybe, you know, it was, I was at that point, my squirrly stage. And I actually reached out on the Facebook page, the Jim Harold Campfire Facebook page, cuz I didn’t know what to do at that point. I didn’t wanna wake up. My family they’d think I’m crazy and I didn’t wanna be alone. Um, and I have to say real fast, it’s a great community. Um, the next day I woke up and I felt very cringe what my kids would say posting on social media. But I didn’t know what this day, I didn’t know what to do. And I got a lot of great advice. It really helped me get through the night I was gonna delete the post cuz I was embarrassed. But I think there’s been a lot of people who have reached out for help. And I think it’s a good place to reach out for help cuz you know, it’s a very nonjudgmental, you know, we kind of enjoy this spooky, but we understand it’s a scary thing.

Jim Harold (01:32:03):
Sure. It can be a very scary thing. And the thing is we really try to do that. I mean, we have great admins on the, the, the page. If I ever see anything that’s untoward, I I’ll take it down or, Maddy does a great job and Kris does a great job um, admining that page and uh, it’s just, we try to make it as welcoming as possible. But I will say this. I mean, if the, I, I don’t wanna disturb you with this story. Have you thought about, um, do you skip the story? Do you always listen to it or, or have you thought about skipping it possibly. If it causes, cause I don’t wanna cause anybody, I don’t mind to throw a little right into somebody, but I don’t wanna cause anybody real distress.

Lynn (01:32:46):
Well, I only skipped it the one time and that was the time it took me to the blue liquid one that also that’s true. Freaked me out. And I, at this point, well, I mean, I, I, I listened, I didn’t listen to the whole episode, you know, I, or the story I heard it come up and then I had kind of freaked out, but it does, it does get better. Um, you know, after that night, you know, I was in a space where I, I wasn’t sure I was kind of concerned for my Nana and you know, but I’m still listening and you know, again, late at night it comes on again. Okay. But listen, this is very strange. You came on and you said, Hey, we’ve been featured on iTunes. Uh, we’re one of the top spooky podcasts. And it was the episode that I skipped before.

Jim Harold (01:33:38):

Lynn (01:33:39):
And I thought, okay, that’s very strange because I already skipped this episode. Now, like I said, I’ve been going through all the podcasts in chronological order. So I looked down and I realized that this podcast, I thought it was 2013, but it was actually a podcast from 2014. Now this is, again it’s late at night. I’m that space. But I, I didn’t freak out this time, so it was good, but it showed me. Okay. So the time before, when I skipped it, the first time I was actually listening to podcasts in the 2009, 10 that region. So this really was played out of order for me.

Jim Harold (01:34:22):
Huh. That’s weird. Like it, well, the thing I will say this, and I’ve had this discussion on the show before is, you know, we think about different things being haunted, uh, or houses, haunted doors squeaking, or maybe opening and closing or different things. Well, why can’t that extend to technology potentially? I’m not saying that it is in this case, but I mean, why not? If, if other things can be haunted, why can’t there be a ghost in the machine?

Lynn (01:34:50):
Well, and I also, and I have to build it out there because I’ve been speculating a lot. Like I said before, I, I feel like I’ve been receiving, there was a lot of JOTT, disembodyedvoices, but in our day to day lives where, you know, I’m a mom I’m working, I’m busy. I don’t have time to even acknowledge some of these things. But when we are at home watching the TV, listen to the podcasts and we can focus that is, you know, for me, I feel like this, I had to be hit on the head with this, for this message to really come through. And now we’re just so surrounded by technology. I think it’s an easier way for communication. Uh, it’s very interesting. And you know, when I look back and realized, you know, this is something that was played out of order, it took away that level of, you know, this could still be a coincidence. Even though I listen to this podcast all the time, I listen to hundreds of hours of Jim Harold’s Campfire. This story always comes on at a certain point where I’m at a certain mental where I think I’m open to receiving certain things, very weird to me, but it could still be a coincidence. This kinda showed me that it wasn’t a coincidence. It had to have been played out of order. The next episode after this, the one that I thought I had skipped to is not the one with the blue liquid. I don’t know which episode that is.

Jim Harold (01:36:18):

Lynn (01:36:19):
So it’s skipped again to another episode that I wasn’t quite, I don’t know where it came from.

Jim Harold (01:36:24):
I’d forgotten about that. I had forgotten about that blue liquid episode until you mentioned it with the symmetry. I totally, you know, because after doing thousands of these, oh, I’m sure you know, the, the certain ones slipped, slipped the mind. Well, Lynn, thank you so much for being Campfire storyteller. And again, if we distress you, I don’t wanna distress you too much. I’ll try to, I’ll try to play that story a little bit less.

Lynn (01:36:49):
No, don’t. I don’t even think you played that much. I think it just, the way it came up and you know, again, it’s been a great, um, you know, I’m still listening, you know, I’ve had messages sent then, I’m at peace with it. It’s been great. And I just appreciate your show and, you know, thanks again to your listeners who reached out on Facebook. You know, I really appreciate them as well. So you have a good one.

Jim Harold (01:37:10):
Thank you, Lynn. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to this edition of the Campfire. I certainly appreciate it. And you so much. And boy, we had some great stories in that first story, man. That is an instant campfire classic. My goodness. Seeing, seeing yourself as a doppelganger once is something else. But seeing from the other side the same day, that is just amazing. What is that all about? And if you have a story, like I hope you’ll sign up at to tell your story now, uh, not open right now as of this recording, uh, March 31st. We do not have, uh, those submissions open, but they’ll be open in mid-April. So stay tuned for that and submit your story, whether it’s a doppelganger story or something else, whatever it may be. And we thank you for tuning in, please do tell a friend about the show, rate and review, make sure that you follow. And also don’t forget to please check out our new Jim Harold Media show. It’s called You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me and you can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and I’m sure we’re gonna be on all the other apps as, uh, time goes on and also at Thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. And until then, as always, stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-bye

Campfire Announcer (01:38:35):
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